Cynbe's Tutorial Java Applets

Cynbe ru Taren

(Now also available online: Cynbe's Mythryl Tutorials and Documentation.)
A collection of tutorial applets inspired by Mylène Reiners' sniplets.

These applets are a resource for Java programmers: Sometimes one example is worth a thousand pages of reference manual. Some of them may also be useful or amusing, but you should look elsewhere if that's your primary interest: Gamelan would be a good place to start.

The applets labelled "skeletal" are intended to demonstrate a programming technique in an absolute minimum of code: In general, they aren't examples of good production-quality applet programming style, since in the interests of clarity they leave out various things a good applet should have.

In many cases, I also provide an non-skeletal applet which includes the additional code typical of a production applet.

You will want to refer to a Java API reference manual while reading or using these.

I place all these applets in the public domain: Feel free to swipe them and build whatever you want out of them. "Mediocre artists borrow; Great artists steal." In a couple of cases, the code is still recognizably related to code I swiped in turn from other people: In those cases I've noted the original source in the code.

Mail me if you have suggestions, such as applets you'd like to contribute or see written. -- Cynbe.

Java.AWT Applets: Basic Widgets

Hello World (simplest applet) and variants.
Simple font-usage applets.
Simple button applets.
Simple choice applets.
Simple list applets.
Simple textfield applets.
Simple textarea applets.
Simple checkbox applets.
Simple scrollbar applets.

Java.AWT Applets: Sound and Graphics

Simple line-drawing applets.
Simple gif-display applets.
Simplest sound-player applet.
Simplest sound-loop applet.
Simplest scribble applet.

Java.AWT Applets: Beyond the Basics

These applets go beyond demonstrating individual basic widgets and into creating new windows and using layout managers to place widgets on them.

Simple frame applets.
Simple menu applets. Applets

Simple UDP applets.
Simple TCP applets.

JFC Sniplets and Applets

(Someday! :)

Temporary inscrutable stuff

Here's an unbearably cute little demo from the Magic Lenses project. I should file this link somewhere else, however grin.