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See: A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.
See also my personal comments on obscenity and censorship.
Or check out George Washington on Practical Slavery,
the US Supreme Court on Patents or the Rev Davidson Loehr on that newly essential American survival skill -- Living Under Fascism.

The most important paper you'll ever ignore: Risk Charts

The man who saved your life October 27, 1962: Vasili Arkhipov
The man who saved your life September 26, 1983: Stanislav Petrov

Certified Programming with Dependent Types (Adam Chlipala 2014)
Coq Proof Assistant Reference Manual
2016-03: Acceleration of Deep Neural Network Training with Resistive Cross-Point Devices
How To Use Resilient Back Propagation To Train Neural Networks
The Neural Network That Remembers: With short-term memory, recurrent neural networks gain some amazing abilities
2014-06: a href="">Fast Edge Detection Using Structured Forests
The Future of Standard ML.
Mondrian Forests: Efficient Online Random Forests "more than an order of magnitude faster"
Decision Forests: A Unified Framework -- used eg in Kinect<=========================
Decision Tree Fields(2011) "enabling us to learn over a million free model parameters. We show experimentally that for applications which have rich and complex label structure, our model achieves excellent results."
convolutional neural nets.
LSH Algorithm and Implementation page at MIT
Formal verification of a realistic compiler Xavier Leroy 2008 <===========================
A Verified Compiler for an Impure Functional Language

(NB: Older computer vision papers have been moved to a separate page.)

To read:
2014-12-29 Automatic Photo Adjustment Using Deep Learning
Learning Longer Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks
Multiple Object Recognition with Visual Attention
Video (language) modeling: a baseline for generative models of natural videos <==================
Why does Deep Learning work? - A perspective from Group Theory <============
Contour Detection Using Cost-Sensitive Convolutional Neural Networks
Learning linearly separable features for speech recognition using convolutional neural networks
Learning Deep Temporal Representations for Brain Decoding
The local low-dimensionality of natural images
2014-12-16 Feature extraction from complex networks: A case of study in genomic sequences classification
DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection "improves the mean averaged precision obtained by RCNN, which is the state-of-the-art, from 31% to 44.4% on the ILSVRC2014 detection dataset."
Simulation leagues: Enabling replicable and robust investigation of complex robotic systems
An Algorithm for Online K-Means Clustering
Decomposition-Based Domain Adaptation for Real-World Font Recognition
Contour Detection Using Contrast Formulas in the Framework of Logarithmic Models
Telling Truth from Correlation "can be seen as a counterpart to independent component analysis. Therefore, we call our approach 'dependent component analysis'"
A Physically Inspired Clustering Algorithm: to Evolve Like Particles "simple and efficient, and can be performed either automatically or interactively, with reliable performances on test data of diverse shapes, attributes, and dimensionalities." <===================
Deep Structured Output Learning for Unconstrained Text Recognition
Compression of high throughput sequencing data with probabilistic de Bruijn graph "achieved encoding of a C. elegans reads set with 0.7 bits/base, outperforming state of the art reference-free methods. Availability: Open source, under GNU affero GPL License"
Numerical pricing of American options under two stochastic factor models with jumps using a meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method
Fractional Max-Pooling
On the Stability of Deep Networks
Efficient Visual Coding: From Retina To V2
Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction
Learning unbiased features
Flattened Convolutional Neural Networks for Feedforward Acceleration "provide around two times speed-up"
DeepSpeech: Scaling up end-to-end speech recognition "significantly simpler ... does not need hand-designed components ... does not need a phoneme dictionary, nor even the concept of a phoneme ... outperforms previously published results ... handles noise better than state-of-the-art commercial systems." <===================
Towards Deep Neural Network Architectures Robust to Adversarial Examples
Computoser - rule-based, probability-driven algorithmic music composition "... provides a reference implementation ..."
Teaching Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Play Go <==================================
Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Kernel Methods on the Riemannian Manifold of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices "We demonstrate the benefits of our approach on the problems of pedestrian detection, ob- ject categorization, texture analysis, 2D motion segmentation and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) segmentation. and:
A Framework for Shape Analysis via Hilbert Space Embedding "We demonstrate the benefits of our approach over the state-of-the-art methods on shape classification, clustering and retrieval." and:
Optimizing Over Radial Kernels on Compact Manifolds "We demonstrate the benefits of our kernel learning algorithm on object, face, action and shape recognition."
Oriented Edge Forests for Boundary Detection "outperforms published results on the challenging BSDS500 boundary detection benchmark. Further, on large datasets our model requires substantially less memory for training and speeds up training time by a factor of 10 over the structured forest model."
A survey of modern optical character recognition techniques
An Evaluation of Support Vector Machines as a Pattern Recognition Tool
Learning Spike Train to Spike Train Transformations in Multilayer Feedforward Neuronal Networks
A Canonical Representation of Data-Linear Visualization Algorithms "enables easy mixing of visual mappings, such as creating treemaps of histograms and 2D plots, plots of histograms..."
Multi-Context Models for Reasoning under Partial Knowledge: Generative Process and Inference Grammar "MCM is a middle ground between Probabilistic Logic, Bayesian Logic, and Probabilistic Graphical Models."
Combining the Best of Graphical Models and ConvNets for Semantic Segmentation "establishes a new state of art on the PASCAL 2012 segmentation challenge, achieving 52.5%"
Recurrent-Neural-Network for Language Detection on Twitter Code-Switching Corpus
LH*TH: New fast Scalable Distributed Data Structures (SDDS)
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Feature Embeddings
Fixed Point Algorithm Based on Quasi-Newton Method for Convex Minimization Problem with Application to Image Deblurring
Automatic video scene segmentation based on spatial-temporal clues and rhythm
Highly Efficient Forward and Backward Propagation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Pixelwise Classification "speed up commonly used patch-by-patch scanning over 1500 times in both forward and backward propagation. The speedup increases with the sizes of images and patches." <==============================
MatConvNet - Convolutional Neural Networks for MATLAB
Multi-Hypothesis Compressed Video Sensing Technique
Towards Live Programming in ROS with PhaROS and LRP
Rule-based Emotion Detection on Social Media: Putting Tweets on Plutchik's Wheel
GPTIPS 2: an open-source software platform for symbolic data mining
Translating Videos to Natural Language Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
How does public opinion become extreme? "the onset of nonlinearity can be associated to an abrupt bootstrap-percolation transition [...] by means of a phase diagram we can classify societies according to the percolative regime they belong to"
Evolving a Behavioral Repertoire for a Walking Robot "with only a few dozen short experiments performed on the robot, the algorithm learns a repertoire of con-trollers that allows the robot to reach every point in its reachable space.
Implementing and reasoning about hash-consed data structures in Coq
Recursive Neural Networks Can Learn Logical Semantics
Bach in 2014: Music Composition with Recurrent Neural Network
Feature Weight Tuning for Recursive Neural Networks
2014-12-11 Deep Domain Confusion: Maximizing for Domain Invariance
A Novel Adaptive Possibilistic Clustering Algorithm "all its parameters are properly adapted during its execution"
Object Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
Compact Part-Based Image Representations: Extremal Competition and Overgeneralization "very intuitive models can be obtained."
An active search strategy for efficient object detection "[window selection"] is done efficiently in a Random Forest framework [...] matches the detection accuracy of evaluating all windows independently, while evaluating 8x fewer windows.
Unsupervised Neural Architecture for Saliency Detection "inspired by recent findings from neurophysiology [...] PCA, implemented by means of normalized Hebbian learning and the waves of spikes"
A novel display for situational awareness at a network operations center
An implementation of a randomized algorithm for principal component analysis
Inferring Loop Invariants by Mutation, Dynamic Analysis, and Static Checking "Applied to 28 methods (including 39 different loops) from various java.util classes, our DYNAMATE prototype automatically discharged 97% of all proof obligations"
Memory vectors for similarity search in high-dimensional spaces
2014-12-09 Reading Text in the Wild with Convolutional Neural Networks
Integer Programming Ensemble of Classifiers for Temporal Relations in natural language understanding.
Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images
Person Re-identification by Saliency Learning
CoMIC: Good features for detection and matching at object boundaries
Towards a graphical language for quadrotor missions
On Using Very Large Target Vocabulary for Neural Machine Translation
2014-12-04 Practice in Synonym Extraction at Large Scale
Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image Descriptions
Model Predictive Control for Micro Aerial Vehicle Systems (MAV) Systems
SimNets: A Generalization of Convolutional Networks "Experiments demonstrate the capability of achieving state of the art accuracy with networks that are an order of magnitude smaller than comparable ConvNets."
An exact mapping between the Variational Renormalization Group and Deep Learning <=================
Parsing Occluded People by Flexible Compositions
End-to-end Continuous Speech Recognition using Attention-based Recurrent NN: First Results
Deep Learning for Answer Sentence Selection
Stochastic Covariance Compression
2014-12-01 Bi-objective Optimization for Robust RGB-D Visual Odometry
The Treasure beneath Convolutional Layers: Cross-convolutional-layer Pooling for Image Classification "can achieve comparable or in some cases significantly better performance than existing fully-connected layer based image representations while incurring much lower computational cost."
Graph Sensitive Indices for Comparing Clusterings
Egocentric Video Biometrics "the identity of the user can be determined quite reliably from a few seconds of video. Biometrics are extracted by training Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures on coarse optical flow."
Visual Scene Representations: Sufficiency, Minimality, Invariance and Approximations
Features in Concert: Discriminative Feature Selection meets Unsupervised Clustering "significantly outperforms classical selection approaches, such as AdaBoost and greedy forward-backward selection, and powerful classifiers such as SVMs, in speed of training and performance, especially in the case of limited training data."
Flying Objects Detection from a Single Moving Camera
Deep Learning Face Attributes in the Wild "not only outperforms state-of-the-art with large margin, but also reveals multiple valuable facts on learning face representation as below" <==========
Articulated motion discovery using pairs of trajectories " Our method generates temporal video intervals, each automatically trimmed to one instance of the discovered behavior, and clusters them by type (e.g., running, turning head, drinking water)... outperforms existing appearance- and trajectory-based descriptors (e.g., HOG and IDTF) on both datasets and enables us to segment unconstrained animal video into intervals containing single behaviors." <============================
On Rendering Synthetic Images for Training an Object Detector
Learning Face Representation from Scratch "The current situation in the field of face recognition is that data is more important than algorithm. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a semi-automatical way to collect face images from Internet ... Based on the database, we use a 11-layer CNN to learn discriminative representation and obtain state-of-theart accuracy on LFW and YTF. The publication of CASIAWebFace will attract more research groups"
Effective Face Frontalization in Unconstrained Images "we explore the simpler approach of using a single, unmodified, 3D surface as an approximation to the shape of all input faces. We show that this leads to a straightforward, efficient and easy to implement method for frontalization. More importantly, it produces aesthetic new frontal views and is surprisingly effective when used for face recognition and gender estimation" <================
Guaranteed Matrix Completion via Non-convex Factorization
3D-Assisted Image Feature Synthesis for Novel Views of an Object
Understanding Deep Image Representations by Inverting Them
Egocentric Pose Recognition in Four Lines of Code also 3D Hand Pose Detection in Egocentric RGB-D Images
A Bayesian Framework for Sparse Representation-Based 3D Human Pose Estimation
Pedestrian Detection aided by Deep Learning Semantic Tasks
Multiple Instance Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Weakly-Supervised Detection in Images "achieves performance similar to exhaustive sliding window search at a fraction of its computational cost." <==
Robust Camera Location Estimation by Convex Programming
A Clearer Picture of Blind Deconvolution "We also introduce an implementation of this algorithm and show that, in spite of its extreme simplicity, it is very robust and achieves a performance comparable to the state of the art."
Untangling Local and Global Deformations in Deep Convolutional Networks for Image Classification and Sliding Window Detection "DCNNs commonly use generic `max-pooling' (MP) layers ... but we argue in favor of a more refined treatment."
2014-11-24 A Generative Product-of-Filters Model of Audio "eplaces hand-designed decompositions built of basic signal processing operations with a learned decomposition based on statistical inference ... can serve as an effective unsupervised feature extractor for a speaker identification task." <==
Spectral concentration and greedy k-clustering on graphs.
Designing Socially Intelligent Virtual Companions
Program certification with computational effects using Coq.
Cathoristic logic: A modal logic of incompatible propositions
Behaviour Trees for Evolutionary Robotics -- finding the window in an autonomous quadcopter.
Finding Action Tubes in videos <======================================================
Viewpoints and Keypoints -- state-of-the-art pose estimation via convolutional neural networks (CNN). <==========
Category-Specific Object Reconstruction from a Single Image "first fully automatic pipeline having pixels as inputs and dense 3D surfaces of various rigid categories as outputs in images of realistic scenes." <=============================
Virtual View Networks for Object Reconstruction "ccurate object shape reconstruction from a single image on challenging PASCAL VOC data," <========
Kickback cuts Backprop's red-tape: Biologically plausible credit assignment in neural networks <============
Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Convolutional Networks "segmentation experiments are performed on the challenging Pascal VOC dataset (with no fine-tuning of the model on Pascal VOC). Our model beats the state of the art results in weakly supervised object segmentation task by a large margin"
A Convex Sparse PCA for Feature Analysis "it is very difficult to interpret the results of PCA ... With the output of our CSPCA, we can effectively analyze the importance of each feature under the PCA criteria ... outperforms state-of-the-art unsupervised feature selection algorithms.
Balanced k-Means and Min-Cut Clustering <===========
Improved Spectral Clustering via Embedded Label Propagation
Detection of Non-Stationary Photometric Perturbations on Projection Screens
Vision and Learning for Deliberative Monocular Cluttered Flight
Iteratively Reweighted Graph Cut for Multi-label MRFs with Non-convex Priors "We demonstrate the benefits of our method over state-of-the-art MRF energy minimization techniques on stereo and inpainting problems"
Scale-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks "detects features at various scales, and the classification result exhibits strong robustness against object scale variations" <======================================
Deep Convolutional Neural Fields for Depth Estimation from a Single Image <=================================
The Application of Two-level Attention Models in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-grained Image Classification <=============
Self-taught Object Localization with Deep Networks
2014-11-22 Show and Tell: A Neural Image Caption Generator -- this is a major Google "breakthrough" project approaching human performance in verbally describing the contents of an image. <===============================================================================
2014-11-17 SIRF: Simultaneous Image Registration and Fusion in A Unified Framework
Attentional Neural Network: Feature Selection Using Cognitive Feedback
A Pooling Approach to Modelling Spatial Relations for Image Retrieval and Annotation
a href="">Sparse distributed localized gradient fused features of objects
Fashion Apparel Detection: The Role of Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Pose-dependent Priors
ConceptLearner: Discovering Visual Concepts from Weakly Labeled Image Collections
Visual Noise from Natural Scene Statistics Reveals Human Scene Category Representations
Affordances Provide a Fundamental Categorization Principle for Visual Scenes
Acoustic Scene Classification
TCP Congestion Control Identification
3-D Reciprocal Collision Avoidance on Physical Quadrotor Helicopters with On-Board Sensing for Relative Positioning
How to Scale Up Kernel Methods to Be As Good As Deep Neural Nets with applications to speech recoognition.
A Discriminative CNN Video Representation for Event Detection -- winner in TRECVID MED 2014 competition. <===============
Sparse And Low Rank Decomposition Based Batch Image Alignment for Speckle Reduction of retinal OCT Images "technique, usually used in surveillance video processing for the separation of foreground and background
Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of images <==================
Deep Narrow Boltzmann Machines are Universal Approximators
Asymmetric Minwise Hashing to approximate inner product. "imple and easy to implement in practice" <=================
rFerns: An Implementation of the Random Ferns Method for General-Purpose Machine Learning "Since introduction, Random ferns have been applied in numerous computer vision application, like image recognition [1], action recognition [10] or augmented reality"
A Unified Framework for Probabilistic Component Analysis
How to Fix Exponential Backoff
Convolutional Kernel Networks "Our network is learned without supervision since the label information is only used subsequently in a support vector machine (SVM). Yet, we achieve competitive results on several datasets such as MNIST [22], CIFAR-10 [20] and STL-10 [13] with simple architectures, few parameters to learn, and no data augmentation. Open-source code for learning our convolutional kernel networks is available on the first author's webpage." <===
Part Detector Discovery in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks "excellent performance on the CUB200-2011 dataset, ... also to perform detection and bird classification jointly without requiring a given bounding box annotation during testing and ground-truth parts during training. The code is available at this http URL and this https URL"
2014-11-13 Distributed Representations for Compositional Semantics in natural language processing (NLP). Oxford thesis <==
Part Detector Discovery in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks<===
Sparse Modeling for Image and Vision Processing
Using Gaussian Measures for Efficient Constraint Based Clustering
Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos "a ConvNet trained on multi-frame dense optical flow is able to achieve very good performance ... competitive with the state of the art."<===
Computational Baby Learning <===
2014-11-06 Fast Mesh-Based Medical Image Registration
Evolving intraday foreign exchange trading strategies utilizing multiple instruments price series
Zero-Aliasing Correlation Filters for Object Recognition
Learning a Hidden Basis Through Imperfect Measurements: An Algorithmic Primitive "Our algorithm can be viewed as a generalization of the classical power iteration method for eigenanalysis of symmetric matrices as well as a generalization of power iterations for tensors. Moreover, the Gradient Iteration algorithm can be easily and efficiently implemented in practice."
Optical Character Recognition, Using K-Nearest Neighbors "program aims at recognizing handwritten text... accuracy of more than 90%. The training and run time is also very short."
Efficient Representations for Life-Long Learning and Autoencoding
Convolutional Neural Network-based Place Recognition "Recently (CNNs) have shown state-of-the-art performance on various classification tasks. ... a place recognition technique combining the powerful features learn by CNNs with a spatial and sequential filter. On a 70 km benchmark place recognition dataset we achieve a 75% increase in recall at 100% precision, significantly outperforming all previous state of the art techniques."
Approximate k-flat Nearest Neighbor Search
A Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network For Music Transcription
On Chord and Sagitta in ${\mathbb Z}^2$: An Analysis towards Fast and Robust Circular Arc Detection
Statistical physics of crime: A review
2014-10-21 Building a Balanced k-d Tree in Logarithmic Time
Machine Learning of Coq Proof Guidance: First Experiments <=================== Feature Selection Based on Confidence Machine vs PCA (Principal Component Analysis) etc.
Certified Connection Tableaux Proofs for HOL Light and TPTP "In the recent years, the Metis prover based on ordered paramodulation and model elimination has replaced the earlier built-in methods for general-purpose proof automation in HOL4 and Isabelle/HOL. In the annual CASC competition, the leanCoP system based on connection tableaux has however performed better than Metis..."
Learning to Rank Binary Codes in computer vision. "Binary codes have been widely used in vision problems as a compact feature representation to achieve both space and time advantages... Extensive experimental results demonstrate significant performance gains of using binary codes with bitwise weighting in image retrieval tasks." Where do goals come from? A Generic Approach to Autonomous Goal-System Development
Attentive monitoring of multiple video streams driven by a Bayesian foraging strategy
2014-10-16 Constructing Long Short-Term Memory based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition "state-of-the-art performance"
ALICE: An Advanced Logic for Interactive Component Engineering -- Isabelle lives! Also in Isabelle: Principles for Verification Tools: Separation Logic
Inertial Parameter Identification Including Friction and Motor Dynamics for humanoid robots -- even touch sensing.
Patterns in the English Language: Phonological Networks, Percolation and Assembly Models
Lucene "widely recognized[4][5] for its utility in the implementation of Internet search engines and local, single-site searching."
Proof-Carrying Hardware via IC3
Numerical Fitting-based Likelihood Calculation to Speed up the Particle Filter
A Fast Minimal Infrequent Itemset Mining Algorithm -- for de-anonymizing datasets, or resisting such efforts.
Linearized and Single-Pass Belief Propagation "orders of magnitude faster than standard BP, while leading to almost identical node labels"
Non-Linear Pattern-Matching against Unfree Data Types with Lexical Scoping in pure-functional programming.<============
The Unreasonable Success of Local Search: Geometric Optimization in travelling salesman problem (TSP) etc
Memory Networks (facebook folx ruminating on dynamically improving neural nets etc)
Freebase -- openly available Database Of Everything operated by Google
2014-10-07 A Model of Plant Identification System Using GLCM, Lacunarity And Shen Features
On the Effective Measure of Dimension in the Analysis Cosparse Model
Document Clustering Based On Max-Correntropy Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Minimax Analysis of Active Learning
A Survey on Small-Area Planar Graph Drawing
Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Re-Identification "superior performance over all [competition]"
Facial Feature Point Detection: A Comprehensive Survey "limited in its success by wild and real-world conditions: variations across poses, expressions, illuminations, and occlusions."
Optimal Strategies for Search and Rescue Operations with Robot Swarms on the high seas.
Computer-mediated communication in adults with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Conditions
Explain Images with Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks <==============
Real-time animation of human characters with fuzzy controllers
On the Computational Efficiency of Training Neural Networks
Bayesian regression and Bitcoin "nearly double the investment in less than 60 day period"
Top Rank Optimization in Linear Time "10-100 times faster"
The invariant extended Kalman filter as a stable observer <===============
Spaced Repetition and Mnemonics Enable Recall of Multiple Strong Passwords
Generalization and Exploration via Randomized Value Functions in reinforcement learning
The emergence of altruistic behaviour in conflictual situations
Networks of Military Alliances, Wars, and International Trade
Synthetic Data and Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Scene Text Recognition <============
2014-09-29 Net and Prune: A Linear Time Algorithm for Euclidean Distance Problems "robust to variations in the input problem, and yet simple, elegant and practical"
Autoencoder Trees -- an autoencoder (eg CNN) + decoder run back-to-back allow testing the abstractions induced by the encoder. <================================
Extracting man-made objects from remote sensing images via fast level set evolutions "In recent years, level set evolution (LSE) has been shown to be very promising for object extraction in the community of image processing and computer vision because it can handle topological changes automatically while achieving high accuracy"
Lost in the Past: Recognizing Locations Over Large Time Lags via domain adaptation.
Semi-supervised Classification for Natural Language Processing
Multiple Object Tracking: A Review
Survey on Combinatorial Register Allocation and Instruction Scheduling "In the last two decades, combinatorial optimization has emerged ... slower but more flexible ... has the potential to generate optimal code..."
How close are we to understanding image-based saliency? "only one third of the explainable spatial information is captured"
Two-stage Geometric Information Guided Image Reconstruction "shearlet transform ... mathematically proven to be optimal ... efficient and generates high-quality images."
Beyond Maximum Likelihood: from Theory to Practice ... performance of these essentially optimal estimators with $n$ samples is comparable to that of the MLE with $n \ln n$ samples. ... key step in improving the Chow--Liu algorithm is to replace the empirical mutual information with the estimator for mutual information proposed ... resulting classifiers uniformly outperform the previous classifiers on 26 widely used datasets."
Requisite Variety, Autopoiesis, and Self-organization -- evolving toward complexity. <========
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Backpropagation <===
Active Learning of Hyperparameters: An Expected Cross Entropy Criterion for Active Model Selection
MoDeep: A Deep Learning Framework Using Motion Features for Human Pose Estimation
A Deep Learning Approach to Data-driven Parameterizations for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
U.S. Religious Landscape on Twitter
On the Performance Prediction of BLAS-based Tensor Contractions "reliably single out the best-performing algorithms in a tiny fraction of the time taken by the direct execution of the algorithms."
A Study of Image Analysis with Tangent Distance with useful references on application to (eg) handwritten digit recognition.
Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators With Uncertain Kinematics and Dynamics
Asymptotically-Optimal Motion Planning using Lower Bounds on Cost
vVote: a Verifiable Voting System
Object Structure from Manipulation via Particle Filter and Robot-based Active Learning <=================
A Contextual-bandit Algorithm for Mobile Context-Aware Recommender System (2012, cited by wikipedia)
Eighty percent of bowel cancers halted with existing medicines
Coupling Top-down and Bottom-up Methods for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation from Monocular Image Sequences "fully automated, robust to noisy test data and has ability to swiftly recover from tracking failures"
Deep Tempering for Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs).
A Robust Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Image Denoising
Putting Polyhedral Loop Transformations to Work (2003, background for CLOOG.)
Code Generation in the Polyhedral Model Is Easier Than You Think (2005, background for CLOOG.)
Automatic Generation of Loop-Invariants for Matrix Operations "the five well known algorithms for the LU factorization are for the first time unified"
Is Twitter a Public Sphere for Online Conflicts? A Cross-Ideological and Cross-Hierarchical Look "We show that Twitter is not ideal for democratic conversations ... hierarchical effects are part of the reason"
Generating functionals for computational intelligence: the Fisher information as an objective function for self-limiting Hebbian learning rules "This self-limiting behavior allows for stable online learning for arbitrary durations"
Mapping Energy Landscapes of Non-Convex Learning Problems "visualize the behaviors of different algorithms, such as K-mean, EM, two-step EM and Swendsen-Wang cuts, in the energy landscapes"
Brownian motion and gambling: from ratchets to paradoxical games <=======================
Inefficiency of voting in Parrondo games
2014-09-24 Truth Discovery Algorithms: An Experimental Evaluation: squeezing useful information out of chatboards etc. Review of 12 approaches.
HSR: L1/2 Regularized Sparse Representation for Fast Face Recognition using Hierarchical Feature Selection
Why L0 Is a Good Approximation to L1: A Geometric Explanation (2012 UTexas)
Anatomy of the Internet Peering Disputes
A Single-Processor Approach to Speech Processing Pipeline of Bilateral Cochlear Implants
MontiArc - Architectural Modeling of Interactive Distributed and Cyber-Physical Systems -- knob-and-tube targetting Java.
Engineering Autonomous Driving Software also Caroline: An Autonomously Driving Vehicle for Urban Environments -- 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge project review for "top non-US team".
Limitations of Agile Software Processes
Visual Words for Automatic Lip-Reading -- thesis
Measuring and Optimizing Cultural Markets -- predicting "blockbuster" music downloads.
RMSE-ELM: Recursive Model based Selective Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines for Robustness Improvement "significantly improves robustness at slight increase in computational cost"
Recent Progress in Image Deblurring
A New Clustering Algorithm Based on Near Neighbor Influence
Do More Dropouts in Pool5 Feature Maps for Better Object Detection
Poker as a Skill Game: Rational vs Irrational Behaviors focussing on Texas Hold'Em.
2014-09-22 Interactive Visual Exploration of Topic Models using Graphs
TBCNN: A Tree-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Programming Language Processing <===========================================
Computational Gravitational Dynamics with Modern Numerical Accelerators
Fast Low-rank Representation based Spatial Pyramid Matching for Image Classification "competitive recognition rates and is 25--50 times faster than ScSPM and 5--16 times faster than LLC" <======
Incremental Bounded Model Checking for Embedded Software (extended version) "Program analysis is on the brink of mainstream in embedded systems development. Formal verification of behavioural requirements, finding runtime errors and automated test case generation are some of the most common applications ... incremental Bounded Model Checking cuts runtimes by one order of magnitude"
A High-Level Model of Neocortical Feedback Based on an Event Window Segmentation Algorithm
Domain Adaptive Neural Networks for Object Recognition
Spatially-sparse convolutional neural networks
The Information Theoretically Efficient Model (ITEM): A model for computerized analysis of large datasets
Temporally Coherent Chinese Restaurant Process for Discovery of Persons and Corresponding Tracklets from User-generated Videos
Identification of Influential Scientists vs. Mass Producers by the Perfectionism Index <======
Best-Arm Identification in Linear Bandits
1-HKUST: Object Detection in ILSVRC 2014 "We placed 4th of 38 teams in the Imagenet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge ... our object detection system introduces a number of novel techniques in localization and recognition ... RCNN feature, IFV feature, and DPM feature..."
Compliance error compensation in robotic-based milling also Accuracy Improvement of Robot-Based Milling Using an Enhanced Manipulator Model
Detecting People in Cubist Art
Gödel for Goldilocks: A Rigorous, Streamlined Proof of Gödel's First Incompleteness Theorem, Requiring Minimal Background
A Bayesian Network View on Acoustic Model-Based Techniques for Robust Speech Recognition
Unified Structured Learning for Simultaneous Human Pose Estimation and Garment Attribute Classification
Analyzing the Performance of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition "In the last two years, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have achieved an impressive suite of results on standard recognition datasets and tasks. CNN-based features seem poised to quickly replace engineered representations, such as SIFT and HOG"
Flow-based Influence Graph Visual Summarization
Bug Hunting By Computing Range Reduction -- an alternative to the dominant SAT-based methods, able to find longer counter-examples.
A Method for Stopping Active Learning Based on Stabilizing Predictions and the Need for User-Adjustable Stopping
Pedestrian Detection with Spatially Pooled Features and Structured Ensemble Learning
Deep Regression for Face Alignment <====================================
Subspace Alignment For Domain Adaptation PCA to the rescue when target images are taken with different camera than training images.
SAME but Different: Fast and High-Quality Gibbs Parameter Estimation
Deformable Part Models are Convolutional Neural Networks "DeepPyramid DPM significantly outperforms DPMs based on histograms of oriented gradients features (HOG) ... while running an order of magnitude faster." <================
Deeply-Supervised Nets "significant performance gain over existing methods"
2014-09-16 Linear, Deterministic, and Order-Invariant Initialization Methods for the K-Means Clustering Algorithm "Over the past five decades, k-means has become the clustering algorithm of choice in many application domains primarily due to its simplicity, time/space efficiency, and invariance to the ordering of the data points. Unfortunately, the algorithm's sensitivity to the initial selection of the cluster centers remains to be its most serious drawback. ... two relatively unknown hierarchical initialization methods due to Su and Dy outperform the remaining four methods ... "
Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multi-dimensional Datasets "We propose ... ProMiSH (Projection and Multi Scale Hashing) that uses random projection and hash-based index structures ... speedup of more than four orders over state-of-the-art tree-based techniques"
Text mixing shapes the anatomy of rank-frequency distributions: A modern Zipfian mechanics for natural language
Unsupervised learning of clutter-resistant visual representations from natural videos
Cooperative Local Repair in Distributed Storage -- relevant to Bloom filters...?
(To process generic Internet images) "we propose a structure-based image completion algorithm for object removal that produces visually plausible content with consistent structure and scene texture"
Concurrent Tracking of Inliers and Outliers "existing methods simply discard detected outliers ... We consider outliers as important as inliers for object tracking and propose a motion estimation algorithm based on concurrent tracking of inliers and outliers. Our tracker makes use of pyramidal implementation of the Lucas-Kanade tracker to estimate motion flows of inliers and outliers ..."
A study on effectiveness of extreme learning machine -- tweaking it to avoid bad randomly selected configurations.
Polynomial Template Generation using Sum-of-Squares Programming
Concept-Oriented Programming: References, Classes and Inheritance Revisited
MIMO-MC Radar: A MIMO Radar Approach Based on Matrix Completion
A Correctness Result for Online Robust PCA
Self-taught Object Localization with Deep Networks "... to localize objects in images without additional human supervision ... The key idea is to analyze the change in the recognition scores when artificially graying out different regions of the image. We observe that graying out a region that contains an object typically causes a significant drop in recognition ... " <=====
A Deep and Autoregressive Approach for Topic Modeling of Multimodal Data "... Recently, a new type of topic model called the Document Neural Autoregressive Distribution Estimator (DocNADE) was proposed and demonstrated state-of-the-art performance for text document modeling ... we propose a deep extension of our model and provide an efficient way of training the deep model. Experimental results show that our deep model outperforms its shallow version and reaches state-of-the-art performance on the Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR) Flickr data set."
Clear, Concise and Effective UI: Opinion and Suggestions
Mining Mid-level Features for Action Recognition Based on Effective Skeleton Representation "... extract mid-level features from Kinect skeletons for 3D human action recognition. ... This new representation yields state-of-the-art results on MSR DailyActivity3D and MSR ActionPairs3D.
EquiNMF: Graph Regularized Multiview Nonnegative Matrix Factorization "Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) methods have proved to be powerful across a wide range of real-world clustering applications. ... The parameters for our method are set in a completely automated data-specific unsupervised fashion ... EquiNMF consistently outperforms ... "
Design of Novel Algorithm and Architecture for Gaussian Based Color Image Enhancement System for Real Time Applications "suitable for FPGA/ASIC implementation ... better dynamic range compression ... color rendition ... color constancy ... 1600x1200 pixels at ... 116 frames per second ... 321,804 gates"
A New Framework for Retinex based Color Image Enhancement using Particle Swarm Optimization "... huge savings of computation time as well as improvement in the visual quality of an image ..."
Transfer Learning for Video Recognition with Scarce Training Data -- using thousands of labelled stills instead of millions of video frames.
Cavlectometry: Towards Holistic Reconstruction of Large Mirror Objects
Speeding-up Graphical Model Optimization via a Coarse-to-fine Cascade of Pruning Classifiers applied to stereo matching and optical flow. -- based on but 3X faster (with often better accuracy) than Fast, Approximately Optimal Solutions for Single and Dynamic MRFs per A Database and Evaluation Methodology for Optical Flow <===========================================
A Comparison of FPGA and GPU for Real-Time Phase-Based Optical Flow, Stereo, and Local Image Features(2012) using the optical flow algorithm from A Phase-Based Approach to the Estimation of the Optical Flow Field Using Spatial Filtering (2002) Gautama + Hulle -- see also Gautama's source code
Robust Linear Regression Analysis - A Greedy Approach <====
Performance analysis of a 240 thread tournament level MCTS Go program on the Intel Xeon Phi "In practice, the Xeon Phi is less straightforward to program for than originally envisioned by Intel.
Computing the Stereo Matching Cost with a Convolutional Neural Network "achieves an error rate of 2.61 % on the KITTI stereo dataset and is currently (August 2014) the top performing method on this dataset."
A new approach in machine learning "Using bits and boolean gates instead of real numbers and multiplication enable the the learning algorithm and classifier to use very efficient boolean vector operations. ... compares very favorably those produced by conventional techniques, both in terms of efficiency and accuracy
Self-Dictionary Sparse Regression for Hyperspectral Unmixing: Greedy Pursuit and Pure Pixel Search are Related
Real-time Crowd Tracking using Parameter Optimized Mixture of Motion Models
A Combined Method Of Fractal And GLCM Features For MRI And CT Scan Images Classification
Decentralised Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic and Uncertain Environments
Improving files availability for BitTorrent using a diffusion model
Stable Cosparse Recovery via \ell_q-analysis Optimization with applications including image processing and signal processing
Automatic Error Localization for Software using Deductive Verification
Anomaly Detection Based on Indicators Aggregation
A Simple Algorithm for Global Value Numbering -- " a method for detecting redundant computations in programs ... an algorithm which is a simpler variant of Kildall(1973)... representation is compact and simple to manipulate"
A Robust and Efficient Method for Improving Accuracy of License Plate Characters Recognition -- 99% accuracy.
2014-09-10 Deep Unfolding: Model-Based Inspiration of Novel Deep Architectures
Linear-time Algorithms for Proportional Apportionment
F-formation Detection: Individuating Free-standing Conversational Groups in Images
A Winner-Take-All Method for Training Sparse Convolutional Autoencoders "We take a more direct approach and describe a way to train convolutional autoencoders layer by layer, where in each layer sparsity is achieved using a winner-take-all activation function within each feature map. Learning is computationally efficient and we show that our method can be used to train shallow and deep convolutional autoencoders whose representations can be used to achieve classification rates on the MNIST, CIFAR-10 and NORB datasets that are competitive with the state of the art." <===============
Synergy cycles in the Norwegian innovation system: The relation between synergy and cycle values
Enforcing Label and Intensity Consistency for IR Target Detection -- background removal in the infrared domain.
Far-Field Compression for Fast Kernel Summation Methods in High Dimensions
A Stochastic PCA Algorithm with an Exponential Convergence Rate <====
Comparing Feature Detectors: A bias in the repeatability criteria, and how to correct it -- looks like it contains a good overview of computer vision detectors.
Non-Convex Boosting Overcomes Random Label Noise -- "In presence of random label noise, we found that BrownBoost and RobustBoost perform significantly better than AdaBoost and LogitBoost" <====
2014-09-05 Overcoming the Curse of Sentence Length for Neural Machine Translation using Automatic Segmentation
On the Properties of Neural Machine Translation: Encoder-Decoder Approaches ", the newly proposed grConv model is able to learn, without supervision, a kind of syntactic structure over the source language ... by maintaining a hidden state h over time ... This is reminiscent of long short-term memory (LSTM) units." In other words, they've re-invented variables and state machines. :-) <==========================
Recommending Scientific Literature: Comparing Use-Cases and Algorithms
Visual Speech Recognition
Unsynthesizable Cores - Minimal Explanations for Unsynthesizable High-Level Robot Behaviors
An Overview of First Person Vision and Egocentric Video Analysis for Personal Mobile Wearable Devices
Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition "a significant improvement on the prior-art configurations can be achieved by pushing the depth to 16-19 weight layers... first and second places in localisation and classification respectively, ImageNet Challenge 2014". <===========
What is the dimension of citation space? from relativistic physics (lightcode/Minkowski spaces): "it is possible to estimate the number of spatial dimensions by looking at the network's structure, i.e. how its nodes connect to one another"
2014-09-04 Action Recognition in the Frequency Domain "these frequency-based features in combination with a simple forest classifier achieve good and robust results on the popular KTH Actions dataset."
Solving the Problem of the K Parameter in the KNN Classifier Using an Ensemble Learning Approach
Bypassing Captcha By Machine A Proof For Passing The Turing Test
Continuous Gait Velocity Estimation using Houseohld Motion Detectors
Visualising and Quantifying Impact and Effect in Twitter Narrative using Geometric Data Analysis
Structured Low-Rank Matrix Factorization with Missing and Grossly Corrupted Observations
Versatile Land Navigation Using Inertial Sensors and Odometry: Self-calibration, In-motion Alignment and Positioning
Mining and Analyzing Twitter trends: Frequency based ranking of descriptive Tweets
Tunably Rugged Landscapes with Known Maximum and Minimum
Breakdown Point of Robust Support Vector Machine
Aggregate channel features for multi-view face detection "competitive performance against state-of-the-art algorithms on AFW and FDDB testsets, while runs at 42 FPS on VGA images ... Considering the large performance gain and similar speed, the proposed method can replace Viola-Jones detector for face detection in the wild" <===========
Exploration vs. Exploitation in the Information Filtering Problem -- picking which papers to show/read <====
Parallel software implementation of recursive multidimensional digital filters for point-target detection in cluttered infrared scenes "An optical flow-field for the textured background is then generated using the 3-D autocorrelation function ... "
2014-09-03 ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge -- excellent overview/summary material. <=====
Transferring Landmark Annotations for Cross-Dataset Face Alignment
An LSH Index for Computing Kendall's Tau over Top-k Lists
Image Retrieval And Classification Using Local Feature Vectors
Ensemble Learning of Colorectal Cancer Survival Rates
CoMOGrad and PHOG: From Computer Vision to Fast and Accurate Protein Tertiary Structure Retrieval
Information-theoretic considerations concerning the origin of life
A natural framework for sparse hierarchical clustering
2014-09-02 Computing Classic Closeness Centrality, at Scale "centrality is (the inverse of) the average distance to all other nodes ... We propose the first near linear-time algorithm for estimating the centralities of all nodes" <===
A Secure TFTP Protocol with Security Proofs
Multi-Use Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme for General Access Structure
Who create trends in online social media: The crowd or opinion leaders?
A Comparative Study of Programming Languages in Rosetta Code
Online networks destroy social trust
Mult-task Sparse Structure Learning with good results on global warming in South America.
Scalable Inference for Neuronal Connectivity from Calcium Imaging "a computationally fast method for the state estimation based on a hybrid of loopy belief propagation and approximate message passing (AMP)"
Searching for a Unique Style in Soccer "FC Barcelona's famous tiki-taka does not consist of uncountable random passes but rather has a precise, finely constructed structure"
Multi-tensor Completion for Estimating Missing Values in Video Data
Autonomous Driving - 5 Years after the Urban Challenge: The Anticipatory Vehicle as a Cyber-Physical System
A Coloring Algorithm for Disambiguating Graph and Map Drawings <===
Near optimal compressed sensing without priors: Parametric SURE Approximate Message Passing "state-of-the-art recovery ... more than 20 times faster than EM-GM-GAMP "
Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Align and Translate "performance comparable to the existing state-of-the-art phrase-based system on the task of English-to-French translation"
Neural coordination can be enhanced by occasional interruption of normal firing patterns: A self-optimizing spiking neural network model
Kernel Principal Component Analysis and its Applications in Face Recognition and Active Shape Models "Kernel PCA is the nonlinear form of PCA, which better exploits the complicated spatial structure of high-dimensional features ... We also implement the kernel PCA-based ASMs, and use it to construct human face models" (good background material) <====
Classifying and Visualizing Motion Capture Sequences using Deep Neural Networks
Multiscale Fields of Patterns "Our framework leads to expressive priors that depend on a relatively small number of parameters ... We evaluate the approach with contour detection [and] binary segmentation."
3D ShapeNets for 2.5D Object Recognition and Next-Best-View Prediction "we represent a geometric 3D shape as a probability distribution of binary variables on a 3D voxel grid using a Convolutional Deep Belief Network ... supports object recognition from a 2.5D depth map and also view planning for object recognition."
HOPC: Histogram of Oriented Principal Components of 3D Pointclouds for Action Recognition -- viewpoint invariance via pointclouds. "outperforms state-of-the-art algorithms on three benchmark human activity datasets" See also later (2014-09-25) Histogram of Oriented Principal Components for Cross-View Action Recognition by same authors: "classification accuracy which is over 22% higher than the nearest competitor on both datasets".
Improved Distributed Principal Component Analysis
2014-08-26 Neural Mechanism of Language
Recurrent Neural Network Based Hybrid Model of Gene Regulatory Network
Hierarchical Saliency Detection on Extended CSSD
Interpreting Tree Ensembles with inTrees "Tree ensembles such as random forests and boosted trees are accurate but difficult to understand, debug and deploy ... inTrees (interpretable trees) ... ... extracts, measures, prunes and selects rules from a tree ensemble ... "
New Ideas for Brain Modelling 2
Learning a Hierarchical Compositional Shape Vocabulary for Multi-class Object Representation "Hierarchies allow feature sharing between objects at multiple levels of representation ... state-of-the-art detection performance, faster inference ... shorter training times." <=====
Supervised Hashing Using Graph Cuts and Boosted Decision Trees "flexible yet simple ... allows a number of existing approaches to hashing to be placed in context ... two steps: binary code (hash bits) learning, and hash function learning ... boosted decision trees as the hash functions ... significantly outperforms most state-of-the-art methods"
Learn Convolutional Neural Network for Face Anti-Spoofing
A review of the characteristics of 108 author-level bibliometric indicators
Accelerating unstructured finite volume computations on field-programmable gate arrays "90 times speedup compared to a high performance microprocessor core."
A Dual Model of Open Source License Growth
The Emerging Field of Signal Processing on Graphs: Extending High-Dimensional Data Analysis to Networks and Other Irregular Domains(2012)
GSPBOX: A toolbox for signal processing on graphs for matlab
Enabling FPGAs for the Masses
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification
A Case Study in Text Mining: Interpreting Twitter Data From World Cup Tweets "We explored our results using two visualization tools, Gephi and Wordle."
Global Exponential Stabilization of Freeway Models
Simple, compact and robust approximate string dictionary -- spelling correction goes modern.
Introduction to Clustering Algorithms and Applications
Parallel Wavelet Tree Construction -- 27X speedup on 40 cores.
A Proposed System for Covert Communication to Distant and Broad Geographical Areas -- improving upon numbers stations.
Monterey Bay Aquarium wallpaper photos to die for.
Wikipedia list of open source optimization software for linear programming etc.
A New Non-MDS Hash Function Resisting Birthday Attack and Meet-in-the-middle Attack " opens a door to ... lightweight digital signing schemes"
Label Distribution Learning
Evaluating Neural Word Representations in Tensor-Based Compositional Settings
Wavelet Trees Meet Suffix Trees <=======
Real-Time First Order Guidance Strategies for Trajectory Optimization in UAVs by Utilizing Wind Energy
On Global Stability of Financial Networks
Bayesian Fusion of Multi-Band Images
Robust PCA with Partial Subspace Knowledge with applications ranging from video background removal to face recognition.
Memcomputing and Swarm Intelligence
Voronoi Grid-Shell Structures -- pretty!
VoID-graph: Visualize Linked Datasets on the WebM
Chatbot for admissions (master's thesis)
Object Structure from Manipulation via Particle Filter and Robot-based Active Learning
PCANet: A Simple Deep Learning Baseline for Image Classification? "Surprisingly, such a seemingly naive PCANet model is on par with the state of the art ... Even more surprisingly, it sets new records for many classification tasks ... first instance ... clear mathematical justification is the wavelet scattering networks ... convolutional filters .. are simply wavelet operators, hence no learning is needed at all. .. surprisingly, .. [used] in ... multistage architecture ... ... superior performance over ConvNet and DNNs in ... handwritten digit and texture recognition ... PCANet ... extremely basic and computationally efficient ... O(mnk1k2(L1 + L2) + mn(k1k2)**2)" <=====<=====<=====<======<=======<
Sensing Subjective Well-being from Social Media
Graph Compartmentalization: Improving on graph modularity measure; application to polarization of US Senate measured via bill co-sponsorship graph.
The Power of Two Choices with Simple Tabulation "... a classic paradigm for assigning m balls to n bins. To place a ball we pick two bins per hash fs h0 and h1, and pick the emptiest bin. ... yields a max load of lg lg n + O(1) with high probability ... many applications in e.g. hash tables and load distribution" -- drops max hashtable search time from O(logN) to O(loglogN) (!) <=========
2014-08-20 Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2014: big win for convolutional neural nets.
Convolutional Neural Networks (LeNet) <==== Nice tutorial set w full source based on scipy.
LeNet-5, convolutional neural networks as explained by Yann LuCun, leader in the field.
See also A Tutorial on Energy-Based Learning (2006 NYU) <===============================
A two-stage architecture for stock price forecasting by combining SOM and fuzzy-SVM
A Bayesian Ensemble Regression Framework on the Angry Birds Game
OpenHEC: A Framework for Application Programmers to Design FPGA-based Systems
Evolving Modular Genetic Regulatory Networks with a Recursive, Top-Down Approach
High-Level Design of Portable and Scalable FPGA Accelerators
Stream Processor Generator for HPC to Embedded Applications on FPGA-based System Platform
High-Level Synthesis Case Study: Implementation of a Memcached Server "High-Level Synthesis (HLS) aspires to raise the level of abstraction in hardware design without sacrificing hardware efficiency. It has so far been successfully employed in signal and video processing...
Hierarchical Adaptive Structural SVM for Domain Adaptation
A Many-Core Overlay for High-Performance Embedded Computing on FPGAs
Cuckoo Search: Recent Advances and Applications
"Cuckoo search (CS) is one of the latest nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms, developed in 2009 ... Recent studies show that CS is potentially far more efficient than PSO and genetic algorithms ... Levy flight ... PSO may converge prematurely to a local optimum, while cuckoo search can usually converge to the global optimality"
Cuckoo Search: A Brief Literature Review
Applications and Analysis of Bio-Inspired Eagle Strategy for Engineering Optimization
Flower Pollination Algorithm: A Novel Approach for Multiobjective Optimization
Bat Algorithm is Better Than Intermittent Search Strategy
Nonconvex Statistical Optimization: Minimax-Optimal Sparse PCA in Polynomial Time
LSH Algorithm and Implementation page at MIT
2014-08-08 Real-Time Human-Computer Interaction Based on Face and Hand Gesture Recognition
A Fast and Accurate Unconstrained Face Detector "arbitrary pose variations and occlusions ... Normalized Pixel Difference (NPD) ... is scale invariant, bounded, and is able to reconstruct the original image ... about 6 times faster than OpenCV ... outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in detecting unconstrained faces with arbitrary pose variations and occlusions in cluttered scenes."
Science vs Conspiracy: collective narratives in the age of (mis)information
"Building on recent work on provenance traces and slicing for functional programming languages ... proof-of-concept implementation in Haskell".
The Threshold for Super-resolution via Extremal Functions
Low-rank SIFT: An Affine Invariant Feature for Place Recognition owing to recent breakthrough in convex optimization ... computed efficiently
The digital traces of bubbles: feedback cycles between socio-economic signals in the Bitcoin economy
Software Foundations by Benjamin C Pierce (online book) <===========================
Coq in a Hurry(2010)
Aaron Tomb's leaning-to-Isabelle (2007) Coq-vs-Isabelle comparison.
Certified Programming with Dependent Types (Adam Chlipala) Nov 2013. Note particularly Adam's explanation of why he feels Coq is the choice for such work in the introduction: " Dependent types also often let you write certified programs without writing anything that looks like a proof. ... Writing formal proofs is hard, so we want to avoid it as far as possible. Dependent types are invaluable for this purpose." <==============================================
Video tutorials for the Coq proof assistant
Isabelle home page.
The L4.verified project A Formally Correct Operating System Kernel (8700 line kernel verified using Isabelle/HOL). (Now open-sourced.)
A Formalization of the C99 Standard in HOL, Isabelle and Coq
Microsoft's helmet-cam video stabilization algorithm
Neighborhood Rank Order Coding for Robust Texture Analysis and Feature Extraction -- algorithm for possible VLSI emulation of visual cortex.
A model of grassroots changes in linguistic systems regularization => innovation?
LARSEN-ELM: Selective Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines using LARS for Blended Data "Extreme learning machine (ELM) as a neural network algorithm has shown its good performance, such as fast speed, simple structure etc, but also, weak robustness..." also RMSE-ELM: Recursive Model based Selective Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines for Robustness Improvement
Blind Construction of Optimal Nonlinear Recursive Predictors for Discrete Sequences -- fewer assumptions for greater applicability. "we compare our approach to existing methods using variablelength Markov models and cross-validated hidden Markov models, and show theoretically and experimentally that our method delivers results superior to the former and at least comparable to the latter."
A Heuristic Search Algorithm for Solving First-Order MDPs
Bandit Algorithms for Tree Search "Bandit based methods for tree search have recently gained popularity when applied to huge trees, e.g. in the game of go [6]." <======
Conditional Probability Tree Estimation Analysis and Algorithms -- making the jump from O(N) per label to O(logN) label, allowing million-label problems to be tackled.
Bayesian Multitask Learning with Latent Hierarchies "We treat the hierarchy nonparametrically, employing Kingman's coalescent [12]. We derive an EM algorithm that makes use of recently developed efficient inference algorithms for the coalescent." <====
Robust Graphical Modeling with t-Distributions with applications to gene expression.
Bayesian Structure Learning for Markov Random Fields with a Spike and Slab Prior "proposed model learns a good combination of the structure and parameter values without the need for separate hyper-parameter tuning. Moreover, the model's predictive performance is much more robust than L1-based methods with hyper-parameter settings that induce highly sparse model structures."
Selecting Computations: Theory and Applications "recent work on using bandit algorithms to control Monte Carlo tree search in the game of Go. ... superiority to bandit-based heuristics in one-shot decision problems and in Go"
Optimally-Weighted Herding is Bayesian Quadrature -- herding was introduced in 2009 as a more efficient alternative to random sampling of a probability distribution.
Warped Mixtures for Nonparametric Cluster Shapes " better than infinite Gaussian mixture models at recovering the true number of clusters, and produces interpretable summaries of high-dimensional datasets."
One-Class Support Measure Machines for Group Anomaly Detection with applications to Higgs hunts and galaxy quests.
Normalized Online Learning "learning algorithms that "just work" ... a capable and reliable learning algorithm"
R-UCB: a Contextual Bandit Algorithm for Risk-Aware Recommender Systems
Exponentiated Gradient Exploration for Active Learning
Genetic Programming for Smart Phone Personalisation such as situational newsfeed preferences.
Physical Computing With No Clock to Implement the Gaussian Pyramid of SIFT Algorithm "nanosecond level through the physical computing technology, while other existing methods all need at least hundreds of milliseconds"
SPLZ: An Efficient Algorithm for Single Source Shortest Path Problem Using Compression Method "about three orders of magnitude faster than Dijkstra algorithm based on binary heap"
Improved Object Tracking via Bags of Affine Subspaces "the object is modelled as a continuously updated set of affine subspaces ... better performance than several recent state-of-the-art methods such as Tracking-Learning-Detection and Multiple Instance Learning Tracking."
SAT-Based Methods for Circuit Synthesis "automatically constructing correct hardware from declarative specifications ... "
Program Synthesis by Sketching Berkeley 2008 thesis
Video Face Editing Using Temporal-Spatial-Smooth Warping "by minimizing a novel energy function"
Flow-based Influence Graph Visual Summarization
Learning to see like children: proof of concept
Progressive Light Transport Simulation on the GPU: Survey and Improvements
Robust 3D face recognition in presence of pose and partial occlusions or missing parts
Object Structure from Manipulation via Particle Filter and Robot-based Active Learning
Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Multi-Relational Chains for Robot-Centered Smart Home
Multi-Sensor Event Detection using Shape Histograms
A fast patch-dictionary method for whole image recovery
Real-time emotion recognition for gaming using deep convolutional network features
An Efficient Cell List Implementation for Monte Carlo Simulation on GPUs for molecular simulations
Highly Accurate Multispectral Palmprint Recognition Using Statistical and Wavelet Features
Long-term causal effects of economic mechanisms on agent incentives -- encouraging truthfulness.
HOPC: Histogram of Oriented Principal Components of 3D Pointclouds for Action Recognition -- introducing viewpoint independence. "outperform[s] state-of-the-art algorithms" <=====
Robust Statistical Approach for Extraction of Moving Human Silhouettes from Videos: background subtraction via GMM(HSV) followed by morphological ops on the foreground blobs.
High Security Image Steganography with Modified Arnold cat map
Verifiable Member and Order Queries on a List in Zero-Knowledge
Semantic Publishing Challenge -- Assessing the Quality of Scientific Output
Classifying Sequences by the Optimized Dissimilarity Space Embedding Approach: a Case Study on the Solubility Analysis of the E. coli Proteome <====
Turbo Compressed Sensing with Partial DFT Sensing Matrix
Down-Sampling coupled to Elastic Kernel Machines for Efficient Recognition of Isolated Gestures
Learning and Transferring Multi-task Deep Representation for Face Alignment: "outperforms existing methods, especially in dealing with faces with severe occlusion and pose variation, and (ii) reduces model complexity drastically ... we extend the method presented in our ECCV 2014 paper (Facial Landmark Detection by Deep Multi-task Learning) to handle more landmark points (68 points instead of 5 major facial points) without either redesigning the deep model or involving significant increase in run time cost"
Cactus Graphs and Some Algorithms
Brain: Biological noise-based logic
Robots that can adapt like natural animals
2014-08-04 PhaseCode: Fast and Efficient Compressive Phase Retrieval based on Sparse-Graph-Codes -- not just O(...), actual 14K sample guarantees. (This guy sounds sharp!) <======
Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Cold Start Recommendations
Memetic Search in Differential Evolution Algorithm and Randomized Memetic Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Variational Depth from Focus Reconstruction
Convex Cauchy Schwarz Independent Component Analysis for Blind Source Separation also A RobustICA Based Algorithm for Blind Separation of Convolutive Mixtures and A Blind Adaptive CDMA Receiver Based on State Space Structures
Towards a Domain Specific Language for a Scene Graph based Robotic World Model
Cumulative Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Ordinal Matrix Data Analysis -- check out fig 2! <=======================
Functional Principal Component Analysis and Randomized Sparse Clustering Algorithm for Medical Image Analysis
Matrix Factorization with Explicit Trust and Distrust Relationships
Weakly monotone averaging functions
Fast and Compact Distributed Verification and Self-Stabilization of a DFS Tree
Standards for Graph Algorithm Primitives
HSkip+: A Self-Stabilizing Overlay Network for Nodes with Heterogeneous Bandwidths
Shaping Social Activity by Incentivizing Users
Triple Patterning Lithography (TPL) Layout Decomposition using End-Cutting (JM3 Special Session)
Power Distribution in Randomized Weighted Voting: the Effects of the Quota
Methodology For Detection of QRS Pattern Using Secondary Wavelets and Adaptive Wavelet Based Identification and Extraction of PQRST Combination in Randomly Stretching ECG Sequence
Online Pattern Matching for String Edit Distance with Moves using the new dynamic succinct tree.
Some Basic Radio System OPSEC Considerations
FlashGraph: Processing Billion-Node Graphs on an Array of Commodity SSDs
Provable Learning of Overcomplete Latent Variable Models: Semi-supervised and Unsupervised Settings "recent performance gains in domains such as speech and computer vision can be largely attributed to efficient representation learning (Bengio et al., 2012).
ITEM: Immersive Telepresence for Entertainment and Meetings - A Practical Approach
A Moving Least Squares Based Approach for Contour Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Data
A Pattern Recognition System for Detecting Use of Mobile Phones While Driving
Context-Free Grammars with Storage
The Dynamics of Offensive Messages in the World of Social Media: the Control of Cyberbullying on Twitter
Computational Analysis of Perfect-Information Position Auctions
Personalized PageRank with Node-dependent Restart
Spectral Approaches to Nearest Neighbor Search
Object Detection Through Exploration With A Foveated Visual Field
ActiveMonitor: Non-blocking Monitor Executions for Increased Parallelism "monitors based on our framework provide significant gains in runtime performance in comparison to traditional monitors implemented using Java's reentrant locks."
Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction of Data by Deep Distributed Random Samplings "if machine can learn human-level invariant semantic concepts from highly-variant real-world data, the real artificial intelligence is able to be touched. ... described simple method outperformed 7 well-known dimensionality reduction methods ... with much less training time than multilayer neural networks on large-scale data"
Open-set Person Re-identification "problem is still largely unresolved"
Computing With Contextual Numbers
On MultiAspect Graphs
DTKI: a new formalized PKI with no trusted parties
Text to Multi-level MindMaps: A New Way for Interactive Visualization and Summarization of Natural Language Text
The Size of Software Projects Developed by Mexican Companies -- medium size projects run 40,000 -> 1,000,000 lines of code, 5-10 programmers, $200K -> $5M.The physical limit of logical compare operation <===
Determining the Number of Clusters via Iterative Consensus Clustering also A Flexible Iterative Framework for Consensus Clustering
Speech earthquakes: scaling and universality in human voice
2014-07-28 A Robust and Efficient Method for Improving Accuracy of License Plate Characters Recognition K-NN (K-Nearest Neigbors) for 99% recognition rate.
Enhancing the Accuracy of Biometric Feature Extraction Fusion Using Gabor Filter and Mahalanobis Distance Algorithm
Dissimilarity-based Sparse Subset Selection
Substitute Based SCODE Word Embeddings in Supervised NLP Tasks "Word embeddings in 7 languages are available for public use."
Detection of Clones in Digital Images
Ultra accurate collaborative information filtering via directed user similarity
Fast Spammer Detection Using Structural Rank
Pushbroom Stereo for High-Speed Navigation in Cluttered Environments "a novel stereo vision algorithm that is capable of obstacle detection on a mobile-CPU processor at 120 frames per second... implementation on a high-speed, small UAV, flying at over 20 MPH (9 m/s) close to obstacles. The system requires no external sensing or computation and is, to the best of our knowledge, the first high-framerate stereo detection system running onboard a small UAV." <=======
TLS Proxies: Friend or Foe? "we identify over 1,000 cases where three malware products are using this technology nefariously"
MDPs with Unawareness "Markov decision processes (MDPs) are widely used for modeling decision-making problems in robotics, automated control, and economics..."
PTAS for Minimax Approval Voting
Recommender Systems using Pennant Diagrams in Digital Libraries " in a scientific context the simple presentation of related content is not sufficient. The aim of pennants introduced by Howard White (2007) is to provide the user with a graph showing the relatedness / distance between related documents."
Online Learning and Profit Maximization from Revealed Preferences
Quickpie: An Interface for Fast and Accurate Eye Gazed based Text Entry
A unified framework for thermal face recognition
A Numerical Optimization Algorithm Inspired by the Strawberry Plant
'Almost Sure' Chaotic Properties of Machine Learning Methods " these properties are going to be universal to any learning method."
A Fast Synchronization Clustering Algorithm "traditional clustering algorithms are usually categorized into partitioning methods, hierarchical methods, density-based methods, grid-based methods, and model-based methods. ... SynC algorithm, which is a famous ... " "we combine grid cell partitioning method and Red-Black tree to construct the near neighbor point set of every point.
A Fast Hierarchical Method for Multi-script and Arbitrary Oriented Scene Text Extraction
Fine-grained Activity Recognition with Holistic and Pose based Features "holistic methods based on dense trajectories are currently the de facto standard for recognition of human activities in video"
Deep Networks with Internal Selective Attention through Feedback Connections "outperforms the previous state-of-the-art model"
Entropic One-Class Classifier
Toward a Multilevel Representation of Protein Molecules: Comparative Approaches to the Aggregation/Folding Propensity Problem
Towards Automatic Migration of ROS Components from Software to Hardware "We prefer FPGAs and hybrid FPGA-MCU SoC systems over pure MCUs: we find FPGAs superior to MCUs in many performance areas relevant to experimental robotics, ... FPGAs can provide deterministic hard real-time performance no matter the complexity or scale of the implemented algorithms ... Unity is an open-source framework consisting of reference HW designs, gateware (GW, VHDL) and SW libraries, all targeted at providing a complete framework for easy development, with standard cases covered by model-based code generation of all the necessary FPGA GW and PC SW needed to interface electronics with a high-level software framework
Level-based Analysis of Genetic Algorithms and other Search Processes
Hyperspectral Imaging and Analysis for Sparse Reconstruction and Recognition
A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in Wikipedia
Caching and Auditing in the RPPM Model -- the latest in access control: principal-matching on a system graph of existing entities, growing out of social networks.
Dynamic Feature Scaling for Online Learning of Binary Classifiers "a simple but an effective method to dynamically scale features at train time, thereby quickly adapting to any changes in the data stream ... consistently outperforms more complex methods on all of the benchmark datasets and improves classification accuracy of a state-of-the-art online binary classifier algorithm." <======================
A Survey on Two Dimensional Cellular Automata and Its Application in Image Processing (for FPGA speedups?)
A Hash-based Co-Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Data via locality-sensitive hashing.
Dependence versus Conditional Dependence in Local Causal Discovery from Gene Expression Data algorithm is freely available at
Estimating the Accuracies of Multiple Classifiers Without Labeled Data
NMF with Sparse Regularizations in Transformed Domains -- non-negative blind source separation (BSS == NMF, non-negative matrix factorization) of Lena, Barbara, boat and peppers.
Accurate merging of images for predictive analysis using combined image using frequency domain info instead of just spatial domain intensity.
Two-pass Discourse Segmentation with Pairing and Global Features
Exponential decay of reconstruction error from binary measurements of sparse signals
Justified Representation in Approval-Based Committee Voting
DuSK: A Dual Structure-preserving Kernel for Supervised Tensor Learning with Applications to Neuroimages
Sparse Fast Fourier Transform for Exactly and Generally K-Sparse Signals by Downsampling and Sparse Recovery "outperforms classic FFT and MIT's sFFT" <=====
A New Model of Array Grammar for generating Connected Patterns on an Image Neighborhood<====
Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit and Its Extension to Probabilistically Triggered Arms
A comparative study between seasonal wind speed by Fourier and Wavelet analysis -- useful as a survey of such analysis.
RTI Goes Wild: Radio Tomographic Imaging for Outdoor People Detection and Localization
Beyond KernelBoost for image segmentation. "The resulting segmentations display high accuracy, neat contours, and reduced noise."
Exploration vs. Exploitation in the Information Filtering Problem -- picking journal articles to present/read. <===
Fast Bayesian Feature Selection for High Dimensional Linear Regression in Genomics via the Ising Approximation
Zipf's law for word frequencies: word forms versus lemmas in long texts
A model for dynamical evolution of science in space
A stochastic model of catalytic reaction networks in protocells
Learning Mixtures of Linear Classifiers
What is Tumblr: A Statistical Overview and Comparison
Why walking the dog takes time: Frechet distance has no strongly subquadratic algorithms unless SETH fails
2014-07-22 PageRank beyond the Web (overview/review).
The Rise of Social Bots
Object Proposal Generation using Two-Stage Cascade SVMs
Feature and Region Selection for Visual Learning
Automating Full Functional Verification of Programs with Loops
Representing and Reasoning about Game Strategies
Program Synthesis and Linear Operator Semantics <=====
Are There Good Mistakes? A Theoretical Analysis of CEGIS (program synthesis)
A Novel Hybrid Crossover based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimization Problem
Deterministic Versus Randomized Kaczmarz Iterative Projection
Scalable Kernel Methods via Doubly Stochastic Gradients "The general perception is that kernel methods are not scalable, and neural nets are the methods of choice for nonlinear learning problems."
Efficient Algorithms for the Closest Pair Problem and Applications "algorithms for CPP and FRNNP that improve (in theory and/or practice) the best-known algorithms reported in the literature for CPP and FRNNP. These algorithms also improve the best-known algorithms for related applications including time series motif mining and the two locus problem in Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)."
Pixels to Voxels: Modeling Visual Representation in the Human Brain " Fisher Vectors (FV) and the second was based on Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets). We find that both classes of models accurately predict brain activity in high-level visual areas, directly from pixels ... first time ... t modern methods of computer vision and machine learning provide important tools for characterizing brain function."
Development & Implementation of a PyMOL 'putty' Representation (molecular graphics)
Towards the Evolution of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines using Supershapes
The two-dimensional Gabor function adapted to natural image statistics: An analytical model of simple-cell responses in the early visual system
Categories from scratch <==============================================
From Denoising to Compressed Sensing
2014-07-10 PatchLift: Fast and Exact Computation of Patch Distances using Lifting, with Applications to Non-Local Means -- linear (O(NK)) instead of cubic 1D image denoising. <=====
Identifying Cover Songs Using Information-Theoretic Measures of Similarity -- tweaked Normalized Compression Distance (NCD) on the Million Song Dataset
Coding Together at Scale: GitHub as a Collaborative Social Network
Classifying Fonts and Calligraphy Styles Using Complex Wavelet Transform "higher recognition accuracy while being computationally simpler"
ARTOS -- Adaptive Real-Time Object Detection System "ARTOS is all about creating, tuning, and applying object detection models with just a few clicks."
A multi-instance learning algorithm based on a stacked ensemble of lazy learners <====
What you need to know about the state-of-the-art computational models of object-vision: A tour through the models <====================
Bandits Warm-up Cold Recommender Systems
Visualizing criminal networks reconstructed from mobile phone records taming the information graph firehose -- any application to software system visualization?
Graph Compartmentalization "This new measure allows for principled comparison between graphs of arbitrary structure, unlike existing measures such as graph modularity. The proposed measure is invariant to graph size and number of groups and can be calculated analytically, facilitating measurement on very large graphs." <==
Signature Limits: An Entire Map of Clone Features and their Discovery in Nearly Linear Time
A Hybrid Parallel Implementation of the Aho-Corasick and Wu-Manber Algorithms Using NVIDIA CUDA and MPI Evaluated on a Biological Sequence Database e.g. to human genome.
Run-time extensibility and librarization of simulation software -- how existing scientific software sucks.
Increasing the Speed of Polar List Decoders "the proposed system is up to 16 times faster than an LDPC decoder of the same frame size, code rate, and similar error-correction performance, making it more suitable for use as a software decoding solution."
A New Optimal Stepsize For Approximate Dynamic Programming
Rate-Optimal Detection of Very Short Signal Segments
An eigenanalysis of data centering in machine learning <==============
Photonic spike processing: ultrafast laser neurons and an integrated photonic network
A Compilation Target for Probabilistic Programming Languages" -- "probabilistic C"
Which of the world's institutions employ the most highly cited researchers? An analysis of the data from -- the rise of king abdulaziz university, saudi arabia
2014-06-30 DASS: Detail Aware Sketch-Based Surface Modeling with multilevel representation for surfaces
Evolution and Detection of Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malwares: A Survey
Adaptive Mesh Representation and Restoration of Biomedical Images
Adaptive texture energy measure method
3D planar patch extraction from stereo using probabilistic region growing
Template Matching based Object Detection Using HOG Feature Pyramid "This article provides a step by step development of designing a Object Detection scheme using the HOG based Feature Pyramid aligned with the concept of Template Matching. <==============
On a new formulation of nonlocal image filters involving the relative rearrangement
Verifying Component and Connector Models against Crosscutting Structural Views
An Incentive Compatible Multi-Armed-Bandit Crowdsourcing Mechanism with Quality Assurance
Co-occurrence matrices of time series applied to literary works
Linearized and Turbo Belief Propagation -- Belief Propagation with guaranteed convergence and incremental updating.
An interacting replica approach applied to the traveling salesman problem -- optimal solutions for up to 300 cities (10X more than previously practical), near-optimal for larger problems.
Pixel-wise Orthogonal Decomposition for Color Illumination Invariant and Shadow-free Image <===
Block matching algorithm for motion estimation based on Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)
Rates of Convergence for Nearest Neighbor Classification
Randomized Block Coordinate Descent for Online and Stochastic Optimization
Suffix Arrays for Spaced-SNP Databases
Mathematical Language Processing Project
A Bayes consistent 1-NN classifier
Laboratories of Oligarchy? How the Iron Law Extends to Peer Production: Growth turns democratic organizations into oligarchies. <===
Mathematical and Algorithmic Analysis of Network and Biological Data (dissertation).
Controllability of Brain Networks
Mind the Nuisance: Gaussian Process Classification using Privileged Noise
Using an Online Learning Environment to Teach an Undergraduate Statistics Course: the tutor-web
DeepPose: Human Pose Estimation via Deep Neural Networks
2014-06-24 The Multidimensional Assessment of Scholarly Research Impact
Fast Edge Detection Using Structured Forests
ViDaExpert: user-friendly tool for nonlinear visualization and analysis of multidimensional vectorial data
Kinetic Reverse $k$-Nearest Neighbor Problem
On the Reverse Engineering of the Citadel Botnet
Transpose-free Fast Fourier Transform for Turbulence Simulation "15-20% faster than FFTW."
A survey on phrase structure learning methods for text classification
From conformal to probabilistic prediction
PAC-Bayes Analysis of Multi-view Learning
Web Document Clustering and Ranking using Tf-Idf based Apriori Approach
On semidefinite relaxations for the stochastic block model "for community detection in networks...ideal tool for fitting network histograms, a concept gaining popularity in the graphon estimation literature"
Interactively Test Driving an Object Detector: Estimating Performance on Unlabeled Data
3D ShapeNets for 2.5D Object Recognition and Next-Best-View Prediction
The Modified Nystrom Method: Theories, Algorithms, and Extension: s "we provide theoretical analysis, efficient algorithms, and a simple but highly accurate extension for the modified Nystrom's method for speeding kernel methods
Deep Fragment Embeddings for Bidirectional Image Sentence Mapping
Cryptocurrencies without Proof of Work
Natural Color Image Enhancement based on Modified Multiscale Retinex Algorithm and Performance Evaluation usingWavelet Energy
Lost in Abstraction: Monotonicity in Multi-Threaded Programs (Extended Technical Report)
CNN: Single-label to Multi-label Convolutional Neural Networks that "significantly outperforms the state-of-the-arts"
From Generic to Specific Deep Representations for Visual Recognition: "Evidence is mounting that CNNs are currently the most efficient and successful way to learn visual performance on 12 standard datasets"
A Unified Quantitative Model of Vision and Audition
VideoSET: Video Summary Evaluation through Text
BSTree: an Incremental Indexing Structure for Similarity Search and Real Time Monitoring of Data Streams
Is a `Wirikuta empowerment' of the Huichol measurable on the Internet?
Committees of deep feedforward networks trained with few data "better than the state of the art"
Stationary Mixing Bandits
An Open Source Pattern Recognition Toolbox for MATLAB
Divide-and-Conquer Learning by Anchoring a Conical Hull <===
Interactive Ant Colony Optimisation (iACO) for Early Lifecycle Software Design
Breaking the coherence barrier: A new theory for compressed sensing <======
An Experimental Evaluation of List Coloring Algorithms -- might have register-allocation applications? <===========
CTL+FO Verification as Constraint Solving "Expressing program correctness often requires relating program data throughout (different branches of) an execution. ... The logic CTL+FO offers a natural specicification mechanism for such properties, allowing to freely mix temporal and first-order quantitification ...we obtain an automatic verifier..." See also Model checking data-aware workflow properties with CTL-FO+ -- "using CTL-FO+ for validating workflow properties [is] no harder than using the Linear Temporal Logic (LTL)"
Consistently Orienting Facets in Polygon Meshes by Minimizing the Dirichlet Energy of Generalized Winding Numbers ... " this approach is fundamentally flawed and is unfortunately not applicable for most handmade meshes shared on popular mesh repositories such as Google 3D Warehouse."
Randomized trees for human pose detection(2008)
Face Identification with Second-Order Pooling "outperforms the state-of-the-art face identification performance by large margins" <==================
From Citation count to Argumentation count: a new metric to indicate the usefulness of an article
Designing a minimalist socially aware robotic agent for the home
Pattern-wave model of brain. Mechanisms of information processing, memory organization
Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep Learning Multi-View Representation for Face Recognition "infers a full spectrum of multi-view images given a single 2D face image"
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Functionals of Discrete Distributions
How good are detection proposals, really? "Our findings show common weaknesses of existing methods"
Communicating and resolving entity references "... a randomly chosen entity in one system can, with high probability, be mapped to the same entity in a different system" <========
A Concise Information-Theoretic Derivation of the Baum-Welch algorithm " provides a more concise derivation of the Baum-Welch method and naturally generalizes to multiple observations."
Estimation of Human Body Shape and Posture Under Clothing
From Predictions to Data-Driven Decisions Using Machine Learning "decisions based on mean-field analysis are suboptimal and high in risk ... Incredibly, the data-driven prescriptions developed converge to the omniscient optimum ... We consider an example of portfolio allocation to illustrate the power of these methods. <===
Systematic N-tuple Networks for Position Evaluation: Exceeding 90% in the Othello League
2014-06-16 Robotic positioning device for three-dimensional printing
An error correcting parser for context free grammars that takes less than cubic time
Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Classification with Hierarchical Correlated Prior
VoG: Summarizing and Understanding Large Graphs
Fingers' Angle Calculation using Level-Set Method
Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning for Human Pose Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Quaternion Gradient and Hessian
Mondrian Forests: Efficient Online Random Forests "more than an order of magnitude faster"
Decision Forests: A Unified Framework -- used eg in Kinect<=========================
Formal verification of a realistic compiler Xavier Leroy 2008 <===========================
Finding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers
Portable Software Fault Isolation
The CompCert C Compiler
XCert -- extensibility for CompCert (2010)
A Verified Compiler for an Impure Functional Language (POPL2010) -- also done in Coq, at Harvard. His other papers are here<===================
Bedrock, Chlipala's "library that turns Coq into a tool much like classical verification systems (e.g., ESC, Boogie), but niftier" BSD license
2014-06-11 Sampling the suffix array with minimizers
Parsing Semantic Parts of Cars Using Graphical Models and Segment Appearance Consistency
Unsupervised Learning by Deep Scattering Contractions Haar wavelets, rotation+translation invariance.
Why do linear SVMs trained on HOG features perform so well? "Linear Support Vector Machines trained on HOG features are now a de facto standard across many visual perception tasks. Their popularisation can largely be attributed to the step-change in performance they brought to pedestrian detection, and their subsequent successes in deformable parts models."
Music and Vocal Separation Using Multi-Band Modulation Based Features
Identification of Orchid Species Using Content-Based Flower Image Retrieval
Probabilistic ODE Solvers with Runge-Kutta Means
Mondrian Forests: Efficient Online Random Forests
Harmony Explained: Progress Towards A Scientific Theory of Music
Rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentation
Low-Rank Modeling and Its Applications in Image Analysis <======
A Multiplicative Model for Learning Distributed Text-Based Attribute Representations
Deep Epitomic Convolutional Neural Networks
Rapid Control Selection through Hill-Climbing Methods
Are 140 Characters Enough? A Large-Scale Linkability Study of Tweets
Reweighted Wake-Sleep <=====
Realization and design of a pilot assist decision-making system based on speech recognition -- note the particular spech recognition technology used.
Out Performance Of Cuckoo Search Algorithm Among Nature Inspired Algorithms in Planar Antenna Arrays: Cuckoo Optimization vs Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO), Genetic Algorithm (GA).
The Secrets of Salient Object Segmentation
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Search-Based Software Engineering for Software Product Lines (see also wikipedia page on software product line)
Some Ideas for Program Verifier Tactics
The Common Structure of Paradoxes in Aggregation Theory
[Part-Of-Speech] POS Tagging and its Applications for Mathematics -- applying natural languare processing (NLP) techniques to zbMATH.
Explicit Computation of Input Weights in Extreme Learning Machines
Acoustic Gait-based Person Identification using Hidden Markov Models
Hadamard Coded Modulation for Visible Light Communications -- LED room lighting for data broadcast.
A Pattern-based Survey and Categorization of Network Covert Channel Techniques
Bird Species Categorization Using Pose Normalized Deep Convolutional Nets
A machine-compiled macroevolutionary history of Phanerozoic life
Truncated Nuclear Norm Minimization for Image Restoration Based On Iterative Support Detection
Toward a Local Perspective on Online Collaboration
Joint Training of a Convolutional Network and a Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation (updated 2014-09-19)
"Mental Rotation" by Optimizing Transforming Distance
Non-Markovian Character in Human Mobility: Online and Offline
Learning Latent Variable Gaussian Graphical Models for biological and financial data etc
Invention as a Combinatorial Process: Evidence from U.S. Patents "...the very reduced rate at which new technologies are introduced..."
An eigenvector-based hotspot detection applied to New Mexico brain cancer data
SocialSpy: Browsing (Supposedly) Hidden Information in Online Social Networks
Analog input layer for optical reservoir computers -- see also the wikipedia page on Reservoir computing
Event and Anomaly Detection Using Tucker3 Decomposition in telecommunication networks: using time to do better than PCA.
Kalman Temporal Differences for reinforcement learning using Unscented Transform to beat TD, SARSA and Q-Learning on simple maze and inverted pendulum <===============
A swarm optimization algorithm inspired in the behavior of the social-spider
Stable, Robust and Super Fast Reconstruction of Tensors Using Multi-Way Projections for processing plain and hyperspectral images. " provides a direct computation, i.e. it is non-iterative unlike all existing CS algorithms, thus providing super fast computations, even for large datasets."
Towards Composable Concurrency Abstractions (solving e.g. problems in Clojure), from Proceedings 7th Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software Grenoble, France, 12 April 2014
The Naive versus the Adaptive Boston Mechanism -- rewarding truthfulness in school preference lists
Convolutional Kernel Networks for image representations " similar accuracy to more complex ones, while being easy to train and robust to overfitting."
Generic construction of scale-invariantly coarse grained memory "Encoding temporal information from the recent past as spatially distributed memory is essential to be able to instantly access the entire past. ... maintain information from exponentially long past timescales within linearly increasing memory resources."
Deep Neural Networks Rival the Representation of Primate IT Cortex for Core Visual Object Recognition with images generated by POV-ray :-)
HATP: An HTN Planner for Robotics -- modern descendent of STRIPS
Input Warping for Bayesian Optimization of Non-stationary Functions
2014-06-02 A Probabilistic Framework for Learning Kinematic Models of Articulated Objects
(Quantified) Horn Constraint Solving for Program Verification and Synthesis
Polymatroid Bandits
Online and Adaptive Pseudoinverse Solutions for ELM Weights "The ELM [Extreme Learning Machine] method has become widely used for classification and regressions problems as a result of its accuracy, simplicity and ease of use"
ELM Solutions for Event-Based Systems
Discovering Structure in High-Dimensional Data Through Correlation Explanation "automatically discovers meaningful structure for data from diverse sources including personality tests, DNA, and human language." <==============================
A Geometric Method to Obtain the Generation Probability of a Sentence
Shared Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Understanding Types of Users on Twitter
Systematic N-tuple Networks for Position Evaluation: Exceeding 90% in the Othello League
CHR Bibliography -- CHR == Constraint Handling Rules <=================
Towards a Better Understanding of the Local Attractor in Particle Swarm Optimization: Speed and Solution Quality
Median Filtering is Equivalent to Sorting "with Knuth's dancing links technique" "combining piecewise sorting, time reversals, and dancing links is all that it takes to design an effient median filter algorithm." <====
Better bitmap performance with Roaring bitmaps (updated 2014-11-19) <======
Ant Colony Optimization for Inferring Key Gene Interactions
Online Clustering of Bandits -- CLUBbing users.
Logarithmic Time Online Multiclass prediction
Recursive Neural Networks for Learning Logical Semantics
Unsupervised Feature Learning through Divergent Discriminative Feature Accumulation
Efficient programmable learning to search
A Drifting-Games Analysis for Online Learning and Applications to Boosting
Bullseye: Structured Passage Retrieval and Document Highlighting for Scholarly Search
Fine-grained Activity Recognition with Holistic and Pose based Features
The Z1: Architecture and Algorithms of Konrad Zuse's First Computer
Refinement-Cut: User-Guided Segmentation Algorithm for Translational Science
Shape-from-intrinsic operator
Communication Complexity of the Fast Multipole Method and its Algebraic Variants
Anticipating Activity in Social Media Spikes
Two-dimensional Sentiment Analysis of text
Detect What You Can: Detecting and Representing Objects using Holistic Models and Body Parts
Learning Word Representations with Hierarchical Sparse Coding
Koka: Programming with Row Polymorphic Effect Types "if an expression can be typed without an exn effect, then it will never throw an unhandled exception"
Categorical Semantics for Functional Reactive Programming with Temporal Recursion and Corecursion
Foundations of Total Functional Data-Flow Programming
MeGARA: Menu-based Game Abstraction and Abstraction Refinement of Markov Automata
Patch-based Hybrid Modelling of Spatially Distributed Systems by Using Stochastic HYPE - ZebraNet as an Example
Formal and Informal Methods for Multi-Core Design Space Exploration
ClassSpy: Java Object Pattern Visualization Tool
Constraint Handling Rules with Multiset Comprehension Patterns
From XML Schema to JSON Schema: Translation with CHR
Log-Euclidean Bag of Words for Human Action Recognition
Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos
Synthetic Data and Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Scene Text Recognition
A Hybrid Latent Variable Neural Network Model for Item Recommendation
Robust Estimation of 3D Human Poses from a Single Image
Depth Map Prediction from a Single Image using a Multi-Scale Deep Network
A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm "Google has not applied for patent protection for this algorithm, and, as of this writing, has no  plans t. Rather, it wishes to contribute this algorithm to the"
Reducing the Effects of Detrimental Instances
Gossip: Identifying Central Individuals in a Social Network
Free Applicative Functors "Applicative functors are a generalisation of monads. Both allow the expression of effectful computations into an otherwise pure language, like Haskell."
To react or not to react? Intrinsic stochasticity of human control in virtual stick balancing "matches the experimental data on human balancing of virtual overdamped stick"
2014-05-28 Proximal Reinforcement Learning: A New Theory of Sequential Decision Making in Primal-Dual Spaces
Research On Permanent Magnet BLDC for small electric vehicle
Disk-based genome sequencing data compression
Fast, Responsive Decentralised Graph Colouring
A tabu search heuristic for the Equitable Coloring Problem with applications including garbage collection.
An FPGA-based Parallel Architecture for Face Detection using Mixed Color Models
Understanding Machine-learned Density Functionals with applications including stock market prediction
Static Analysis for Regular Expression Exponential Runtime via Substructural Logics
Detection Bank: An Object Detection Based Video Representation for Multimedia Event Recognition<====
Efficient and Reasonable Object-Oriented Concurrency Bertrand Meye <====
Artificial Wrestling: A Dynamical Formulation of Autonomous Agents Fighting in a Coupled Inverted Pendula Framework
Interactions of cultures and top people of Wikipedia from ranking of 24 language editions<====
A Multi-threshold Segmentation Approach Based on Artificial Bee Colony Optimization for image segmentation. "Unlike the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm, the ABC based method shows fast convergence and low sensitivity to initial conditions."
On the CALM Principle for Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computation
PyRDM: A Python-based library for automating the management and online publication of scientific software and data
An Easy to Use Repository for Comparing and Improving Machine Learning Algorithm Usage
BliStr: The Blind Strategymaker
Low-Latency Event-Based Visual Odometry -- MIT approach to fast visual response.
2014-05-20 Partitioning Networks with Node Attributes by Compressing Information Flow -- "faster and more accurate than alternative state-of-the-art algorithms"
Compressing the Data Densely by New Geflochtener to Accelerate Web <=== Might relate to understanding graphs
Link Prediction in Complex Networks: A Mutual Information Perspective
Wiener Filters in Gaussian Mixture Signal Estimation with Infinity-Norm Error
Efficient Tracking of a Moving Object using Inter-Frame Coding
Real Time Object Tracking Based on Inter-frame Coding: A Review
That's sick dude!: Automatic identification of word sense change across different timescales
An Efficient Binary Technique for Trace Simplifications of Concurrent Programs -- "presents a novel operational semantics for concurrent programs"
Software developers, moods, emotions, and performance "Studies show that software developers' happiness pays off when it comes to productivity."
Compressive Imaging via Approximate Message Passing with Image Denoising
Study of Humanoid Push Recovery Based on Experiments
Bag of Visual Words and Fusion Methods for Action Recognition: Comprehensive Study and Good Practice
Polynomial-time Approximation Algorithm for finding Highly Comfortable Team in any given Social Network
Kronecker PCA Based Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Video for Dismount Classification for pedestrian gender classification and such
ESSP: An Efficient Approach to Minimizing Dense and Nonsubmodular Energy Functions for computer vision labelling problems and such.
A Parallel Way to Select the Parameters of SVM Based on the Ant Optimization Algorithm
Block matching algorithm based on Differential Evolution for motion estimation
Multiple-Environment Markov Decision Processes <===
A General Framework for Bilateral and Mean Shift Filtering
Lipschitz Bandits: Regret Lower Bounds and Optimal Algorithms
Use of Computer Vision to Detect Tangles in Tangled Objects
Derivatives of Parsing Expression Grammars -- latest on recursive descent parsers.
Trends and Perspectives for Signal Processing in Consumer Audio
2014-05-12 Variational Image Segmentation Model Coupled with Image Restoration Achievements
Evaluation The Efficiency Of Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm
An Overview of Face Liveness Detection
Training Deep Fourier Neural Networks To Fit Time-Series Data
Better Feature Tracking Through Subspace Constraints
On-line PCA with Optimal Regrets
Ranking users, papers and authors in online scientific communities
Highly comparative feature-based time-series classification
FO(C): A Knowledge Representation Language of Causality
Image Segmentation Using Frequency Locking of Coupled Oscillators
The Zen of Graduate-level Programming
A Review of Image Mosaicing Techniques
Towards an Efficient Prolog System by Code Introspection
Multi Modal Face Recognition Using Block Based Curvelet Features
A Simple and Efficient Lock-Free Hash Trie Design for Concurrent Tabling
Functional Bandits
Increasing precision of uniform pseudorandom number generators
2014-05-06 On the Disambiguation of Weighted Automata ... in speech recognition and machine translation
On The Longest Chain Rule and Programmed Self-Destruction of Crypto Currencies
Optimal measurement of visual motion across spatial and temporal scales "reveals that a large-scale characteristic of human vision (the spatiotemporal contrast sensitivity function) is similar to the optimal prescription, and it suggests that some previously puzzling phenomena of visual sensitivity, adaptation, and perceptual organization have simple principled explanations."
Kaggle LSHTC4 Winning Solution All code is open source"
Classification of Diabetes Mellitus using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization and Least Squares Support Vector Machine
Simultaneous Finite Automata: An Efficient Data-Parallel Model for Regular Expression Matching over 10-times speedups on an environment with dual hexa-core CPU
Supervised Descent Method for Solving Nonlinear Least Squares Problems in Computer Vision for "rigid image alignment, non-rigid image alignment, and 3D pose estimation" ... "achieves state-of-the-art performance in the problem of facial feature detection. The code has been made available at"
Automated Attribution and Intertextual Analysis "we employ quantitative methods from the realm of statistics and machine learning" to Euripedes, Seneca the Younger and Livy
Rule of Three for Superresolution of Still Images with Applications to Compression and Denoising ... "in the wavelet domain"
x-index: a fantastic new indicator for quantifying a scientist's scientific impact "much better ability to discriminate between Physics Prize Winners and ordinary physicists"
Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) Estimation in Partially Correlated Noise Using Low-Rank/Sparse Matrix Decomposition
Gabor Filter and Rough Clustering Based Edge Detection
Lossless compression catalyst based on binary allocation via modular arithmetic
KR$^3$: An Architecture for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics
Multilayer Analysis and Visualization of Networks ... "our new open-source software (muxViz)"
Review of Statistical Shape Spaces for 3D Data with Comparative Analysis for Human Faces
Harmony Perception by Periodicity Detection
Information-theoretically Optimal Sparse PCA
Face Detection Using a 3D Model on Face Keypoints ... "dramatically improve performance and obtain state of the art face detection results"
A Bitcoin system with no mining and no history transactions: Build a compact Bitcoin system
K-NS: Section-Based Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Space -- distinguishing outliers from noise by binning and distribution. "The widely accepted definition is Hawkins': an outlier is an observation that deviates so much from other observations as to arouse suspicion that it was generated by a different mechanism."
Data-flow Analysis of Programs with Associative Arrays ... a sound and precise approach for value and points-to analysis of programs with associative arrays <=========================
An ASP-Based Architecture for Autonomous UAVs in Dynamic Environments: Progress Report
Nuclear Norm based Matrix Regression with Applications to Face Recognition with Occlusion and Illumination Changes
Human Pose Estimation from RGB Input Using Synthetic Training Data "similar to the famous Kinect pose estimator".
Efficient Compressed Wavelet Trees over Large Alphabets
Time-Inconsistent Planning: A Computational Problem in Behavioral Economics -- beating procrastination.
Semantics and Compilation of Answer Set Programming with Generalized Atoms
When push comes to shove verbs literally shake due to latent semantic parameters of size and intensity
Assessing the statistical significance of association rules
Design and Optimization of a Speech Recognition Front-End for Distant-Talking Control of a Music Playback Device
Analysis Tool for UNL-Based Knowledge Representation: text to hypergraph.
New Algorithmic Approaches to Point Constellation Recognition -- latest on the fingerprint front.
D-Bees: A Novel Method Inspired by Bee Colony Optimization for Solving Word Sense Disambiguation
PANDA: Pose Aligned Networks for Deep Attribute Modeling -- detecting gender, hair style, expression etc from photos
Training Restricted Boltzmann Machine by Perturbation
An Exploration of the Role of Principal Inertia Components in Information Theory
Benevolent characteristics promote cooperative behaviour among humans
Entropy Based Cartoon Texture Separation <===
Extracting Family Relationship Networks from Novels like Pride and Prejudice
Exchangeable Variable Models "outperforms state of the art classifiers such as SVMs" ... "up to two orders of magnitude faster" ... "especially beneficial for high-dimensional and sparse domains such as text and collaborative filtering problems" <===========================================
Alternative Algorithms for Lyndon Factorization -- faster suffix array construction and Burrows-Wheeler transforms on small alphabets or runlength-encoded text.
Reverse Engineering Socialbot Infiltration Strategies in Twitter -- Eliza rides again!
Adapted Approach for Fruit Disease Identification using Images
Single camera pose estimation using Bayesian filtering and Kinect motion priors
An optimization algorithm inspired by the States of Matter that improves the balance between exploration and exploitation -- vaguely in the spirit of simulated annealing?
Unimodal Bandits: Regret Lower Bounds and Optimal Algorithms -- good overview of bandits
Steganalysis: Detecting LSB Steganographic Techniques
Predicting Online Video Engagement Using Clickstreams -- any application to IDE design?
Multi-ellipses detection on images inspired by collective animal behavior
Opposition Based ElectromagnetismLike for Global Optimization
A Tutorial on Dual Decomposition and Lagrangian Relaxation for Inference in Natural Language Processing
Instrumentational complexity of music genres and why simplicity sells
Mining Idioms from Source Code <===
The Programmer's Apprentice Project: A Research Overview (MIT 1987) <============
HATP: An HTN Planner for Robotics
Circle detection on images using Learning Automata
Circle detection by Harmony Search Optimization
Circle detection using electro-magnetism optimization
Comparing and Combining Sentiment Analysis Methods
A belief-based evolutionarily stable strategy
Combined Approach for Image Segmentation
On the equivalence between low rank matrix completion and tensor rank "The Rank Minimization Problem asks to find a matrix of lowest rank inside a linear variety of the space of n x n matrices. The Low Rank Matrix Completion problem asks to complete a partially filled matrix such that the resulting matrix has smallest possible rank. The Tensor Rank Problem asks to determine the rank of a tensor. We show that these three problems are equivalent: each one of the problems can be reduced to the other two."
Recursive Algorithms for Distributed Forests of Octrees demonstrating scaling to half a million cores(!)
Seeing the Big Picture: Deep Embedding with Contextual Evidences " "Deep Indexing" dramatically reduces memory usage" ... "compares favorably with the state-of-the-art methods"
$l_1$-regularized Outlier Isolation and Regression
Evolutionary Search in the Space of Rules for Creation of New Two-Player Board Games
Piecewise Toeplitz Matrices-based Sensing for Rank Minimization
Ambiguous Proximity Distribution with the help of SIFT.
Continuous Action Recognition Based on Sequence Alignment inspired by dynamic time warping (DWT).
The constitution of visual perceptual units in the functional architecture of V1 "In the absence of external input these models successfully account for hallucination patterns"
Interactive Simplifier Tracing and Debugging in Isabelle
Network Function Virtualization based on FPGAs:A Framework for all-Programmable network devices
Generalized Max Pooling
Simulation and Virtual Prototyping of Tangible User Interfaces using open-source ROS (robot operating system) and Gazebo (3D simulator) software.
Optimizing the flash-RAM energy trade-off in deeply embedded systems via compiler optimizations.
Software-Defined Networking: A Comprehensive Survey
Estimating Vector Fields on Manifolds and the Embedding of Directed Graphs e.g. from job career data on 7816 young Americans 1979 -> 2000. <=======
Deterministic Feature Selection for Linear SVM with Provable Guarantees
Convex Total Least Squares in computer vision etc
Fast construction of FM-index for long sequence reads -- more fun with shotgun DNA.
Trusting Computations: a Mechanized Proof from Partial Differential Equations to Actual Program
A Tiling Perspective for Register Optimization
Image retrieval with hierarchical matching pursuit "cues from different scales are fused" <========
Visual Reranking with Improved Image Graph -- BoW (Bag of Words) rides again.
Clustering and hierarchy of financial markets data: advantages of the DBHT
Supervised classification-based stock prediction and portfolio optimization
The Design of the Fifth Answer Set Programming Competition
ACO Implementation for Sequence Alignment with Genetic Algorithms Ant Colony Optimization "is a meta-heuristic recently developed for nearest neighbor approximations in large, NP-hard search spaces".
Beyond $χ^2$ Difference: Learning Optimal Metric for Boundary Detection
Cascading A*: a Parallel Approach to Approximate Heuristic Search
Latent Kullback Leibler Control for Continuous-State Systems using Probabilistic Graphical Models for robot control.
Navigating in a sea of repeats in RNA-seq without drowning
Don't Believe Everything You Hear; Preserving Relevant Information by Discarding Social Information
Crowds on Wall Street: Extracting Value from Social Investing Platforms
Identifying Duplicate and Contradictory Information in Wikipedia
Bayesian image segmentations by Potts prior and loopy belief propagation
The LevelArray: A Fast, Practical Long-Lived Renaming Algorithm <====
How to Draw Graphs: Seeing and Redrafting Large Networks in Security and Biology ("cartographic" layou style) <=====================================================================================================
Kernel Mean Shrinkage Estimators -- respecting the Stein phenomenon. <=========================
ImageSpirit: Verbal Guided Image Parsing
Interactive Debugging of ASP Programs
2014-05-02 Scalable Similarity Learning using Large Margin Neighborhood Embedding
Piko: A Design Framework for Programmable Graphics Pipelines
Improving weather radar by fusion and classification
Bloscpack: a compressed lightweight serialization format for numerical data
Performance of Python runtimes on a non-numeric scientific code
SfePy - Write Your Own FE Application
A Hybrid Graph Representation for Exact Graph Algorithms
Indoor Activity Detection and Recognition for Sport Games Analysis
Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae
An Equivalence between the Lasso and Support Vector Machines
Fast Exact Search in Hamming Space with Multi-Index Hashing
Robust Least Squares Methods Under Bounded Data Uncertainties
Learning Semantic Script Knowledge with Event Embeddings -- natural language understanding: extracting "common sense" level event-sequencing knowldge from running text.
Scheduling data flow program in xkaapi: A new affinity based Algorithm for Heterogeneous Architectures: on large scale problems, DADA beats HEFT.
Automated Fixing of Programs with Contracts (and test suites) -- automated fixing of 42% of faults presented. (!) (At 20 minutes per fix.) <====
The Dafny Integrated Development Environment -- making formal validation practical
Who watches the watchers: Validating the ProB Validation Tool -- 45,000 lines of Prolog in the safety-critical railroad world. Also Checking Computations of Formal Method Tools - A Secondary Toolchain for ProB
Teaching Formal Methods and Discrete Mathematics -- with FoCaLiZe.
SPEEDY: An Eclipse-based IDE for invariant inference
Experience in using a typed functional language for the development of a security application
OpenJML: Software verification for Java 7 using JML, OpenJDK, and Eclipse
A Comparison of First-order Algorithms for Machine Learning -- primal-dual wins.
Practical Experience Report: The Performance of Paxos in the Cloud
Robust and Efficient Subspace Segmentation via Least Squares Regression
vVote: a Verifiable Voting System (DRAFT)
Quantifying Time-Series Predictability through Structural Complexity
Metamorphic Domain-Specific Languages: A Journey Into the Shapes of a Language
Stereo on a budget -- latest wrinkle on stereo depth computation
The Rise of China in the International Trade Network: A Community Core Detection Approach
Using Friends as Sensors to Detect Global-Scale Contagious Outbreaks <===== Twitter early warning system.
Pupil: An Open Source Platform for Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Gaze-based Interaction
Syntax and Semantics of Linear Dependent Types
Belief Revision and Trust
Relative Facial Action Unit Detection
Estimation of Optimized Energy and Latency Constraints for Task Allocation in 3d Network on Chip
Geodesic Distance Function Learning via Heat Flows on Vector Fields
Dimensionality of social networks using motifs and eigenvalues
VSCAN: An Enhanced Video Summarization using Density-based Spatial Clustering
Retrieval in Long Surveillance Videos using User Described Motion and Object Attributes
Spectral density of the non-backtracking operator <===
Regularization by Early Stopping for Online Learning Algorithms
Fast MLE Computation for the Dirichlet Multinomial -- with open source implementation <=====
Discrete-Time Fractional-Order PID Controller: Definition, Tuning, Digital Realization and Experimental Results
Receivers for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication: Exploiting Memory and Sampling Rate
Mobile Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Using Constrained Square-Root Unscented Kalman Filter
Fast symmetric factorization of hierarchical matrices with applications to radial basis functions etc
Piecewise regression mixture for simultaneous functional data clustering and optimal segmentation
Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Rotation and Truncation
2014-04-22 Learning in Repeated Games: Human Versus Machine
Sharp bounds for learning a mixture of two gaussians ... "two arbitrary D-dimensional gaussians" ... "computationally efficient"
A Geometric Distance Oracle for Large Real-World Graphs
Efficient Semidefinite Branch-and-Cut for MAP-MRF Inference. Applications to image denoising and deconvolution. Crushes state-of-the-art solvers including the 2011PIC winner DAOOPT. <=============
Local Rank Modulation for Flash Memories II
Multiresolution analysis on compact Riemannian manifolds
Multi-Target Regression via Random Linear Target Combinations
TurKPF: TurKontrol as a Particle Filter
Security Risk Analysis in Peer 2 Peer System; An Approach towards Surmounting Security Challenges
GP-Localize: Persistent Mobile Robot Localization using Online Sparse Gaussian Process Observation Model
Discrimination on the Grassmann Manifold: Fundamental Limits of Subspace Classifiers applied to face recognition.
Graph Kernels via Functional Embedding -- linear time, down from cubic.
Sum-of-squares proofs and the quest toward optimal algorithms <====
Time-dependent Hierarchical Dirichlet Model for Timeline Generation -- automatically summarizing chronology of a new story
< Deep Inside Convolutional Networks: Visualising Image Classification Models and Saliency Maps ... "deep Convolutional Networks now ... the architecture of choice for large-scale image recognition" <=======
Robust Subspace Recovery via Bi-Sparsity Pursuit with computer vision applications>
A higher-order MRF based variational model for multiplicative noise reduction in image restoration -- "state-of-the-art" and "extremely efficient".
Fast Approximate Matching of Cell-Phone Videos for Robust Background Subtraction
Morphological Analysis of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Language using Finite State Transducers mainly for the literature review and references.
Lexicon Infused Phrase Embeddings for Named Entity Resolution just to keep an eye on the state of the art.
Concurrent bandits and cognitive radio networks
Optimal control of information epidemics modeled as Maki Thompson rumors
Large Margin Image Set Representation and Classification ... "significantly outperforms state-of-the-art image set classification methods in effectiveness and efficiency"
Blind Image Deblurring by Spectral Properties of Convolution Operators
Monte Carlo non local means: Random sampling for large-scale image filtering
Generalizers: New Metaobjects for Generalized Dispatch -- CommonLisp lives!
Real-time Decolorization using Dominant Colors -- might be useful for red/green blindness.
Fast Algorithms for Constructing Maximum Entropy Summary Trees for visualization. See also the ATT page Maximum Entropy Summary Trees <==========================

Converging Work-Talk Patterns in Online Task-Oriented Communities in software development.
Find my mug: Efficient object search with a mobile robot using semantic segmentation
Capture-Avoiding and Hygienic Program Transformations (incl. Proofs)
An Effective Round Robin Algorithm using Min-Max Dispersion Measure <======================
Using Scripting Languages to Teach Programming
A Compressive Multi-Mode Superresolution Display
A Comparison of Clustering and Missing Data Methods for Health Sciences
Most Correlated Arms Identification -- classifying your bandits.
Nested Graph Words for Object Recognition
Kernel Principal Component Analysis and its Applications in Face Recognition and Active Shape Models
Representation Learning: A Review and New Perspectives
FPGA design of a cdma2000 turbo decoder (spanish)(3G cellphone stuff see wikipedia writeup on it)
Tracking in three dimensions via recursive multi-path branching
Pick and Place Robotic Arm Controlled By Computer (2007 U Melaka BS thesis) <========
2014-04-15 Efficient Lock-free Binary Search Trees
A Continuous Optimization Approach for the Financial Portfolio Selection under Discrete Asset Choice Constraints
Motion-Compensated Coding and Frame-Rate Up-Conversion: Models and Analysis
Cost-Effective HITs for Relative Similarity Comparisons
Efficient Inference and Learning in a Large Knowledge Base: Reasoning with Extracted Information using a Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic Logic
Shrinkage Optimized Directed Information using Pictorial Structures for Action Recognition
Portfolio Selection Under Buy-In Threshold Constraints Using DC Programming and DCA
Interactive Isogeometric Volume Visualization with Pixel-Accurate Geometry
Near-optimal sample compression for nearest neighbors
A Generalized Language Model as the Combination of Skipped n-grams and Modified Kneser-Ney Smoothing
An Approach for Computing Dynamic Slice of Concurrent Aspect-Oriented Programs
Knowledge-Based Automatic Generation of Linear Algebra Algorithms and Code
Annotated imports in Scala
A Way For Accelerating The DNA Sequence Reconstruction Problem By CUDA and suffix arrays.
Fast Ecoding/Decoding Algorithms for Reed-Solomon Erasure Codes
Network-on-Chip Firewall: Countering Defective and Malicious System-on-Chip Hardware
Face Detection Using a 3D Model on Face Keypoints
PCANet: A Simple Deep Learning Baseline for Image Classification? ... "Even more surprisingly, it sets new records for many classification tasks..."
Random forests with random projections of the output space for high dimensional multi-label classification (updated 2014-09-19)
2014-04-03 $25 EP2C5T144 (4000LE) board
A Tutorial on Principal Component Analysis
An Efficient Two-Stage Sparse Representation Method
Hierarchical Dirichlet Scaling Process
The Kinetic Basis of Self-Organized Pattern Formation -- simplifying Turing's morphogensis model?
Review of Face Detection Systems Based Artificial Neural Networks Algorithms
2014-03-25 Open Access Maps at NYPL
Learning to Optimize Via Information Directed Sampling <================================
Continuous Optimization for Fields of Experts Denoising Works
Transaction Repair: Full Serializability Without Locks -- applying purely functional datastructures to transaction processing for parallel speedup. <=====================
SmartAnnotator: An Interactive Tool for Annotating RGBD Indoor Images
Efficient Synthesis of Network Updates
Block Motion Based Dynamic Texture Analysis: A Review
Firefly Monte Carlo: Exact MCMC with Subsets of Data
Capturing and Recognizing Objects Appearance Employing Eigenspace
Arguments for Nested Patterns in Neural Ensembles
Spectral Sparse Representation for Clustering: Evolved from PCA, K-means, Laplacian Eigenmap, and Ratio Cut
CNN Features off-the-shelf: an Astounding Baseline for Recognition <=================
Multi-agent Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Zero-sum Games
Image Retargeting by Content-Aware Synthesis
How Crossover Speeds Up Building-Block Assembly in Genetic Algorithms
Design space exploration tools for the ByoRISC configurable processor family with applications to image processing on FPGA.
A Resolution-based Framework for Joins: Worst-case and Beyond
GPU Accelerated Fractal Image Compression for Medical Imaging in Parallel Computing Platform
Reasoning about Knowledge and Strategies: Epistemic Strategy Logic -- compare to An Epistemic Strategy Logic (Extended Abstract)
Parallel Support Vector Machines in Practice
A Radial Basis Function (RBF)-Finite Difference (FD) Method for Diffusion and Reaction-Diffusion Equations on Surfaces -- compute your own Turing patterns.
A Case Study in Coordination Programming: Performance Evaluation of S-Net vs Intel's Concurrent Collections
2014-03-19 Computer Vision Accelerators for Mobile Systems based on OpenCL GPGPU Co-Processing -- image inpainting on mobile devices
Bregman Divergences for Infinite Dimensional Covariance Matrices -- off to Hilbert space for texture, human and action recognition.
Spectral Clustering with Jensen-type kernels and their multi-point extensions for image segmentation.
Algorithms Visualization Tool for Students and Lectures in Computer Science -- animate your very own Java algorithm.
A really simple approximation of smallest grammar via LZ77.
Autofolding for Source Code Summarization
A quantitative approach to evolution of music and philosophy via statistics and pattern recognition.
Finite Element Based Tracking of Deforming Surfaces from stereo (or depth) camera point clouds.
2014-03-11 Extraction of Core Contents from Web Pages
Predictive Overlapping Co-Clustering
Multi-label ensemble based on variable pairwise constraint projection
Designing an FPGA Synthesizable Computer Vision Algorithm to Detect the Greening of Potatoes
Time Series Analysis on Stock Market for Text Mining Correlation of Economy News
Natural Language Feature Selection via Cooccurrence
Texture Defect Detection in Gradient Space
Era of Big Data Processing: A New Approach via Tensor Networks and Tensor Decompositions
Blind-friendly von Neumann's Heads or Tails
Generating Music from Literature
Parsing using a grammar of word association vectors
A New Technique for INS/GNSS Attitude and Parameter Estimation Using Online Optimization
Optimal Window and Lattice in Gabor Transform Application to Audio Analysis
Querying Geometric Figures Using a Controlled Language, Ontological Graphs and Dependency Lattices
Super-Resolution from Short-Time Fourier Transform Measurements of spike trains.
Non-linear mass-spring system for large soft tissue deformations modeling
Sublinear Models for Graphs
LIPS: A Light Intensity Based Positioning System For Indoor Environments
Home Location Identification of Twitter Users
Compressed Spaced Suffix Arrays
Generic Deep Networks with Wavelet Scattering
Can Image-Level Labels Replace Pixel-Level Labels for Image Parsing
Robust PCA with Partial Subspace Knowledge
Rigid-Motion Scattering for Texture Classification
Zig-zag Sort: A Simple Deterministic Data-Oblivious Sorting Algorithm Running in O(n log n) Time
Learning Deep Face Representation
Uav Route Planning For Maximum Target Coverage
Adaptive Representations for Tracking Breaking News on Twitter
Searching in Unstructured Overlays Using Local Knowledge and Gossip
A Comparative Study of Audio Compression Based on Compressed Sensing and Sparse Fast Fourier Transform (SFFT): Performance and Challenges
Flocking and turning: a new model for self-organized collective motion
The jsonlite Package: A Practical and Consistent Mapping Between JSON Data and R Objects
A survey of dimensionality reduction techniques
Emerging archetypes in massive artificial societies for literary purposes using genetic algorithms
Heat kernel based community detection -- beating PageRang.
Noise Facilitation in Associative Memories of Exponential Capacity -- why noisy neurons rock.
Semantic Unification A sheaf theoretic approach to natural language
Fingerprinting Smart Devices Through Embedded Acoustic Components -- your speaker is your signature.
Controlling Recurrent Neural Networks by Conceptors
Fractal multi-level organisation of human groups in a virtual world
Spectral Correlation Hub Screening of Multivariate Time Series
Box Drawings for Learning with Imbalanced Data
A Framework for the Analysis of Computational Imaging Systems with Practical Applications
Sensing-Aware Kernel SVM
Ambiguity in language networks
Parallel WiSARD object tracker: a ram-based tracking system
2014-03-03 Visual Saliency Model using SIFT and Comparison of Learning Approaches -- knowing where to look.
Semantics, Modelling, and the Problem of Representation of Meaning -- a Brief Survey of Recent Literature
Edge Elimination in TSP Instances -- faster travelling salesman.
A Machine Learning Model for Stock Market Prediction.
bartMachine: Machine Learning with Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
Temporal Image Fusion
Robust Nonlinear L2 Filtering of Uncertain Lipschitz Systems via Pareto Optimization
A Novel Approach for Computing Dynamic Slices of Aspect-Oriented Programs
Particle methods enable fast and simple approximation of Sobolev gradients in image segmentation
A Back-to-Basics Empirical Study of Priority Queues
Decentralized Hybrid Formation Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
An Explicit Trust Model Towards Better System Security
Object Tracking via Non-Euclidean Geometry: A Grassmann Approach
Summarisation of Short-Term and Long-Term Videos using Texture and Colour
Cross-Scale Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
Matching Image Sets via Adaptive Multi Convex Hull
A Group based Time Quantum Round Robin Algorithm using Min-Max Spread Measure
Efficient Representation for Online Suffix Tree Construction
Support Vector Machine Model for Currency Crisis Discrimination
Face Recognition Methods & Applications
A Compilation Target for Probabilistic Programming Languages
Learning Using Privileged Information: SVM+ and Weighted SVM: weighted wins.
Controllability Analysis and Degraded Control for a Class of Hexacopters Subject to Rotor Failures
Rotationally Invariant Image Representation for Viewing Direction Classification in Cryo-EM
Second-order Shape Optimization for Geometric Inverse Problems in Vision
Variational Particle Approximations
The Structurally Smoothed Graphlet Kernel
Multi-period Trading Prediction Markets with Connections to Machine Learning
The Hidden Convexity of Spectral Clustering
A Novel Method for Vectorization
Robustness: a new SLIP model based criterion for gait transitions in bipedal locomotion
An Extension Of Weiler-Atherton Algorithm To Cope With The Self-intersecting Polygon
One-Bit Object Detection: On learning to localize objects with minimal supervision
K-Tangent Spaces on Riemannian Manifolds for Improved Pedestrian Detection
Free Applicative Functors -- cutting edge Haskell, I need to study this stuff. <=========================
Most Recent Match Queries in On-Line Suffix Trees (with appendix) with applications to Lempel-Ziv compression.
High-Accuracy Total Variation for Compressed Video Sensing
Inducing Language Networks from Continuous Space Word Representations -- the fig 3 3D wordcloud is beautiful!
Multi-view Face Analysis Based on Gabor Features
Collaborative Representation for Classification, Sparse or Non-sparse? "Sparse representation based classification (SRC) has been proved to be a simple, effective and robust solution to face recognition"
Illumination,Expression and Occlusion Invariant Pose-Adaptive Face Recognition System for Real-Time Applications
Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Rotation and Truncation
Phase Transitions in Phase Retrieval with applications including speech processing.
A Novel Method for Comparative Analysis of DNA Sequences by Ramanujan-Fourier Transform
2014-02-27 LSSVM-ABC Algorithm for Stock Price prediction
Large-margin Learning of Compact Binary Image Encodings
Active spline model: A shape based model-interactive segmentation
Better bitmap performance with Roaring bitmaps
Deconstruction of compound objects from image sets
Clustering Multidimensional Data with PSO based Algorithm
Modelling the Lexicon in Unsupervised Part of Speech Induction
Analysis of Multibeam SONAR Data using Dissimilarity Representations
Kullback–Leibler divergence on Wikipedia: "KL measures the expected number of extra bits required to code samples from P when using a code based on Q, rather than using a code based on P
Resourceful Contextual Bandits [update 2014-07-02]
Outlier Detection using Improved Genetic K-means
A Fast, Robust Algorithm for Power Line Interference Cancellation in Neural Recording
CriPS: Critical Dynamics in Particle Swarm Optimization
Large Deformation Registration via n-dimensional Quasi-conformal Maps for images, 3D cardiac MRI datasets etc.
Sequential Complexity as a Descriptor for Musical Similarity -- reinventing Vitanyi?
Low-Cost Compressive Sensing for Color Video and Depth -- building a cheap 3D camera.
Marginalizing Corrupted Features -- fighting overfitting, stochastically.
'Beating the news' with EMBERS: Forecasting Civil Unrest using Open Source Indicators -- Hari Seldon rides again!
Tools for dynamics simulation of robots: a survey based on user feedback
On the minimal accuracy required for simulating self-gravitating systems by means of direct N-body methods
Delay Learning Architectures for Memory and Classification
2014-02-20 Logistic Regression with Structured Sparsity -- SOSlasso
Unsupervised Ranking of Multi-Attribute Objects Based on Principal Curves
Exercise: +-1 bug and center of an array problem <=============== :-)
A Quasi-Newton Method for Large Scale Support Vector Machines
Survey on Sparse Coded Features for Content Based Face Image Retrieval
Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Image Representation and Scaling
Real-time Automatic Emotion Recognition from Body Gestures -- human level performance?
Pareto-depth for Multiple-query Image Retrieval
Towards an Intelligent Framework for Pressure-based 3D Curve Drawing
VHDL Modeling of Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS) A Neural Network Approach
Toward automatic censorship detection in microblogs <=======
PDBCirclePlot: A Novel Visualization Method for Protein Structures
Social Status and Badge Design
Dynamic Time Warping (wikipedia)
Combining Experiments and Simulations Using the Maximum Entropy Principle -- PLoS review article.
Ray skeleton -- beautiful!!
Twofold Video Hashing with Automatic Synchronization
An Evolutionary approach for solving Shrödinger Equation
Information Aggregation in Exponential Family Markets -- using multiple "experts" to make a concensus prediction.
Cache-Oblivious Persistence -- latest twist in making arbitrary datastructures persistent. <=================
When Agile Is Not Good Enough: an initial attempt at understanding how to make the right decision
Structure Tensor Based Image Interpolation Method
Three-Dimensional Integrated Guidance and Control Based on Small-Gain Theorem
A Novel Histogram Based Robust Image Registration Technique <==============
To go deep or wide in learning?. Very interesting... <========== (Based on Large margin classification in infinite neural netwoks, 2010)
Exemplar-based Linear Discriminant Analysis for Robust Object Tracking
The Cerebellum: New Computational Model that Reveals its Primary Function to Calculate Multibody Dynamics Conform to Lagrange-Euler Formulation
Bandits with concave rewards and convex knapsacks
No more meta-parameter tuning in unsupervised sparse feature learning
Information Filtering via Balanced Diffusion on Bipartite Networks -- recommending music.
Automatic Estimation of Live Coffee Leaf Infection based on Image Processing Techniques
A Novel Face Recognition Method using Nearest Line Projection
Variational Particle Approximations
Avoiding pathologies in very deep networks "It has been known for a long time now that gradient (orientation as well as magnitude) at every pixel location is a more natural representation for an image than the actual pixel values. For example in SIFT ... computing an inner product between the infinite dimensional representation ... while an RBM can only bin the data into finitely many bins, using of covariance arc-coside kernel allows one to bind the data in infinitely many bins..." "<======
Compressed Spaced Suffix Arrays
Fibonacci Binning -- fool me less often.
2014-02-11 Active Clustering with Model-Based Uncertainty Reduction
Recurrence for Multidimensional Space-Filling Functions
Foundation for Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithms Implementation
Sparse Illumination Learning and Transfer for Single-Sample Face Recognition with Image Corruption and Misalignment
No NAT'd User left Behind: Fingerprinting Users behind NAT from NetFlow Records alone
Better Optimism By Bayes: Adaptive Planning with Rich Models
Foreground segmentation based on multi-resolution and matting
Binary Stereo Matching
Nonlinear Kalman filter based on duality relations between continuous and discrete-state stochastic processes -- moving the Monte Carlo simulation from runtime to compiletime.
Surfaces Representation with Sharp Features Using Sqrt(3) and Loop Subdivision Schemes
StructBoost: Boosting Methods for Predicting Structured Output Variables for visual tracking and image segmentation etc.
Animation of 3D Human Model Using Markerless Motion Capture Applied To Sports -- MakeHuman open source software
Modeling European Options
The CQC Algorithm: Cycling in Graphs to Semantically Enrich and Enhance a Bilingual Dictionary <==============
A Fast Two Pass Multi-Value Segmentation Algorithm based on Connected Component Analysis
Universal Matrix Completion
Lightweight Monte Carlo Algorithm for Markov Decision Process Verification
Kernel Least Mean Square with Adaptive Kernel Size ... "short term chaotic time series prediction"
2014-02-03 Hallucinating optimal high-dimensional subspaces
Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone
Infrared face recognition: a comprehensive review of methodologies and databases
Neural Variational Inference and Learning in Belief Networks
A novel datatype architecture support for programming languages -- mapping modern datatypes to FPGA hardware without a 500W/chip power budget.
A Robust Framework for Moving-Object Detection and Vehicular Traffic Density Estimation
Exploration via Structured Triangulation by a Multi-Robot System with Bearing-Only Low-Resolution Sensors
Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins
An Integrated Framework for High Dimensional Distance Metric Learning and Its Application to Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Efficient Gradient-Based Inference through Transformations between Bayes Nets and Neural Nets "Bayesian nets with continuous latent vars and generative neural nets are related ... when posterior correlations are large in one form, they are small in the other..."5 <=====
Randomized Nonlinear Component Analysis -- extending PCA to the nonlinear regime.
Kantian fractionalization predicts the conflict propensity of the international system
A high-reproducibility and high-accuracy method for automated topic classification
Competitive Learning with Feedforward Supervisory Signal for Pre-trained Multilayered Networks -- solving the bit-starvation problem in neural net training.
Shape Primitive Histogram: A Novel Low-Level Face Representation for Face Recognition -- leveraging Haar wavelets. I like this at first glance! <========
Approximate Computation of DFT without Performing Any Multiplications: Applications to Radar Signal Processing
How Does Latent Semantic Analysis Work? A Visualisation Approach SVD + eigenvalues/eigenvectors as blurring (generalization) operators. <=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=
Taming the Monster: A Fast and Simple Algorithm for Contextual Bandits "the learner repeatedly takes an action in response to the observed context, observing the reward only for that action." ... "excellent computational and prediction performance"<====
Generating Extractive Summaries of Scientific Paradigms
Optimal Rectangle Packing: An Absolute Placement Approach: NP-hard problem with applications including program run scheduling.
Short and Long Supports for Constraint Propagation: 1000X speedup -- haggis to the rescue!
Safe Exploration of State and Action Spaces in Reinforcement Learning
Irrelevant and independent natural extension for sets of desirable gambles
Lifted Variable Elimination: Decoupling the Operators from the Constraint Language
A Feature Subset Selection Algorithm Automatic Recommendation Method
Analysis of Watson's Strategies for Playing Jeopardy!
Learning to Predict from Textual Data
A Survey on Latent Tree Models and Applications. Le dernier cri.
NuMVC: An Efficient Local Search Algorithm for Minimum Vertex Cover
AI Methods in Algorithmic [Music] Composition: A Comprehensive Survey
Topic Segmentation and Labeling in Asynchronous Conversations
Local Gaussian Regression
Robotic manipulation of multiple objects as a POMDP -- when loading dirty dishes into a dishwasher.
Loop Unrolling in Multi-pipeline ASIP Design
Microstrip Coupler Design Using Bat Algorithm
Short-term plasticity as cause-effect hypothesis testing in distal reward learning
Associative Memories Based on Multiple-Valued Sparse Clustered Networks
The Informed Sampler: A Discriminative Approach to Bayesian Inference in Computer Vision
Fair Division and Redistricting
One-Pass, One-Hash n-Gram Statistics Estimation
Incremental classification using Feature Tree
An Improved AIS Based E-mail Classification Technique for Spam Detection
Compressing IP Forwarding Tables: Towards Entropy Bounds and Beyond
On Designing Better Tools for Learning APIs
Demystifying Information-Theoretic Clustering (2013-10-17 updated 2014-02-07)
2014-01-28 Continuous Localization and Mapping of a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera for Wide Area Tracking
Perturbed Message Passing for Constraint Satisfaction Problems ... "tens to hundreds of times faster..."
Painting Analysis Using Wavelets and Probabilistic Topic Models
A Fast String Matching Algorithm Based on Lowlight Characters in the Pattern
Bayesian Properties of Normalized Maximum Likelihood and its Fast Computation
How to Walk Your Dog in the Mountains with No Magic Leash
Industry Economic Accounts from US Bureau of Economic Analysis
Efficient Lazy Evaluation of Rule-Based Programs (2010) CHR (Constraint Handling Rules), LEAP and other goodies. <================================================================================================
Comparing the Performance of Different x86 SIMD Instruction Sets for a Medical Imaging Application on Modern Multi- and Manycore Chips -- for their benchmark (at least) SSE is about 3X faster than scalar; newer extensions yield <= 30% more.
A New Approach to Analyzing Robin Hood Hashing -- see also Robin Hood Hashing should be your default Hash Table implementation
Protocol Buffers -- Google standard for information interchange, circa 20-100X faster and 3-10X smallerthan XML, plus better typed.
2014-01-20 Visual Tracking using Particle Swarm Optimization
Evolving Accuracy: A Genetic Algorithm to Improve Election Night Forecasts
Revolutionary Algorithms
The Design of a Network-On-Chip Architecture Based On An Avionic Protocol
Randomized Subspace Learning Algorithms with Subspace Structure Preservation Guarantees
Study of Efficient Technique Based On 2D Tsallis Entropy For Image Thresholding
A Stable Fountain Code Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution -- motivating greedy peers <=============
An Identification System Using Eye Detection Based On Wavelets And Neural Networks
Goal-Oriented Setup and Usage of Custom-Tailored Software Cockpits
Genetic Algorithms and its use with back-propagation network <======
How are identifiers named in open source software? About popularity and consistency -- under_line is about half of C identifiers, not popular in C++ or Java.
Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition
Continuous Speech Recognition Based on Deterministic Finite Automata Machine using Utterance and Pitch Verification
Learning to Win by Reading Manuals in a Monte-Carlo Framework -- playing Civilization II
The semantic marriage of monads and effects
The Why and How of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization <=======
Learning Mid-Level Features and Modeling Neuron Selectivity for Image Classification
The Gabor-Einstein Wavelet: A Model for the Receptive Fields of V1 to MT Neurons
Improved Upper Bounds for Pairing Heaps -- "Pairing heaps are shown to have constant amortized time Insert and Meld, thus showing that pairing heaps have the same amortized runtimes as Fibonacci heaps for all operations but Decrease-key.
Initial explorations of ARM processors for scientific computing -- about 4X flops/watt of Xeon.
On Randomly Projected Hierarchical Clustering with Guarantees -- from O(N**2) to O(NlogN)? <=================
Unsupervised feature learning by augmenting single images
Shape and Content: Incorporating Domain Knowledge into Shape Analysis -- understanding code using complex dynamic data structures <====
Applications of the Gauss-Jordan algorithm, done right -- using Isabelle/HOL to synthesize correct SML code for computer algebraic computations.
CRAM: Compressed Random Access Memory[2012] -- editing compressed text! <==========
On Empirical Entropy[2011] -- Paul M.B. Vitanyi shows how to compute k-th empirical entropy
Wavelet Trees for All (2012?). Wavelet trees extend bitvector techniques from the binary (0,1) alphabet to arbitrary (fixed-size) alphabets. (See also the Wikipedia article) -- good survey: "Our goal in this article is to give an overview of this marvellous data structure and its many applications. We aim to introduce, to an audience with a general algorithmic background, the basic data organization used by wavelet trees, the information they can model, and the wide range of problems they can solve." ... and: "An important additional asset of the wavelet tree is its simplicity to understand, teach, and program" ... also: "In this survey we give an overview of wavelet trees and the surprising number of applications in which we have found them useful: basic and weighted point grids, sets of rectangles, strings, permutations, binary relations, graphs, inverted indexes, document retrieval indexes, full-text indexes, XML indexes, and general numeric sequences". <=====================================================================================
De Bruijn Graphs -- Alex Bowe shows how to compress 300GB of human genome into 2.5GB and do useful work on it.
The Algorithm Design Manual, 2nd Edition (recommended by Alex Bowe et al), also Jeff Atwood's Recommended Reading For Developers <=====================================================================================

2014-01-13 Deep Scattering Spectrum -- improving MCC for speech and music analysis.<===============
Multi-Step-Ahead Time Series Prediction using Multiple-Output Support Vector Regression
Analysis of Image Registration with Tangent Distance
Design of novel architectures and field programmable gate arrays implementation of two dimensional gaussian surround function ... "enormous savings of memory"
Insights into analysis operator learning: From patch-based sparse models to higher-order MRFs, e.g. state-of-the-art image denoising.
Multilinear Wavelets: A Statistical Shape Space for Human Faces [Replaced 2014-07-02]
GPS-ABC: Gaussian Process Surrogate Approximate Bayesian Computation
Mutual Information Rate-Based Networks in Financial Markets
Loop invariants: analysis, classification, and examples, Betrand Meyer et al <==============================
Making Decisions Using Sets of Probabilities: Updating, Time Consistency, and Calibration
An Empirical Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Time Series Classification
Robust Recursive State Estimation with Random Measurements Droppings -- better than Kalman filter?
A bi-level view of inpainting - based image compression <======
A Peered Bulletin Board for Robust Use in Verifiable Voting Systems
Large Alphabet Compression and Predictive Distributions through Poissonization and Tilting
Reweighted message passing revisited for image segmentation, stereo matching etc -- Vladimir Kolmogorov
2014-01-08 Time series forecasting using neural networks
Towards A Domain-specific Language For Pick-And-Place Applications [==Robots]
Using temporal IDF for efficient novelty detection in text streams
Cortical prediction markets <============
A New Approach To Two-View Motion Segmentation Using Global Dimension Minimization
An Empirical Investigation of Catastrophic Forgeting in Gradient-Based Neural Networks -- "dropout" wins! <===================================================
Left-Leaning Red-Black Trees -- Robert Sedgewick, Princeton (2008)<======================================================================================================
Fast variational inference for nonparametric clustering of structured time-series
Do Deep Nets Really Need to be Deep?
Multiple-output support vector regression with a firefly algorithm for interval-valued stock price index forecasting
A PSO and Pattern Search based Memetic Algorithm for SVMs Parameters Optimization
Dynamical Models of Stock Prices Based on Technical Trading Rules Part I: The Models, also Part II Analysis of the Models and Part III: Application to Hong Kong Stocks
Fighting Sample Degeneracy and Impoverishment in Particle Filters: A Review of Intelligent Approaches
2014-01-02 Monte Carlo non local means: Random sampling for large-scale image filtering -- 10**3 speedup.
Shape Primitive Histogram: A Novel Low-Level Face Representation for Face Recognition
Collaborative Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections With its Application to Face Recognition
A note on sparse least-squares regression
A Novel Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based On Histogram Transformation Using 2-D Morlet Wavelet and Supervised Classification
A Novel Method for Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumors in MRI Images
An Easy-to-use Scalable Framework for Parallel Recursive Backtracking <==============
Echo-processing mechanisms in bottlenose dolphins
Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Co-prime Arrays: A Super Resolution Viewpoint
Communication Efficient Distributed Optimization using an Approximate Newton-type Method
Learning Human Pose Estimation Features with Convolutional Networks ... using NVidia TITAN :-) <==============
Robust Hierarchical Clustering
Hybrid Approach to Face Recognition System using Principle component and Independent component with score based fusion process
Chaff from the Wheat : Characterization and Modeling of Deleted Questions on Stack Overflow
Structured Generative Models of Natural Source Code <===========================
Estimating the historical and future probabilities of large terrorist events
Distinction between features extracted using deep belief networks -- subtracting digits from faces. Also Deep Belief Networks for Image Denoising: Deep Belief Network == stacked Restricted Boltzman Machines.<====================================================
2013-12-26 Invariant Factorization Of Time-Series
Following the Path of Least Resistance : An O(m sqrt(n)) Algorithm for the Minimum Cost Flow Problem
Local algorithms for interactive clustering
The Power of Smartphones ... pun intended.
A Fast Greedy Algorithm for Generalized Column Subset Selection
3D Interest Point Detection via Discriminative Learning
A Localization Strategy Based on N-times Trilateral Centroid with Weight <=====
Face Detection from still and Video Images using Unsupervised Cellular Automata with K means clustering algorithm
Phoneme Classification in High-Dimensional Linear Feature Domains
Matrix recovery using Split Bregman with applications to pattern recognition, recommenders, image/video reconstruction...
Deep learning for class-generic object detection
Deep Learning using Linear Support Vector Machines ... state of the performance on speech recognition, image classification, natural language processing... by replacing softmax by linear SVM.
Time-Series Classification Through Histograms of Symbolic Polynomials -- characterizing longer time series evolving through multiple local patterns of behavior. "outstanding results" <==================================================
Can recursive neural tensor networks learn logical reasoning? (Samuel R Bowman, Stanford)
2013-12-15 Path Based Mapping Technique for Robots cheap, IR, not fast.
Fibonacci Binning
Analysis and Understanding of Various Models for Efficient Representation and Accurate Recognition of Human Faces
Eugene Garfield, Francis Narin, and PageRank: The Theoretical Bases of the Google Search Engine
A Methodology for Player Modeling based on Machine Learning ... in Civilization IV.
Blind Denoising with Random Greedy Pursuits
Codebook based Audio Feature Representation for Music Information Retrieval
Sparse similarity-preserving hashing
Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning <=====
Recursive Robust PCA or Recursive Sparse Recovery in Large but Structured Noise (parts 1 and 2 combined) -- another video background subtraction approach
Zero-Shot Learning by Convex Combination of Semantic Embeddings -- image labelling.
k-Sparse Autoencoders -- the power of pure sparsity <====
Approximated Infomax Early Stopping: Revisiting Gaussian RBMs on Natural Images
Unsupervised learning of depth and motion
2013-12-10 DeltaTree: A Practical Locality-aware Concurrent Search Tree
DRSP : Dimension Reduction For Similarity Matching And Pruning Of Time Series Data Streams
Structural Induction Principles for Functional Programmers
Session Types with Runtime Adaptation: Overview and Examples ... fault tolerance in Erlang
3D Maps Registration and Path Planning for Autonomous Robot Navigation
Active Player Modelling -- mechanizing curiosity.
Relative Upper Confidence Bound for the K-Armed Dueling Bandit Problem
Learning to combine depth and motion -- biologically inspired, "outperform existing hand-engineered 3-D motion features by a very large margin".
Clustering for high dimension, low sample size data using distance vectors
The structure of optimal portfolio strategies for continuous time markets
Dynamic autotuning of adaptive fast multipole methods on hybrid multicore CPU & GPU systems
A Distributed Deadlock Free Quorum Based Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion
2013-12-04 Efficient coordinate-descent for orthogonal matrices through Givens rotations -- speeding up sparse-PCA.
A Theory of Changes for Higher-Order Languages - Incrementalizing lambda-Calculi by Static Differentiation -- computing and compiling the derivative of a functional program in Scala.
Optimization of zero-delay mappings for distributed coding by deterministic annealing -- apparently deterministic annealing is the New Kid In Town.
Template-Based Active Contours
Image Representation Learning Using Graph Regularized Auto-Encoders
A compact formula for the derivative of a 3-D rotation in exponential coordinates
Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction via Path-Based Isometric Mapping
Combining Simulated Annealing and Monte Carlo Tree Search for Expression Simplification
Removing the Haystack to Find the Needle(s): Minesweeper, an adaptive join algorithm
Spline Approximation to Medial Axis
On Updating and Querying Sub-arrays of Multidimensional Arrays -- picking up where segment trees leave off.
A Unified System of Type Refinements -- 2007 CMU Phd thesis under Robert Harper, Benjamin Pierce etc al. (Not Ready For Prime Time: Does not handle refs or polymorphism.) <==========================================
An adaptive block based integrated LDP,GLCM,and Morphological features for Face Recognition
A Gabor block based Kernel Discriminative Common Vector (KDCV) approach using cosine kernels for Human Face Recognition
A Face Recognition approach based on entropy estimate of the nonlinear DCT features in the Logarithm Domain together with Kernel Entropy Component Analysis
2013-11-25 OpenCL 2.0 spec at Khronos
In defense of the Simplex Algorithm's worst-case behavior
Fast Training of Effective Multi-class Boosting Using Coordinate Descent Optimization
Event Evolution Tracking from Streaming Social Posts
Derivative of Rotation Matrix Direct Matrix Derivation of Well Known Formula <====
A New Method for Learning Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Novelty Detection Under Multi-Instance Multi-Label Framework
Optimal Data Structure for Internal Pattern Matching Queries in a Text and Applications
Distributed-Pair Programming can work well and is not just Distributed Pair-Programming -- let me share your screen.
Flexible Invariants Through Semantic Collaboration -- in Eiffel, Bertrand Meye
A Novel Family of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms Based on The Logarithmic Cost
Digitize Your Body and Action in 3-D at Over 10 FPS: Real Time Dense Voxel Reconstruction and Marker-less Motion Tracking via GPU Acceleration
A Survey: Various Techniques of Image Compression
Color and Shape Content Based Image Classification using RBF Network and PSO Technique: A Survey
Good, Better, Best! - Unbeatable Protocols for Consensus and Set Consensus -- topological distributed computing takes the stage.
Illustrating the Mezzo programming language -- ML with types extended to state-tracking "permissions" at INRIA.<================
2013-11-20 Inferring Multilateral Relations from Dynamic Pairwise Interactions
Blind Deconvolution with Re-weighted Sparsity Promotion <==== unifying overview.
A Comparative Study of Histogram Equalization Based Image Enhancement Techniques for Brightness Preservation and Contrast Enhancement
Synthesis for Polynomial Lasso Programs <===
A generalized evidence distance
Can a biologically-plausible hierarchy effectively replace face detection, alignment, and recognition pipelines?
Unsupervised Learning of Invariant Representations in Hierarchical Architectures
A Visibility Graph Averaging Aggregation Operator
Resolving and Exploiting the $k$-CFA Paradox <========== for functional programming code optimization.
Understanding Visualization: A Formal Approach using Category Theory and Semiotics
A Component Lasso
Efficient algorithms for the longest common subsequence in $k$-length substrings
An O(M log M) Algorithm for Bipartite Matching with Roadmap Distances
Economic Efficiency Requires Interaction
The Complexity of Flow Analysis in Higher-Order Languages <====== (dissertation "Exponential time is required."
Large-scale analysis of frequency modulation in birdsong databases -- might apply to speech recognition?
Semantic Word Cloud Representations: Hardness and Approximation Algorithms
Improving the Minimax Rate of Active Learning
Asymptotically Exact, Embarrassingly Parallel MCMC
Bandits with Switching Costs: T^{2/3} Regret
Comparitive[sic] Study Of Image Edge Detection Algorithms.
Policing 802.11 MAC Misbehaviour
On the impact of explicit or semi-implicit integration methods over the stability of real-time numerical simulations -- stable virtual worlds <======
Extended Formulations for Online Linear Bandit Optimization <==
Graph measures and network robustness
Gromov-Hausdorff stability of linkage-based hierarchical clustering methods
Visual Representation of 3D Language Constructs Specified by Generic Depictions -- generating 3D editors <=============
Effective Quotation -- SQL (etc) queries done right in Haskell, F# etc -- Wadler et al. <==============================
A Generic Type-and-Effect System (UCLA 2009) <=====
2013-11-15 The STONE Transform: Multi-Resolution Image Enhancement and Real-Time Compressive Video <===== First practical use of compressive-sensing techniques?
Mining Software Repair Models for Reasoning on the Search Space of Automated Program Fixing
Describing Textures in the Wild -- 47 terms to rule the unruly texture. <======
Anytime Belief Propagation Using Sparse Domains
A Study of Actor and Action Semantic Retention in Video Supervoxel Segmentation
HINO: a BFO-aligned ontology representing human molecular interactions and pathways
Sparse Matrix Factorization <====== PCA, dictionary learning etc as special cases.
2013-11-11 Efficient Regularization of Squared Curvature -- computer vision "accurate and visually pleasing solutions without strong artifacts at reasonable run times"
An Efficiently Solvable Quadratic Program for Stabilizing Dynamic Locomotion on simulated Atlas robot, DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge
A Parallel Simulated Annealing Approach for the Mirrored Traveling Tournament Problem
Mining Crash Fix Patterns -- 36,000 bugs in Eclipse.
Fast Tracking via Spatio-Temporal Context Learning -- leveraging FFT to do 350fps
A new stopping criterion for the mean shift iterative algorithm -- image segmentation.
The Maximum Entropy Relaxation Path
Biometric Signature Processing & Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Network
Scalable Recommendation with Poisson Factorization -- "In contrast to traditional matrix factorization approaches, Poisson factorization implicitly models each user's limited attention to consume items"
GooFit: A library for massively parallelising maximum-likelihood fits
Failure dynamics of the global risk network
Exploring Deep and Recurrent Architectures for Optimal Control
Suffix Trays and Suffix Trists: Structures for Faster Text Indexing
Learned-norm pooling for deep neural networks
Stability of Sequence-Based Control with Random Delays and Dropouts
Verifiable Source Code Documentation in Controlled Natural Language
Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks
Second-order Shape Optimization for Geometric Inverse Problems in Vision
UW SPF: The University of Washington Semantic Parsing Framework -- "mapping natural language to formal representation of its meaning"
Ranking users, papers and authors in online scientific communities
The Distributed Computing Paradigms: P2P, Grid, Cluster, Cloud, and Jungle
Impact of Indentation in Programming
Recent Advances in Graph Partitioning <==== survey.
Localizing Grasp Affordances in 3-D Points Clouds Using Taubin Quadric Fitting
Are Lock-Free Concurrent Algorithms Practically Wait-Free?
Chaotic Arithmetic Coding for Secure Video Multicast
(More) Efficient Reinforcement Learning via Posterior Sampling
2013-11-01 Free Online Weight Loss Course from Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital.
Face Recognition via Globality-Locality Preserving Projections
Onboarding in Open Source Software Projects: A Preliminary Analysis -- facebook + stanford.
2013-10-27 Pseudo vs. True Defect Classification in Printed Circuits Boards using Wavelet Features
Two Dimensional Array Imaging with Beam Steered Data
Fast 3D Salient Region Detection in Medical Images using GPUs <===
Curiosity Based Exploration for Learning Terrain Models
Gender Classification Using Gradient Direction Pattern ... "outperformed all traditional..."
Application of Fourier and Wavelet Transform for analysing 300 years Sunspot numbers to Explain the Solar Cycles
Domain Mapping for Volumetric Parameterization using Harmonic Functions -- when the beauty isn't just skin deep.
Approximation of grammar-based compression via recompression
A Tensor Approach to Learning Mixed Membership Community Models
A Gang of Bandits
Deep Generative Stochastic Networks Trainable by Backprop
One-class Collaborative Filtering with Random Graphs: Annotated Version
Using higher-order contracts to model session types
Convex Structured Controller Design
Scaling SVM and Least Absolute Deviations via Exact Data Reduction ... "speedup gained by DVI rules can be up to two orders of magnitude"
Real-Time Planning with Primitives for Dynamic Walking over Uneven Terrain
Efficient Information Theoretic Clustering on Discrete Lattices ... "image segmentation"
A multi-agent approach for modeling oligarchs' campaign donations with simulated spatial elections
Generalized Thompson Sampling for Contextual Bandits ... "Thompson Sampling, one of the oldest heuristics for solving multi-armed bandits, has recently been shown to demonstrate state-of-the-art performance."
Object Recognition System Design in Computer Vision: a Universal Approach
Compressed Sensing SAR Imaging with Multilook Processing
On the extraction of instantaneous frequencies from ridges in time-frequency representations of signals
Relax but stay in control: from value to algorithms for online Markov decision processes
Musical recommendations and personalization in a social network
Neural perceptual model to global-local vision for recognition of the logical structure of administrative documents
Hierarchical Clustering of Hyperspectral Images using Rank-Two Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
On Convergent Finite Difference Schemes for Variational - PDE Based Image Processing
Impulse Noise Removal In Speech Using Wavelets
An Algorithm for Exact Super-resolution and Phase Retrieval
Randomized LU Decomposition
Excitable human dynamics driven by extrinsic events in massive communities
2013-10-22 Crowdsourced Task Routing via Matrix Factorization
Can social microblogging be used to forecast intraday exchange rates?
TCC, with History -- queries over time.
Ship Detection and Segmentation using Image Correlation
Frequency Effects on Predictability of Stock Returns
A method for object detection based on pixel intensity comparisons
Compressive Sensing of Sparse Tensors
Topology of Musical Data
Least Squares Revisited: Scalable Approaches for Multi-class Prediction
Image Restoration using Total Variation with Overlapping Group Sparsity
Priority-based intersection management with kinodynamic constraints -- avoiding robot fender-benders.
An Empirical Study of Intel Xeon Phi
Predator confusion is sufficient to evolve swarming behavior
Inducing Honest Reporting Without Observing Outcomes: An Application to the Peer-Review Process
Active causation and the origin of meaning
Formalization, Mechanization and Automation of Gödel's Proof of God's Existence -- using TPTP THF, LEO-II, Satallax, Coq, Isabelle, Sledgehammer and Metis. 2013-10-17 Compressed sensing for facial recognition(2008)
Practical ReProCS for Separating Sparse and Low-dimensional Signal Sequences from their Sum with applications to video analysis.
Fully-abstract concurrent games for pi as in Milner's pi calculus.
Mapping the structure of drosophilid behavior
Spatio-temporal variation of conversational utterances on Twitter
Skew Strikes Back: New Developments in the Theory of Join Algorithms
2013-10-11 From Shading to Local Shape <======
Composing DTI Visualizations with End-user Programming <======
A Sparse and Adaptive Prior for Time-Dependent Model Parameters
The small-world effect is a modern phenomenon -- nice!
Wavelet methods for shape perception in electro-sensing
Fast Simultaneous Feature Selection and Learning with good lit review and applications to face part recognition.<======
Feedback Detection for Live Statistical Predictors -- does injected noise come back amplified?
On the Insertion Time of Cuckoo Hashing
Practical Foundations for Programming Languages (draft) by Robert Harper (also: Haskell is Exceptionally Unsafe.)
2013-10-07 Compression of animated 3D models using HO-SVD
Robust and highly performant ring detection algorithm for 3d particle tracking using 2d microscope imaging -- realtime 3D circle Hough transform with open source code
Generalizing the Hough Transform to Detect Arbitrary Shapes (1979) <=======
Continuum dynamics model of the primary visual cortex for contour detection -- complex field <======
2013-10-04 Efficient pedestrian detection by directly optimize the partial area under the ROC curve <======
Efficient Learning of Practical Markov Random Fields with Exact Inference
2013-10-01 Face Verification Using Boosted Cross-Image Features
Detection and Characterization of Intrinsic Symmetry
The achievable performance of convex demixing
CSIFT Based Locality-constrained Linear Coding for Image Classification
Parsing methods streamlined
Context-aware recommendations from implicit data via scalable tensor factorization
Correcting Multi-focus Images via Simple Standard Deviation for Image Fusion
Retargeting GCC: Do We Reinvent the Wheel Every Time?
A Hybrid Monte Carlo Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Protein Structure Prediction in the HP Model
Software Interfaces: On The Impact of Interface Design Anomalies
Generic Image Classification Approaches Excel on Face Recognition
Using the Random Sprays Retinex Algorithm for Global Illumination Estimation
Combining Spatio-Temporal Appearance Descriptors and Optical Flow for Human Action Recognition in Video Data
Global Localization Based on 3D Planar Surface Segments
Computer Vision Systems in Road Vehicles: A Review
Classifying Traffic Scenes Using The GIST Image Descriptor
An Overview and Evaluation of Various Face and Eyes Detection Algorithms for Driver Fatigue Monitoring Systems
Deep and Wide Multiscale Recursive Networks for Robust Image Labeling
Network Reconstruction from Intrinsic Noise
Online Performance Optimization of a DC Motor Driving a Variable Pitch Propeller
Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with Space and Time Regularisation
A maximum entropy model for opinions in social groups
Efficient Learning of Practical Markov Random Fields with Exact Inference
2013-09-28 Emanuel Derman lectures on volatility smiles etc <===========
How good is the Chord algorithm?
Market Index and Stock Price Direction Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques: An empirical study on the KOSPI and HSI
An Efficient Index for Visual Search in Appearance-based SLAM<===========
Kaczmarz Algorithm with Soft Constraints for User Interface Layout
2013-09-25 Feature Learning with Gaussian Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Robust Speech Recognition
Sentiment Analysis in the News
War, space, and the evolution of Old World complex societies
Hinge-loss Markov Random Fields: Convex Inference for Structured Prediction
Boosting in the presence of label noise
Hilbert Space Embeddings of Predictive State Representations
Structured Message Passing
Kaczmarz Algorithm with Soft Constraints for User Interface Layout
2013-09-21 Blind Deconvolution via Maximum Kurtosis Adaptive Filtering
Constructing Runge-Kutta Methods with the Use of Artificial Neural Networks
2013-09-15 Progressive Compression of 3D Objects with an Adaptive Quantization
A Novel Approach in detecting pose orientation of a 3D face required for face and A method for nose-tip based 3D face registration using maximum intensity algorithm
A two-layer Conditional Random Field for the classification of partially occluded objects
GRED: Graph-Regularized 3D Shape Reconstruction from Highly Anisotropic and Noisy Images
2013-09-10 Convergence of Nearest Neighbor Pattern Classification with Selective Sampling
Experiences from Software Engineering of Large Scale AMR Multiphysics Code Frameworks
Enabling Reproducible Science with VisTrails
VisIt: Experiences with Sustainable Software Experiences and Challenges in Software Sustainability for a Large Scientific Community
Initial Findings from a Study of Best Practices and Models for Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability
A General Two-Step Approach to Learning-Based Hashing
A short course on fast multipole methods
Single image super resolution in spatial and wavelet domain
Learning Transformations for Clustering and Classification
An optimal fuzzy-PI force/motion controller to increase industrial robot autonomy also Real-Time and Continuous Hand Gesture Spotting: an Approach Based on Artificial Neural Networks
A low-cost laser scanning solution for flexible robotic cells: spray coating
Finding a most biased coin with fewest flips -- provable optimality in a close analogue of multi-arm bandits.
Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space
The SP theory of intelligence: an overview -- based on information compression, with working software prototype. (Homepage with public-domain source here)<=================
Speech Enhancement using Kernel and Normalized Kernel Affine Projection Algorithm
Anger is More Influential Than Joy: Sentiment Correlation in Weibo
Forecasting Stock Time-Series using Data Approximation and Pattern Sequence Similarity
Max-Flows on Sparse and Dense Networks
2013-09-06 Minutiae Based Thermal Human Face Recognition using Label Connected Component Algorithm, and Thermal Human face recognition based on Haar wavelet transform and series matching technique
Weighted regret-based likelihood: a new approach to describing uncertainty
A GPU Implementation for Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Modeling
Information fusion in multi-task Gaussian processes
Detection of multiple structural breaks in multivariate time series
Turing, Randomness and Economics
Improvements to deep convolutional neural networks for LVCSR
Improving training time of Hessian-free optimization for deep neural networks using preconditioning and sampling
Practical Matrix Completion and Corruption Recovery using Proximal Alternating Robust Subspace Minimization -- applications include computer vision eg occluded feature trajectories and image in-painting. Source code available. <==========
A New Chase-type Soft-decision Decoding Algorithm for Reed-Solomon Codes
Hyper-Graph Based Database Partitioning for Transactional Workloads
Topology preserving thinning for cell complexes
Fast ranking algorithm for very large data -- approximating PageRank 10X -> 100X faster?
COAST: A Convex Optimization Approach to Stress-Based Embedding -- drawing graphs, reviewed and revisited. See also A Fast Multi-Scale Method for Drawing Large Graphs (2002) and Force-Directed Drawing Algorithms (Chapter 12 of Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, and perhaps Force-directed graph drawing on Wikipedia.
Stochastic Pooling for Regularization of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Minutiae Based Thermal Face Recognition using Blood Perfusion Data and Automated Thermal Face recognition based on Minutiae Extraction and A Comparative Study of Human thermal face recognition based on Haar wavelet transform (HWT) and Local Binary Pattern (LBP)
Boosting in Location Space
2013-08-31 Learning-Based Procedural Content Generation
Efficient Learning of Practical Markov Random Fields with Exact Inference
Computing Lexical Contrast
2013-08-29 Improving Sparse Associative Memories by Escaping from Bogus Fixed Points
Brain MRI Segmentation with Fast and Globally Convex Multiphase Active Contours
Adaptive detection and severity level characterization algorithm for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) via oximetry signal analysis
The Partner Units Configuration Problem -- is QuickPUP a breakthrough?
NRC-Canada: Building the State-of-the-Art in Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
Circumnavigation of an Unknown Target Using UAVs with Range and Range Rate Measurements
New Algorithms for Learning Incoherent and Overcomplete Dictionaries
Simulated annealing: in mathematical global optimization computation, hybrid with local or global search, and practical applications in crystallography and molecular modelling
On the Doubt about Margin Explanation of Boosting
Fisher information distance: a geometrical reading?
2013-08-24 Machine Code Optimization - Improving Executable Object Code (thesis)
A review on handwritten character and numeral recognition for Roman, Arabic, Chinese and Indian scripts
Learning Deep Representation Without Parameter Inference for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
A Framework for Multiscale Transforms on Graphs
David Poole's Specifity Revised
2013-08-20 Computational Properties of Fiction Writing and Collaborative Work
Regular Expression Searching in Sublinear Time
Consensus Sequence Segmentation
Filtering Floating-Point Constraints by Maximum ULP
A Variational Principle for Improving 2D Triangle Meshes based on Hyperbolic Volume
Alert-BDI: BDI Model with Adaptive Alertness through Situational Awareness
Detection and Filtering of Collaborative Malicious Users in Reputation System using Quality Repository Approach
Efficiently Retrieving Function Dependencies in the Linux Kernel Using XSB -- in praise of Prolog.
Computing Real Roots of Real Polynomials - An Efficient Method Based on Descartes' Rule of Signs and Newton Iteration
Firefly Algorithm: Recent Advances and Applications <========
Why It's Nice to be Quoted: Quasiquoting for Haskell <=================================================
2013-08-16 A Method for Fast Diagonalization of a 2x2 or 3x3 Real Symmetric Matrix
Bandits with Knapsacks
3D Printing for Math Professors and Their Students
High dimensional Sparse Gaussian Graphical Mixture Model
The algorithm of noisy k-means
On Some Recent MAX SAT Approximation Algorithms
Guiding Designs of Self-Organizing Swarms: Interactive and Automated Approaches
Objective Information Theory: A Sextuple Model and 9 Kinds of Metrics
Sorted Range Reporting Revisited
Improving the Testability of Object-oriented Software during Testing and Debugging Processes
2013-08-06 Estimating the longest increasing sequence in polylogarithmic time
Declarative Ajax Web Applications through SQL++ on a Unified Application State
Dynamic Approximate All-Pairs Shortest Paths: Breaking the O(mn) Barrier and Derandomization
Stratified Labelings for Abstract Argumentation
A Spline-based Volumetric Data Modeling Framework and Its Applications (PhD Thesis)
Handling Parallelism in a Concurrency Model
Head Gesture Recognition using Optical Flow based Classification with Reinforcement of GMM based Background Subtraction
Particles Prefer Walking Along the Axes: Experimental Insights into the Behavior of a Particle Swarm
2013-07-26 A Reputation Based Framework to Avoid Free-riding in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer network
Composing a Publication List for Individual Researcher Assessment by Merging Information from Different Sources
Optimal Top-k Document Retrieval
A Propound Method for the Improvement of Cluster Quality -- nice literature survey page.
2013-07-12 New Cake Cutting Algorithms: a Random Assignment Approach to Cake Cutting
Semantic Context Forests for Learning-Based Knee Cartilage Segmentation in 3D MR Images
Accuracy of MAP segmentation with hidden Potts and Markov mesh prior models via Path Constrained Viterbi Training, Iterated Conditional Modes and Graph Cut based algorithms for pixelwise image segmentation.
Fast Exact Search in Hamming Space with Multi-Index Hashing for computer vision with C++ code at under MIT-style license.
Computational Complexity Comparison Of Multi-Sensor Single Target Data Fusion Methods By Matlab -- inverse covariance wins for >20 sensors.
A New Approach to the Solution of Economic Dispatch Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Simulated Annealing
A two-layer Conditional Random Field for the classification of partially occluded objects
Design and Implementation of Car Parking System on FPGA
Contrast Enhancement And Brightness Preservation Using Multi- Decomposition Histogram Equalization
Artificial Intelligence MArkup Language: A Brief Tutorial for chatterbots
Statistical Active Learning Algorithms
Online gradient descent for least squares regression: Non-asymptotic bounds and application to bandits
Action-based Character AI in Video-games with CogBots Architecture: A Preliminary Report
Scalable Eventually Consistent Counters over Unreliable Networks
Random Market Models with an H-Theorem
Introduction to Queueing Theory and Stochastic Teletraffic Models
Balanced Allocations and Double Hashing
2013-07-01 A Survey on Metric Learning for Feature Vectors and Structured Data
A Novel Active Contour Model for Texture Segmentation
Digital Image Tamper Detection Techniques - A Comprehensive Study
2013-06-30 Harmony Perception by Periodicity Detection in music.
Spaces, Trees and Colors: The Algorithmic Landscape of Document Retrieval on Sequences <======== good review article.
Multiarmed Bandits With Limited Expert Advice
2013-06-26 Computing the Greedy Spanner in Linear Space
2013-06-22 Survey on Instruction Selection: An Extensive and Modern Literature Review <<====== First in 30 years(!)
Wisdom of Crowds Algorithm for Stock Market Predictions ... since 1906. :-) algorithms used in automatic trading have a lifespan measured in weeks
Fine-Grained Visual Classification of Aircraft a new dataset containing 10,000 images of aircraft spanning 100 aircraft models
2013-06-17 Matching objects across the textured-smooth continuum
Visualizing Astronomical Data with Blender
Category theory for Haskell programmers <============
Beyond Locality-Sensitive Hashing -- approximate nearest-neighbor in Euclidian space.
Infrared face recognition: a literature review also Vesselness features and the inverse compositional AAM for robust face recognition using thermal IR
Fast greedy algorithm for subspace clustering from corrupted and incomplete data for faces etc.
2013-06-08 Colors Are Key To Keeping Your Eyes On The Game -- humans track at most three objects at a time unless color-coded into sets.
2013-06-06 KamiWaAi - Interactive 3D Sketching with Java Based on Cl(4,1) Conformal Model of Euclidean Space -- open source aimed at technically naive users.
LLAMA: Leveraging Learning to Automatically Manage Algorithms -- generalized algorithm portfolios.
Deep Generative Stochastic Networks Trainable by Backprop
Control Strategies for Mobile Robot With Obstacle Avoidance
Improvements and Generalizations of Stochastic Knapsack and Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms: Full Version
2013-06-04 An Open Question on the Uniqueness of (Encrypted) Arithmetic -- CPUs that directly process encrypted numbers.
Understanding ACT-R - an Outsider's Perspective
Image Inpainting by Kriging Interpolation Technique
Dynamic Ad Allocation: Bandits with Budgets
Perceptions and Truth: A Mechanism Design Approach to Crowd-Sourcing Reputation
Guided Random Forest in the RRF Package
Deep Learning using Support Vector Machines for face recognition etc
Iterative Grassmannian Optimization for Robust Image Alignment for face recognition etc
Predicting Parameters in Deep Learning
Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
2013-05-31 Tweets Miner for Stock Market Analysis
A Local Active Contour Model for Image Segmentation with Intensity Inhomogeneity
Memory Implementations - Current Alternatives
2013-05-28 Faster Compact On-Line Lempel-Ziv Factorization
Higher-order Segmentation via Multicuts
Towards Proving RISC Machine Code not Risky with respect to Memory Aliasing
Configurable Strategies for Work-stealing
MirrorShard: Proof by Computational Reflection with Verified Hints -- Coq-sure.
What is preferential to preferential attachment?: Preferential attachment --- where new nodes are added and attached to existing nodes with probability proportional to the existing nodes' degree --- has become the standard growth model for scale-free networks
Exact and Stable Recovery of Rotations for Robust Synchronization -- computer vision, optical flow...
The Evolution of Contracts -- Eiffel towers.
2013-05-24 A Supervised Neural Autoregressive Topic Model for Simultaneous Image Classification and Annotation <=====
The multi-armed bandit problem with covariates
2013-05-20 Sparse Norm Filtering for images "halo free, easy to implement, and low time and memory costs"
Contractive Denoising Autoencoder
Belief Propagation for Linear Programming
Flying Triangulation - towards the 3D movie camera
2013-05-13 Repairing and Inpainting Damaged Images using Diffusion Tensor
Fast Collision Checking: From Single Robots to Multi-Robot Teams
Cookies Invading Our Privacy for Marketing Advertising and Security Issues
Speech Enhancement Using Pitch Detection Approach For Noisy Environment
Revisiting Bayesian Blind Deconvolution
Shape Reconstruction and Recognition with Isolated Non-directional Cues
Fast Approximate Quadratic Programming for Large (Brain) Graph Matching <=======
2013-05-10 Momentum-based Balance Control for Torque-controlled Humanoids
Scalable Routing Easy as PIE: a Practical Isometric Embedding Protocol (Technical Report)
2013-05-07 On the variety of planar spirals and their applications in computer aided design, also MC-curves and aesthetic measurements for pseudospiral curve segments
Efficient Accelerated Coordinate Descent Methods and Faster Algorithms for Solving Linear Systems for image reconstruction etc.
Tracking in three dimensions via multi-path branching -- swarming the occlusion problem.
Image Similarity Using Sparse Representation and Compression Distance
A Semi-automated Statistical Algorithm for Object Separation

Efficient Stochastic Gradient Descent for Strongly Convex Optimization -- scaling gradient descent to large datasets: "a speed-up of orders of magnitude".
Towards Efficient Abstractions for Concurrent Consensus -- extending CML. <=======
Projective simulation for classical learning agents: a comprehensive investigation <======================= VERY GOOD!!
A Survey of Dimension Reduction Techniques -- 202, LLNL.
2013-05-06 A quantum teleportation inspired algorithm produces sentence meaning from word meaning and grammatical structure

Mathematical foundations for a compositional distributional model of meaning ... on reflection, I think this is cute rather than profound -- a lot of cool math invested for very little practical return.
Experimental support for a categorical compositional distributional model of meaning
Categories for the practising physicist
Results from a Practical Deployment of the MyZone Decentralized P2P Social Network
An Improved EM algorithm
LZ-Compressed String Dictionaries
Hierarchies of Predominantly Connected Communities
2013-05-02 The operad of wiring diagrams: formalizing a graphical language for databases, recursion, and plug-and-play circuits
Hidden Markov Model Identifiability via Tensors
Tensor Decompositions: A New Concept in Brain Data Analysis?
2013-05-01 Various Types of Aesthetic Curves and An Improvised Algorithm to Identify The Beauty of A Planar Curve
Convolutional Neural Networks learn compact local image descriptors
Object Oriented Model for Evaluation of On-Chip Networks
On Semantic Word Cloud Representation
Recursive Estimation of Orientation Based on the Bingham Distribution -- beating Kalman filters with quaternions
Registration of Images with Outliers Using Joint Saliency Map
2013-04-29 A Provably Efficient Algorithm for Training Deep Networks
Synthesis of neural networks for spatio-temporal spike pattern recognition and processing
A Convex Approach for Image Hallucination
An Improved Approach for Word Ambiguity Removal
Web graph compression with fast access
A Universal Grammar-Based Code For Lossless Compression of Binary Trees
Bingham Procrustean Alignment for Object Detection in Clutter
Deterministic Initialization of the K-Means Algorithm Using Hierarchical Clustering
Measuring Cultural Relativity of Emotional Valence and Arousal using Semantic Clustering and Twitter
Fractal structures in Adversarial Prediction with speculative application to financial markets.
Combining Binary Search Trees
Markovian models for one dimensional structure estimation on heavily noisy imagery
2013-04-25 The K-modes algorithm for clustering
Remote Homology Detection in Proteins Using Graphical Models
Locally linear representation for subspace learning and clustering -- 2pages
Can P2P Networks be Super-Scalable?
Virtual Machine Trading in a Federation of Clouds: Individual Profit and Social Welfare Maximization
Occupational Fraud Detection Through Visualization
PIDE as front-end technology for Coq -- Isabella reaches out to Coq
Reliable Deniable Communication: Hiding Messages in Noise
Deep Scattering Spectrum -- improved audio spectrograms. "A scattering transform has striking similarities with physiological models of the cochlea and of the auditory pathway"
2013-04-23 A Semantics for Approximate Program Transformations
Solving Wave Equations on Unstructured Geometries -- GPU friendly.
GPU Scripting and Code Generation with PyCUDA and PyOpenCL.
DORI: Distributed Outdoor Robotic Instruments on the cheap.
Divide-and-Conquer Subspace Segmentation
Color image denoising by chromatic edges based vector valued diffusion
Another Asymptotic Notation : "Almost" -- beating "Big O".
Continuum armed bandit problem of few variables in high dimensions
Sliding Bloom Filters
Visual Room-Awareness for Humanoid Robot Self-Localization
Epigram: Practical Programming with Dependent Types <=================
The varifold representation of non-oriented shapes for diffeomorphic registration -- for computational anatomy.
Counting people from above: Airborne video based crowd analysis
A Duality Based Approach for Realtime TV-L1 Optical Flow -- recommended by preceding paper.
Download Stereo and Optical Flow code
GPU based real-time optical flow computation (2010 master's thesis.)
2013-04-19 Fast exact digital differential analyzer for circle generation
Polygon Matching and Indexing Under Affine Transformations
The Tap code - a code similar to Morse code for communication by tapping
Open Tiled Manycore System-on-Chip
Extended Object Tracking with Random Hypersurface Models -- when target-object pixels are few but more than one.
Ball-Larus Path Profiling Across Multiple Loop iterations -- compiler optimization in Java.
Object Tracking in Videos: Approaches and Issues
Newton-Based Optimization for Nonnegative Tensor Factorizations
2013-04-15 Towards more accurate clustering method by using dynamic time warping -- 2200X speedup on 100,000-element training sets.
The Social Maintenance of Cooperation through Hypocrisy -- "Hypocrisy allows the cooperative strategy to spread by taking credit for the success of the non-cooperative strategy"
An Improved ACS Algorithm for the Solutions of Larger TSP Problems
Improving Generalization Ability of Genetic Programming: Comparative Study -- beat the bloat!
Solving Linear Equations Using a Jacobi Based Time-Variant Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
An Investigation of Wavelet Packet Transform for Spectrum Estimation
Multithreaded Input-Sensitive Profiling
SybilFence: Improving Social-Graph-Based Sybil Defenses with User Negative Feedback
An accelerated CLPSO algorithm -- particle swarms go realtime.
Single View Depth Estimation from Examples
Unveiling the link between logical fallacies and web persuasion
GPU Acclerated Automated Feature Extraction from Satellite Images
A New Tree-based Classifier for Satellite Images
Hands-free Evolution of 3D-printable Objects via Eye Tracking
Formation control with binary information
h-approximation: History-Based Approximation of Possible World Semantics as ASP
If cooperation is likely punish mildly: Insights from economic experiments based on the snowdrift game
2013-04-09 Image Retrieval using Histogram Factorization and Contextual Similarity Learning
Nearly Maximum Flows in Nearly Linear Time
An Almost-Linear-Time Algorithm for Approximate Max Flow in Undirected Graphs, and its Multicommodity Generalizations
Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutiae Matching Technique for the Large Fingerprint Database
An Improved GEF Fast Addition Algorithm
Sensors and Navigation Algorithms for Flight Control of Tethered Kites
A primer on information theory, with applications to neuroscience
The structure of Bayes nets for vision recognition
Hierarchical Evidence and Belief Functions
Truth Maintenance Under Uncertainty
An Empirical Comparison of Three Inference Methods
Rational Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Utility-Based Control for Computer Vision
Kernel Reconstruction ICA for Sparse Representation
Genetic Soundtracks: Creative Matching of Audio to Video
Convex hull: Incremental variations on the Akl-Toussaint heuristics Simple, optimal and space-saving convex hull algorithms
Maps of Computer Science <=======================
Image Classification by Feature Dimension Reduction and Graph based Ranking
Relative Positions of Countries in the World of Science
2013-04-05 Occupancy Grids: A Stochastic Spatial Representation for Active Robot Perception
Time, Chance, and Action -- a propositional temporal probability logic
Shadow Detection: A Survey and Comparative Evaluation of Recent Methods
Restoration of Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise and Mixed Gaussian Impulse Noise using Blind Inpainting
Fast SVM training using approximate extreme points
2013-04-01 Scalable Text and Link Analysis with Mixed-Topic Link Models
Concur : An Algorithm for Merging Concurrent Changes without Conflicts
Blinking Molecule Tracking
Age group and gender recognition from human facial images
Learning dictionary statistics from natural images -- wavelet dictionary of Gabor functions
Lambda Calculus Synopsis
A cookbook of translating English to Xapi -- Xapagy narrative-reasoning system.
2013-03-30 What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory
pROST : A Smoothed Lp-norm Robust Online Subspace Tracking Method for Realtime Background Subtraction in Video
Information driven self-organization of complex robotic behaviors <=================
2013-03-29 A Massively Parallel Associative Memory Based on Sparse Neural Networks
Inductive Hashing on Manifolds
#Bigbirds Never Die: Understanding Social Dynamics of Emergent Hashtag
ABC Reinforcement Learning
Large-Scale Automatic Reconstruction of Neuronal Processes from Electron Microscopy Images
Matrix approach to rough sets through vector matroids over a field
Sparse Projections of Medical Images onto Manifolds
Extended Fourier analysis of signals -- slower, but predicts data off end of sequence, unlike DFT.
2013-03-25 Video Face Matching using Subset Selection and Clustering of Probabilistic Multi-Region Histograms
Performance Evaluation of Edge-Directed Interpolation Methods for Images
Identifying Compiler Options to Minimise Energy Consumption for Embedded Platforms
Computation of the Travelling Salesman Problem by a Shrinking Blob
A Review of Dynamic NURBS Approach
A Graphical Language for Real-Time Critical Robot Commands
Best arm identification via Bayesian gap-based exploration
2013-03-18 Metric-Free Natural Gradient for Joint-Training of Boltzmann Machines
2013-03-15 Hybrid Evolutionary Computation for Continuous Optimization <===== excellent overview of evolutionary computation + state of the art.
Indoor Semantic Segmentation using depth information -- state of the art results without hand-crafted features, suitable for realtime FPGA implementation.
Normalized Compression Distance of Multisets with Applications -- Paul Vitanyi classifying retinal progenitor cells. <=======
2013-03-14 Type-theoretical natural language semantics: on the system F for meaning assembly
Optical Flow Sensing and the Inverse Perception Problem for Flying Bats in Texas.
A Unified Framework for Probabilistic Component Analysis
2013-03-13 Spectral Clustering with Epidemic Diffusion -- why walk randomly when you can gallop off in all directions?
Bilateral Filter: Graph Spectral Interpretation and Extensions -- smooths while preserving edges.
Gaussian Mixture Model for Handwritten Script Identification
Fourth-order flows in surface modelling
Probabilistic Topic and Syntax Modeling with Part-of-Speech LDA
A Stochastic Grammar for Natural Shapes
Automated Bayesian System Identification with NARX Models
A SVD accelerated kernel-independent fast multipole method and its application to BEM -- generic n-body problems etc.
Neural Networks Built from Unreliable Components
Audio Classical Composer Identification by Deep Neural Network
2013-03-08 Steve Keen's research papers -- quantitative-economic modelling academic predicted Great Recession.
On Considering Uncertainty and Alternatives in Low-Level Vision
Additive Belief-Network Models
Causal Independence for Knowledge Acquisition and Inference -- for practical applications
Mixtures of Gaussians and Minimum Relative Entropy Techniques for Modeling Continuous Uncertainties
A Synthesis of Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning for Program Understanding and Debugging
An Implementation of a Method for Computing the Uncertainty in Inferred Probabilities in Belief Networks
Incremental Probabilistic Inference
A Method for Planning Given Uncertain and Incomplete Information
On Robust Face Recognition via Sparse Encoding: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Three Layer Hierarchical Model for Chord -- tuning up P2P vs churn + scalability.
Improving Automatic Emotion Recognition from speech using Rhythm and Temporal feature
Web Data Extraction, Applications and Techniques: A Survey
Deconvolving Images with Unknown Boundaries Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Eulerian Video Processing and Medical Applications -- MIT boffins detecting baby's heartbeat from a video. Matlab software available here
From Conditional Oughts to Qualitative Decision Theory
Approximate k-nearest neighbour based spatial clustering using k-d tree
Feature Learning in Deep Neural Networks - Studies on Speech Recognition Tasks
Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space
Proactively Accountable Anonymous Messaging in Verdict <========
2013-03-05 Inverse Signal Classification for Financial Instruments
Social Recommendations within the Multimedia Sharing Systems
Clubs-based Particle Swarm Optimization
Efficient long division via Montgomery multiply
Learning Hash Functions Using Column Generation
Audit Games
Inductive Sparse Subspace Clustering
ICT System Design & Implementation Using Wireless Sensors to Support Elderly In-home Assistance (thesis).
Methods for robust PID control -- PID runs the world.
Object-oriented programming: some history, and challenges for the next fifty years
Statistical sentiment analysis performance in Opinum
Genetic Programming for Document Segmentation and Region Classification Using Discipulus
Distributed Evolutionary Computation: A New Technique for Solving Large Number of Equations
A Semantic approach for effective document clustering using WordNet
Multiple Kernel Sparse Representations for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Omega Model for Human Detection and Counting for application in Smart Surveillance System
Recognition of Facial Expression Using Eigenvector Based Distributed Features and Euclidean Distance Based Decision Making Technique also (by same authors): Indian Sign Language Recognition Using Eigen Value Weighted Euclidean Distance Based Classification Technique
Automatic symmetry based cluster approach for anomalous brain identification in PET scan image : An Analysis also by same authors: Symmetry Based Cluster Approach for Automatic Recognition of the Epileptic Focus in Brain Using PET Scan Image : An Analysis and Spatial Fuzzy C Means PET Image Segmentation of Neurodegenerative Disorder (evaluated on big practical dataset)
Denoising Deep Neural Networks Based Voice Activity Detection
Riemannian metrics for neural networks
Probing the statistical properties of unknown texts: application to the Voynich Manuscript
Sparse PCA through Low-rank Approximations
Top-down particle filtering for Bayesian decision trees -- 10X faster MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
2013-03-03 Categorizing Bugs with Social Networks: A Case Study on Four Open Source Software Communities -- using support vector machine (SVM) to filter bug reports.
Realtime market microstructure analysis: online Transaction Cost Analysis
Path-memory induced quantization of classical orbits <===== !
2013-03-01 Measuring the Size of Large No-Limit Poker Games
Content Based Image Retrieval System Using NOHIS-tree
K Means Segmentation of Alzheimers Disease in PET scan datasets: An implementation
Fast Matching by 2 Lines of Code for Large Scale Face Recognition Systems
Modeling Stable Matching Problems with Answer Set Programming
Using cascading Bloom filters to improve the memory usage for de Brujin graphs
Torque Saturation in Bipedal Robotic Walking through Control Lyapunov Function Based Quadratic Programs
Variational Algorithms for Marginal MAP
Scoup-SMT: Scalable Coupled Sparse Matrix-Tensor Factorization for neural analysis -- and spammer detection...?
Bayesian Consensus Clustering -- software included.
Big Neural Networks Waste Capacity
See the Tree Through the Lines: The Shazoo Algorithm -- Full Version
A Linear Time Active Learning Algorithm for Link Classification -- Full Version -- in signed networks: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
2013-02-25 Thrifty Algorithms for Multistage Robust Optimization including min-cut.
Towards Python-based Domain-specific Languages for Self-reconfigurable Modular Robotics Research including "transparent sockets" - might be some wheels to steal here?
Greedy is as Good as Delaunay (Almost)
Weighted Sets of Probabilities and Minimax Weighted Expected Regret: New Approaches for Representing Uncertainty and Making Decisions
STEVE - Space-Time-Enclosing Volume Extraction
Self-similar prior and wavelet bases for hidden incompressible turbulent motion
Accelerated Linear SVM Training with Adaptive Variable Selection Frequencies
Iterative graph cuts for image segmentation with a nonlinear statistical shape prior
Thompson Sampling for Contextual Bandits with Linear Payoffs
Average Consensus in the Presence of Delays and Dynamically Changing Directed Graph Topologies
Prediction by Random-Walk Perturbation
Measuring Visual Complexity of Cluster-Based Visualizations
Four Side Distance: A New Fourier Shape Signature
Shape Characterization via Boundary Distortion
Distributed Wear levelling of Flash Memories
A Homogeneous Ensemble of Artificial Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting
Image restoration using sparse approximations of spatially varying blur operators in the wavelet domain
Learning a Factor Model via Regularized PCA -- fast as PCA.
Replacing suffix trees with enhanced suffix arrays (2004, Journal of Discrete Algorithms).
2013-02-22 Probabilistic Frame Induction
Belief Functions and Default Reasoning
Clustering Without (Thinking About) Triangulation
Display of Information for Time-Critical Decision Making
Pooling-Invariant Image Feature Learning
Trajectory generation and display for free flight -- follow the leader.
Capturing Information Flows inside Android and Qemu Environments
Naturally-Rehearsing Passwords
On the k-Independence Required by Linear Probing and Minwise Independence
An Efficient Detection Mechanism for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack
Unsupervised edge map scoring: an statistical complexity approach -- image processing
Object Detection in Real Images
Unions of Onions -- recursive convex hulls
History of malware
. High-Dimensional Probability Estimation with Deep Density Models
Deep Learning for Detecting Robotic Grasps
Implementing a Hilbert map of the Internet. (
2013-02-20 Why Dependent Types Matter
MFR24BM0MA Wifi Daughterboard at microchip ($35), compare Diligent PmodWiFi module ($50), also the openPicus Flyport
2013-02-19 Robust Image Segmentation in Low Depth Of Field Images
Understanding Deep Learning by Revisiting Boltzmann Machines: An Information Geometry Approach
Distributed boundary tracking using alpha and Delaunay-Cech shapes
Full-fledged Real-Time Indexing for Constant Size Alphabets
Modeling and Performance Analysis of Pull-Based Live Streaming Schemes in Peer-to-Peer Network
Order Preserving Matching with applications in music and stock trading.
Feature Multi-Selection among Subjective Features
Recommending Given Names
Identification of Literary Movements Using Complex Networks to Represent Texts
No More Pesky Learning Rates for stochastic gradient descent (SGD).
On Model Based Synthesis of Embedded Control Software
Information-Theoretic Measures of Influence Based on Content Dynamics
Fourier-Bessel rotational invariant eigenimages
A Time Series Forest for Classification and Feature Extraction
A framework for automated PDE-constrained optimisation
How Seals Sleep With Only Half Their Brain at a Time (SciDaily)
2013-02-16 The Visual Complexity of Pollock's Dripped Fractals -- people somewhat prefer fractal density 1.3-1.5? (2002)
Valley Benchmark for GPUs with 64km2**2 of walkthrough terrain.
Reward Is Assessed in Three Dimensions That Correspond to the Semantic Differential -- quantifying connotations of natural language words via factor analysis into Evaluation, Potency and Activity, vs old semantic differential. <=============
Approximate Bayesian Computation (PLoS)
2013-02-15 An Efficient Dual Approach to Distance Metric Learning for face recognition etc.
Adaptive Crowdsourcing Algorithms for the Bandit Survey Problem
StructBoost: Boosting Methods for Predicting Structured Output Variables: When the output has to be more complex than a scalar. Applications to video tracking etc. <=================
On Consistency of Operational Transformation Approach -- why your collaborative editor doesn't work.
Eigenfunctions of the Edge-Based Laplacian on a Graph -- more useful than you thought!
Improved multiple birdsong tracking with distribution derivative method and Markov renewal process clustering
Displaying Asynchronous Reactions to a Document: Two Goals and a Design
The Geography of Happiness: Connecting Twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of place
A consistent clustering-based approach to estimating the number of change-points in highly dependent time-series
2013-02-12 A Tensor Spectral Approach to Learning Mixed Membership Community Models
Lock-free Concurrent Data Structures
Linear and Geometric Mixtures - Analysis in data compression; also Mixing Strategies in Data Compression and Combining non-stationary prediction, optimization and mixing for data compression <=============
Optimizatoin-quantizationN for least squares estimates and its application for lossless audio compression -- beating MPEG4-ALS (Ref [16] in last above)
Competing With Strategies
Most tensor problems are NP-hard
Message Error Analysis of Loopy Belief Propagation for the Sum-Product Algorithm
Mechanism Design for Fair Division
Bounded regret in stochastic multi-armed bandits
2013-02-08 Update Rules for Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Networks
A Tutorial on Learning With Bayesian Networks 1995
Bayes Networks for Sonar Sensor Fusion
Exploiting Uncertain and Temporal Information in Correlation
Corporate Evidential Decision Making in Performance Prediction Domains
Algorithms for Learning Decomposable Models and Chordal Graphs ... "undirected and directed graphs (which, in a probabilistic context, are usually called Markov networks and Bayesian networks, re­ spectively..." <=========================================
Incremental Pruning: A Simple, Fast, Exact Method for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes ... "presently the most efficient exact method for solving POMDPs."
A Standard Approach for Optimizing Belief Network Inference using Query DAGs
Image Segmentation in Video Sequences: A Probabilistic Approach
Algorithm Portfolio Design: Theory vs. Practice
Learning Bayesian Nets that Perform Well
Probability Update: Conditioning vs. Cross-Entropy
Perception, Attention, and Resources: A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Graphics Rendering
Learning Belief Networks in Domains with Recursively Embedded Pseudo Independent Submodels
Relational Bayesian Networks -- supporting equality constraints.
An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Hard and Soft Assignment Methods for Clustering
Computational Advantages of Relevance Reasoning in Bayesian Belief Networks
A Target Classification Decision Aid
The Cognitive Processing of Causal Knowledge <=======================
Representing Aggregate Belief through the Competitive Equilibrium of a Securities Market
Learning Bayesian Networks from Incomplete Databases
Cost-Sharing in Bayesian Knowledge Bases
Lexical Access for Speech Understanding using Minimum Message Length Encoding
Region-Based Approximations for Planning in Stochastic Domains
Independence of Causal Influence and Clique Tree Propagation
Adaptive low rank and sparse decomposition of video using compressive sensing including background subtraction.
Eye-GUIDE (Eye-Gaze User Interface Design) Messaging for Physically-Impaired People
A Fast Learning Algorithm for Image Segmentation with Max-Pooling Convolutional Networks "record breaking performance", also Fast Image Scanning with Deep Max-Pooling Convolutional Neural Networks
Uncovering the Wider Structure of Extreme Right Communities Spanning Popular Online Networks
Energy Minimization for Parallel Real-Time Systems with Malleable Jobs and Homogeneous Frequencies 60Watt saving!
2013-02-07 Introduction to Redberry: the computer algebra system designed for tensor manipulation -- open source in Java7 with APIs..
A Simple Linear Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polygons (1997)
Real-Time Collision Detection (book, recommended)
Object/Object Intersection at
Computational geometry software packages such as the Computation Geometry Algorithms Library (CGAL) (GPL) and the the GNU Triangulated Surface Library (GTS)
RandomBoost: Simplified Multi-class Boosting through Randomization
Image Denoising Using Interquartile Range Filter with Local Averaging -- better than median.
The price of bandit information in multiclass online classification
Lightweight Lempel-Ziv Parsing
Evolvability Is Inevitable: Increasing Evolvability Without the Pressure to Adapt
An Effective Procedure for Computing "Uncomputable" Functions -- beyond Turing Machines?
Fast Multi-Scale Community Detection based on Local Criteria within a Multi-Threaded Algorithm
Rooting out the Rumor Culprit from Suspects
2013-02-05 HAT, not CAP: Highly Available Transactions
Sparse Multiple Kernel Learning with Geometric Convergence Rate
A New Constructive Method to Optimize Neural Network Architecture and Generalization
Bayesian Entropy Estimation for Countable Discrete Distributions
Fast Damage Recovery in Robotics with the T-Resilience Algorithm
Correcting Camera Shake by Incremental Sparse Approximation
Sparse Camera Network for Visual Surveillance -- A Comprehensive Survey
On the use of Biplot analysis for multivariate bibliometric and scientific indicators
Multi-scale Visual Attention & Saliency Modelling with Decision Theory
Tigers vs Lions: Towards Characterizing Solitary and Group User Behavior in MMORPG
Multi-Robot Informative Path Planning for Active Sensing of Environmental Phenomena: A Tale of Two Algorithms
Rooted Trees with Probabilities Revisited
Beyond Markov Chains, Towards Adaptive Memristor Network-based Music Generation
Lambek vs. Lambek: Functorial Vector Space Semantics and String Diagrams for Lambek Calculus for modelling natural language semantics
Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions
On the structure of learning agents
Counter Attack on Byzantine Generals: Parameterized Model Checking of Fault-tolerant Distributed Algorithms
Identifying Metaphoric Antonyms in a Corpus Analysis of Finance Articles
On The Relational Foundations Of Functorial Data Migration
2013-02-01 Empirical Analysis of Predictive Algorithms for Collaborative Filtering -- vector similarity loses.
An Experimental Comparison of Several Clustering and Initialization Methods
Learning Mixtures of DAG Models
Opinion Maximization in Social Networks
A Framework for the Verification of Certifying Computations
Information driven self-organization of complex robotic behaviors -- "avoiding the curse of dimensionality"
Efficient Algorithms for One-Dimensional k-Center Problems -- O(NlogN) is always interesting! (k-Center is positioning k warehouses as closely as possible to N cities.)
Title: Fast Graph Construction Using Auction Algorithm <====
Probability and Asset Updating using Bayesian Networks for Combinatorial Prediction Markets <====
Factorized Multi-Modal Topic Model
An Approximate Solution Method for Large Risk-Averse Markov Decision Processes
2013-01-31 A Domain Specific Language for kinematic models and fast implementations of robot dynamics algorithms
Efficient Spherical Harmonic Transforms aimed at pseudo-spectral numerical simulations -- fast, practical, open source code available.
2013-01-30 A Temporal Bayesian Network for Diagnosis and Prediction
Inferring Parameters and Structure of Latent Variable Models by Variational Bayes
Artificial Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Intelligent Buildings
Reasoning With Conditional Ceteris Paribus Preference Statem
Continuous Value Function Approximation for Sequential Bidding Policies
Discovering the Hidden Structure of Complex Dynamic Systems <=====
Comparing Bayesian Network Classifiers
Fast Learning from Sparse Data
Learning Polytrees
A Hybrid Anytime Algorithm for the Constructiion of Causal Models From Sparse Data
Data Analysis with Bayesian Networks: A Bootstrap Approach
Learning Bayesian Network Structure from Massive Datasets: The "Sparse Candidate" Algorithm
A New Model of Plan Recognition
SPUDD: Stochastic Planning using Decision Diagrams
Attention-Sensitive Alerting -- prioritizing email.
A General Algorithm for Approximate Inference and its Application to Hybrid Bayes Nets
Bayesian Poker
Choosing Among Interpretations of Probability -- confidence intervals win in the short run; in the long run we're all dead.
Graphical Representations of Consensus Belief -- in favor of logarithmic opinion pool (LogOP).
SPOOK: A System for Probabilistic Object-Oriented Knowledge Representation -- "orders of magnitude" speedup on the battlefield.
Learning Hidden Markov Models with Geometrical Constraints for robot navigation
Practical Uses of Belief Functions
A Method for Speeding Up Value Iteration in Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes -- "several orders of magnitude faster"
An alternative text representation to TF-IDF and Bag-of-Words <====
On Graph Stream Clustering with Side Information
Skeletal Representations and Applications. Beyond triangle meshes -- here be dragons! <=======
ChaMAILeon: Simplified email sharing like never before! <=====
Robust Face Recognition via Block Sparse Bayesian Learning at circa 97%-accurate level. <=========
Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces ([5] in previous)
PhishAri: Automatic Realtime Phishing Detection on Twitter
A Unified Community Detection, Visualization and Analysis method
2013-01-29 Cheep computing: Raspberry Pi, Fignition, VIA APC, Rikomagic, BEAGLEBOARD, Mele 1000, Hiapad Hi802, FXI Cotton Candy, Intel NUC (+ fanless case), Xi3, ZBOX.
2013-01-28 Identifying Player? Strategies in No Limit Texas Hold?m Poker through the Analysis of Individual Moves and Computer Poker Research at LIACC
Linear-Time Algorithms for Scattering Number and Hamilton-Connectivity of Interval Graphs
Immersive VR Visualizations by VFIVE. Part 1: Development and Part 2: Applications
Improving the lifecycle of robotics components using Domain-Specific Languages
Weighted Last-Step Min-Max Algorithm with Improved Sub-Logarithmic Regret and stock market prediction.
Flaglets: Exact Wavelets on the Ball
2013-01-26 Transfer Topic Modeling with Ease and Scalability
2013-01-25 When is tit-for-tat unbeatable?
Producing a Unified Graph Representation from Multiple Social Network Views
Approximation of grammar-based compression via recompression
Reinforcement learning from comparisons: Three alternatives is enough, two is not
Canalization and control in automata networks: body segmentation in Drosophila melanogaster
A GPU-accelerated Direct-sum Boundary Integral Poisson-Boltzmann Solver
The Objective Indefiniteness Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
2013-01-24 Why Size Matters: Feature Coding as Nystrom Sampling
Toward the Automatic Generation of a Semantic VRML Model from Unorganized 3D Point Clouds
Efficient MRF Energy Propagation for Video Segmentation via Bilateral Filters
Multi-class Generalized Binary Search for Active Inverse Reinforcement Learning
ChESS - Quick and Robust Detection of Chess-board Features
Multi-Class Detection and Segmentation of Objects in Depth
Information as Distinctions: New Foundations for Information Theory
Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
Clustering Learning for Robotic Vision -- "The goal of this paper is to promote the technique for general-purpose robotic vision systems." <==========
According to above paper, the current state of the art is represented by Visual Tracking with Similarity Matching Ratio ("robust to outliers") and Tracking-Learning-Detection.
2013-01-21 Lip Localization and Viseme Classification for Visual Speech Recognition
A Polynomial Time Conditional Gradient Algorithm with Applications to Online and Stochastic Optimization
Formal Verification of Hardware SynthesisCoq/Ocaml VHDL generation.
Active Learning of Inverse Models with Intrinsically Motivated Goal Exploration in Robots
A Linear Time Algorithm for the Feasibility of Pebble Motion on Graphs
Unsupervised Feature Learning for low-level Local Image Descriptors -- Restricted Boltzman Machines match performance of hand-crafted descriptors.
Audio Artist Identification by Deep Neural Network
See the Tree Through the Lines: The Shazoo Algorithm
"Seed+Expand": A validated methodology for creating high quality publication oeuvres of individual researchers
Thinking like Archimedes with a 3D printer
Properties of the Least Squares Temporal Difference learning algorithm
Efficient Dimensionality Reduction for Canonical Correlation Analysis
Word Storms: Multiples of Word Clouds for Visual Comparison of Documents
Follow the Leader If You Can, Hedge If You Must
2013-01-19 Visualizing Data using t-SNE -- visualizing high-dimensional data.
2013-01-18 A Complete Calculus for Possibilistic Logic Programming with Fuzzy Propositional Variables
Reversible Jump MCMC Simulated Annealing for Neural Networks
Variational Relevance Vector Machines
Computational Investigation of Low-Discrepancy Sequences in Simulation Algorithms for Bayesian Networks
A Bayesian Method for Causal Modeling and Discovery Under Selection
A Differential Approach to Inference in Bayesian Networks
Any-Space Probabilistic Inference -- creative forgetting for "orders of magnitude improvements in certain cases".
Experiments with Random Projection
A Two-round Variant of EM for Gaussian Mixtures
Minimum Message Length Clustering Using Gibbs Sampling -- beyond K-Mean and EM.
Mix-nets: Factored Mixtures of Gaussians in Bayesian Networks With Mixed Continuous And Discrete Variables -- beyond EM accellerated by multiresolution kd-trees.
Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filtering for Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Learning Graphical Models of Images, Videos and Their Spatial Transformations
Likelihood Computations Using Value Abstractions
Being Bayesian about Network Structure
Maximum Entropy and the Glasses You Are Looking Through
Inference for Belief Networks Using Coupling From the Past
Dependency Networks for Collaborative Filtering and Data Visualization
The Anchors Hierachy: Using the triangle inequality to survive high dimensional data
PEGASUS: A Policy Search Method for Large MDPs and POMDPs
Conversation as Action Under Uncertainty
Collaborative Filtering by Personality Diagnosis: A Hybrid Memory- and Model-Based Approach
Compact Securities Markets for Pareto Optimal Reallocation of Risk
Probabilistic State-Dependent Grammars for Plan Recognition
Pivotal Pruning of Trade-offs in QPNs
Monte Carlo Inference via Greedy Importance Sampling
Combining Feature and Prototype Pruning by Uncertainty Minimization
Nash Convergence of Gradient Dynamics in Iterated General-Sum Games
A Knowledge Acquisition Tool for Bayesian-Network Troubleshooters
On the Use of Skeletons when Learning in Bayesian Networks
Dynamic Trees: A Structured Variational Method Giving Efficient Propagation Rules
A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for MDL Learning Bayesian Networks
Model-Based Hierarchical Clustering
Multiscale Discriminant Saliency for Visual Attention
Parameterizable Byzantine Broadcast in Loosely Connected Networks
Approximating Bin Packing within O(log OPT * log log OPT) bins -- first improvement in three decades.
Knowledge Matters: Importance of Prior Information for Optimization -- works when all else fails! <================
Evolutionary Algorithms and Dynamic Programming
Everything by Emanuel Diamant
Rethinking resampling in the particle filter on graphics processing units
Financial Portfolio Optimization: Computationally guided agents to investigate, analyse and invest!?
2013-01-16 Learnable Pooling Regions for Image Classification
Sparse Penalty in Deep Belief Networks: Using the Mixed Norm Constraint
A Rhetorical Analysis Approach to Natural Language Processing
Negative Imaginary Systems Theory in the Robust Control of Highly Resonant Flexible Structures
Stochastic Pooling for Regularization of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Indoor Semantic Segmentation using depth information on FPGAs :-)
Kernelized Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Semi-Supervised Agglomerative Clustering
Deep Learning for Detecting Robotic Grasps
Feature Learning in Deep Neural Networks - A Study on Speech Recognition Tasks
Learning New Facts From Knowledge Bases With Neural Tensor Networks and Semantic Word Vectors
Two SVDs produce more focal deep learning representations
Training Neural Networks with Stochastic Hessian-Free Optimization
Zero-Shot Learning Through Cross-Modal Transfer
The IBMAP approach for Markov networks structure learning
Gradient Driven Learning for Pooling in Visual Pipeline Feature Extraction Models
Mutual Localization: Two Camera Relative 6-DOF Pose Estimation from Reciprocal Fiducial Observation
Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space
Convex Variational Image Restoration with Histogram Priors
Modeling human dynamics of face-to-face interaction networks
Change-Point Detection in Time-Series Data by Relative Density-Ratio Estimation
Certifying and reasoning about cost annotations of functional programs
Gender Recognition in Walk Gait through 3D Motion by Quadratic Bezier Curve and Statistical Techniques
Boltzmann Machines and Denoising Autoencoders for Image Denoising
Factorized Topic Models
2013-01-15 The Manifold of Human Emotions
Efficient Learning of Domain-invariant Image Representations (updated 2013-04-10)
The Expressive Power of Word Embeddings -- SENNA wins! <==============================
Quick training of probabilistic neural nets by importance sampling -- 2003 paper on word embedding -- ref [2] in above paper.
Word representations: A simple and general method for semi-supervised learning -- useful background for above.
Curriculum Learning -- ref from previous. RBM (Restricted Boltzmann Machine).
Reconfiguration Strategies for Online Hardware Multitasking in Embedded Systems -- FPGA partial reconfiguration
Auto-pooling: Learning to Improve Invariance of Image Features from Image Sequences
Barnes-Hut-SNE -- high-dimensional visuation in O(nlogn) instead of O(N**2)
Multi-agent learning using Fictitious Play and Extended Kalman Filter
On the Identificability of Overcomplete Dictionaries via the Minimisation Principle Underlying K-SVD
The Diagonalized Newton Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization -- and why you should care.
Feature grouping from spatially constrained multiplicative interaction
3D Geological Modeling and Visualization of Rock Masses Based on Google Earth: A Case Study
A Geometric Descriptor for Cell-Division Detection
2013-01-13 Confidence Inference in Bayesian Networks
Variational MCMC
Robust Combination of Local Controllers for motion planning etc.
A Clustering Approach to Solving Large Stochastic Matching Problems in stock market gets and puts.
Solving Influence Diagrams using HUGIN, Shafer-Shenoy and Lazy Propagation
Expectation Propagation for approximate Bayesian inference == kalman filters + loopy belief propagation :-)
Lattice Particle Filters
Approximating MAP using Local Search -- MAP made practical?
Vector-space Analysis of Belief-state Approximation for POMDPs -- "up to two orders of magnitude" faster.
A Mixed Graphical Model for Rhythmic Parsing
The Optimal Reward Baseline for Gradient-Based Reinforcement Learning
Belief Optimization for Binary Networks: A Stable Alternative to Loopy Belief Propagation
Statistical Modeling in Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR)(Invited Talk)
Planning and Acting under Uncertainty: A New Model for Spoken Dialogue Systems
Planning by Prioritized Sweeping with Small Backups
PETRELS: Parallel Subspace Estimation and Tracking by Recursive Least Squares from Partial Observations
On Non-Interference of Transactions
2013-01-11 Error Correction in Learning using SVMs
Content-Based Video Browsing by Text Region Localization and Classification, and AViTExt: Automatic Video Text Extraction, A new Approach for video content indexing Application and A Visual Grammar Approach for TV Program Identification
An Evidential Interpretation of the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics
tym: Typed Matlab
No need for conspiracy: Self-organized cartel formation in a modified trust game
Determinantal point processes for machine learning -- "a gentle introduction"
Recent advances in bibliometric indexes and the PaperRank problem
Counterfactual Reasoning and Learning Systems
A fair comparison of many max-tree computation algorithms (Extended version of the paper submitted to ISMM 2013 <================
2013-01-10 Parallel Computing of Discrete Element Method on GPU
Linear Bandits in High Dimension and Recommendation Systems
USPTO Patent Maps in Central Europe: Can "Cathedrals" be Built on the Ruins of Socialism?
Image Registration for Stability Testing of MEMS
Risk-Aversion in Multi-armed Bandits
Bayesian Optimization in a Billion Dimensions via Random Embeddings<
The Effects of Powertrain Mechanical Response on the Dynamics and String Stability of a Platoon of Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles
A Fast SVM-based Feature Selection Method, Combining MFE (Margin-Maximizing Feature Elimination) and Upper Bound on Misclassification Risk
2013-01-09 PaFiMoCS: Particle Filtered Modified-CS and Applications in Visual Tracking across Illumination Change
Utilizing ASP for Generating and Visualizing Argumentation Frameworks
Planning and Scheduling in Hybrid Domains Using Answer Set Programming
Answer Set Programming for Stream Reasoning
Practical graph isomorphism, II
A novel processing pipeline for optical multi-touch surfaces
Coupled Neural Associative Memories
Causal graph-based video segmentation
Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with an Application to the Analysis of 4D Microscopy Data
2013-01-07 Markov Equivalence Classes for Maximal Ancestral Graphs
Learning Hierarchical Object Maps Of Non-Stationary Environments with mobile robots
Tree-dependent Component Analysis
Learning with Scope, with Application to Information Extraction and Classification
Qualitative MDPs and POMDPs: An Order-Of-Magnitude Approximation
Interpolating Conditional Density Trees
Iterative Join-Graph Propagation
Reduction of Maximum Entropy Models to Hidden Markov Models
Decayed MCMC Filtering
Staged Mixture Modelling and Boosting
Optimal Time Bounds for Approximate Clustering -- k-median in linear time! :-)
Real-valued All-Dimensions search: Low-overhead rapid searching over subsets of attributes
Factored Particles for Scalable Monitoring
MAP Complexity Results and Approximation Methods
Modelling Information Incorporation in Markets, with Application to Detecting and Explaining Events
Advances in Boosting (Invited Talk)
Reinforcement Learning with Partially Known World Dynamics
Unsupervised Active Learning in Large Domains -- fun with committees.
Real-Time Inference with Large-Scale Temporal Bayes Nets
Particle Filters in Robotics (Invited Talk)
Adaptive Foreground and Shadow Detection in Image Sequences -- monocular.
IPF for Discrete Chain Factor Graphs
Position and Orientation Estimation of a Rigid Body: Rigid Body Localization
The Sum-over-Forests density index: identifying dense regions in a graph
Improved QFT algorithm for power-of-two FFT
Cliques in complex networks reveal link formation and community evolution
Moment-Matching Polynomials and the Mystery of the Support Vector Machine
2013-01-04 Image Steganography based on a Parameterized Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
Human-Recognizable Robotic Gestures
YAGI Antenna Design for Signal Phone Jammer
Programming CUDA and OpenCL: A Case Study Using Modern C++ Libraries
Alternating Directions Dual Decomposition
A Formal Model For Real-Time Parallel Computation
Social Teaching: Being Informative vs. Being Right in Sequential Decision Making
Exploring mutexes, the Oracle RDBMS retrial spinlocks
Blind Multilinear Identification
Two-Dimensional Kolmogorov Complexity and Validation of the Coding Theorem Method by Compressibility
Early Warning Analysis for Social Diffusion Events
Autonomously Learning to Visually Detect Where Manipulation Will Succeed
Improving Robustness via Disjunctive Statements in Imperative Programming
About Multichannel Speech Signal Extraction and Separation Techniques
The Geant4 Visualisation System - a multi-driver graphics system
Focus of Attention for Linear Predictors
Pilgrims Face Recognition Dataset -- HUFRD
Discrete Signal Processing on Graphs
Classical Model Predictive Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Employing functional interactions for characterization and detection of sparse complexes from yeast PPI networks
A Self-Organizing Neural Scheme for Door Detection in Different Environments
Investigating the performance of Correspondence Algorithms in Vision based Driver-assistance in Indoor Environment
Follow the Leader If You Can, Hedge If You Must
A dynamic data structure for counting subgraphs in sparse graphs
Surprise maximization reveals the community structure of complex networks
2012-12-28 Online Forum Thread Retrieval using Pseudo Cluster Selection and Voting Techniques
Multi-Architecture Builds Using GNU make per (Paul D. Smith)
2012-12-26 High-precision camera distortion measurements with a "calibration harp"
ADADELTA: An Adaptive Learning Rate Method
Normalized Compression Distance of Multiples -- another Paul M B Vitanyi paper.
Hierarchical Graphical Models for Multigroup Shape Analysis using Expectation Maximization with Sampling in Kendall's Shape Space
Strategy-Proof Prediction Markets
Blinking Molecule Tracking
T-Base: A Triangle-Based Iterative Algorithm for Smoothing Quadrilateral Meshes
Ear-clipping Based Algorithms of Generating High-quality Polygon Triangulation
On The Optimization of Dijkstras Algorithm (shortest-path)
High Quality Image Interpolation via Local Autoregressive and Nonlocal 3-D Sparse Regularization
Hyperplane Arrangements and Locality-Sensitive Hashing with Lift
Generating Motion Patterns Using Evolutionary Computation in Digital Soccer
Efficient Multiple Object Tracking Using Mutually Repulsive Active Membranes
SuperNOVA: a novel algorithm for graph automorphism calculations
Revolvable Indoor Panoramas Using a Rectified Azimuthal Projection
A New Retinal Vessel Tracking Method Based on Orientation Scores
The Ensemble Kalman Filter for Inverse Problems
2012-12-24 Multi-Objective AI Planning: Evaluating DAE-YAHSP on a Tunable Benchmark
2012-12-20 Automatic landmark annotation and dense correspondence registration for 3D human facial images
Dead code elimination based pointer analysis for multithreaded programs
Recognition of Logically Related Regions Based Heap Abstraction
A Polynomial Time Version of LLL With Deep Insertions
The Inverse Shapley Value Problem
FReD: Automated Debugging via Binary Search through a Process Lifetime
2012-12-17 Linearly Reconfigurable Kalman Filtering for a Vector Process
Distributed Self-Stabilizing Balancing Algorithm for Containment-Based Trees
A New Retinal Vessel Tracking Method Based on Orientation Scores
Single-Pass GPU-Raycasting for Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data
Approximating rational Bezier curves by constrained Bezier curves of arbitrary degree
ADER-WENO Finite Volume Schemes with Space-Time Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Equivalence of History and Generator Epsilon-Machines
From compression to compressed sensing
2012-12-13 Mining the Web for the Voice of the Herd to Track Stock Market Bubbles
Enhanced skin colour classifier using RGB Ratio model
Dynamic Simulation of Soft Heterogeneous Objects
Linear Time Lempel-Ziv Factorization: Simple, Fast, Small
Joint Training of Deep Boltzmann Machines
Accelerating Inference: towards a full Language, Compiler and Hardware stack
Multi-target tracking algorithms in 3D
The Modified Direct Method: an Approach for Smoothing Planar and Surface Meshes
Identifying Metaphoric Antonyms in a Corpus Analysis of Finance Articles
Robust image reconstruction from multi-view measurements
Software Mutational Robustness
2012-12-11 Google Earth -- at night!
Hybrid Optimized Back propagation Learning Algorithm For Multi-layer Perceptron
IK-PSO, PSO Inverse Kinematics Solver with Application to Biped Gait Generation and Toward Intelligent Biped-Humanoids Gaits Generation
Sequential Testing for Sparse Recovery -- optimal sampling in high dimensions.
A fair comparison of many max-tree computation algorithms (Extended version of the paper submitted to ISMM 2013
Stochastic Gradient Descent for Non-smooth Optimization: Convergence Results and Optimal Averaging Schemes
Local Component Analysis
Social Turing Tests: Crowdsourcing Sybil Detection
Tensor decompositions for learning latent variable models -- singular value decomposition (SVD) on a higher plane.
Fast and Robust Linear Motion Deblurring
Bag-of-Words Representation for Biomedical Time Series Classification
From the Birthday Paradox to a Practical Sublinear Space Streaming Algorithm for Triangle Counting
Inverting and Visualizing Features for Object Detection
Reconstruction of Integers from Pairwise Distances with applications to phase recovery and computational geometry.
On the complexity of learning a language: An improvement of Block's algorithm -- from exponential to essentially linear. :-)
Robust Face Recognition using Local Illumination Normalization and Discriminant Feature Point Selection
Bayesian Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts with applications to robot arm kinematics.
Value Elimination: Bayesian Inference via Backtracking Search
The Information Bottleneck EM Algorithm
A Simple Insight into Iterative Belief Propagation's Success
A Robust Independence Test for Constraint-Based Learning of Causal Structure
Monte Carlo Matrix Inversion Policy Evaluation
Efficient Gradient Estimation for Motor Control Learning -- throwing imaginary darts.
1 Billion Pages = 1 Million Dollars? Mining the Web to Play "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"
Sufficient Dimensionality Reduction with Irrelevant Statistics <==================================================
Extending Factor Graphs so as to Unify Directed and Undirected Graphical Models
A Distance-Based Branch and Bound Feature Selection Algorithm
Decentralized Sensor Fusion With Distributed Particle Filters
Policy-contingent abstraction for robust robot control -- actually used in practice.
Solving MAP Exactly using Systematic Search
Learning Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Efficiently Inducing Features of Conditional Random Fields
Markov Random Walk Representations with Continuous Distributions
The Revisiting Problem in Mobile Robot Map Building: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
Riemannian Calculus of Variations using Strongly Typed Tensor Calculus
2012-12-07 Transient Reward Approximation for Grids, Crowds, and Viruses
Autonomous Navigation by Robust Scan Matching Technique
Physics inspired algorithms for (co)homology computation -- orders of magnitudes speedups, applications in computer vision + robot motion planning, and a "mild introduction to algebraic topology"
2012-12-05 Influence Maximization in Social Networks: Towards an Optimal Algorithmic Solution
Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data Using Robust Statistics-based NMF
An Intuitive Approach to Inertial Sensor Bias Estimation
Advances in Optimizing Recurrent Networks
Cost-Sensitive Support Vector Machines
A Combinatorial Polynomial Algorithm for the Linear Arrow-Debreu Market
Modeling Movements in Oil, Gold, Forex and Market Indices using Search Volume Index and Twitter Sentiments
Spectral properties of Google matrix of Wikipedia and other networks
Kernel Estimation from Salient Structure for Robust Motion Deblurring
Hidden Markov Estimation of Bistatic Range From Cluttered Ultra-wideband Impulse Responses
Twitter Sentiment Analysis: How To Hedge Your Bets In The Stock Markets
On the Convergence Properties of Optimal AdaBoost
Using Wikipedia to Boost SVD Recommender Systems
Multiscale Markov Decision Problems: Compression, Solution, and Transfer Learning <======
Unifying exact completions -- category theory in computer science.
The Synchrosqueezing algorithm for time-varying spectral analysis: robustness properties and new paleoclimate applications
Fast approximation of matrix coherence and statistical leverage
Evaluation of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Weighted Max-Sat Problem: Technical Report
Training Support Vector Machines Using Frank-Wolfe Optimization Methods
How many vertex locations can be arbitrarily chosen when drawing planar graphs? -- with O(N) drawing algorithms.
A Topological Code for Plane Images
Towards Physarum Engines -- programmable jello! :-)
Separate Training for Conditional Random Fields Using Co-occurrence Rate Factorization
Dynamic Range Majority Data Structures
2012-12-04 Viewpoint Invariant Object Detector
Fingertip Detection: A Fast Method with Natural Hand
Pedestrian Detection with Unsupervised Multi-Stage Feature Learning (replaced 2013-04-03)
Message-Passing Algorithms for Quadratic Minimization
An Image Based Technique for Enhancement of Underwater Images
Replica placement for p2p redundant data storage on unreliable, non-dedicated machines
Time series forecasting: model evaluation and selection using nonparametric risk bounds
2012-11-27 Shadows and headless shadows: a worlds-based, autobiographical approach to reasoning, also Modeling problems of identity in Little Red Riding Hood
Texture Modeling with Convolutional Spike-and-Slab RBMs and Deep Extensions for texture synthesis and inpainting.
Detection of elliptical shapes via cross-entropy clustering
An Automatic Algorithm for Object Recognition and Detection Based on ASIFT Keypoints
Random Projections for Support Vector Machines
Optimizing Synchronization Algorithm for Auto-parallelizing Compiler
Life of an instruction in LLVM -- (courtesy of Dr Christoph Engeman -- thanks!
Design of Calibration Experiments for Identification of Manipulator Elastostatic Parameters
Automatic Verification of Message-Based Device Drivers
Lessons Learned From Microkernel Verification -- Specification is the New Bottleneck
Static Analysis of Lockless Microcontroller C Programs
2012-11-26 Memoization technique for optimizing functions with stochastic input
Optimally fuzzy scale-free memory <======== Design Of A Reconfigurable DSP Processor With Bit Efficient Residue Number System
Optimal design of PID controllers using the QFT method
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics
2012-11-21 Matching Through Features and Features Through Matching
How Specifications Change and Why You Should Care
Can We Reconcile Robustness and Efficiency in Unsupervised Learning?
Mahotas: Open source software for scriptable computer vision
2012-11-19 Unified Form Language: A domain-specific language for weak formulations of partial differential equations with implementation as open source library
A survey of loop invariants
Dynamic Facial Expression of Emotion Made Easy
Numerical comparison of different algorithms for construction of wavelet matrices
Hash in a Flash: Hash Tables for Solid State Devices
Applying Dynamic Model for Multiple Manoeuvring Target Tracking Using Particle Filtering
Reducing Higher Order Pi-Calculus to Spatial Logics
Compact Support Biorthogonal Wavelet Filterbanks for Arbitrary Undirected Graphs
Faster Approximation of Max Flow for Directed Graphs
2012-11-19 Recursive Robust PCA or Recursive Sparse Recovery in Large but Structured Noise
Visual Recognition of Isolated Swedish Sign Language Signs
Lasso Screening Rules via Dual Polytope Projection
Monte Carlo Search Algorithm Discovery for One Player Games <=====
2012-11-16 Simpler and Faster Lempel Ziv Factorization
Code Density Concerns for New Architectures
2012-11-12 Comparison of OpenMP & OpenCL Parallel Processing Technologies
3D Surface Reconstruction of Underwater Objects -- graph cut rides again!
2012-11-09 S2LET: A code to perform fast wavelet analysis on the sphere
Learning Monocular Reactive UAV Control in Cluttered Natural Environments
Optimal Auctions via the Multiplicative Weight Method
Blind Signal Separation in the Presence of Gaussian Noise
Linear Antenna Array with Suppressed Sidelobe and Sideband Levels using Time Modulation
3D Scene Grammar for Parsing RGB-D Pointclouds
STAR-Vote: A Secure, Transparent, Auditable, and Reliable Voting System
Fourier-Bessel rotational invariant eigenimages
2012-11-06 From Bits to Images: Inversion of Local Binary Descriptors
Ball Striking Algorithm for a 3 DOF Ping-Pong Playing Robot Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Derivation of fast DCT algorithms using algebraic technique based on Galois theory
A fast branching algorithm for unknot recognition with experimental polynomial-time behaviour
2012-11-02 Signal Processing on Graphs: Extending High-Dimensional Data Analysis to Networks and Other Irregular Data Domains
Dimensionality Reduction and Classification Feature Using Mutual Information Applied to Hyperspectral Images: A Wrapper Strategy Algorithm Based on Minimizing the Error Probability Using the Inequality of Fano
Improving the Numerical Robustness of Sphere Swept Collision Detection
Randomness and Non-determinism
Transition-Based Dependency Parsing With Pluggable Classifiers
Harmonious Hilbert curves and other extradimensional space-filling curves -- now with rotational statistical invariance.
Performance Evaluation of Random Set Based Pedestrian Tracking Algorithms -- fun with HOGs (Histograms of Oriented Gradients).
Feedback from nature: an optimal distributed algorithm for maximal independent set selection
2012-10-28 Modified Rice-Golomb Code for Predictive Coding of Integers with Real-valued Predictions
Measure What Should be Measured: Progress and Challenges in Compressive Sensing
Formally Checking Large Data Sets in the Railways -- keeping trains on time and not colliding in real-world practice. O(100,000) lines of Ada, O(100,000) Excel cells, O(1000) datavalue constraints.
2012-10-27 Clustering hidden Markov models with variational HEM
Extended object reconstruction in adaptive-optics imaging: the multiresolution approach
Nested Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
2012-10-23 Novel Architecture for 3D model in virtual communities from detected face
Fast Exact Max-Kernel Search: "up to 4 orders of magnitude speedup"
MLPACK: A Scalable C++ Machine Learning Library
High quality topic extraction from business news explains abnormal financial market volatility.
Motion Estimation and Imaging of Complex Scenes with Synthetic Aperture Radar
2012-10-19 Designing Informative Securities -- extracting information from prediction markets.
Leveraging Side Observations in Stochastic Bandits
Lifted Relax, Compensate and then Recover: From Approximate to Exact Lifted Probabilistic Inference
An Efficient Message-Passing Algorithm for the M-Best MAP Problem
Deterministic MDPs with Adversarial Rewards and Bandit Feedback
Exploiting Uniform Assignments in First-Order MPE
Budget Optimization for Sponsored Search: Censored Learning in MDPs
Uncertain Congestion Games with Assorted Human Agent Populations in the context of "the bounded rationality of humans" -- delightful euphemism!
Semantic Understanding of Professional Soccer Commentaries
Exploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures -- "It learns sensible structures for datasets as diverse as image patches, motion capture, 20 Questions, and U.S. Senate votes, all using exactly the same code."
Sample-efficient Nonstationary Policy Evaluation for Contextual Bandits
DBN-Based Combinatorial Resampling for Articulated Object Tracking
Lifted Relational Variational Inference
Response Aware Model-Based Collaborative Filtering
Crowdsourcing Control: Moving Beyond Multiple Choice
Active Imitation Learning via Reduction to I.I.D. Active Learning
Tightening Fractional Covering Upper Bounds on the Partition Function for High-Order Region Graphs
A Maximum Likelihood Approach For Selecting Sets of Alternatives
A Model-Based Approach to Rounding in Spectral Clustering
A Spectral Algorithm for Latent Junction Trees
Hilbert Space Embeddings of POMDPs
Learning STRIPS Operators from Noisy and Incomplete Observations
The Complexity of Approximately Solving Influence Diagrams
Hokusai - Sketching Streams in Real Time
Unsupervised Joint Alignment and Clustering using Bayesian Nonparametrics
Bayesian Vote Manipulation: Optimal Strategies and Impact on Welfare
Belief Propagation for Structured Decision Making
Fast Exact Inference for Recursive Cardinality Models
Probability and Asset Updating using Bayesian Networks for Combinatorial Prediction Markets
Efficiently Searching for Frustrated Cycles in MAP Inference ... stereo vision.
Active Learning with Distributional Estimates
New Advances and Theoretical Insights into EDML
Multi-objective Influence Diagrams
FHHOP: A Factored Hybrid Heuristic Online Planning Algorithm for Large POMDPs
Fast Graph Construction Using Auction Algorithm
Several AES Variants under VHDL language In FPGA ... for Cyclone III + Stratix :-)
From Regexes to Parsing Expression Grammars -- extended regexes as wimpy grammars.
An Improved Lower Bound of The Spark With Application
Creating a level playing field for all symbols in a discretization
Approximate Maximum Flow on Separable Undirected Graphs
An Approximate Solution Method for Large Risk-Averse Markov Decision Processes and portfolio optimization.
Representation Learning: A Review and New Perspectives
2012-10-15 A polygon-based interpolation operator for super-resolution imaging
Notes on image annotation -- a domain expert reflects on her experiences.
Simple and Nearly Optimal Multi-Item Auctions
Adaptive Quantizers for Estimation
Pattern matching in compilers
2012-10-10 Quick Search for Rare Events
Simulated Tom Thumb, the Rule Of Thumb for Autonomous Robots
A General Methodology for the Determination of 2D Bodies Elastic Deformation Invariants. Application to the Automatic Identification of Parasites
Deconvolving Images with Unknown Boundaries Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
On Online Labeling with Polynomially Many Labels
Fitness Landscape-Based Characterisation of Nature-Inspired Algorithms
Multi-threaded ASP Solving with clasp
Detecting dense communities in large social and information networks with the Core & Peel algorithm
Enhanced Compressed Sensing Recovery with Level Set Normals with applications to image processing.
Unsupervised Detection and Tracking of Arbitrary Objects with Dependent Dirichlet Process Mixtures
Locality-Sensitive Hashing with Margin Based Feature Selection
2012-10-06 Learning Human Activities and Object Affordances from RGB-D Videos
Unfolding Latent Tree Structures using 4th Order Tensors
On-line construction of position heaps
2012-09-29 Face Alignment Using Active Shape Model And Support Vector Machine
2012-10-03 Band Selection and Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Mutual Information: An algorithm based on minimizing the error probability using the inequality of Fano
Planar shape manipulation using approximate geometric primitives
Schrödinger Diffusion for Shape Analysis with Texture
Control Design along Trajectories with Sums of Squares Programming
A fast compression-based similarity measure with applications to content-based image retrieval
2012-09-24 Geometric simulation of optimal tool paths in three-axis milling
Evaluating and Designing Software Mutual Exclusion Algorithms on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors -- see also Mutual exclusion on wikipedia and the Black-White Bakery Algorithm
A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Image Super-resolution
Image Classification and Optimized Image Reproduction
Making a Science of Model Search
Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language for Technical Computing
On Move Pattern Trends in a Large Go Games Corpus
Towards Large-scale and Ultrahigh Dimensional Feature Selection via Feature Generation
BPRS: Belief Propagation Based Iterative Recommender System
Balanced Allocations and Double Hashing
Model-free multiclass conditional probability estimation via quantile regression
The Evolutionary Robustness of Forgiveness and Cooperation
2012-09-22 Four Soviets Walk the Dog - with an Application to Alt's Conjecture -- computing similarity of 2-D curves in less than quadratic time.
Strongly Convex Programming for Principal Component Pursuit
Head Frontal-View Identification Using Extended LLE
An Efficient Color Face Verification Based on 2-Directional 2-Dimensional Feature Extraction
Speech Signal Filters based on Soft Computing Techniques: A Comparison
Sparsification of Motion-Planning Roadmaps by Edge Contraction
Performance Analysis of Hybrid Forecasting Model In Stock Market Forecasting
2012-09-18 Thompson Sampling for Contextual Bandits with Linear Payoffs and Further Optimal Regret Bounds for Thompson Sampling
PaxosLease: Diskless Paxos for Leases
QuickHeapsort: Modifications and improved analysis
Edge Routing with Ordered Bundles -- reducing visual clutter in onscreen graph layout.
Writing Reusable Digital Geometry Algorithms in a Generic Image Processing Framework
Image Super-Resolution via Sparse Bayesian Modeling of Natural Images
2012-09-15 Hierarchical Digital Image Inpainting Using Wavelets
A Novel Approach of Harris Corner Detection of Noisy Images using Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding Technique
A Hajj And Umrah Location Classification System For Video Crowded Scenes
An FMM Based on Dual Tree Traversal for Many-core Architectures -- N-body stuff.
2012-09-13 Wavelet Based Image Coding Schemes : A Recent Survey
Internal joint forces in dynamics of a 3-PRP planar parallel robot
Effect of interaction strength on the evolution of cooperation
Probabilities on Sentences in an Expressive Logic
Simplifying Contract-Violating Traces
NetSimile: A Scalable Approach to Size-Independent Network Similarity
Regret Bounds for Restless Markov Bandits
Visual Tracking with Similarity Matching Ratio
Linear Time Algorithm for Projective Clustering
2012-09-01 Design of Low Noise Amplifiers Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Efficient Touch Based Localization through Submodularity
Robustness Checking against TSO: Attacks and Defence
Link Prediction via Generalized Coupled Tensor Factorisation
The Boost.Build System
Conflict Anticipation in the Search for Graph Automorphisms and Graph Symmetry Detection and Canonical Labeling: Differences and Synergies
2012-08-26 A Type-Safe Model of Adaptive Object Groups
Parameterized Concurrent Multi-Party Session Types
A Case Study on Formal Verification of Self-Adaptive Behaviors in a Decentralized System
Monte Carlo Search Algorithm Discovery for One Player Games
Monte Carlo Search Algorithm Discovery for One Player Games
Segmenting Intracellular Distribution Images Derived by Fluorescent Dyes Using a Potts Model Hamiltonian
Split and Join: Strong Partitions and Universal Steiner Trees for Graphs
2012-07-21 Quick HyperVolume
Local stability of Belief Propagation algorithm with multiple fixed points
Recovering Epipolar Geometry from Images of Smooth Surfaces
Thompson Sampling: An Asymptotically Optimal Finite Time Analysis with applications to multi-arm bandits.
2012-07-01 Residual Belief Propagation: Informed Scheduling for Asynchronous Message Passing
Visualization of Collaborative Data
Bayesian Multicategory Support Vector Machines
Efficient Selection of Disambiguating Actions for Stereo Vision
Faster Geometric Algorithms via Dynamic Determinant Computation
2012-06-23 A Unified Robust Classification Model: unifying SVM, MPM (minimax probability machine), and FDA (Fisher discriminant analysis).
Convex Multitask Learning with Flexible Task Clusters
Quasi-Newton Methods: A New Direction
Learning the Experts for Online Sequence Prediction
Clustering to Maximize the Ratio of Split to Diameter with applications to image segmentation.
On multi-view feature learning
Improved Information Gain Estimates for Decision Tree Induction
On-Line Portfolio Selection with Moving Average Reversion
Robust PCA in High-dimension: A Deterministic Approach
Efficient Decomposed Learning for Structured Prediction
Artist Agent: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Automatic Stroke Generation in Oriental Ink Painting
Total Variation and Euler's Elastica for Supervised Learning with applications to image denoising and inpainting.
Lightning Does Not Strike Twice: Robust MDPs with Coupled Uncertainty
Learning Efficient Structured Sparse Models -- "several orders of magnitude speedup"
The Most Persistent Soft-Clique in a Set of Sampled Graphs
A Generalized Loop Correction Method for Approximate Inference in Graphical Models -- latest tweak to Belief Propagation (BP).
Machine Learning that Matters -- nontechnical meta-critique.
Approximate Principal Direction Trees
Efficient Active Algorithms for Hierarchical Clustering
Linear Regression with Limited Observation
A Pointillism Approach for Natural Language Processing of Social Media
2012-06-20 Residual Component Analysis: Generalising PCA for more flexible inference in linear-Gaussian models
2012-06-16 Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning Algorithms
A comparison of CPU and GPU performance for Fourier pseudospectral simulations of the Navier-Stokes, Cubic Nonlinear Schrdinger and Sine Gordon Equations
2012-06-11 Dimension Reduction by Mutual Information Discriminant Analysis
Dimension Independent Similarity Computation for cosine, dice, overlap, conditional and jaccard similarity measures.
Manipulation and Control Complexity of Schulze Voting
An information-theoretic proof of Nash's inequality
Reachability-based Acyclicity Analysis by Abstract Interpretation with applications to compilers and programming languages.
Q-STAR:A Perceptual Video Quality Model Considering Impact of Spatial, Temporal, and Amplitude Resolutions
Minimizing a sum of submodular functions -- by Vladimir Kolmogorov, applications to image segmentation and other computer vision problems.
The multi-armed bandit problem with covariates
Multi-timescale Nexting in a Reinforcement Learning Robot
High-Dimensional Feature Selection by Feature-Wise Non-Linear Lasso
On the Necessity of Irrelevant Variables
Towards a Mathematical Theory of Super-Resolution
OCT Segmentation Survey and Summary Reviews and a Novel 3D Segmentation Algorithm and a Proof of Concept Implementation
2012-06-08 Visualization in Connectomics -- displaying the brain's wiring.
Optimizing Face Recognition Using PCA
Self-healing Deterministic Expanders -- design of robust P2P (etc) networks
Architecture for real time continuous sorting on large width data volume for FPGA based applications
Simple and Deterministic Matrix Sketching with applications including PCA
2012-06-04 The Use of Self Organizing Map Method and Feature Selection in Image Database Classification System
OpenGM: A C++ Library for Discrete Graphical Models
Pipelining the Fast Multipole Method over a Runtime System
ACME vs PDDL: support for dynamic reconfiguration of software architectures
Efficient techniques for mining spatial databases featuring new self-tuning clustering algorithms.
Image Filtering using All Neighbor Directional Weighted Pixels: Optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization
LR(1) Parser Generation System: LR(1) Error Recovery, Oracles, and Generic Tokens -- open-source LR(1) in the time and space of LALR(1)?!
2012-06-02 Fast reconstruction of phylogenetic trees using locality-sensitive hashing
The Pros and Cons of Compressive Sensing for Wideband Signal Acquisition: Noise Folding vs. Dynamic Range incorporating a "detailed engineer's guide to compressive sensing"
Compressive binary search for the lone nonzero entry in a high-dimensional vector.
Generalized sequential tree-reweighted message passing -- Vladimir Kolmogorov
2012-05-30 Towards Bounded Infeasible Code Detection
A Brief Summary of Dictionary Learning Based Approach for Classification (revised)
An Unsupervised Dynamic Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Hopfield Neural Network based Genetic Algorithm
Template-Cut: A Pattern-Based Segmentation Paradigm
MIPS code compression -- improving bzip by segmenting into multiple streams.
Boosting Moving Object Indexing through Velocity Partitioning
Challenging the Long Tail Recommendation -- recommending rare items.
Fingerprint Gender Classification using Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition
Finding Important Genes from High-Dimensional Data: An Appraisal of Statistical Tests and Machine-Learning Approaches
2012-05-25 Modular Session Types for Objects
Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Adaptive Penalty and Warm Starts for Fast Solving Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures
A hybrid clustering algorithm for data mining -- straddling the fence between K-mean and K-harmonic mean.
Language-Constraint Reachability Learning in Probabilistic Graphs
FASTSUBS: An Efficient Admissible Algorithm for Finding the Most Likely Lexical Substitutes Using a Statistical Language Model
Locally Orderless Registration of medical images.
Improved Implementation of Point Location in General Two-Dimensional Subdivisions in the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library CGAL.
Optimization of Convex Functions with Random Pursuit
Sharing a Sequential Program: Correctness and Concurrency Analysis
2012-05-18 Graph Coloring Algorithms for Muti-core and Massively Multithreaded Architectures
2012-05-14 Density Sensitive Hashing for nearest-neighbor searches.
Unsupervised Discovery of Mid-Level Discriminative Patches in computer vision.
Texture Analysis And Characterization Using Probability Fractal Descriptors
Operads, clones, and distributive laws
Robust Head Pose Estimation Using Contourlet Transform
Accurate 3D maps from depth images and motion sensors via nonlinear Kalman filtering
Revisiting Homomorphic Wavelet Estimation and Phase Unwrapping
Blind Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Signals Using High-Order Spectral Analysis and Wavelets
Efficient Topology-Controlled Sampling of Implicit Shapes
Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Short-Term Trading Based on the Method of Calibration
2012-05-13 Dynamic Loop Parallelisation
Mesh Learning for Classifying Cognitive Processes
Open Data Visualization: Keeping Traces of the Exploration Process
Refining Inductive Types -- hammering away on making dependent types practically useful.
Most Relevant Explanation: Properties, Algorithms, and Evaluations
Herding Dynamic Weights for Partially Observed Random Field Models
Exploring compact reinforcement-learning representations with linear regression
Ordinal Boltzmann Machines for Collaborative Filtering
Measuring Inconsistency in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases
Products of Hidden Markov Models: It Takes N>1 to Tango
Regret-based Reward Elicitation for Markov Decision Processes
Virtual Vector Machine for Bayesian Online Classification
Convexifying the Bethe Free Energy -- taming loopy belief propagation.
Convergent message passing algorithms - a unifying view
Quantifying the Strategyproofness of Mechanisms via Metrics on Payoff Distributions
Multi-Task Feature Learning Via Efficient l2,1-Norm Minimization
Improving Compressed Counting
MAP Estimation of Semi-Metric MRFs via Hierarchical Graph Cuts
The Temporal Logic of Causal Structures
Monolingual Probabilistic Programming Using Generalized Coroutines
Counting Belief Propagation
New inference strategies for solving Markov Decision Processes using reversible jump MCMC
Censored Exploration and the Dark Pool Problem
Generating Optimal Plans in Highly-Dynamic Domains
Correlated Non-Parametric Latent Feature Models -- generalizing the Indian Buffet Process.
Seeing the Forest Despite the Trees: Large Scale Spatial-Temporal Decision Making
L2 Regularization for Learning Kernels
Prediction Markets, Mechanism Design, and Cooperative Game Theory
Mean Field Variational Approximation for Continuous-Time Bayesian Networks
Multilingual Topic Models for Unaligned Text
Deterministic POMDPs Revisited -- looks like good overview at start.
Are visual dictionaries generalizable?
Group Sparse Priors for Covariance Estimation
Identifying confounders using additive noise models
Optimization of Structured Mean Field Objectives
2012-05-07 Robot Navigation using Reinforcement Learning and Slow Feature Analysis
DBC based Face Recognition using DWT
A novel statistical fusion rule for image fusion and its comparison in non subsampled contourlet transform domain and wavelet domain
A Novel Method For Speech Segmentation Based On Speakers' Characteristics
Approximate Dynamic Programming By Minimizing Distributionally Robust Bounds
Discovering Algorithms with Matrix Code
Graph spectra and the detectability of community structure in networks
The Natural Gradient by Analogy to Signal Whitening, and Recipes and Tricks for its Use
Fast Optimal Joint Tracking-Registration for Multi-Sensor Systems
2012-04-30 Background subtraction based on Local Shape (replaced 2012-05-18)
A 3D Segmentation Method for Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Volume Data
Catroid: A Mobile Visual Programming System for Children
Minimum Description Length Principle for Maximum Entropy Model Selection
Active Contour with A Tangential Component Geodesic Snakes -- GeoSnakes.
Human pose tracking by parametric annealing
Residual Belief Propagation for Topic Modeling
Elimination of Glass Artifacts and Object Segmentation
Two SVDs Suffice: Spectral decompositions for probabilistic topic modeling and latent Dirichlet allocation
B-Rank: A top N Recommendation Algorithm
A United Image Force for Deformable Models and Direct Transforming Geometric Active Contorus to Snakes by Level Sets
Using high performance computing and Monte Carlo simulation for pricing american options
On the equivalence of game and denotational semantics for the probabilistic mu-calculus
TH*:Scalable Distributed Trie Hashing
Exact Wavelets on the Ball
Climbing on Pyramids
2012-04-24 Numerical Analysis of Diagonal-Preserving, Ripple-Minimizing and Low-Pass Image Resampling Methods -- image resizing made intimidating.
Morphological Filtering in Shape Spaces: Applications using Tree-Based Image Representations
String trees asking "How many different unlabelled trees can one make from N nodes?" among other things.
Big-Five Personality Prediction Based on User Behaviors at Social Network Sites
A Unified Multiscale Framework for Discrete Energy Minimization
Evaluation of the Design Metric to Reduce the Number of Defects in Software Development
Regenerating codes: what matters in practice? -- the theory guys address lowly practitioners.
Smart Sort: Design and Analysis of a Fast, Efficient and Robust Comparison Based Internal Sort Algorithm
Inequality and Investment Bubbles: A Clearer Link Is Established
Time and Space Efficient Lempel-Ziv Factorization based on Run Length Encoding
The Design of GP 2
Regret Analysis of Stochastic and Nonstochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problems
Kolmogorov Complexity, Causality And Spin
Hybrid FPMS: A New Fairness Protocol Management Scheme for Community Wireless Mesh Networks
Using entropy measures for comparison of software traces
2012-04-22 Cryptree: A Folder Tree Structure for Cryptographic File Systems
Dynamic Template Tracking and Recognition
2012-04-19 Message passing with relaxed moment matching -- escalating from belief propagation to expectation propagation, and beyond.
Statistical Multiresolution Estimation for Variational Imaging: With an Application in Poisson-Biophotonics and inpainting (e.g., overlaid text removal) etc.
Network structure of inter-industry flows
Beyond Random Walk and Metropolis-Hastings Samplers: Why You Should Not Backtrack for Unbiased Graph Sampling
The game of go as a complex network, also published here

Positive words carry less information than negative words
2012-04-16 Using Mimicry to Learn about Mental Representations
Optimizing Scrip Systems: Crashes, Altruists, Hoarders, Sybils and Collusion
Information and the arrow of time
Fully dynamic maximal matching in O(log n) update time
2012-04-13 Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, and Event Recognition in linear asymptotic time.
Video In Sentences Out
An Efficient Cryptographic Hash Algorithm (BSA)
Seeing Unseeability to See the Unseeable
2012-04-09 Continuous Markov Random Fields for Robust Stereo Estimation
Efficient computational noise in GLSL
Learning to relate images: Mapping units, complex cells and simultaneous eigenspaces
Nearly Optimal Sparse Fourier Transform
The steepest watershed: from graphs to images
Affine Image Registration Transformation Estimation Using a Real Coded Genetic Algorithm with SBX
A sparse octree gravitational N-body code that runs entirely on the GPU processor -- 2.8 million particles/sec on NVIDIA card. (Is this the same as Bonsai: A GPU Tree-Code?)
Learning Topic Models - Going beyond SVD
Vision-Based Cooperative Estimation of Averaged 3D Target Pose under Imperfect Visibility
CinemaGazer: a System for Watching Video at Very High Speed
2012-04-06 Principal Component Analysis-Linear Discriminant Analysis Feature Extractor for Pattern Recognition
Optimization of UAV Heading for the Ground-to-Air Uplink
2012-04-02 Face Expression Recognition and Analysis: The State of the Art
Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Filter Based on Statistical Linearization
The Kernelized Stochastic Batch Perceptron
Efficient Fruit Defect Detection and Glare removal Algorithm by anisotropic diffusion and 2D Gabor filter
2012-03-30 Scalable K-Means++ -- parallelizing the latest tweak.
2012-03-26 $k$-MLE: A fast algorithm for learning statistical mixture models
Semi-Automatically Extracting FAQs to Improve Accessibility of Software Development Knowledge
A linear time algorithm for the next-to-shortest path problem on undirected graphs with nonnegative edge lengths
Post-Editing Error Correction Algorithm for Speech Recognition using Bing Spelling Suggestion
Entropy-based Tuning of Musical Instruments
Posterior Mean Super-Resolution with a Compound Gaussian Markov Random Field Prior
Acceleration of the shiftable O(1) algorithm for bilateral filtering and non-local means -- faster computer vision pixel munging.
Self-Healing by Means of Runtime Execution Profiling
Towards a Mathematical Theory of Super-Resolution
Onboard Flight Control of a Small Quadrotor Using Single Strapdown Optical Flow Sensor
Real-time Image-based 6-DOF Localization in Large-Scale Environments
Aperiodic Pseudo Random Number Generation from Chaos
Ropes: an Alternative to Strings (1995) by Hans-J. Boehm , Russ Atkinson , Michael Plass
Chris Osaki's thesis under Robert Harper et all -- basically version zero of his (marvelous!) Purely Functional Datastructures book.
2012-03-22 On a New Method of Storing a Variable Size Array
Texture Classification Approach Based on Combination of Edge & Co-occurrence and Local Binary Pattern
How to Estimate Change from Samples
An Annotation Scheme for Reichenbach's Verbal Tense Structure
Kernel Density Feature Points Estimator for Content-Based Image Retrieval
2012-03-20 Bayesian Rose Trees
An Online Learning-based Framework for Tracking
Super-Samples from Kernel Herding
Distribution over Beliefs for Memory Bounded Dec-POMDP Planning
Inferring deterministic causal relations
A Scalable Method for Solving High-Dimensional Continuous POMDPs Using Local Approximation
Real-Time Scheduling via Reinforcement Learning
Formula-Based Probabilistic Inference
Regularized Maximum Likelihood for Intrinsic Dimension Estimation
The Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Semi-Markov Model
Combining Spatial and Telemetric Features for Learning Animal Movement Models
BEEM : Bucket Elimination with External Memory
Bayesian exponential family projections for coupled data sources -- exponential family extensions of principal component analysis (EPCA).
Anytime Planning for Decentralized POMDPs using Expectation Maximization
Robust LogitBoost and Adaptive Base Class (ABC) LogitBoost
Approximating Higher-Order Distances Using Random Projections for nearest-neighbor etc.
Solving Hybrid Influence Diagrams with Deterministic Variables
Negative Tree Reweighted Belief Propagation
Parameter-Free Spectral Kernel Learning for mining unlabelled data.
Dirichlet Process Mixtures of Generalized Mallows Models
Parametric Return Density Estimation for Reinforcement Learning
Automated Planning in Repeated Adversarial Games
A Family of Computationally Efficient and Simple Estimators for Unnormalized Statistical Models
Sparse-posterior Gaussian Processes for general likelihoods
Exact and Approximate Inference in Associative Hierarchical Networks using Graph Cuts
Modeling Events with Cascades of Poisson Processes
Online Semi-Supervised Learning on Quantized Graphs for face recogniztion and OCR.
Primal View on Belief Propagation
Truthful Feedback for Sanctioning Reputation Mechanisms
Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Learning for Automatic Image Annotation
Solving Multistage Influence Diagrams using Branch-and-Bound Search
Learning Structural Changes of Gaussian Graphical Models in Controlled Experiments
Invariant Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models and Application in Causal Discovery applied to human motion capture.
Multi-Domain Collaborative Filtering
Automatic Tuning of Interactive Perception Applications
RAPID: A Reachable Anytime Planner for Imprecisely-sensed Domains
Artimate: an articulatory animation framework for audiovisual speech synthesis
Learning Feature Hierarchies with Centered Deep Boltzmann Machines
2012-03-15 Combinatorial Selection and Least Absolute Shrinkage via the CLASH Algorithm
Hybrid Poisson and multi-Bernoulli filters and Alternative multi-Bernoulli filters (extended version)
Integrated three-dimensional reconstruction using reflectance fields
The Leviathan model: Absolute dominance, generalised distrust and other patterns emerging from combining vanity with opinion propagation
2012-03-11 In Recognizing Faces, the Whole Is Not Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts -- Optimal Bayesian Integrator rules! (Jason M Gold, Patrick J Mundy + Bosco S Tjan, Psychological Science.)
Combinatorial Selection and Least Absolute Shrinkage via the CLASH Algorithm
Integrated three-dimensional reconstruction using reflectance fields
A Receding Horizon Strategy for Systems with Interval-Wise Energy Constraints
2012-03-08 An Optimized Sparse Approximate Matrix Multiply O(N*log(N))
Flow-based reputation: more than just ranking
Enhancement Techniques for Local Content Preservation and Contrast Improvement in Images
The Extraordinary SVD
Worst-case Optimal Join Algorithms
Substructure and Boundary Modeling for Continuous Action Recognition
Type-Preserving Flow Analysis and Interprocedural Unboxing (Extended Version)
Graph partitioning advance clustering technique
2012-03-06 Learning DNF Expressions from Fourier Spectrum
Manual and Fast C Code Optimization
A Method of Moments for Mixture Models and Hidden Markov Models
Search Combinators
2012-02-29 Maximum Inner-Product Search using Tree Data-structures: "up to five orders of magnitude improvement in query time" -- or your money back! :-)
One Decade of Universal Artificial Intelligence
k-Color Multi-Robot Motion Planning
GPU acceleration of the particle filter: the Metropolis resampler
Fast approximations to structured sparse coding and applications to object classification -- fast SIFT.
Stable image reconstruction using total variation minimization
Principal Component Pursuit with Reduced Linear Measurements
Eye Pupil Location Using Webcam
Filling-Based Techniques Applied to Object Projection Feature Estimation -- 3d motion tracking for computer vision.
Sublinear Time Approximate Sum via Uniform Random Sampling
Learning from Distributions via Support Measure Machines
Perturbation of the Eigenvectors of the Graph Laplacian: Application to Image Denoising
Image Fusion and Re-Modified SPIHT for Fused Image
Typing Copyless Message Passing -- tweaking linear logic.
Homeomorphic approximation of the intersection curve of two rational surfaces
Certified Approximation of Parametric Space Curves with Cubic B-spline Curves
Multi-Level Feature Descriptor for Robust Texture Classification via Locality-Constrained Collaborative Strategy
Algorithms for Learning Kernels Based on Centered Alignment
Change-Point Detection in Time-Series Data by Relative Density-Ratio Estimation
A Contextual-Bandit Approach to Personalized News Article Recommendation
Merging BSP Trees Yields Polyhedral Set Operations -- 1990 one approach to (e.g.) CSG on triangle meshes.
Fast, Exact, Linear Booleans -- a 2009 UT/Austin approach to (e.g.) CSG on triangle meshes.
Exact and Robust (Self-)Intersections for Polygonal Meshes -- yet another CSG on triangle meshes paper (2010)
2012-02-25 Computing Lempel-Ziv Factorization Online via wavelet trees, no less.
On the Power of Manifold Samples in Exploring Configuration Spaces and the Dimensionality of Narrow Passages -- fast multirobot motion planning.
Efficient and Effective Volume Visualization with Enhanced Isosurface Rendering
Register Allocation By Model Transformer Semantics -- "larger solution space", "more optimization opportunities" "seamless live range splitting" "simplifies compiler"
An Incremental Sampling-based Algorithm for Stochastic Optimal Control -- robotic motion control planning via random sampling.
Mod-CSA: Modularity optimization by conformational space annealing -- outperforming and outscaling the reigning simulated annealing solution.
2012-02-22 Computer-Assisted Program Reasoning Based on a Relational Semantics of Programs -- interposing denotational semantics between program text and verification.
Multilevel Image Encryption
Strongly universal string hashing is fast
A Planarity Test via Construction Sequences -- same result, less code?
Improvements on "Fast space-variant elliptical filtering using box splines"
2012-02-20 Learning is planning: near Bayes-optimal reinforcement learning via Monte-Carlo tree search
Factored Filtering of Continuous-Time Systems in robotics etc.
Filtered Fictitious Play for Perturbed Observation Potential Games and Decentralised POMDPs -- 100% better.
A temporally abstracted Viterbi algorithm -- for speech recognition etc.
Boosting as a Product of Experts
Efficient Inference in Markov Control Problems in robotics etc.
Hierarchical Affinity Propagation
Reasoning about RoboCup Soccer Narratives
Sum-Product Networks: A New Deep Architecture for better image completion etc.
Fractional Moments on Bandit Problems
Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA) with applications to face clustering, video segmentation etc.
2012-02-13 Streaming an image through the eye: The retina seen as a dithered scalable image coder
An evaluation of local shape descriptors for 3D shape retrieval
Proceedings Fourth Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional Programming
A High Order Sliding Mode Control with PID Sliding Surface: Simulation on a Torpedo
The artifacts of component-based development
Efficient Web-based Facial Recognition System Employing 2DHOG
Self-healing using virtual structures -- ForgivingTree and ForgivingGraph.
Using Covariance Matrices as Feature Descriptors for Vehicle Detection from a Fixed Camera
Craniofacial reconstruction as a prediction problem using a Latent Root Regression model
RASID: A Robust WLAN Device-free Passive Motion Detection System -- wifi boxes as indoor radar.
Optimal State-Space Reduction for Pedigree Hidden Markov Models
Minimax Option Pricing Meets Black-Scholes in the Limit
A linear-time algorithm for finding a complete graph minor in a dense graph
Let Us Dance Just a Little Bit More --- On the Information Capacity of the Human Motor System
Visual definition of procedures for automatic virtual scene generation
Generalized Boosting Algorithms for Convex Optimization
Unstructured Human Activity Detection from RGBD Images
They Know Where You Live!
Finding the most biased coin with fewest flips -- the multi-arm bandit rides again.
Control of Towing Kites for Seagoing Vessels
2012-02-10 3D Model Assisted Image Segmentation
Arduino Tool: For Interactive Artwork Installations
Non-parametric convolution based image-segmentation of ill-posed objects applying context window approach
Informed Source Separation using Iterative Reconstruction
2012-02-08 Information Forests
On the Performance of Maximum Likelihood Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Beyond Sentiment: The Manifold of Human Emotions
Robust seed selection algorithm for k-means type algorithms
Automatic Clustering with Single Optimal Solution
Allocations for Heterogenous Distributed Storage
Data Exchange Problem with Helpers -- bittorrent type stuff.
Combined Haar-Hilbert and Log-Gabor Based Iris Encoders
Learning to Place New Objects in a Scene
Multi-outcome and Multidimensional Market Scoring Rules
Network Coded Gossip with Correlated Data
Genetic algorithms in astronomy and astrophysics
2012-02-06 Practical Conditions for Well-behaved-ness of Anisotropic Voronoi Diagrams
Alternating Markov Chains for Distribution Estimation in the Presence of Errors
Improving feature selection algorithms using normalised feature histograms
Recommender Systems -- the physicists' take.
2012-02-02 Resolving Implementation Ambiguity and Improving SURF -- finding matching points in pairs of images.
Comparing Background Subtraction Algorithms and Method of Car Counting
2012-01-26 Constraint Propagation as Information Maximization
Dynamic Session Key Exchange Method using Two S-Boxes -- improving on Diffie-Hellman
RT-SLAM: A Generic and Real-Time Visual SLAM Implementation: practical realtime open source robotics in C++ at 60HZ/640x480. Standard solution uses EKF (extended kalman filters), this paper presents another approach. (SLAM=="Simultaneous Location and Mapping" -- see eg An introduction to Robot SLAM).
Faster and Simpler Minimal Conflicting Set Identification with applications from VLSI through planar embeddings to ancenstral genome reconstruction.
Efficient FMM accelerated vortex methods in three dimensions via the Lamb-Helmholtz decomposition -- efficient simulation of incompressible fluids. (FMM == "fast multipole method".)
2012-01-22 A Novel Approach to Fast Image Filtering Algorithm of Infrared Images based on Intro Sort Algorithm
Fault Localization for Java Programs using Probabilistic Program Dependence Graph
Parameter Identification in a Probabilistic Setting
Image decomposition with anisotropic diffusion applied to leaf-texture analysis
A Geometric Analysis of Subspace Clustering with Outliers
A simple D^2-sampling based PTAS for k-means and other Clustering Problems
Collaborative Personalized Web Recommender System using Entropy based Similarity Measure
On Shore and Johnson properties for a Special Case of Csiszr f-divergences
Applications of topology in computer algorithms -- interesting end-of-career retrospective braindump of a very applied mathematician.
2012-01-17 Finding Convex Hulls Using Quickhull on the GPU
Spring Embedders and Force Directed Graph Drawing Algorithms -- a review/survey article.
Throughput Scaling Of Convolution For Error-Tolerant Multimedia Applications -- speeding up cross-correlation and convolution>
Using Neighborhood Diversity to Solve Hard Problems -- another arrow in the treewidth/vertexcover quiver.
Tacit knowledge mining algorithm based on linguistic truth-valued concept lattice
Automatic system for counting cells with elliptical shape -- a nice exercise in combining standard algorithms to construct a complete vision-task solution.
A New Color Feature Extraction Method Based on Dynamic Color Distribution Entropy of Neighborhoods
Closed Contour Fractal Dimension Estimation by the Fourier Transform
Shape analysis using fractal dimension: a curvature based approach
Fractal Descriptors in the Fourier Domain Applied to Color Texture Analysis
The Logic of Parametric Probability
Fast Normalized Cross-Correlation (ILM).
Jacob Rosen whose UCSC Bionics lab does much robosurgery and exoskeleton type stuff including early work that led to the UW open-source robosurgery platform Raven
2012-01-16 Automatic Image Segmentation based on MRF-MAP
2012-01-15 OpenVSP NASA-contributed software to "create a 3D model of an aircraft defined by common engineering parameters"
2012-01-13 Nearly Optimal Sparse Fourier Transform -- beating FFT. (See also Simple and Practical Algorithm for Sparse Fourier Transform from the same group.)
Sparse Reward Processes
Autonomous Cleaning of Corrupted Scanned Documents - A Generative Modeling Approach
SybilControl: Practical Sybil Defense with Computational Puzzles -- DHT's that work even when 20% of nodes are malicious.
Musical Modes, Their Associated Chords and Their Musicality
On B-spline framelets derived from the unitary extension principle
2012-01-10 Exact Symbolic-Numeric Computation of Planar Algebraic Curves
A United Image Force for Deformable Models and Direct Transforming Geometric Active Contours to Snakes by Level Sets
Feature Selection via Regularized Trees
Identifying and Analysis of Scene Mining Methods Beased on Scenes Extracted Features
Committee Algorithm: An Easy Way to Construct Wavelet Filter Banks
Improvement of Anomoly Detection Algorithms in Hyperspectral Images using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Adaptive Noise Reduction Scheme for Salt and Pepper
Adaptive Context Tree Weighting for data compression.
Faster deterministic integer factorization
A comparison of two suffix tree-based document clustering algorithms
2012-01-08 Abstracting Runtime Heaps for Program Understanding
A Thermodynamical Approach for Probability Estimation
Interactive Character Posing by Sparse Coding
Picture Collage with Genetic Algorithm and Stereo vision
2011-12-31 Abstracting Path Conditions to improve test coverage.
Semantics and Algorithms for Parametric Monitoring
Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning
Descriptor learning for omnidirectional image matching
Multi-q Analysis of Image Patterns why Tsallis entropy does 3X better than classic Boltzmann-Gibbs-Shannon entropy.
Clustering under Perturbation Resilience
2011-12-26 Critical Data Compression by modelling signal and noise separately.
A Study on Using Uncertain Time Series Matching Algorithms in Map-Reduce Applications
Sparse matrix-vector multiplication on GPGPU clusters: A new storage format and a scalable implementation
Tight lower bounds for online labeling problem -- latest on the file maintainance problem -- assigning dense integer indices to sparsely distributed values, recently of interest re "cache-oblivious B-trees".
Discretization of Parametrizable Signal Manifolds -- lower-dimensionality image processing etc, also Learning Smooth Pattern Transformation Manifolds
Fast Inexact Graph Matching with Applications in Statistical Connectomics
Dynamics of competing ideas in complex social systems
Minimax Rates for Homology Inference for medical imaging etc
Model Cortical Association Fields Account for the Time Course and Dependence on Target Complexity of Human Contour Perception
2011-12-12 Combining One-Class Classifiers via Meta-Learning
Ranking and clustering of nodes in networks with smart teleportation -- tweaking PageRank
Zero-Temperature Limit of a Convergent Algorithm to Minimize the Bethe Free Energy -- latest on Loopy Belief Propagation.
Towards Optimal One Pass Large Scale Learning with Averaged Stochastic Gradient Descent -- a theoretical curiosity becomes practical.
2011-12-16 MINE software ("freely downloadable") claims to search for arbitrary patterns in masses of scientific data.
Title: Quantifying synergistic information remains an unsolved problem
ScoreAHit -- using Time-Shifting Ridge Regression (TSRR) on audio features to retrodict top UK Top40 weekly single for the last 40 years.
Lazy Pointer Analysis in gcc.
2011-12-14 Large Scale Correlation Clustering Optimization in computer vision.
Supervised Generative Reconstruction: An Efficient Way To Flexibly Store and Recognize Patterns ... "the brain may [use] a similar approach".
Fast convolution-based methods for computing the signed distance function and its derivatives
Robust Learning via Cause-Effect Models
Phase transition to two-peaks phase in an information cascade voting experiment
Learning in embodied action-perception loops through exploration
Multi-timescale Nexting in a Reinforcement Learning Robot
2011-12-11 How to Gamble If You're In a Hurry
Bipartite ranking algorithm for classification and survival analysis -- Smooth Rank generalizes Naive Bayesian and Weighted Voting(?)
An Information Theoretic Analysis of Decision in Computer Chess -- understanding the effectiveness of the modern fractional-ply searching as maximization of expected information gain. See also Information and Search in Computer Chess
2011-12-06 A New Approach to Incremental Cycle Detection and Related Problems -- Tarjan strikes again!
Clustering under Perturbation Resilience
Worst-Case Optimal Priority Queues via Extended Regular Counters
How Not to Win a Million Dollars: A Counterexample to a Conjecture of L. Breiman
Predicting Financial Markets: Comparing Survey,News, Twitter and Search Engine Data
2011-12-03 Local Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor for Image Classification
Domain Theory and the Logic of Observable Properties
Mask Iterative Hard Thresholding Algorithms for Sparse Image Reconstruction of Objects with Known Contour
A Learning Framework for Self-Tuning Histograms
2011-12-01 Bandit Market Makers
2011-11-28 Distributed Representation of Geometrically Correlated Images with Compressed Linear Measurements
A New Proposed Technique to Improve Software Regression Testing Cost
Estimation of the Embedding Capacity in Pixel-pair based Watermarking Schemes
Serf and Turf: Crowdturfing for Fun and Profit
Evolving Chart Pattern Sensitive Neural Network Based Forex Trading Agents
An image processing of a Raphael's portrait of Leonardo
2011-11-25 A New Round Robin Based Scheduling Algorithm for Operating Systems: Dynamic Quantum Using the Mean Average
Contextually Guided Semantic Labeling and Search for 3D Point Clouds
A Decentralized Architecture for Enforcing Privacy in Online Social Networks
Randomized Speedup of the Bellman-Ford Algorithm
2011-11-22 The Anatomy of the Facebook Social Graph
Redundant Wavelets on Graphs and High Dimensional Data Clouds and image denoising.
Incremental Learning with Accuracy Prediction of Social and Individual Properties from Mobile-Phone Data
Compiler Optimization: A Case for the Transformation Tool Contest; Program Understanding: A Reengineering Case for the Transformation Tool Contest; Solving the TTC 2011 Compiler Optimization Task with metatools
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with MOLA and Higher-Order Transformations
Solving the TTC 2011 Reengineering Case with GrGen.NET
Enhancement of Image Resolution by Binarization
Chebyshev Polynomials in Distributed Consensus Applications -- "achieves the consensus using far less iterations than other approaches".
Distributed Multi-view Matching in Networks with Limited Communications
A weighted message-passing algorithm to estimate volume-related properties of random polytopes
A Navigation Algorithm Inspired by Human Navigation
Comparative study of Financial Time Series Prediction by Artificial Neural Network with Gradient Descent Learning
Universal Computation is 'Almost Surely' Chaotic
Biased diffusion on Japanese inter-firm trading network: Estimation of sales from network structure
Towards a Theory of Anonymous Networking
Message-Passing Estimation from Quantized Samples
Partition Function Expansion on Region-Graphs and Message-Passing Equations
Anthropic decision theory
The Object Projection Feature Estimation Problem in Unsupervised Markerless 3D Motion Tracking
A Facial Expression Classification System Integrating Canny, Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network
2011-11-16 Computing a visibility polygon using few variables
Positivity of the English language
Universal MMSE Filtering With Logarithmic Adaptive Regret
No Free Lunch versus Occam's Razor in Supervised Learning
(Non-)Equivalence of Universal Priors
Recipe recommendation using ingredient networks
Model-based Utility Functions
2011-11-14 Down the Rabbit Hole: Robust Proximity Search in Sublinear Space
A Comprehensive Study of Commonly Practiced Heavy and Light Weight Software Methodologies
Performance of Cache Memory Subsystems for Multicore Architectures
A multiprecision matrix calculation library and its extension library for a matrix-product-state simulation of quantum computing
Tracing the temporal evolution of clusters in a financial stock market
Context Tree Switching -- improving on Contex Tree Weighting.
Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal Based on Sparse Signal Processing
A cuckoo hashing variant with improved memory utilization and insertion time
2011-11-11 A Novel Approach to Texture classification using statistical feature
Optimum Partition Parameter of Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Solving Closest-Pair Problem
2011-11-08 Tight Approximation of Image Matching -- sublinear.
Quantization via Empirical Divergence Maximization and Its Applications will application to dimensionality reduction.
Near Linear-Work Parallel SDD Solvers, Low-Diameter Decomposition, and Low-Stretch Subgraphs with applications including single-source shortest paths, approx / max flow, min-cost flow.
New Method for 3D Shape Retrieval
Analysis of Thompson Sampling for the multi-armed bandit problem -- experimentally close to optimal.
Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model in Detecting Activities of Daily Living in Wearable Videos for Studies of Dementia
Discriminative Local Sparse Representations for Robust Face Recognition
Widescope - A social platform for serious conversations on the Web
Projection-Based and Look Ahead Strategies for Atom Selection -- applications including face recognition and image denoising.
UPAL: Unbiased Pool Based Active Learning: making the most of expensive (e.g., manually generated) samples -- say, speech recognition.
Robust PCA as Bilinear Decomposition with Outlier-Sparsity Regularization -- armoring PCA against outliers.
High Performance Controllers for Speed and Position Induction Motor Drive using New Reaching Law
A Survey on Open Problems for Mobile Robots
2011-11-08 Hash function based secret sharing scheme designs
An efficient implementation of the simulated annealing heuristic for the quadratic assignment problem
Face Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform for Global and Local Features
Multimodal diff-hash for computer vision and such.
Iris Recognition Based on LBP and Combined LVQ Classifier
Multi-Stage Complex Contagions
Efficient Hierarchical Markov Random Fields for Object Detection on a Mobile Robot
De-amortizing Binary Search Trees -- "produces a BST that has the same asymptotic cost as Splay Trees on any access sequence while performing each search in O(log n) worst case time."
Student's T Robust Bundle Adjustment Algorithm
2011-11-06 Towards "Intelligent Compression" in Streams: A Biased Reservoir Sampling based Bloom Filter Approach
Collective Energy Foraging of Robot Swarms and Robot Organisms
Extracting spatial information from networks with low-order eigenvectors
Sparsity and Robustness in Face Recognition
Stochastic Belief Propagation: Low-Complexity Message-Passing with Guarantees
A robust, low-cost approach to Face Detection and Face Recognition
2011-11-02 Exploiting Subgraph Structure in Multi-Robot Path Planning
2011-10-30 $\ell_0$ Minimization for Wavelet Frame Based Image Restoration
2011-10-26 Face Recognition Based on SVM and 2DPCA
Hand Tracking based on Hierarchical Clustering of Range Data
From Bandits to Experts: On the Value of Side-Observations
Anti-sparse coding for approximate nearest neighbor search
A Heuristic Description of Fast Fourier Transform
Fast directional continuous spherical wavelet transform algorithms, A directional continuous wavelet transform on the sphere, Optimal filters on the sphere and Fast, exact (but unstable) spin spherical harmonic transforms
The multi-armed bandit problem with covariates
Clustering using Unsupervised Binary Trees: CUBT
HqQ ("HYdraulic Quadruped") -- well-funded project with lots of papers documenting the tech.
2011-10-24 Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Images (also available in low-res)
2011-10-21 Improved Upper Bounds for Pairing Heaps -- match Fibonacci heaps on everything but decrease_key.
Compression-based Similarity -- latest from Vitani, this time comparing individual English words via Google searches.
2011-10-20 A Type System for Unstructured Locking that Guarantees Deadlock Freedom without Imposing a Lock Ordering
An Optimal Algorithm for Linear Bandits
2011-10-14 Sparse Image Representation with Epitomes
Stochastic Dimensionality Reduction for K-means Clustering
Fast Multipole Method vs. Spectral Method for the Simulation of Isotropic Turbulence on GPUs
Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link Anomaly Detection
2011-10-12 Closed-Loop Learning of Visual Control Policies
The Generalized A* Architecture with applications to computer vision.
Supervised learning of short and high-dimensional temporal sequences for life science measurements
Average Interpolating Wavelets on Point Clouds and Graphs
2011-10-10 The proximal point method for a hybrid model in image restoration
Steps Towards a Theory of Visual Information: Active Perception, Signal-to-Symbol Conversion and the Interplay Between Sensing and Control
2011-10-06 On Joint Diagonalisation for Dynamic Network Analysis
Predicting User Actions in Software Processes
Bayesian Locality Sensitive Hashing for Fast Similarity Search
Sources of Inter-package Conflicts in Debian
Electrical Flow Algorithms for Total Variation Minimization in image restoration.
2011-10-01 Negotiating Socially Optimal Allocations of Resources
Domain Adaptation for Statistical Classifiers with applications to natural language processing.
On Graphical Modeling of Preference and Importance
Cognitive Principles in Robust Multimodal Interpretation
Extropy: a complementary dual of entropy
Multiple-Goal Heuristic Search: "Focused crawling".
The Statistical Inefficiency of Sparse Coding for Images (or, One Gabor to Rule them All)
2011-09-30 Evaluation of a Bundling Technique for Parallel Coordinates
An Entropy Based Method for Local Time-Adaptation of the Spectrogram
2011-09-26 Latent Semantic Learning with Structured Sparse Representation for Human Action Recognition
On O(1) Gaussian filtering using box splines
Volume-Enclosing Surface Extraction -- beyond Marching Cubes.
An Introduction to Artificial Prediction Markets for Classification
2011-09-25 The Push Algorithm for Spectral Ranking
Detachable Object Detection: Segmentation and Depth Ordering From Short-Baseline Video
Exhaustive and Efficient Constraint Propagation: A Semi-Supervised Learning Perspective and Its Applications
Sparse Online Low-Rank Projection and Outlier Rejection (SOLO) for 3-D Rigid-Body Motion Registration
Beyond pixels and regions: A non local patch means (NLPM) method for content-level restoration, enhancement, and reconstruction of degraded document images
Couillard: Parallel Programming via Coarse-Grained Data-Flow Compilation
TorrentGuard: stopping scam and malware distribution in the BitTorrent ecosystem
2011-09-20 Learning where to Attend with Deep Architectures for Image Tracking
Parallel Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication and Indexing: Implementation and Experiments
New Principles of Coordination in Large-scale Micro- and Molecular-Robotic Groups
Generalised Object Detection and Semantic Analysis: Casino Example using Matlab
Online Robust Subspace Tracking from Partial Information with applications to video analysis etc.
Fast approximation of matrix coherence and statistical leverage -- runtime cut from O(N**2) -> O(N*logN)
An Algorithmic Approach to Information and Meaning
A Dynamic Stabbing-Max Data Structure with Sub-Logarithmic Query Time
Concave Generalized Flows with Applications to Market Equilibria
Learning Discriminative Metrics via Generative Models and Kernel Learning -- order-of-magnitude image classification speedup.
Tying up the loose ends in fully LZW-compressed pattern matching
Kara: A System for Visualising and Visual Editing of Interpretations for Answer-Set Programs
Ergodic Control and Polyhedral approaches to PageRank Optimization
Smarter robot arms from MIT.
IR-based Communication and Perception in Microrobotic Swarms and the Jasmine microbot.
Using MOEAs To Outperform Stock Benchmarks In The Presence of Typical Investment Constraints
Artificial Skin Ridges Enhance Local Tactile Shape Discrimination
2011-09-14 Light-weight Locks
Reconstruction of sequential data with density models -- with application to inverse robot arm kinematics.
Angle-Restricted Steiner Arborescences for Flow Map Layout with applications to object motion visualization.
Design of an Optical Character Recognition System for Camera-based Handheld Devices
Distributed User Profiling via Spectral Methods
Learning Topic Models by Belief Propagation with applications to computer vision.
Large-scale Complex IT Systems -- why we can't build them.
Optimal Portfolio Liquidation with Limit Orders
Directional Variance Adjustment: a novel covariance estimator for high dimensional portfolio optimization
A Corticothalamic Circuit Model for Sound Identification in Complex Scenes -- efficient algorithm, breakthrough solution to the "cocktail party problem"?
2011-09-13 Perseus: Randomized Point-based Value Iteration for POMDPs ("Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes").
Macro-FF: Improving AI Planning with Automatically Learned Macro-Operators
Feature-Based Matrix Factorization for recommendation systems.
Heterogeneity for Increasing Performance and Reliability of Self-Reconfigurable Multi-Robot Organisms
An inventory of three-dimensional Hilbert space-filling curves
Secured color image watermarking technique in DWT-DCT domain
Control of Complex Maneuvers for a Quadrotor UAV using Geometric Methods on SE(3)
Modern hierarchical, agglomerative clustering algorithms
2011-09-08 Exact Subspace Segmentation and Outlier Detection by Low-Rank Representation for computer vision.
2011-09-06 Moving Object Detection by Detecting Contiguous Outliers in the Low-Rank Representation
2011-08-31 Fast N-body Simulations on GPUs with applications including radiosity.
Optimizing Network Topology to Reduce Aggregate Traffic in Systems of Mobile Robots
Adaptive Locomotion of Multibody Snake-like Robot
Efficient data compression from statistical physics of codes over finite fields
InfTucker: t-Process based Infinite Tensor Decomposition: "reduces both time and space complexities by several orders of magnitude" ... "significantly higher prediction accuracy than several state-of-art tensor decomposition approaches including High Order Singular Value Decomposition (HOSVD), Weighted CP, and nonnegative tensor decomposition."
Anisotropic k-Nearest Neighbor Search Using Covariance Quadtree
Local Component Analysis
aspcud: A Linux Package Configuration Tool Based on Answer Set Programming
Vessel Segmentation in Medical Imaging Using a Tight-Frame Based Algorithm
2011-08-28 Deinterleaving Finite Memory Processes via Penalized Maximum Likelihood -- unscrewing inscrutably multiplexed markov processes.
Positivity of the English language -- quantifying connotation.
An Experimental Comparison of PMSPrune and Other Algorithms for Motif Search
All scale-free networks are sparse
Lifted Graphical Models: A Survey -- predicting friends etc.
On the Spatial Dependence Structure of Isotropic Pairwise Gaussian-Markov Random Field Models -- with applications including image and video processing.
2011-08-25 Least Squares Temporal Difference Actor-Critic Methods with Applications to Robot Motion Control
2011-08-22 Backpressure with Adaptive Redundancy (BWAR)
A Dynamical Systems Approach for Static Evaluation in Go
Edge detection based on morphological amoebas
2011-08-17 Hierarchical Object Parsing from Noisy Point Clouds
Feature Reinforcement Learning In Practice
Doing Better Than UCT: Rational Monte Carlo Sampling in Trees
Self-Organizing Mixture Networks for Representation of Grayscale Digital Images
Policy Iteration is well suited to optimize PageRank
2011-08-19 Hamiltonian Streamline Guided Feature Extraction with Applications to Face Detection
A theory of robust software synthesis
"Memory foam" approach to unsupervised learning
Divide-and-Conquer Matrix Factorization
2011-08-16 Selectivity in Probabilistic Causality: Drawing Arrows from Inputs to Stochastic Outputs
Origins of Answer-Set Programming - Some Background And Two Personal Accounts -- a ten year retrospective/review.
A review and comparison of strategies for multi-step ahead time series forecasting based on the NN5 forecasting competition
Vision-Based Navigation III: Pose and Motion from Omnidirectional Optical Flow and a Digital Terrain Map
2011-08-14 Compressive Imaging using Approximate Message Passing and a Markov-Tree Prior
Improving bit-vector representation of points-to sets using class hierarchy
Building Better Incentives for Robustness in BitTorrent and The BitTorrent Anonymity Marketplace br> Generalised elastic nets
A theory of multiclass boosting
2011-08-12 A survey on independence-based Markov networks learning
Undithering using linear filtering and non-linear diffusion techniques
Feature Extraction for Change-Point Detection using Stationary Subspace Analysis
Center-based Clustering under Perturbation Stability
2011-08-09 Gender Recognition Based on Sift Features
Title: Generalized Louvain Method for Community Detection in Large Networks -- "near linear time" sounds good!
2011-08-08 Fast k-means algorithm clustering
Program slicing techniques and its applications
Real time face recognition using adaboost improved fast PCA algorithm
An Efficient Architecture for Information Retrieval in P2P Context Using Hypergraph
A novel and scalable Multigrid algorithm for many-core architectures
2011-08-05 Leveraging Billions of Faces to Overcome Performance Barriers in Unconstrained Face Recognition
Learning Representations by Maximizing Compression in computer vision.
It's Official: Computerized Trading Agents Do Beat Humans in Foreign Exchange Markets -- using Adaptive Aggressiveness.
2011-08-02 Towards Robust and Efficient Computation in Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Networks
Accurate Estimators for Improving Minwise Hashing and b-Bit Minwise Hashing
2011-08-02 A Invertible Dimension Reduction of Curves on a Manifold with applications to face recognition, image classification and shape recognition.
Entropy Semiring Forward-backward Algorithm for HMM Entropy Computation
Title: Accelerating Radio Astronomy Cross-Correlation with Graphics Processing Units
2011-07-28 Image representation by blob and its application in CT reconstruction from few projections
Cooperative Estimation of 3D Target Motion via Networked Visual Motion Observer
Fast and Scalable Analysis of Massive Social Graphs
The Magic of Logical Inference in Probabilistic Programming
Fast multi-scale edge-detection in medical ultrasound signals
ALPprolog --- A New Logic Programming Method for Dynamic Domains
Celerity: A Low-Delay Multi-Party Conferencing Solution -- P2P adapting to arbitrary bottlenecks.
A structured alternative to Prolog with simple compositional semantics
Selecting Attributes for Sport Forecasting using Formal Concept Analysis
Axioms for Rational Reinforcement Learning
Time Consistent Discounting
Universal Prediction of Selected Bits
You Share, I Share: Network Effects and Economic Incentives in P2P File-Sharing System
Termination in a Pi-calculus with Subtyping
Information, Utility & Bounded Rationality -- including decision-making costs.
Image Deblurring Using Derivative Compressed Sensing for Optical Imaging Application
Perspective Drawing of Surfaces with Line Hidden Line Elimination in linear time.
2011-07-24 Fully De-Amortized Cuckoo Hashing for Cache-Oblivious Dictionaries and Multimaps
The IHS Transformations Based Image Fusion
Frequency based Classification of Activities using Accelerometer Data , also High Accuracy Human Activity Monitoring using Neural network
Singular surfaces and cusps in symmetric planar 3-RPR manipulators
Leveraging Bus Mobility to Enable Communications in Urban Areas -- their network protocol might apply to any robot cluster.
Finding Deceptive Opinion Spam by Any Stretch of the Imagination
Analogy perception applied to seven tests of word comprehension -- sounds interesting!
Logical Concurrency Control from Sequential Proofs
An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System
Morphological anti-aliasing in various flavors, some with public domain source code. (This is basically a blurring post-pass rather than conventional anti-aliasing.)
2011-07-23 Networked Knowledge, Decades Before Google -- in 1895-1934 Paul Otlet foresees cellphones, wikipedia, videoconferencing and the Internet -- and invents Google on tens of millions of index cards, with an international userbase.
2011-07-21 Event-Clock Automata: From Theory to Practice
Functions as proofs as processes
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Steganographic Scheme for IEEE 802.15.4
2011-07-19 Stable, scalable, decentralized P2P file sharing with non-altruistic peers
Feed drive modelling for the simulation of tool path tracking in multi-axis High Speed Machining
Arithmetic and Frequency Filtering Methods of Pixel-Based Image Fusion Techniques
Decentralized List Scheduling
Title: Weakly Supervised Learning of Foreground-Background Segmentation using Masked RBMs
Statistical Laws Governing Fluctuations in Word Use from Word Birth to Word Death
2011-07-15 A Higher-Order Cheeger's Inequality -- using eigenvalues to predict the presence of sparse cuts and justify k-eigenvector clustering technqiues.
A Fuzzy View on k-Means Based Signal Quantization with Application in Iris Segmentation and Exploring New Directions in Iris Recognition -- "Circular Fuzzy Iris Segmentation (CFIS) and Gabor Analytic Iris Texture Binary Encoder"
Learning Poisson Binomial Distributions
Subset sum phase transitions and data compression
Face Recognition using Curvelet Transform
The Chan-Vese Algorithm for image segmentation via active contours.
Modelling Distributed Shape Priors by Gibbs Random Fields of Second Order
On-the-fly Uniformization of Time-Inhomogeneous Infinite Markov Population Models -- "we dynamically maintain a finite subset of the states where most of the probability mass is located".
2011-07-11 Accelerating Lossless Data Compression with GPUs -- I'm more interested in how they parallelize across multiple cores than specifically how they use GPUs.
On fuzzy syndrome hashing with LDPC coding -- any kind of fuzzy hashing is interesting.
Distinct counting with a self-learning bitmap -- sounds vaguely Bloomfilter-ish.
Efficient Deterministic Replay Using Complete Race Detection -- how to do replay debugging on stock multicore machines.
Stegobot: construction of an unobservable communication network leveraging social behavior
Kunchenko's Polynomials for Template Matching -- an alternative to cross-correlation and sum-of-squared-differences.
2011-07-08 Error Analysis for a Navigation Algorithm based on Optical-Flow and a Digital Terrain Map
2011-07-04A random walk on image patches -- "state of the art techniques"
Corporate competition: A self-organized network -- the data sources and harvesting techniques are of independent interest.
"Memory foam" approach to unsupervised learning with applications to music.
SOBA: Secrecy-preserving Observable Ballot-level Audit
2011-07-03 Can We Learn to Beat the Best Stock
Restricted Value Iteration: Theory and Algorithm -- on Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
On Prediction Using Variable Order Markov Models beating Lempel-Ziv
Finding Approximate POMDP solutions Through Belief Compression using PCA to solve exponentially larger problemsets; application to robot navigation.
Human Activity Detection from RGBD Images via hierarchical maximum entropy markov models.
KARMA: Kalman-based autoregressive moving average modeling and inference for formant and antiformant tracking
2011-06-29 HOGWILD!: A Lock-Free Approach to Parallelizing Stochastic Gradient Descent -- applications to machine learning problems including computer vision by graph cut
Image denoising assessment using anisotropic stack filtering
Use of Markov Chains to Design an Agent Bidding Strategy for Continuous Double Auctions
A Replica Inference Approach to Unsupervised Multi-Scale Image Segmentation
The Rate of Convergence of AdaBoost -- optimal up to a constant factor?
2011-06-25 Monte Carlo Methods for Tempo Tracking and Rhythm Quantization "in expressive music performance".
Wrapper Maintenance: A Machine Learning Approach
Face Identification from Manipulated Facial Images using SIFT
2011-06-15 Confronting Intractability via Parameters -- a review with pointers to currently standard textbooks.
On Democracy in Peer-to-Peer systems
Optimal Portfolio Liquidation with Limit Orders
2011-06-11 A Characterization of Entropy in Terms of Information Loss: Shannon entropy is (uniquely) " functorial, convex-linear and continuous".
Accelerating Reinforcement Learning by Composing Solutions of Automatically Identified Subtasks
SMOTE: Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique
Inducing Interpretable Voting Classifiers without Trading Accuracy for Simplicity: Theoretical Results, Approximation Algorithms to boost machine learning.
Collective Intelligence, Data Routing and Braess' Paradox
Efficient Solution Algorithms for Factored MDPs
2011-06-06 GIB: Imperfect Information in a Computationally Challenging Game -- strongest contract bridge program.
Policy Recognition in the Abstract Hidden Markov Model applied to distributed video surveillance.
ATTac-2000: An Adaptive Autonomous Bidding Agent -- winner of First Trading Agent Competition, June-July 2000.
Efficient Reinforcement Learning Using Recursive Least-Squares Methods
A Modified EMD Algorithm and its Applications -- zero crossings ride again! With comparison to PCA and application to atmospheric gravity waves.
Risk bounds for time series without strong mixing -- time series models applied to prediction.
2011-06-04 Entropy-based Classification of 'Retweeting' Activity on Twitter
Learning Hierarchical Sparse Representations using Iterative Dictionary Learning and Dimension Reduction
Selective Memoization in SML.
A Consistent Semantics of Self-Adjusting Computation
Learning unbelievable marginal probabilities
Rendering of 3D Dynamic Virtual Environments
2011-05-30 High Quality of Service on Video Streaming in P2P Networks using FST-MDC
Complexity of and Algorithms for Borda Manipulation
Scale-Invariant Local Descriptor for Event Recognition in 1D Sensor Signals
Time-Dependent 2-D Vector Field Topology: An Approach Inspired by Lagrangian Coherent Structures
A Philosophical Treatise of Universal Induction
Clustering and Classification in Text Collections Using Graph Modularity
Neural Networks for Emotion Classification -- thesis
RASID: A Robust WLAN Device-free Passive Motion Detection System
SOBA: Secrecy-preserving Observable Ballot-level Audit
2011-05-24 Fast O(1) bilateral filtering using trigonometric range kernels
2011-05-27 Large-Scale Music Annotation and Retrieval: Learning to Rank in Joint Semantic Spaces
Efficient Learning of Sparse Invariant Representations -- computer vision applications to movie clips.
2011-05-22 An Algorithmic Solution to the Five-Point Pose Problem Based on the Cayley Representation of Orthogonal Matrices -- five points, two pinhole cameras and the baseline distance between them.
Hierarchical Recursive Running Median -- based on Interval-Coccurences Tree.
All-Pairs Shortest Paths in $O(n^2)$ time with high probability
2011-05-16 New Algorithm Offers Ability to Influence Systems Such as Living Cells or Social Networks -- pinpointing critical spot in networks -- from a cover story in Nature.
Stable Parallel Looped Systems -- A New Theoretical Framework for the Evolution of Order
2011-05-11 Feedback Message Passing for Inference in Gaussian Graphical Models -- faster and more accurate loopy belief propagation.
Multiple-Source Single-Sink Maximum Flow in Directed Planar Graphs in O(diameter*n*log(n)) Time with applications to image segmentation. A cited later paper achieved O(n*log**3(n)) time.
2011-05-09 Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning
Pruned Continuous Haar Transform of 2D Polygonal Patterns with Application to VLSI Layouts
Eigengestures for natural human computer interface
Excess entropy in natural language: present state and perspectives
Interpreting Graph Cuts as a Max-Product Algorithm: Max-product belief propagation (MP) is optimal after all -- if done right.
2011-05-05 Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables
Rapid Feature Learning with Stacked Linear Denoisers
GANC: Greedy Agglomerative Normalized Cut
CFA2: a Context-Free Approach to Control-Flow Analysis -- for functional languages: "the first flow analysis with precise call/return matching in the presence of higher-order functions"
A resource analysis of the pi-calculus
2011-05-02 Dynamic Range Majority Data Structures -- in various dimensions.
External-Memory Multimaps -- cuckoo hashing strikes again.
Randomized algorithms for matrices and data (review)
2011-04-23 A Meshless Method for Variational Nonrigid 2-D Shape Registration
Pattern matching in Lempel-Ziv compressed strings: fast, simple, and deterministic
Curved Gabor Filters for Fingerprint Image Enhancement
Quantitative Synthesis for Concurrent Programs
Optimized Spline Interpolation
What are the Differences between Bayesian Classifiers and Mutual-Information Classifiers?
SuperNova: Super-peers Based Architecture for Decentralized Online Social Networks
Methods of Hierarchical Clustering -- review, including a recent linear algorithm.
Recalling of Images using Hopfield Neural Network Model
Rapid Learning with Stochastic Focus of Attention
Suboptimal Solution Path Algorithm for Support Vector Machine
Rationality, irrationality and escalating behavior in online auctions
Switching processes in financial markets -- financial bubbles scale over nine orders of magnitude. (This paper doesn't appear to be on the open internet as yet.)
2011-04-16 Statistical mechanics of the international trade network
2011-04-14 TLD/Predator award-winning "Smart Camera" open source software.
2011-04-09 DelFly, "world's smallest ornithopter", from U Deft.
The Design of a Novel Prismatic Drive for a Three-DOF Parallel-Kinematics Machine
Recursive Shortest Path Algorithm with Application to Density-integration of Weighted Graphs
Efficient First Order Methods for Linear Composite Regularizers
Gaussian Affine Feature Detector
Optimal Polygonal Representation of Planar Graphs -- Emden Gansner et al
On-line construction of position heaps and linear string matching.
Image Segmentation with Multidimensional Refinement Indicators
Rational Deployment of CSP Heuristic
Off-Line Handwritten Signature Retrieval using Curvelet Transforms
2011-04-07 Tractable Set Constraints
Evolution of Computer Virus Concealment and Anti-Virus Techniques: A Short Survey
2011-04-03 Gaussian Robust Classification -- insight into SVM.
2011-03-30 Orthogonal Range Searching on the RAM, Revisited
Exponential wealth distribution in a random market. A rigorous explanation
PyCUDA and PyOpenCL: A Scripting-Based Approach to GPU Run-Time Code Generation
Improved Edge Awareness in Discontinuity Preserving Smoothing
2011-03-27 Google matrix of the world trade network
2011-03-25 An Unconditionally Secure Key Management Scheme for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Common Signal Analysis
Universal Property of Music Discovered which looks derived from: Convexity and the Well-formedness of Musical Objects
Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images -- Microsoft's Kinect crew dishes on how they did it.
2011-03-23 Rendering of 3D Dynamic Virtual Environments
Copy-on-write B-tree finally beaten -- "stratified B-trees".
2011-03-19 Extraction of handwritten areas from colored image of bank checks by an hybrid method including via Fourier descriptors.
Off-Line Handwritten Signature Identification Using Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
2011-03-15 Fast Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs: Implications for Graph Mining -- including PageRang.
Using Paxos to Build a Scalable, Consistent, and Highly Available Datastore -- Spinnaker sails past the competition, with stronger consistency guarantees.
Fast Set Intersection in Memory -- constant-factor speedups
Unification of Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Inference via Plausible Reasoning
Blind Compressed Sensing Over a Structured Union of Subspaces to do image inpainting via computationally practical algorithm, with experimental results.
Optimal query/update tradeoffs in versioned dictionaries
Control Synthesis for Constrained Nonlinear Systems using Hybridization and Robust Controllers on Simplices -- controlling a pendulum on a cart. :-)
Accelerating Nearest Neighbor Search on Manycore Systems
How much of quantum mechanics is really needed to defy Extended Church-Turing Thesis? -- just beamsplitters and phase-shifters! :-)
Unfolding communities in large complex networks: Combining defensive and offensive label propagation for core extraction -- state of the art and nearly linear -- and Unfolding network communities by combining defensive and offensive label propagation (same authors).
The Extraordinary SVD -- review of the algorithm, its applications and its generalizations.
2011-03-12 Functional flocks -- birds in Haskell.
2011-03-10 Leslie Valiant, 2010 Turing Award winner, accomplishments summary.
A Comparison of Two Human Brain Tumor Segmentation Methods for MRI Data
Recognizing Uncertainty in Speech
2011-03-05 Loopy Belief Propagation, Bethe Free Energy and Graph Zeta Function
A Medial Axis Based Thinning Strategy for Character Images
Music By Numbers
Probabilistic Logic: Many-valuedness and Intensionality and First-order Logic: Modality and Intensionality
Querying and Manipulating Temporal Databases
A Gentle Introduction to the Kernel Distance
2011-02-25: A Parallel Algorithm for solving BSDEs - Application to the pricing and hedging of American options
Weighted Radial Variation for Node Feature Classification
Upper Bounds for Maximally Greedy Binary Search Trees
2011-02-19: CFA2: a Context-Free Approach to Control-Flow Analysis -- for functional languages with higher-order functions.
2011-02-16: One Packet Suffices - Highly Efficient Packetized Network Coding With Finite Memory
On the Capacity of p2p Multipoint Video Conference 5/6 not 1/2
An Efficient and Integrated Algorithm for Video Enhancement in Challenging Lighting Conditions
Multi-skill Collaborative Teams based on Densest Subgraphs
Reasoning about Social Choice Functions -- an entrypoint into recent papers on rational voting schemes.
Detecting Separation in Robotic and Sensor Networks
Generic Programming of Reusable, High Performance Container Types using Automatic Type Hierarchy Inference and Bidirectional Antichain Typing
Contextual Bandits with Similarity Information -- multi-arm bandits and web ads.
Fast Vertex Guarding for Polygons -- interesting, maybe even useful: now down to O(N**3).
2011-02-14: Who is the best player ever? A complex network analysis of the history of professional tennis.
Robust Matrix Completion with Corrupted Columns -- with application to collaborative filtering.
Efficient Dealiased Convolutions without Padding
2011-02-06: EigenNet: A Bayesian hybrid of generative and conditional models for sparse learning
Evidence Feed Forward Hidden Markov Model: A New Type of Hidden Markov Model
CPC: programming with a massive number of lightweight threads -- programming idioms extracted from practical experience.
2011-02-03: Persistent Robotic Tasks: Monitoring and Sweeping in Changing Environments
Glioblastoma Multiforme Segmentation in MRI Data with a Balloon Inflation Approach
2011-02-01: Active Markov Information-Theoretic Path Planning for Robotic Environmental Sensing
Analysis of Web Logs and Web User in Web Mining
On the Local Correctness of L^1 Minimization for Dictionary Learning: "the behavior of these algorithms is largely a mystery"
A correspondence-less approach to matching of deformable shapes with applications to human pose recovery.
Boolean network robotics: a proof of concept
2011-01-31: Maintaining Arrays of Contiguous Objects -- interesting partly for its pointers to recent conventional memory management papers.
The Computing of Digital Ecosystems
Walking on a Graph with a Magnifying Glass
Ray-Based Reflectance Model for Diffraction
2011-01-25: The Convergence Rate of AdaBoost and Friends
Random road networks: the quadtree model
2011-01-24: Self-Index Based on LZ77
Linear-Space Data Structures for Range Mode Query in Arrays
The Role of Normalization in the Belief Propagation Algorithm
Evolutionary Mechanics: new engineering principles for the emergence of flexibility in a dynamic and uncertain world
Diurnal Availability for Peer-to-Peer Systems
Effective Privacy Amplification for Secure Classical Communications
Discrete Time Elastic Vector Spaces
2011-01-17: Dueling Algorithms
2011-01-10: A unifying approach to picture grammars
Learning Hidden Markov Models using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2011-01-03: What Makes a Face Look Alive? Study Says It's in the Eyes
2010-12-30: Negative frequency communication -- but seriously, folks.
2010-12-24: Building the ultimate Ritewing Zephyr -- FPV flying to a (theoretical) range of 120 miles!
2010-12-22: A Force-Directed Method for Large Crossing Angle Graph Drawing
Non-redundant random generation from weighted context-free languages -- sampling a small subset without exponential cost.
How I won the "Chess Ratings - Elo vs the Rest of the World" Competition -- prediction without overfitting.
A Pseudo Random Numbers Generator Based on Chaotic Iterations. Application to Watermarking -- ISACC, XORshift and more, oh my!
Multiple-source multiple-sink maximum flow in planar graphs
Characterizing Structure Through Shape Matching and Applications to Self Assembly
2010-12-21: Application of Global and One-Dimensional Local Optimization to Operating System Scheduler Tuning -- on linux 2.6.23 Completely Fair Scheduler.
Self-Organising Stochastic Encoders for images
Bounded Linear Logic, Revisited -- adding support for quantifying over resource variables.
2010-12-15: Speeding Up the 3D Surface Generator VESTA
On the Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit Problem with Markovian Rewards
2010-12-12: Sparse motion segmentation using multiple six-point consistencies
A Robust and Efficient Trust Management Scheme for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Transforming a random graph drawing into a Lombardi drawing
2010-12-06: Initial Semantics for higher-order typed syntax
Image Deblurring and Super-resolution by Adaptive Sparse Domain Selection and Adaptive Regularization
Automatic Image Segmentation by Dynamic Region Merging
2010-12-04: Optimized Spline Interpolation
Title: A Center Transversal Theorem for Hyperplanes and Applications to Graph Drawing
The Past and the Future in the Present
2010-11-26: Image Inpainting Using Sparsity of the Transform Domain
2010-11-23: Generalized Tree-Based Wavelet Transform
Random Projections for $k$-means Clustering applied to a large faces db.
2010-11-18: Evolutionary Algorithms as Guaranteed Approximation Optimizers: "highly practical tools"
Modeling Image Structure with Factorized Phase-Coupled Boltzmann Machines
2010-11-15: Classification with Scattering Operators -- "state of the art results on handwritten digit recognition".
Stochastic Analysis of a Churn-Tolerant Structured Peer-to-Peer Scheme -- handling churn in P2P networks.
Network motifs in music sequences
Volume-Enclosing Surface Extraction -- beyond Marching Cubes
2010-11-12: Clustering using Unsupervised Binary Trees: CUBT
2010-11-06: Featureless 2D-3D Pose Estimation by Minimising an Illumination-Invariant Loss
2010-11-02: Fast Color Quantization Using Weighted Sort-Means Clustering
Sparse Inverse Covariance Selection via Alternating Linearization Methods -- applied to gene networks.
A Decidable Characterization of a Graphical Pi-calculus with Iterators -- visualize visualization!
Imitation learning of motor primitives and language bootstrapping in robots
2010-11-01: Analysing the behaviour of robot teams through relational sequential pattern mining
Network motifs in music sequences
2010-10-29: Make your bot and Mantis 9.1 CNC Mill -- $100 13-part mill with complete bill of materials and directions. Part of the MIT Machines That Make project.
2012-12-06: 10" rotary table from grizzly $385; $464 with freight incl.
Grizzly H5685 4" Rotary Table w/ Clamps -- $110 on amazon
Sherline CNC-ready rotary table $320
Sherline 3-Axis CNC Upgrade Kit for 5000 Series Vertical Milling Machines -- $800 from robotshop.
Shereline/Tabletop CNC kits from flashcut CNC
CNC 4 Axis Stepper Motor Kit from -- I really like the look of these guys. <============
Xylotex Sherline/Taig/... stepper+drivebox kits -- these guys look good too.
Sherline lathe etc kits from microkinetics -- be fun to undercut these guys.
Robotic Arms (toyclass) at
CNC Sherline conversion thread on
Hobby cad/cam software thread on cnczone 2009 (Basic story seems cad/cam software costs $20K and sucks.)
CAD/CAM comparison table (hungarian, undated)
Approaching optimality for solving SDD systems -- O(log2(N)**2) (Vs Gaussian elimination at O(N**3)), billed as major CMU breakthrough on a major technique used for (e.g.) the Netflix problem.
Sublinear Optimization for Machine Learning -- training classifiers and finding minimum enclosing balls.
Certificate size reduction in Abstraction-Carrying Code
2010-10-21: Haar Wavelet Based Approach for Image Compression and Quality Assessment of Compressed Image
Sparse and silent coding in neural circuits
Revisiting Complex Moments For 2D Shape Representation and Image Normalization
Information Analysis of DNA Sequences -- claims aggregate information content of exons equals that of introns, disproving "junk DNA" hypothesis.
Convex Analysis and Optimization with Submodular Functions: a Tutorial
Robust PCA via Outlier Pursuit
Large-Scale Clustering Based on Data Compression -- "effective and efficient"
2010-10-18: Fast Inference in Sparse Coding Algorithms with Applications to Object Recognition
2010-09-29: Face Detection with Effective Feature Extraction
Fast Pseudo-Random Fingerprints
Fast CRCs
2010-09-26: Unary Coding for Neural Network Learning
A new closed-loop output error method for parameter identification of robot dynamics
A Cluster Based Replication Architecture for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution -- P2P robustification.
A Constructive Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Networks for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning -- better than human? Also: An Algorithm to Extract Rules from Artificial Neural Networks for Medical Diagnosis Problems, Medical diagnosis using neural network, A hybrid learning algorithm for text classification Text Classification using the Concept of Association Rule of Data Mining
3D-Mesh denoising using an improved vertex based anisotropic diffusion
2010-09-23: Efficient Computation of Optimal Trading Strategies
2010-09-21: Visolate -- Voronoi-diagram based isolation routing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) by CNC.
2010-09-18: Invariant Spectral Hashing of Image Saliency Graph -- rotation and scaling invariant image fingerprinting.
Asymmetric Totally-corrective Boosting for Real-time Object Detection
Fractal Weyl law for Linux Kernel Architecture -- spectrum and eigenstates of kernel callgraph, oh my!
2010-09-16: A Blink Tree latch method and protocol to support synchronous node deletion in high-concurrency environments -- with full source code.
Representing Isabelle in LF 2010-09-11: Fat Polygonal Partitions with Applications to Visualization and Embeddings: Beyond Treemap.
2010-09-06: Fast Color Space Transformations Using Minimax Approximations
Effective Pedestrian Detection Using Center-symmetric Local Binary/Trinary Patterns
Distance Measures for Reduced Ordering Based Vector Filters: Beyond Minkowski.
Related Celebi papers: A, C, D
2010-09-05: Optimizing Selective Search in Chess
Weighted Attribute Fusion Model for Face Recognition
2010-09-01: Totally Corrective Boosting for Regularized Risk Minimization
2010-08-31: The Geometry of Scheduling -- exponentially faster?
2010-08-27: Switching between Hidden Markov Models using Fixed Share
2010-08-25: Combinatorial Approximation Algorithms for MaxCut using Random Walks
NESVM: a Fast Gradient Method for Support Vector Machines
2010-08-16: Homotopy Perturbation Method for Image Restoration and Denoising
2010-08-12: Fast Approximation Algorithms for Cut-based Problems in Undirected Graphs
2010-08-09: A Probabilistic Perspective on Gaussian Filtering and Smoothing
Efficient Dealiased Convolutions without Padding
2010-08-04: On Optimal Deadlock Detection Scheduling
Fully automatic extraction of salient objects from videos in near real-time -- graph cuts strike again! Also GPUs.
Image sequence interpolation using optimal control -- like Horn & Schunk optical flow, sorta.
2010-08-02: An algorithm for the principal component analysis of large data sets -- out-of-core PCA.
2010-07-30: Simplified Distributed Programming with Micro Objects
2010-07-28: Finding Cycles and Trees in Sublinear Time
Formalization of Psychological Knowledge in Answer Set Programming and its Application
Equilibrium Pricing of Digital Goods via a New Market Model from first principles -- a claimed first.
2010-07-14: On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton: fucking brilliant -- I've been waiting thirty years for this paper.
2010-07-13: A Study on the Effectiveness of Different Patch Size and Shape for Eyes and Mouth Detection
A tool stack for implementing Behaviour-Driven Development in Python Language -- "highlights the specification and validation of the software's expected behavior"
Shannon Meets Nash on the Interference Channel
Eigenvectors for clustering: Unipartite, bipartite, and directed graph cases
2010-07-07: Gtk-Server -- basically wish for GTK+
2010-07-04: Survey of Nearest Neighbor Techniques
The uncertainty principle of measurement in vision
2010-06-29: Sampled Longest Common Prefix Array
2010-06-28: 3D Visual Tracking with Particle and Kalman Filters -- updated 2014
Automatic Music Composition using Answer Set Programming
Open-Ended Evolutionary Robotics: an Information Theoretic Approach
Fast ABC-Boost for Multi-Class Classification
2010-06-23: Optimization of Weighted Curvature for Image Segmentation
Formal Derivation of Concurrent Garbage Collectors
2010-06-21: Breaking the Legend: Maxmin Fairness notion is no longer effective
A Method for Accelerating Conway's Doomsday Algorithm -- mental day-of-week calculation made easier.
Facial Expression Representation Using Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis and Gabor Wavelets
2010-06-18: Orthogonal Persistence Revisited , and Reflection and Hyper-Programming in Persistent Programming Systems (thesis)
Information Distance
The $240 High Resolution X-Band Linear Rail SAR Imaging System
2010-06-15: Universal Loop-Free Super-Stabilization
Solving Image Inverse Problems with Piecewise Linear Estimators: From Gaussian Mixture Models to Structured Sparsity -- inpainting, zooming, deblurring...
2010-06-08: Begin, After, and Later: a Maximal Decidable Interval Temporal Logic
Exploiting the Temporal Logic Hierarchy and the Non-Confluence Property for Efficient LTL Synthesis
Local Strategy Improvement for Parity Game Solving -- improvements by "several orders of magnitude" are always fun! :-)
The Motif Tracking Algorithm -- applied to financial time series: "fast and efficient". :-)
2010-06-07: Discrete Variational Calculus for B-spline Approximated Curves -- aesthetically pleasing curve completion.
Polyharmonic Daubechies type wavelets in Image Processing and Astronomy, I
Haptics in computer music : a paradigm shift
2010-06-06: Tight and simple Web graph compression
2010-06-01: Image information content characterization and classification by physical complexity
2010-05-29: Practical Constructions for the Efficient Cryptographic Enforcement of Interval-Based Access Control Policies
A Variant of Mersenne Twister Suitable for Graphic Processors
Dynamic Motion Modelling for Legged Robots
2010-05-25: LACBoost and FisherBoost: Optimally Building Cascade Classifiers
Bucklin Voting is Broadly Resistant to Control -- voting as though it mattered.
Incremental Training of a Detector Using Online Sparse Eigen-decomposition -- life beyond the offline.
The Complexity of Manipulating $k$-Approval Elections -- sane elections with unlimited options.
Facial Recognition Technology: An analysis with scope in India -- looks like a good review of the state of the art.
Clustering Time Series Data Stream - A Literature Survey
Application Of Fuzzy System In Segmentation Of MRI Brain Tumor -- beyond level sets. Ignore the "fuzzy". :-)
Random Numbers in Scientific Computing: An Introduction -- finally, an overview of the state of the art! :-)
Characterizing the community structure of complex networks
Eigenvectors for clustering: Unipartite, bipartite, and directed graph cases
2010-05-13: Groebner bases in Java with applications in computer graphics ... "enables graphical representation of the intersection of two surfaces in 3-dimensional space"
Optical phase extraction algorithm based on the continuous wavelet and the Hilbert transforms
Image Segmentation by Using Threshold Techniques
Polylogarithmic Approximation for Edit Distance and the Asymmetric Query Complexity ... "exponential improvement"
Face Synthesis (FASY) System for Generation of a Face Image from Human Description
Classification of Polar-Thermal Eigenfaces using Multilayer Perceptron for Human Face Recognition ... "success rate is 97.05%".
Reduction of Feature Vectors Using Rough Set Theory for Human Face Recognition ... "we have used eigenspace projection (also called as Principal Component Analysis)
Temporal Link Prediction using Matrix and Tensor Factorizations -- extracting and exploiting patterns in the time evolution of graphs.
Precision Arithmetic: A New Floating-Point Arithmetic ... "better than interval arithmetic"
On the Subspace of Image Gradient Orientations -- noise suppression to facilitate application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Surface Parametrization of Nonsimply Connected Planar Bzier Regions -- 3D vector displays of 2D TeX glyphs.
On Testing Constraint Programs -- mainly as a gateway into recent constraint programming stuff.
2010-05-16: Dichotic harmony for the musical practice
A Performance Comparison of CUDA and OpenCL
2010-05-14: A Brief Retrospective on Transactional Memory (thx to Christoph Engemann for forwarding this one)
2010-05-13: Principal Component Analysis with Contaminated Data: The High Dimensional Case
Scalable Tensor Factorizations for Incomplete Data
A general method for debiasing a Monte Carlo estimator
2010-05-11: On Macroscopic Complexity and Perceptual Coding -- information theory adapted to lossy compression.
2010-05-08: George Forythe's last paper -- efficiently generating pseudorandom numbers with a normal distribution.
A Kinetic Triangulation Scheme for Moving Points in The Plane
2010-05-05: Incremental Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning -- "Rapidly-exploring Random Trees (RRTs) have been shown to work well in practice"
Informal Concepts in Machines
Detecting the Most Unusual Part of Two and Three-dimensional Digital Images
2010-05-04: The Deletable Bloom filter: A new member of the Bloom family
Faster Least Squares Approximation -- how does O(ndlogd) sound?
2010-05-02: The Floating-Point Guide, introduction to Unicode (from /.).
Fully Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling -- countering Ken Thompson's Turing Award lecture attack. (thesis)
2010-04-29: Self-Taught Hashing for Fast Similarity Search (where "similarity search" ~ "nearest neighbor search"). <-- good stuff.
2010-04-28: Discrete geometric analysis of message passing algorithm on graphs -- thesis analysing Loopy Belief Propagation
The Burbea-Rao and Bhattacharyya centroids -- "Burbea-Rao divergences generalize the Jensen-Shannon divergence" ... "Bhattacharyya distance" ... "Fisher information" ...
Many-to-Many Graph Matching: a Continuous Relaxation Approach with computer vision applications.
2010-04-26: Deblured Gaussian Blurred Images: Weiner and Regularized filters, Lucy Richardson and Blind deconvolution.
Combination of Subtractive Clustering and Radial Basis Function in Speaker IdentificationM
Visual Infrared Video Fusion for Night Vision using Background Estimation
Intelligent System for Speaker Identification using Lip features with PCA and ICA
Video shot boundary detection using motion activity descriptor -- identifying cuts in video.
Milepost GCC -- machine learning autotunes GCC optimizer.
2010-04-25: n-Level Graph Partitioning -- important problem, literature review is independently useful.
A General Framework for Graph Sparsification
A New Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm. Particle swarm meets simulated annealing: bat swarm as search engine for goal-function extrema in a space via random exploration and local search. Has up-to-date references on other recently popular approaches such as firefly algorithm and harmony search.
2010-04-22: Simultaneous Bayesian inference of motion velocity fields and probabilistic models in successive video-frames described by spatio-temporal MRFs
Automated Verification of Practical Garbage Collectors
Hashing Image Patches for Zooming
2010-04-20: Some long-period random number generators using shifts and xors
Statistical Physics for Natural Language Processing -- "Texual Energy" matrix mechanics.
Color Image Compression Based On Wavelet Packet Best Tree
Computation- and Space-Efficient Implementation of SSA -- from O(N^3) -> O(kNlogN). (Singular Spectrum Analysis is a major offshoot of PCA (Principal Component Analysis) for time series.)
2010-04-19: Angle Tree: Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensions with Low Intrinsic Dimensionality: "for the first time gives us the ability to index large and high-dimensional datasets in practice" -- kd-trees on steroids.
2010-04-15: Nonnegative Decomposition of Multivariate Information -- generalizing information to multiple variables, and why redundancy != synergy.
2010-04-14: Complexity Analysis of Balloon Drawing for Rooted Trees -- variants range from NP-Complete to O(nlogn). Includes references to general graph drawing reviews.
Mean field for Markov Decision Processes: from Discrete to Continuous Optimization -- applications from investment to queue scheduling.
2010-04-12: Optimal stochastic planarization -- major breakthrough with ties to max-flow/min-cut.
A Robust Fuzzy Clustering Technique with Spatial Neighborhood Information for Effective Medical Image Segmentation
An Analytical Study on Behavior of Clusters Using K Means, EM and K* Means Algorithm -- expectation maximization wins.
A New Approach to Lung Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means Algorithm -- improving on FCM.
SAR Image Segmentation using Vector Quantization Technique on Entropy Images
Clustering with Spectral Norm and the k-means Algorithm -- k-means with fewer assumptions.
Maximized Posteriori Attributes Selection from Facial Salient Landmarks for Face Recognition -- SIFT features and partially occluded faces.
An optimized recursive learning algorithm for three-layer feedforward neural networks for mimo nonlinear system identifications -- automating selection of learning rate.
Dynamic Policy Programming -- solving the mountain car problem.
2010-04-11: Belief Propagation for Min-cost Network Flow: Convergence and Correctness -- "the first instance where BP is proved to have fully-polynomial running time."
Approximate Point-to-Face Shortest Paths in R^3 -- avoiding obstacles.
2010-04-09: Signature Recognition using Multi Scale Fourier Descriptor And Wavelet Transform
Feature-Based Adaptive Tolerance Tree (FATT): An Efficient Indexing Technique for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Transform
2010-04-08: The Graph Traversal Pattern
Message-Passing Inference on a Factor Graph for Collaborative Filtering -- matches Expectation Maximization on large datasets, outperforms on small ones.
2010-04-07: Extended Two-Dimensional PCA for Efficient Face Representation and Recognition
2010-04-06: Object-image correspondence for curves under finite and affine cameras
CONCISE: Compressed 'n' Composable Integer Set -- the latest in bitmaps.
User-driven applications -- user-composable GUIs.
Analysis, Interpretation, and Recognition of Facial Action Units and Expressions Using Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling
Recognizing Combinations of Facial Action Units with Different Intensity Using a Mixture of Hidden Markov Models and Neural Network
Multilinear Biased Discriminant Analysis: A Novel Method for Facial Action Unit Representation
Using Rough Set and Support Vector Machine for Network Intrusion Detection -- I'm mainly interested in the Rough Set Theory part.
A Little More, a Lot Better: Improving Path Quality by a Simple Path Merging Algorithm -- motion planning optimization by combining the best parts of multiple mediocre solution paths.
2010-04-05: Facial Expression Representation Using Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis and Gabor Wavelets
2010-03-31: Church: a language for generative models -- this one made Slashdot as the "AI Theory of Everything". Noah Goodman provides a pure subset of scheme which includes as primitives stochastic memoization and selection from random distributions.
IBAL: A Probabilistic Rational Programming Language -- similar to above, but based on ML rather than Scheme.
2010-03-30: Graph Creation, Visualisation and Transformation
Specifying Reusable Components
Robust multi-camera view face recognition: PCA + LDA + Gabor filters + SVM = nirvana?
2010-03-29: Active Testing for Face Detection and Localization -- exponential speadup vs sliding window.
Improving Waiting Time of Tasks Scheduled Under Preemptive Round Robin Using Changeable Time Quantum
Wavelet-Based Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients for Speaker Identification using Hidden Markov Models -- 99.3% recognition rate.
2010-03-27: Large Margin Boltzmann Machines and Large Margin Sigmoid Belief Networks -- scene classification that "outperforms current state of the art approaches". Good review of state of the art in MMEMs, CRFs, M3Ns, SSVMs, MCMC, LBP etc.
Transparent Anonymization: Thwarting Adversaries Who Know the Algorithm
2010-03-23: Graph Iterators: Decoupling Graph Structures from Algorithms ... in six chapters.
2010-03-22: Data Hiding Techniques Using Prime and Natural Numbers -- improving on least-significant-bit pixel steganography.
A Highly Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Computing the Fiedler Vector -- cheap computation of second smallest eignevalue of a graph.
A Formal Approach to Modeling the Memory of a Living Organism -- blue-sky AI stuff.
2010-03-18: Pattern recognition using inverse resonance filtration
An Algebraic Formalization of the GoF Design Patterns -- putting category theory to work.
2010-03-15: Universal Sparse Modeling
Approaching optimality for solving SDD systems -- near-linear runtime, computer vision applications.
2010-03-12 Supermartingales in Prediction with Expert Advice
Fast Set Intersection and Two Patterns Matching
2010-03-10 Nonlinear Filter Based Image Denoising Using AMF Approach
Facial Gesture Recognition Using Correlation And Mahalanobis Distance
A GA based Window Selection Methodology to Enhance Window based Multi wavelet transformation and thresholding aided CT image denoising technique
Fast space-variant elliptical filtering using box splines
2010-03-07: From Frequency to Meaning: Vector Space Models of Semantics
Min st-Cut Oracle for Planar Graphs with Near-Linear Preprocessing Time -- first subquadradic algorithm, courtesy of Gomory-Hu trees.
Learning by random walks in the weight space of the Ising perceptron "simple to implement", "efficient"
2010-03-05: A student's guide to searching the literature using online databases
2010-03-03: Statistical and Computational Tradeoffs in Stochastic Composite Likelihood
2010-02-25: Nonparametric Estimation and On-Line Prediction for General Stationary Ergodic Sources
Deterministic Sample Sort For GPUs
2010-02-23: Mergeable Dictionaries
Load Balancing via Random Local Search in Closed and Open systems
CLD-shaped Brushstrokes in Non-Photorealistic Rendering -- impressionistic paint-by-numbers.
2010-02-22: A Hough Transform based Technique for Text Segmentation
An Optimal High Probability Algorithm for the Contextual Bandit Problem
2010-02-18: A new approach to content-based file type detection -- using PCA (Principal Component Analysis).
Improved subspace estimation for multivariate observations of high dimension: the deterministic signals case
Convergent and Correct Message Passing Schemes for Optimization Problems over Graphical Models: Replacing MAP with algorithms which actually converge -- to the right answer, even.
Asymptotically Stable Walking of a Five-Link Underactuated 3D Bipedal Robot
A Directly Public Verifiable Signcryption Scheme based on Elliptic Curves
Finding Associations and Computing Similarity via Biased Pair Sampling -- order of magnitude speed-ups on real data.
Range Reporting for Moving Points on a Grid
Hardware-Accelerated Global Illumination by Image Space Photon Mapping -- Best Paper 2009 Conference on High Performance Graphics.
2010-02-16: PageRank: Stand on the shoulders of giants
A Fully Abstract Symbolic Semantics for Psi-Calculi -- beyond the fusion calculus.
2010-02-14: A Generalization of the Chow-Liu Algorithm and its Application to Statistical Learning
Optimal Projective Algorithms for the List Update Problem
Feature Level Fusion of Face and Fingerprint Biometrics
Removing Local Extrema from Imprecise Terrains
2010-02-11: Medical Image Compression using Wavelet Decomposition for Prediction Method
Reverse Engineering Financial Markets with Majority and Minority Games using Genetic Algorithms
Markets are efficient if and only if P = NP
The Violation Heap: A Relaxed Fibonacci-Like Heap -- "simple ... efficient practical" ... "pairing heaps are more efficient than Fibonacci heaps" ... "relaxed heaps are good candidates for ... parallel computations"...."fat heaps achieve same worst-case bounds"..."thin heaps"...
2010-02-10: Estimating and Sampling Graphs with Multidimensional Random Walks
Cuspidal and Noncuspidal Robot Manipulators
Position Analysis of the RRP-3(SS) Multi-Loop Spatial Structure for robot manipulators.
Refinement and Verification of Real-Time Systems such as phone systems.
Recursive tilings and space-filling curves with little fragmentation: a new Daun.
Ultrametric watersheds: a bijection theorem for hierarchical edge-segmentation -- with efficient algorithms yet.
Image Retrieval Techniques based on Image Features, A State of Art approach for CBIR -- the latest in Content-Based Image Retrieval.
2010-02-07: Odds-On Trees -- raytracing support.
Framework for Visualizing Model-Driven Software Evolution and its Application
Understanding Formulation of Social Capital in Online Social Network Sites
Ball-Scale Based Hierarchical Multi-Object Recognition in 3D Medical Images
2010-02-05: High-Dimensional Matched Subspace Detection When Data are Missing -- useful stuff, actually.
Towards Social Profile Based Overlays -- P2P (peer-to-peer) social networking.
Session-Based Programming for Parallel Algorithms: Expressiveness and Performance: Pushing Java beyond MPI.
Programming Idioms for Transactional Events: Pressing forward on the CML (Concurrent ML) front.
Type Inference for Deadlock Detection in a Multithreaded Polymorphic Typed Assembly Language
A Unified Algebraic Framework for Fuzzy Image Compression and Mathematical Morphology -- quantale categories at work.
Quantale Modules and their Operators, with Applications
2010-02-03: Face Identification by SIFT-based Complete Graph Topology -- using SIFT features invariant under rotation, translation and scaling.
Face Recognition by Fusion of Local and Global Matching Scores using DS Theory: An Evaluation with Uni-classifier and Multi-classifier Paradigm
SIFT-based Ear Recognition by Fusion of Detected Keypoints from Color Similarity Slice Regions -- let's hear it for ears!
Feature Level Fusion of Biometrics Cues: Human Identification with Doddingtons Caricature
Fusion of Multiple Matchers using SVM for Offline Signature Identification
Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Database -- life beyond k-means.
Detecting Motifs in System Call Sequences
Random Indexing K-tree -- better document clustering.
2010-01-31: An in-place truncated Fourier transform and applications to polynomial multiplication
2010-01-30: Evolution of Adaptive Behaviour in Robots by Means of Darwinian Selection -- slashdot was impressed. :-)
2010-01-22: On Fast Algorithm for Computing Even-Length DCT
2010-01-19: Strong Robustness of Randomized Rumor Spreading Protocols
Succinct Dictionary Matching With No Slowdown
2010-01-15: Stable Principal Component Pursuit : "classical Principal Component Analysis (PCA), optimal for small i.i.d. noise, can be made robust to gross sparse errors"
Dense Error Correction for Low-Rank Matrices via Principal Component Analysis "[tweaked] Principal Component Pursuit ... exactly recovers the low-rank matrix even if "almost all" of its entries are arbitrarily corrupted ..."
A Little More, a Lot Better: Improving Path Quality by a Simple Path Merging Algorithm -- better motion planning by merging many mediocre paths to produce one good one.
2010-01-13: Divide & Concur and Difference-Map BP Decoders for LDPC Codes -- is Divide and Concur a general-purpose alternative to Belief Propagation?
Fast Set Intersection and Two Patterns Matching
Matching Shapes Using the Current Distance -- a fast alternative to feature matching?
Information Asymmetries in Pay-Per-Bid Auctions: How Swoopo Makes Bank
Optimal Exploration of Terrains with Obstacles
Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia: a Bag-of-Words Classifier Approach
A simple construction of almost-Euclidean subspaces of $\ell_1^N$ via tensor products -- pimp your high-dimensional nearest-neighbor searches.
The Geodesic Diameter of Polygonal Domains -- points to papers allowing robot path planning in linear time when there are no interior holes (obstacles, furniture) in room, and presents a new polynomial time algorithm for when there are holes (furniture).
2010-01-10: Boosting k-NN for categorization of natural scenes
Decisional Processes with Boolean Neural Network: the Emergence of Mental Schemes
Optimal topological simplification of discrete functions on surfaces
2010-01-08: An Empirical Evaluation of Four Algorithms for Multi-Class Classification: Mart, ABC-Mart, Robust LogitBoost, and ABC-LogitBoost
An Unsupervised Algorithm For Learning Lie Group Transformations -- efficiently inducing continuous transforms from pixel data.
Measuring Latent Causal Structure
Principal manifolds and graphs in practice: from molecular biology to dynamical systems
Redundancy in Systems which Entertain a Model of Themselves: Interaction Information and the Self-organization of Anticipation
Stability of multidimensional persistent homology with respect to domain perturbations -- computer vision with incomplete data.
2010-01-05: A conversion between utility and information (Wow!!)
Extending Karger's randomized min-cut Algorithm for a Synchronous Distributed setting
2009-12-30: Genus Computing for 3D digital objects: algorithm and implementation
High-Speed Signature Matching in Network Interface Device using Bloom Filters
Why so? or Why no? Functional Causality for Explaining Query Answers -- deeper semantics for relational databases.
Computing Principal Components Dynamically with applications to collision detection and fast rendering.
Backyard Cuckoo Hashing: Constant Worst-Case Operations with a Succinct Representation: together again for the first time: constant time -and- constant space.
Time and Memory Efficient Lempel-Ziv Compression Using Suffix Arrays: faster, smaller and "suited for text classification".
Teaching Physical Based Animation via OpenGL Slides
Oriented Straight Line Segment Algebra: Qualitative Spatial Reasoning about Oriented Objects: "fast, constraint-based reasoning"
A Generic Type and Effect System checked in Twelf.
2009-12-25: Interpretations of Directed Information in Portfolio Theory, Data Compression, and Hypothesis Testing
Typing rule-based transformations over topological collections -- generalizing ML pattern-matching.
2009-12-22: Wavelets on Graphs via Spectral Graph Theory
2009-12-19: Simple objects for Standard ML (1996): Reppy + Riecke: subtypes as conservative typesystem extension.
2009-12-08: A New Approach to Cold Start in Peer to Peer File Sharing Networks -- solving the free rider problem.
Nonlinear Effects in Stiffness Modeling of Robotic Manipulators -- Orthoglide goodness.
Context and Keyword Extraction in Plain Text Using a Graph Representation
A survey on algorithmic aspects of modular decomposition -- graphs and combinatorial optimization.
Computing Hulls And Centerpoints In Positive Definite Space: machine learning &tc.
2009-12-04: Sequential Clustering based Facial Feature Extraction Method for Automatic Creation of Facial Models from Orthogonal Views
A New Scheduling Algorithm For Real Time Tasks
Behavior and performance of the deep belief networks on image classification
Isometric Multi-Manifolds Learning
2009-12-02: A Multi-stage Probabilistic Algorithm for Dynamic Path-Planning: A tweak on Rapidly-evolving Random Trees (RRT).
2009-12-01: Maximin affinity learning of image segmentation: Minimizing the Rand index.
Faster and simpler approximation of stable matchings -- O(m) and "much simpler".
Hierarchies in Dictionary Definition Space -- Basic English rides again! :-)
2009-11-30: Untangling Phase and Time in Monophonic Sounds -- pitch-shifting &tc in Haskell.
Rate Distortion and Denoising of Individual Data Using Kolmogorov complexity
2009-11-27: Interactive Model Reconstruction with User Guidance -- 3D model construction in a minute using commodity computer and webcam.
ProFORMA: Probabilistic Feature-based Online Rapid Model Acquisition -- longer paper on same work as previous.
2009-11-26: Hearing the clusters in a graph: A distributed algorithm: Spectral-clustering results via FFT without eigenvector computations.
Non-photorealistic image processing: an Impressionist rendering
Adaptive information filtering for dynamic recommender systems
2009-11-24: Evolution of central pattern generators for the control of a five-link bipedal walking mechanism
Clustering with shallow trees
2009-11-22: Randomized Interior Point methods for Sampling and Optimization: Aspect-ratio independent Markov chain sampling.
Making the road by searching - A search engine based on Swarm Information Foraging: Ant algorithms at work.
Likelihood-based semi-supervised model selection with applications to speech processing
2009-11-19: Re-Pair Compression of Inverted Lists
A Minimal Periods Algorithm with Applications: suffix trees at work.
Fast algorithms for spherical harmonic expansions, III. (Spherical harmonics provide an orthogonal basis for describing oscillations on a sphere which are trivially rotatable -- useful for radiosity and shadowing &tc in 3D graphics, also physics, chem...)
Boosting through Optimization of Margin Distributions: Beating AdaBoost and LPBoost -- the latest wrinkle in boosting.
Musical Genres: Beating to the Rhythms of Different Drums
2009-11-17: On Bregman Distances and Divergences of Probability Measures
A Dynamic Near-Optimal Algorithm for Online Linear Programming
A formally verified compiler back-end
Graph polynomials and approximation of partition functions with Loopy Belief Propagation
Accelerating the Execution of Matrix Languages on the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
2009-11-12: A New Look at the Classical Entropy of Written English -- 1.65 bits/char, 74% redundancy.
An Intuitive Automated Modelling Interface for Systems Biology -- applied pi calculus.
Robust MOdels for Optic Flow Coding in Natural Scenes Inspired by Inset Biology -- supposedly efficient and easy to implement too.
2009-11-09: The relation between Pearson's correlation coefficient r and Salton's cosine measure
2009-11-04: Feature-Weighted Linear Stacking -- how better boosting won second place in Netflix.
Strange Bedfellows: Quantum Mechanics and Data Mining: Wonderful paper full of good intuition starting with the best overview of SVD (singular value decomposition) I've seen.
Novel Intrusion Detection using Probabilistic Neural Network and Adaptive Boosting
Visualizing Graphs with Node and Edge Labels
A $p$-adic RanSaC algorithm for stereo vision using Hensel lifting: Random Sample Consensus recovery of relative pose.
Sound and Complete Type Inference for a Systems Programming Language
2009-11-02: Calibration of 3-d.o.f. Translational Parallel Manipulators Using Leg Observations
From Single-thread to Multithreaded: An Efficient Static Analysis Algorithm
On Pebble Automata for Data Languages with Decidable Emptiness Problem: Searching for more powerful analogues of regular expressions which still preserve their nice properties.
Metric and Kernel Learning using a Linear Transformation
Topological De-Noising: Strengthening the Topological Signal: Analysing high-dimensional datasets.
Sorting under Partial Information (without the Ellipsoid Algorithm) -- first practical algorithms?
A Wavelet-Based Digital Watermarking for Video -- I'm interested less in watermarks than the state of the art in 3D wavelets.
2009-10-29: Anomaly Detection with Score functions based on Nearest Neighbor Graphs
2009-10-26: Mechanizing the Metatheory of LF -- building on recent work by Harper &kith in Twelf for SML
Adaptive model for recommendation of news ... "outperforms" ... "provides a general social mechanism"
Nonapproximablity of the Normalized Information Distance -- latest news from Vitanyi country.
2009-10-22: Designs, Lessons and Advice from Building Large Distributed Systems at Google (Jeff Dean).
2009-10-20: Pseudorandom Generators for Polynomial Threshold Functions: "first nontrivial PRGs for low-degree PTFs" ... applications from learning to voting theory ... "can help derandomize [e.g.] Goemans-Williamson Max-Cut".
Digital Curvatures Applied to 3D Object Analysis and Recognition: A Case Study: "multi-scale" ... "face recognition"
2009-10-20: The 1.375 Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Transpositions Can Run in $O(n\log n)$ Time
Exact Inference in Graphical Models: is There More to it? -- pose inference &tc
Iterators, Recursors and Interaction Nets -- visual notations for functional programs.
b-Bit Minwise Hashing: One bit suffices.
Algorithms for Image Analysis and Combination of Pattern Classifiers with Application to Medical Diagnosis -- thesis.
Adaptive model for recommendation of news
2009-10-15: Type Safe Extensible Programming in MLPolyR -- thesis
Accelerating the Execution of Matrix Languages on the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture -- optimizing Octave and Matlab
Positive Semidefinite Metric Learning with Boosting for image classification and retrieval
State of the Art Review for Applying Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques to Portfolio Optimisation
Expectation Maximization as Message Passing - Part I: Principles and Gaussian Messages
A unifying approach to picture grammars -- polynomial-time (O(grayvals*(pixels**2))) recognition by generalizing Cocke-Kasami-Younger (1967, O(N**3) from 1D to 2D. Grammar class subsumes quadtrees.
Expectation Maximization as Message Passing - Part I: Principles and Gaussian Messages
Bloggers Behavior and Emergent Communities in Blog Space -- via spectral analysis of temporal bipartite blog graphs.
Optimal hash functions for approximate closest pairs on the n-cube: beyond projection: asymptotically random and complete decoding algorithms.
2009-10-12: Towards a Unified Approach to (In)Decision: Routing, Games, Circuits, Consensus, and Beyond
Covering Points by Disjoint Boxes with Outliers
Local and global approaches of affinity propagation clustering for large scale data
Justifying additive-noise-model based causal discovery via algorithmic information theory
Decomposition of forging die for high speed machining
Machining strategy choice: performance VIEWER
Decomposition of forging dies for machining planning
2009-10-09: Simple, efficient maxima-finding algorithms for multidimensional samples: "very simple and easily coded and modified for practical needs"
On the Sample Complexity of Compressed Counting: "extremely useful for estimating Shannon entropy ... very simple algorithm"
Near-Optimal Detection in MIMO Systems using Gibbs Sampling: I suspect Markov Chain Monte Carlo Gibbs samplers likely have wider applications...
Some Thoughts on Hypercomputation: from pure math to pure theology in just ten pages! :-)
2009-10-06: Reduced-Rank Hidden Markov Models ... "robot vision modelling"...
On Metric Skyline Processing by PM-tree: similarity search in multimedia databases.
On the Interesting World of Fractals and Their Applications to Music "the fractal dimension of mustic is about 1.65 and varies between a high of 1.68 and a low of 1.60".
Clustering with shallow trees: "efficient"
Explicit Construction of Optimal Exact Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage: "practical and easy to maintain" ... "peer-to-peer" ... "can handle multiple simultaneous node failures"
2009-10-05: Supporting Lock-Free Composition of Concurrent Data Objects: Life without deadlock.
Through-Wall Tracking Using Variance-Based Radio Tomography Networks
2009-10-02: Finding Associations and Computing Similarity via Biased Pair Sampling
Hierarchical Approach for Key Management in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
2009-09-29: MACH: Fast Randomized Tensor Decompositions with applications to computer vision &tc -- faster than SVD.
Geometrical Interpretation of Shannon's Entropy Based on the Born Rule -- logarithm of distribution dimension.
2009-09-27: Randomness-optimal Steganography
A Better Reduction Theorem for Store Buffers: the new lock-free concurrency, "TSO", total store order.
Bayesian Algorithmic Mechanism Design
2009-09-24: A Measure of the Connection Strengths between Graph Vertices with Applications: linear time rocks.
Theoretical Performance Analysis of Eigenvalue-based Detection
Higher-dimensional models of networks
Clustering with Obstacles in Spatial Databases
The meta book and size-dependent properties of written language: When Zipf's Law breaks down.
2009-09-21: Randomized Algorithms for Large scale SVMs
Efficient and Error-Correcting Data Structures for Membership and Polynomial Evaluation in the face of adversarial noise.
Fault Identification via Fault Identification via Non-parametric Belief Propagation
2009-09-18: On the largest empty axis-parallel box amidst $n$ points
2009-09-17: Distribution-Specific Agnostic Boosting
2009-09-15: Simple implementation of deletion from open-address hash table
Reducing Network Traffic in Unstructured P2P Systems Using Top-k Queries
2009-09-13: : Overview of contemporary image and video analysis, pursuit strategies, gabor dictionaries. Introduces "Image Folding" and combined use of discrete cosine dictionary and dirac basis imager representations.
Straggler Identification in Round-Trip Data Streams via Newton's Identities and Invertible Bloom Filters
2009-09-10: Kernel Spectral Curvature Clustering (KSCC) for computer vision.
Motion Segmentation by SCC on the Hopkins 155 Database
Building on Quicksand
2009-09-07: The Kalman Like Particle Filter : Optimal Estimation With Quantized Innovations/Measurements
The Euler Path to Static Level-Ancestors
Randomized Shellsort: A Simple Oblivious Sorting Algorithm
Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Enclosing Convex Shapes
Efficient Learning of Sparse Conditional Random Fields for Supervised Sequence Labelling
Sparse image representation by discrete cosine/spline based dictionaries
2009-09-04: Advances in Feature Selection with Mutual Information
Efficient parameter training for hidden Markov models using posterior sampling training and Viterbi training
2009-09-02: Scale-Based Gaussian Coverings: Combining Intra and Inter Mixture Models in Image Segmentation: k-means and wavelets, oh my.
2009-08-31: Efficient Authenticated Data Structures for Graph Connectivity and Geometric Search Problems
ABC-LogitBoost for Multi-class Classification
Integrating Post-Newtonian Equations on Graphics Processing Units: 50X speedup over CPUs.
2009-08-28: Graph-Theoretic Solutions to Computational Geometry Problems
SocialFilter: Collaborative Spam Mitigation using Social Networks
2009-08-26: Gabor wavelet analysis and the fractional Hilbert transform : "provides an intuitive interpretation...
Fast adaptive elliptical filtering using box splines
2009-08-14: Towards a Theory of Anonymous Networking
A dyadic solution of relative pose problems: "inherently robust"
2009-08-05: Streamed Learning: One-Pass SVMs
2009-08-02: Decidability of higher-order matching -- higher-order unification is undecidable (classical result) but higher-order matching is decidable (new result)
Recursive Estimation of Gauss-Markov Random Fields Indexed over 1-D Space leading to easy derivations of Kalman filters and recursive smoothers.
Geometric Approximation Algorithms, an online book-in-the-making including matrial on quadtrees, nearest neighbor and grid methods.
2009-07-27: Dynamic Deformation of Uniform Elastic Two-Layer Objects: "this thesis presents a two-layer uniform facet elastic object for real-time simulation based on physics modeling[...]"
A Fast Algorithm for Computing Geodesic Distances in Tree Space
Sequential pivotal mechanisms for public project problems (I don't know if this is useful -- need to take a peek).
2009-07-24: Contextual Bandits with Similarity Information and web ad placement.
2009-07-23: Self-adaptive web intrusion detection system applied to HTTP streams.
USUM: Update Summary Generation System: Explaining what's new on the web
Artificial Dendritic Cells: Multi-faceted Perspectives: taking algorithmic inspiration from the immune system.
2009-07-20: Parallel AdaBoost Algorithm for Gabor Wavelet Selection in Face Recognition
Inter Genre Similarity Modelling For Automatic Music Genre Classification
Fully Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Histological Images
Registration of Standardized Histological Images in Feature Space
2009-07-19: Decisions in Motion -- cheap, fast, practical robotic vision?
2009-07-15: GMap: Drawing Graphs as Maps
2009-07-13: Towards the quantification of the semantic information encoded in written language
Online Sorting via Searching and Selection
A class of structured P2P systems supporting browsing: increasing the functionality of distributed hash tables.
A Large-Scale Exploration of Effective Global Features for a Joint Entity Detection and Tracking Model -- pronoun resolution.
2009-07-10: Warren Buffet's favorite leading indicator: FTSI Freight Transportation Services Index: "Since 1979, across four recessions, the index "shows a strong leading relationship to the economy", with an acceleration of freight leading the economy "by an average of approximately 4 to 5 months"", most recent version is July 2009
2009-07-05: Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab and more generally Jean-Yves Bouguet's Caltech 3D-shape-from-images computer vision stuffl
Spontaneous organization leads to robustness in evolutionary algorithms
Generalized Collective Inference with Symmetric Clique Potentials: " ... for Potts potentials is an order of magnitude faster..."
2009-06-29: Efficient IRIS Recognition through Improvement of Feature Extraction and subset Selection: contourlets and SVM.
Exact Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage
Vision Based Navigation for a Mobile Robot with Different Field of Views: experimental evolution of neural controllers.
2009-06-24: Automatic Spatially-Adaptive Balancing of Energy Terms for Image Segmentation: graph-based, MRI brain segmentation example.
A statistical learning approach to color demosaicing
2009-06-20: A Mathematician's Lament -- how K12 kills mathematical talent and curiosity.
2009-06-18: Adaptive Regularization of Ill-Posed Problems: Application to Non-rigid Image Registration
Optimal Constrained Resource Allocation Strategies under Low Risk Circumstances to applications including motion planning and job scheduling.
2009-06-16: Without a 'doubt'? Unsupervised discovery of downward-entailing operators -- unsupervised language semantics learning.
Exact Indexing for Massive Time Series Databases under Time Warping Distance
Combinatorial pyramids and discrete geometry for energy-minimizing segmentation
2009-06-04: Feature Reinforcement Learning: Part I: Unstructured MDPs
Segmentation of Facial Expressions Using Semi-Definite Programming and Generalized Principal Component Analysis
Universal Reinforcement Learning: Lempel-Ziv rides again.
2009-06-04: Optimal Byzantine Resilient Convergence in Asynchronous Robot Networks
Thinning, Entropy and the Law of Thin Numbers
Size dependent word frequencies and translational invariance of books
Distributed elections in an Archimedean ring of processors
2009-05-26: Strong Dependencies between Software Components -- analysing the Debian package graph.
Faster estimation of the correlation fractal dimension using box-counting
The Usefulness of Multilevel Hash Tables with Multiple Hash Functions in Large Databases: "reduces join complexity from O(n2) to O(1)"
The Convergence of Bird Flocking
Statistical Properties of Fluctuations: A Method to Check Market Behavior
Faster Least Squares Approximation
Boosting the Accuracy of Finite Difference Schemes via Optimal Time Step Selection and Non-Iterative Defect Correction
Online Stochastic Matching: Beating 1-1/e: "we solve a max flow problem in a boosted flow graph"
2009-05-25: Two hierarchies of spline interpolations. Practical algorithms for multivariate higher order splines
Quantum Annealing for Clustering: Better than simulated annealing?
2009-05-18: Point-Set Registration: Coherent Point Drift -- looks like a core computer vision result!
Heterogeneous attachment strategies optimize the topology of dynamic wireless networks
Colorization of Natural Images via L1 Optimization
A statistical learning approach to color demosaicing
Approximation Algorithms for Bregman Co-clustering and Tensor Clustering
2009-05-15: Experience-driven formation of parts-based representations in a model of layered visual memory: face recognition made easy?
2009-05-13: Fast computation of the median by successive binning
2009-05-12: Reliable Process for Security Policy Deployment
Making Hand Geometry Verification System More Accurate Using Time Series Representation with R-K Band Learning
Concept Stability for Constructing Taxonomies of Web-site Users
Fast and Near-Optimal Matrix Completion via Randomized Basis Pursuit
A Recommender System to Support the Scholarly Communication Process
Mining Meaning from Wikipedia
Fixing Convergence of Gaussian Belief Propagation
Personalised and Dynamic Trust in Social Networks
John Reppy's Manticore Papers -- turning CML into an efficient parallel language
2009-05-09: BlobSeer: How to Enable Efficient Versioning for Large Object Storage under Heavy Access Concurrency: another wrinkle on P2P and distributed hashtables (DHT).
Characterizing Individual Communication Patterns efficiently inferring double Markov chain models oh my!
2009-05-07: Soft Motion Trajectory Planner for Service Manipulator Robot
Fully-Functional Static and Dynamic Succinct Trees -- range min-max trees, supposedly simple and practical.
2009-05-05: Robust Principal Component Analysis: Exact Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Matrices
Gaussian Belief with dynamic data and in dynamic network
Hiding Information in Retransmissions: underhanded uses for TCP/IP mechanisms.
Two-Level Fingerprinting Codes: keeping up with what the RIAA types are up to.
Maximum Flow in Directed Planar Graphs with Vertex Capacities O(N) and O(NlogN) solutions, refutation of competing recent algorithm for undirected case.
Geometric scaling: a simple preconditioner for certain linear systems with discontinuous coefficients: solving systems derived from PDE equations over heterogenous physical media.
2009-05-01: Software Model Checking via Large-Block Encoding -- reducing the exponential search space of software verification abstract reachability trees (ARTs) by using bigger chunks.
Succinct Greedy Graph Drawing in R^2
Collective dynamics of social annotation
Norm-Product Belief Propagation: Primal-Dual Message-Passing for Approximate Inference: generalizing sum-product max-product and tree-reweighted approaches.
2009-04-30: Linear-Space Computation of the Edit-Distance between a String and a Finite Automaton
Robust Regulatory Networks
2009-04-28: Some Aspects of Categories in Computer Science -- scads of great stuff!
2009-04-27: Space Efficient Multi-Dimensional Range Reporting
A data structure for multi-dimensional range reporting
On a very quick skim, the practical solutions of choice may be those from A functional approach to data structures and its use in multidimensional searching : "redesigned range trees and segment trees to use linear storage" "easy to implement".
The standard solutions appear in practice to be kd-trees and interval trees -- the subsequent stuff may all be lily-gilding for most practical purposes.
2009-04-24: Introduction to Machine Learning: Class Notes 67577
Another Virtue of Wavelet Trees: "efficient range-selection queries".
2009-04-20: On Counteracting Byzantine Attacks in Network Coded Peer-to-Peer Networks
Fast Computation of Empirically Tight Bounds for the Diameter of Massive Graphs
Multi-Instance Learning by Treating Instances As Non-I.I.D. Samples
2009-04-18: Geodesic Paths On 3D Surfaces: Survey and Open Problems
2009-04-16: Driven by Compression Progress: A Simple Principle Explains Essential Aspects of Subjective Beauty, Novelty, Surprise, Interestingness, Attention, Curiosity, Creativity, Art, Science, Music, Jokes
A PTAS for Minimum Clique Partition in Unit Disk Graphs -- polynomial-time approximations scheme with a host of practical applications claimed including ad hoc radio networks.
2009-04-15: Simplicial Databases: relational databases through the prism of category theory.
A new Protocol for 1-2 Oblivious Transfer
2009-04-12: On the closed-form solution of the rotation matrix arising in computer vision problems
2009-04-08: 5-axis High Speed Milling Optimisation
2009-04-06: Fast FPT algorithms for vertex subset and vertex partitioning problems using neighborhood unions -- "FPT" == "Fixed Parameter Tractable", one generic class of attacks on NP-complete problems.
Performing Nonlinear Blind Source Separation with Signal Invariants
2009-04-03: Visual approach for data mining on medical information databases using Fastmap algorithm
MIML: A Framework for Learning with Ambiguous Objects
2009-03-31: Time manipulation technique for speeding up reinforcement learning in simulations
Typed Open Programming, Andreas Rossberg's dissertation on his work on Alice ML &tc.
2009-03-27: Graph polynomials and approximation of partition functions with Loopy Belief Propagation
2009-03-24: Pairing Heaps with Costless Meld: "even simpler"
2009-03-23: Combinatorial Ricci Curvature and Laplacians for Image Processing
Computations modulo regular chains: triangular decompositions "orders of magnitude faster"
2009-03-21: Le trading algorithmique
A New Local Distance-Based Outlier Detection Approach for Scattered Real-World Data
2009-03-19: Spatial Skyline Queries: An Efficient Geometric Algorithm
Efficiently Learning a Detection Cascade with Sparse Eigenvectors: better boosting
Markov Random Field Segmentation of Brain MR Images
Norm-Product Belief Propagation: Primal-Dual Message-Passing for Approximate Inference
Matrix Completion With Noise: "a remarkable new field"
Matrix Completion from a Few Entries
2009-03-14: Adaptive Mesh Approach for Predicting Algorithm Behavior with Application to Visibility Culling in Computer Graphics
Analysis of a Bloom Filter Algorithm via the Supermarket Model
Supernodal Analysis Revisited: easier circuit analysis algorithm
Better Termination for Prolog with Constraints: dynamic occurs check detection. Used in SWI-Prolog.
Role-Based Access Controls: Better fit to civilian needs.
Rfuzzy framework: claims fuzzy logic is finally getting real.
A Generalization of the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman Theorem and the Kelly Criterion Leading to a Definition of Pragmatic Information: "Fortune's Formula" updated.
Constraint solving for high-level WCET analysis: latest in worst-case execution time analysis for realtime systems.
A Semantics-Aware Editing Environment for Prolog in Eclipse: Might be relevant to writing a Mythryl eclipse plug-in. Or not.
2009-03-10: The Power of Convex Relaxation: Near-Optimal Matrix Completion: solving the Netflix and collaborative filtering problems.
2009-03-03: Mythryl programming language.
Heaps Simplified Haeupler, Sen + Tarjan(!)
Manipulation Robustness of Collaborative Filtering Systems
De-amortized Cuckoo Hashing: Provable Worst-Case Performance and Experimental Results

2009-02-28 Dipole Vectors in Images Processing: proposes using dipoles where gradients would normally be used, but I'm not clear that any advantage is claimed or demonstrated.
2009-02-16: The Forgiving Graph: A distributed data structure for low stretch under adversarial attack
2009-02-13: A formally verified compiler back-end Xavier Leroy -- uses Coq.
Feature Hashing for Large Scale Multitask Learning
2009-02-12: A Spectral Algorithm for Learning Hidden Markov Models -- efficient and simple with applications to natural language learning. Updated 2009-06-09 and 2009-08-22.
2009-02-05: Genetic algorithm based optimization and post optimality analysis of multi-pass face milling
2009-01-20: Beyond word frequency: Bursts, lulls, and scaling in the temporal distributions of words: trucking on down the Zipf trail.
2009-01-15: A mathematical proof of the existence of trends in financial time series
2009-01-04: A Simple, Linear-Time Algorithm for x86 Jump Encoding
2008-12-28: Random Projections for the Nonnegative Least-Squares Problem
2008-12-22: An interface group for process components
A New Approach to Collaborative Filtering: Operator Estimation with Spectral Regularization
2008-12-18: Topological structures in the equities market network
Linearly Parameterized Bandits
2008-12-16: A Growing Self-Organizing Network for Reconstructing Curves and Surfaces
Binary Classification Based on Potentials: "simple and computationally trivial" ... "exceed that of standard Support Vector Machine methods"
2008-12-02: Delaunay Triangulations in Linear Time?
Approximation Algorithms for Bregman Co-clustering and Tensor Clustering: generalizations to Euclidean k-means.
2008-12-02: An Integrated Software-based Solution for Modular and Self-independent Networked Robot
Error-Correcting Data Structures
2008-11-21: A Spectral Algorithm for Learning Hidden Markov Models
2008-11-21: Faster Retrieval with a Two-Pass Dynamic-Time-Warping Lower Bound
Broadcasting in Prefix Space: P2P Data Dissemination with Predictable Performance
2008-11-12: Robust Regression and Lasso -- l^1 regularized least squares
2008-11-10: Coq in a hurry
Adaptive Base Class Boost for Multi-class Classification
NB-FEB: An Easy-to-Use and Scalable Universal Synchronization Primitive for Parallel Programming
Learning to rank with combinatorial Hodge theory
2008-11-08: Who is the best connected computer scientist? -- many good references on applying statistical (&tc) physics techniques to social networks.
Cost-effective Outbreak Detection in Networks -- well publicized CMU algorithm also applied to blogosphere analysis &tc.
2008-11-03: A branch-and-bound feature selection algorithm for U-shaped cost functions
On the Possibility of Learning in Reactive Environments with Arbitrary Dependence
On the Possibility of Learning in Reactive Environments with Arbitrary Dependence -- Gell-Mann improves Komogorov
On the Vocabulary of Grammar-Based Codes and the Logical Consistency of Texts -- re-deriving Zipf's Law at a more profound level.
2008-10-31: A Novel Clustering Algorithm Based on a Modified Model of Random Walk
2008-10-28: Assembling Actor-based Mind-Maps from Text Stream
A Restless Bandit Formulation of Multi-channel Opportunistic Access: Indexablity and Index Policy
2008-10-27: Entropy of Hidden Markov Processes via Cycle Expansion
Efficient Exact Inference in Planar Ising Models "parameter estimation on image denoising and segmentation problems shows our approach to be efficient and effective."
Efficient Algorithmic Techniques for Several Multidimensional Geometric Data Management and Analysis Problems: segment tree, range tree, sweep-line.
Randomization Adaptive Self-Stabilization "constant time Byzantine self-stabilizing clock synchronization"
The Mob core language and abstract machine "syntax and the semantics of a scripting language for programming mobile agents" "prove[d] sound by encoding its semantics into the underlying calculus."
2008-10-25: Bucketing Coding and Information Theory for the Statistical High Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Problem
A Heterogeneous High Dimensional Approximate Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
2008-10-23: Le trading algorithmique
Directed Transmission Method, A Fully Asynchronous Approach to Solve Sparse Linear Systems in Parallel: Claims to be first non-synchronous and thus truly scalable approach.
Quantum reinforcement learning
Classdesc and Graphcode: support for scientific programming in C++: Argues that reflection is unsupported in C++ but critically important for serialization and thus distributed programming, and offers a patch for the problem. May be Mythryl relevant. 2008-10-21: Text as Statistical Mechanics Object
Detecting the Most Unusual Part of a Digital Image
A Minimum Relative Entropy Principle for Learning and Acting
2008-10-16: A Vision-based Computed Torque Control for Parallel Kinematic Machines
Efficient Pattern Matching on Binary Strings
2008-10-13: SOSEMANUK: a fast software-oriented stream cipher
2008-10-09: Peer-to-Peer Secure Multi-Party Numerical Computation
2008-10-08: Soft Uncoupling of Markov Chains for Permeable Language Distinction: A New Algorithm
Clustering and Feature Selection using Sparse Principal Component Analysis
2008-09-30: The Imaginary Sliding Window As a New Data Structure for Adaptive Algorithms
Multi-armed bandits in metric spaces
2008-09-27: Llull and Copeland Voting Computationally Resist Bribery and Control
2008-09-26: Analyzing U.S. 2008 Elections with Mathematica: "gives step by step details for how to import raw data from Mason-Dixon, Rasmussen, and Quinnipiac." (Slashdot)
Hybrid System For Automatic Generation of Style-Specific Accompaniment
2008-09-17: Algorithmic information theory -- Grunwald + Vitanyi.
2008-09-16: Normalized Information Distance -- another Vitanyi/Cilibrasi paper.
One Predictors for Online Rating-Based Collaborative Filtering
SML/NJ exception analyser
2008-09-13: Randomized Distributed Configuration Management of Wireless Networks: Multi-layer Markov Random Fields and Near-Optimality
2008-09-11: Design of a Quadruped Robot Driven by Air Muscles
Evolving Dynamic Gaits on a Physical Robot
2008-09-09: Applications of Universal Source Coding to Statistical Analysis of Time Series: "often the suggested methods and tests are more powerful than known ones when they are applied in practice."
2008-09-02: Transmission capacity: applying stochastic geometry to uncoordinated ad hoc networks
On the nature of long-range letter correlations in texts
Highly accurate recommendation algorithm based on high-order similarities
2008-08-28: A tutorial on support vector machines for pattern recognition (1998)
2008-08-25: Johnny Lee's CMU Wii hacks &tc pages
2008-08-22: Fast Intrinsic Mode Decomposition of Time Series Data
A simple and efficient solution of the identifiability problem for hidden Markov sources
Building an interpretable fuzzy rule base from data using Orthogonal Least Squares
2008-08-21: Accelerating Scientific Computations with Mixed Precision Algorithms
Being accurate is not enough: measuring and optimizing the diversity of recommendations
A Scalable, Commodity Data Center Network Architecture
2008-08-18: A Simple E-Voting Protocol
Pitch Tracking of Acoustic Signals based on Average Squared Mean Difference Function
2008-08-13: Our Brothers' Keepers: Secure Routing with High Performance -- anti-spam distributed hash table.
A Very Efficient Scheme for Estimating Entropy of Data Streams Using Compressed Counting
2008-08-11: Image Steganography, a New Approach for Transferring Security Information, including a review of the field.
An Almost-Surely Terminating Polynomial Protocol for Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Resilience
2008-08-10: Optimally Efficient Prefix Search and Multicast in Structured P2P Networks
Commonsense Knowledge, Ontology and Ordinary Language
2008-08-07: Text Modeling using Unsupervised Topic Models and Concept Hierarchies
2008-08-05: A Public Key Block Cipher Based on Multivariate Quadratic Quasigroups -- fast on intel, faster in FPGA.
Schroedinger-like PageRank equation and localization in the WWW -- faster, non-iterative computation of PageRank.
Coinductive big-step operational semantics by Xavier LeRoy -- all results proved using Coq.
2008-08-01 Accelerated Option Pricing in Multiple Scenarios
Pricing American Options for Jump Diffusions by Iterating Optimal Stopping Problems for Diffusions
2008-07-29 Positive factor networks: A graphical framework for modeling non-negative sequential data: "well suited to modeling the magnitude spectra of audio signals", "straightforward to implementstraightforward to implement"
Improved Algorithms for Approximate String Matching
On Introspection, Metacognitive Control and Augmented Data Mining Live Cycles
2008-07-23 Modularity clustering is force-directed layout
Modeling Time in Computing: A Taxonomy and a Comparative Survey
Fast unfolding of communities in large networks -- roughly linear-time clustering.
2008-07-23 An adaptive embedded architecture for real-time Particle Image Velocimetry algorithms
TuLiPA: Towards a Multi-Formalism Parsing Environment for Grammar Engineering
2008-07-20 On Probability Distributions for Trees: Representations, Inference and Learning
2008-07-11 Computing approximate tree edit distance using relaxation labeling
2008-07-08 A Computational Study of Cost Reoptimization for Min-Cost Flow Problems
Informed Traders: "Explicit trading strategies leading to statistical arbitrage opportunities, taking advantage of the additional information, are constructed, illustrating how excess information can be translated into profit."
2008-07-15 Latent Topic Models for Hypertext Gruber, M. Rosen-Zvi and Y. Weiss 2008 10p
2008-07-07 Register Allocation in Structured Programs Kannan + Proebsting 1999 16p
Fast Copy Coalescing and Live Range Identification (2002)
Combined Code Motion and Register Allocation using the Value State Graph
Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex
Modeling belief systems with scale-free networks
Graph Drawing by force-directed placement
Drawing Graphs Nicely
Network Flow, including pointers to source code, from the excellent online Algorithm Design Manual
Algorithms for drawing graphs: an Annotated Bibliography
2008-06-27 RoboCupRescue -- Robot League Team IUB Rescue, Germany -- nice info on robust robot design.
Scalar Quantization for Audio Data Coding
An Efficient Algorithm for 2D Euclidean 2-Center with Outliers
Space-Efficient Multi-Dimensional Range Reporting
The 1-fixed-endpoint Path Cover Problem is Polynomial on Interval Graph
2008-06-26 Linear Parameter Varying Model Identification for Control of Rotorcraft-based UAV
A comparison of two approaches for polynomial time algorithms computing basic graph parameters
2008-06-22 Intermittent estimation of stationary time series
Nonparametric inference for ergodic, stationary time series
Prediction for discrete time series
Order estimation of Markov chains
Forward estimation for ergodic time series
On estimating the memory for finitarily Markovian processes
Limits to consistent on-line forecasting for ergodic time series
Strongly consistent nonparametric forecasting and regression for stationary ergodic sequences
On Sequential Estimation and Prediction for Discrete Time Series
Weakly Convergent Nonparametric Forecasting of Stationary Time Series
A simple randomized algorithm for sequential prediction of ergodic time series
Boosting Trees for Anti-Spam Email Filtering: AdaBoost
2008-06-16 Exposing Multi-Relational Networks to Single-Relational Network Analysis Algorithms
Approximately Counting Embeddings into Random Graphs
2008-06-14 Max Cut and the Smallest Eigenvalue
Classification of curves in 2D and 3D via affine integral signatures with applications to noisy images.
2008-06-10 Learning Generative Visual Models from Few Training Examples: An Incremental Bayesian Approach Fei-Fei, Fergus + Perona, 2004, Caltech/Oxford, 9p -- vs maximum likelihood.
2008-06-10 Modeling Visual Information Processing in Brain: A Computer Vision Point of View and Approach Diamant 2007
Using Images to create a Hierarchical Grid Spatial Index Machowski + Marwala 2007
2008-06-09 Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data
Belief Propagation and Beyond for Particle Tracking
2008-06-08 Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints David G Lowe 2003 29p -- the "choo-choo" paper. (Somehow I didn't add this paper to this list first time around?!)
2008-06-06 Challenges and Directions for Monitoring P2p File Sharing Networks -or- Why My Printer Received a DMCA Takedown Notice
2008-06-03 Telex: Principled System Support for Write-Sharing in Collaborative Applications -- more good work from INRIA. Leverages commutative operations but supports non-commutative ops. Open source in Java. Multilogs, action-constraint graphs (acg), vofs.
2008-05-30 Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization -- I'm as interested in the references as the content.
Community Detection using a Measure of Global Influence
2008-05-27 The Structure of Narrative: the Case of Film Scripts based on McKee's book "Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting".
2008-05-24 Learning Hierarchical Models of Scenes, Objects and Parts
Small Codes and Large Image Databases for Recognition -- effectively indexing millions of images in less than a gig of ram (see also popular write-up here and other papers and programs by MIT's Anonio Torralba
Fast Pose Esimation with Parameter-Sensitive Hashing -- cited as a example of using Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) to efficiently (approximately) solve the nearest-neighbor problem in high-dimensional euclidean spaces.
2008-05-20 Finger Indexed Sets: New Approaches
The Margitron: A Generalised Perceptron with Margin -- with experimental comparisons to SVM (support vector machines).
2008-05-14 Platform-Independent Firewall Policy Representation
2008-05-13 From opencv-dev: Shape indexing using approximate nearest-neighbor search in high dimensional spaces.
2008-05-09 Clustering of scientific citations in Wikipedia -- I mainly want to understand the methodology, but the sample application is interesting too.
Algorithm for Singular Value Decomposition of Matrices in Blocks -- an attempt to scale beyond the current limits of SVD by exploiting matrix structure.
2008-05-07 Fast Integer Multiplication using Modular Arithmetic
2008-05-05 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Some Notes -- looks like a good review, and I've always been shaky on math. :)
Morphing of Triangular Meshes in Shape Space
The Tsallis entropy and the Shannon entropy of a universal probability
2008-05-01 Straight Skeletons of Three-Dimensional Polyhedra -- in particular of voxelsets.
Universe Detectors for Sybil Defense in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via Rank-One Downdate -- riff on a popular data mining technique, demonstrated on realistic datasets.
2008-04-29 High-dimensional analysis of semidefinite relaxations for sparse principal components
2008-04-23 Isotropic PCA and Affine-Invariant Clustering
2008-04-21 A Synthesizer based on square waves "... synthesize complex signals simply in software, using general purpose microprocessors, even in real-time. ..."
Automatic Contour Extraction from 2D Neuron Images
Reconstruction of Multidimensional Signals from Irregular Noisy Samples
Phoneme recognition in TIMIT with BLSTM-CTC -- I mostly want to check out the references for the current state of the art.
A Cultural Market Model
2008-04-18 The Geometry of Musical Chords -- see also this.
2008-04-18 Agner Fog's Software Optimization Resources: Referenced by Intel's OpenCV source code, includes info on finding Intel's docs on their site.
2008-04-15 Linear Time Recognition Algorithms for Topological Invariants in 3D
2008-04-14 An Optimal Bloom Filter Replacement Based on Matrix Solving
On the Extension of Pseudo-Boolean Functions for the Aggregation of Interacting Criteria
2008-04-10 Mechanizing the Metatheory of LF: latest on Twelf &tc also Mechanizing the Metatheory of Programming Languages Robert Harper ppt 2008 and Mechanizing the Metatheory of Standard ML <==================================
2008-04-02 From Random Graph to Small World by Wandering -- might be relevant to keeping peer-to-peer networks well connected.
2008-03-31 Human dynamics revealed through Web analytics
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Succinct Data Structures for Retrieval and Approximate Membership
The Category-Theoretic Arithmetic of Information
2008-03-20 Figuring out Actors in Text Streams: Using Collocations to establish Incremental Mind-maps
An Efficient Spectral Algorithm for Network Community Discovery and Its Applications also Supplementary materials for ``Identifying network communities with a high resolution'', Identifying network communities with a high resolution

Simple, linear-time modular decomposition " fundamental for many important problems in algorithmic graph theory including transitive orientation, the recognition of several classes of graphs" "we present the first simple, linear-time algorithm to compute the modular decomposition tree of an undirected graph."
2008-03-17 GraphStream: A Tool for bridging the gap between Complex Systems and Dynamic Graphs
Graph Sparsification by Effective Resistances
2008-03-07 Incremental Topological Ordering and Strong Component Maintenance
2008-03-05 Network Coding for Distributed Storage Systems -- more efficient peer-to-peer databases.
Fast unfolding of community hierarchies in large networks
2008-03-05 Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Rendering in Dynamic, Low-Frequency Lighting Environments
2008-03-03 Polynomial time algorithms for bi-criteria, multi-objective and ratio problems in clustering and imaging. Part I: Normalized cut and ratio regions
2008-03-02 Centroid estimation in discrete high-dimensional spaces with applications in biology -- billed as a fundamental breakthrough replacing maximum likelihood, which fails on large datasets where any individual solution has probability more or less zero.
2008-02-29 Hubs in Languages: Scale Free Networks of Synonyms
Brain architecture: A design for natural computation.
2008-02-26 Time Warp Edit Distance -- timewarping sequences with nonuniform sampling rates.
Wavelet and Curvelet Moments for Image Classification: Application to Aggregate Mixture Grading
2008-02-24 The Forgiving Tree: A Self-Healing Distributed Data Structure -- repairing peer-to-peer networks in the face of hostile node takedowns.
Use of Rapid Probabilistic Argumentation for Ranking on Large Complex Networks -- a roughly linear approximation to PageRank.
PVM-Distributed Implementation of the Radiance Code
Simulation of Free Surface Compressible Flows Via a Two Fluid Model -- cleanly simulating the air/water interface, including handling breaking waves.
Fame Emerges as a Result of Small Memory
Generic and Typical Ranks of Three-Way Arrays
Multiclass Approaches for Support Vector Machine Based Land Cover Classification
2008-02-14 Combining Expert Advice Efficiently -- meta-Markov stuff.
2008-02-13 Zero Knowledge Authentication Schemes from Actions on Graphs, Groups or Rings
Discrete Complex Structure on Surfel Surfaces -- also has refs to similar work on polyhedral surfaces.
2008-02-11 sLIB open(?) source triangulates NURBS and Bezier surfaces 100X faster than earlier methods, supposedly.
Adaptive Context Trees and Text Clustering Jean-Phillipe Vert 28p 2000 -- improved Markov probability distributions for text.
Copped from a slashdot discussion of webdesign for geeks: Free CSS Templates .org and Open Source Web Design or Web design from scratch
. or Google's CSS Blueprint site. One suggestion: "search for common topics like balance, alignment, contrast, whitespace, optical center, typography, color theory -- or just "graphic design principles". Other suggestions: "rule of thirds" "golden rectangles" "use of circles", "active and passive shapes", "use of intersecting diagonals", "negative space". And The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Jason Beaird
2008-02-10 Small Is Not Always Beautiful -- piece size optimization in BitTorrent.
Maintaining Hierarchical Graph Views for Dynamic Graphs Marcus Raitner, 16p 2004
2008-02-07 Distributed Double Spending Prevention
2008-02-05 Multi-Layer Perceptrons and Symbolic Data
2008-02-02 Manufacturing Datatypes, Ralf Hinze, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
Dependently Typed Data Structures, Hongwei Xi, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
Teaching Monadic Algorithms of First-Year Students, Ricardo Pena et al, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
Modular Lazy Search for Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Nordin and Tolmach, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
Persistent Triangulations, CMU Gang, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages includes a new convex hull algorithm.
An Algebraic Dynamic Programming Approach to the Analysis of Recombinant DNA Sequences, Giegerich, Kurz & Weiller, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
Constructing Red-Black Trees, Ralf Hinze, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
An Experimental Study of Compression Methods for Functional Tries, Iivonen & Tikkanen, 1999 Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages
2008-02-01 Automatic Text Area Segementation in Natural Images
2008-01-29 Face Recognition: A Single View Based HMM Approach -- Hung-Son Le dissertation, Umea U Digital Media Lab 2008 -- latest thing in face stuff, supposedly basis for a soon-to-debut face search engine.
2008-01-28 Stanford 3d-from-photos system using small-patch random markov or some such. (Slashdotted at the moment! :)
Wicked Lasers with a 4100 lumen flashlight &tc.
2008-01-25 Picking up the Pieces: Self-Healing in Reconfigurable Networks
2008-01-19 SIMON, open source speach understanding.
2008-01-14 Synthesis of Large Dynamic Concurrent Programs from Dynamic Specifications
Instant Computing -- A new Computation Paradigm
2008-01-05 Fast Integer Multiplcation using Modular Arithmetic
2008-01-05 Certifying floating-point implementations using Gappa -- practical proofs of numeric programs.
Toward a statistical mechanics of four letter words
Kolmogorov complexity in perspective covering Cilibrasi's work &tc.
2008-01-01 CrystalSpace appears to be the open source 3D game engine of choice at the moment.
A novel set of rotationally and translationally invariant features for images based on the non-commutative bispectrum.
2007-12-31 Judgment -- why A => B is "not just B or not A".
2007-12-21 Clairlib docs Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR), and Network Analysis. Its architecture also allows for external software to be plugged in with very little effort. Functionality native to Clairlib includes Tokenization, Summarization, LexRank, Biased LexRank, Document Clustering, Document Indexing, PageRank, Biased PageRank, Web Graph Analysis, Network Generation, Power Law Distribution Analysis, Network Analysis (clustering coefficient, degree distribution plotting, average shortest path, diameter, triangles, shortest path matrices, connected components), Cosine Similarity, Random Walks on Graphs, Statistics (distributions, tests), Tf, Idf, Community Finding.
Universal Intelligence: A Definition of Machine Intelligence
Compressed Text Indexes:From Theory to Practice
Graph kernels between point clouds "We derive polynomial time dynamic programming recursions and present applications to recognition of handwritten digits and Chinese characters from few training examples."
2007-12-09 Efficient Modularity Optimization: Multi-Step Greedy Algorithm and Vertex Mover Refinement
2007-12-07 Dimensionality Reduction and Reconstruction using Mirroring Neural Networks and Object Recognition based on Reduced Dimension Characteristic Vector
Automatic Pattern Classification by Unsupervised Learning Using Dimensionality Reduction of Data with Mirroring Neural Networks
2007-12-03 Context Free Art, courtesy of Drake.
2007-12-03 A hacker with a physics doctorate analyses chord progressions via phrase structure grammars -- just my cup of tea! :)
2007-11-22 Improved Fully Dynamic Reachability Algorithm for Directed Graph
Fourvector algebra for 3D rotations and orientations, this non-commutative, non-associative algebra allegedly combines the best of quaternions and matrices. In particular, supposedly more numerically stable, so single precision rotations might be more practical.
2007-11-12 Coding facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets, br> Automatic classification of Single Facial Images, Michael J Lyons, Julien Budynek, Shigeru Akamatsu 1999
2007-11-12 Empirical Evaluation of Four Tensor Decomposition Algorithms -- SVD works great, but only for problems with two modes: This paper explores extending the approach to (e.g.) three-mode problems.
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism. Note that this is not about SUBgraph isomorphism, which known to be NP-hard. Paper also points to previously known algorithms which efficiently detect graph isomorphism in most practical cases.
NB: May have been refuted in A Family of Counter Examples to an Approach to Graph Isomorphism
2007-11-12 Data Structures for Mergeable Trees
2007-11-11 Optimal Solutions for Sparse Principal Component Analysis
2007-11-04 Faster Algorithms for Online Topological Ordering
2007-11-03 Stix Fonts -- major project releasing fonts for science and engineering.
2007-11-01 A Tutorial on Spectral Clustering
Clustering with Transitive Distance and K-Means Duality -- claims spectral-clustering like results but with O(N**2) cost instead of O(N**3) [Added 2007-11-26]
2007-10-31 Code Similarity on High Level Programs -- this looks like a good entrypoint into the recent literature on Fast Dynamic Time Warping. (FDTW)
A Query-by-Singing System Based on Dynamic Programming Jang + Gao 2000 5p -- this is the FDTW paper referenced by the above.
2007-10-29 Escalating The War On SPAM Through Practical POW Exchange
Neutrosophic Relational Data Model -- handling inconsistent AND incomplete information within the relation paradigm.
2007-10-27 The BinDCT: Fast Multiplierless Approximation of the DCTTrac D Tran 2000 7p
2007-10-24 Complex Queries in DHT-based Peer-to-Peer Networks: Describes briefly how to ab/use DHTs to do substring-match lookups, before diving into attempting to implement SQL on them.
Looking up data in P2P systems Balakrishnan et al: Looks like a decent entrypoint into the literature on current distributed hash table praxis in the peer-to-peer world.
2007-10-23 A quick search method for audio signals based on a piecewise linear representation of feature trajectories
Beyond Feedforward Models Trained by Backpropagation: a Practical Training Tool for a More Efficient Universal Approximator
2007-10-22 On a Clique-Based Integer Programming Formulation of Vertex Colouring with Applications in Course Timetabling -- good overview of the state of graph coloring generally, references a 1994 paper on register assignment in particular.
2007-10-17 Recommendation model based on opinion diffusion.
Geometric Analogue of Holographic Reduced Representation *blink*.
An efficient reduction of ranking to classification" -- "nlogn" is music to my ears, and being able to learn non-transitive preference sets is also cool.
Lossless Representation of Graphs using Distributions -- this sounds esoteric, but gives a way to reduce graphs to sortable keys which can be used for searching and sorting, which is very practical indeed!
2007-10-11 Comparison and Combination of State-of-the-art Techniques for Handwritten Character Recognition: Topping the MNIST Benchmark
2007-10-10 An Extensible Theory of Indexed Types 12p 2008 Daniel R Licata + Robert Harper: Practical-looking approach to going beyond simple type systems to allow programmer-defined LF-based assertions and proofs.
2007-10-09 Designing a commutative replicated data type -- simple, practical shared text editing?
Mined from the above:
"Weak-consistency group communication and membership" Golding, 1992 UCSC thesis: "efficient implementation of stability that compacts acknowledgements for all past operations into a single vector clock or matrix clock."
Consensus on transaction commit Jim Gey and Leslie Lamport, Mar 2006: fault-tolerant distributed commit protocol.
The part-time parliament Leslie Lamport, May 1998: Distributed concensus (Paxos).
Generalized consensus and Paxos Leslie Lamport 2004: Follow-up to above
Flexible Update Propagation for Weakly Consistent Replication14p 1997: Epidemic communication ensuring causality.
2007-10-04 Colour image segmentation by the vector-valued Allen-Cahn phase-field model: a multigrid solution
A Fast Heuristic Algorithm Based on Verification and Elimination Methods for Maximum Clique Problem"
2007-10-01 High-Order Nonparametric Belief-Propagation for Fast Image Inpainting
2007-09-30 Practical Multiwriter Lock-Free Queues for "Hard Real-Time" Systems without CAS
2007-09-26 Classification of Images Using Support Vector Machines
2007-09-25 Self-organizing maps and symbolic data -- adapting SOM to non-vector input data.
Resampling methods for parameter-free and robust feature selection with mutual information
Functional Multi-Layer Perceptron: a Nonlinear Tool for Functional Data Analysis -- looks like a good entrypoint into the perceptron state of the art.
Algorithmic and topological aspects of semi-algebraic sets defined by quadratic polynomial new, efficient connected components algorithm &tc (thesis).
2007-09-23 Speeding up Simplification of Polygonal Curves using Nested Approximations
2007-09-17 On Universal Prediction and Bayesian Confirmation -- time I caught up on the state of the art, this looks like a good entrypoint.
2007-09-17 Bregman Voronoi Diagrams: Properties, Algorithms and Applications "...information-theoretic Voronoi how to compute them efficiently...of interest in the context of computational geometry and machine learning"
Using Data Compressors to Construct Rank Tests
Simple Algorithmic Principles of Discovery, Subjective Beauty, Selective Attention, Curiosity & Creativity
2007-09-15 Fully persistent lists with catenation, Driscoll, Sleator, Tarjan. See also Persistent Datastructures (MIT open course) and Making Data-Structures Persistent by James R. Driscoll, Neil Sarnak, Daniel D. Sleator, Robert E. Tarjan and VLists (Wikipedia), a 2002 innovation.
2007-09-14 Distribution of PageRank Mass Among Principal Components of the Web -- has a good description of the PageRank algorithm, for starters.
Toward Psycho-robots ... "Evolution of ideas is described by dynamical systems in metric mental space." ...
2007-09-10 An Optimal Linear Time Algorithm for Quasi-Monotonic Segmentation
Using RDF to Model the Structure and Process of Systems
Belief-Propagation for Weighted b-Matchings on Arbitrary Graphs and its Relation to Linear Programs with Integer Solutions
Efficient Algorithms for Node Disjoint Subgraph Homeomorphism Determination
A Class of Parallel Tiled Linear Algebra Algorithms for Multicore Architectures
The rank-width of Directed Graphs
Constraint optimization and landscapes
2007-09-10 On Ultrametric Algorithmic Information <--ESSENTIAL READING! Haar wavelets, face recognition, much much more.
2007-06-29 Radix Sorting With No Extra Space
User driven applications -- new design paradigm
Unison as a Self-Stabilizing Wave Stream Algorithm in Asynchronous Anonymous Networks
Faster algorithms for finding lowest common ancestors in directed acyclic graphs, Artur Czumaj, Miroslaw Kowaluk, Andrzej Lingas 2005, 14p -- good recent Tarjan type stuff with good references.
A Locally Adaptive Data Compression Scheme Jon Louis Bentley, Daniel D Sleator, Robert E Tarjan, Victor K Wei, 1986 11p
NB: Should check out all of Google Scholar's hits on "Tarjan" one of these days...
2007-06-18 The XVision2 Project -- Yale vision library used by the Haskell FVision folx.
FVision: A Declarative Language for Visual Tracking (2001) -- Haskell for scripting, C++ library for crunching.
2007-06-16 Information-theoretic security without an honest majority
A Finite Semantics of Simply-Typed Lambda Terms for Infinite Runs of Automata
Dualheap Selection Algorithm: Efficient, Inherently Parallel and Somewhat Mysterious
2007-06-08Two Simplified Algorithms for Maintaining Order in a List -- Dietz-Sleator order maintainance without the tears (complexity): short version. Also see the original 1988 Dietz-Sleator paper
2007-06-06 Inferring the Composition of a Trader Population in a Financial Market
2007-06-03 Open Source Business Models
2007-05-31 Truecluster Matching
Computing Integer Powers in Floating-Point Arithmetic
World-Set Decompositions: Expressiveness and Efficient Algorithms
On the Kolmogorov-Chaitin Complexity for short sequences
Google Similarity DistanceRudi Cilibrasi, Paul M B Vitanyi
2007-05-29 The Distance Geometry of Music
2007-05-22 Toward a Quantum Programming Language Peter Selinger 2002 56p -- his explanation of von Neuman density matrices is the first thing to give me any intuition about quantum entanglement and EPR.
2007-05-21 Computations Intelligence for Condition Monitoring
2007-05-19 Informatics Carnot Machine "entropy under certain conditions is information
2007-05-15 Mean Field Models of Message Throughput in Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Systems
Improvements to the Psi-SSA representation to support predicated instruction sets.
2007-05-12 Principal Component Analysis and Automatic Relevance Determination in Damage Identification -- they report that PCA and ARD seem to be complementary techniques for their purposes, each working well when the other does not...
2007-05-12 open source software, possible alternative to reading people tracker code?
2007-05-07 Succinct Indexable Dictionaries with Applications to Encoding $k$-ary Trees, Prefix Sums and Multisets "We give a data structure that supports [Rank and Select] operations in O(1) time ..."
2007-05-07 Iterative Rounding for the Closest String Problem
2007-05-07 Clustering Co-occurence of Maximal Frequent Patterns in Streams
2007-05-07 NodeTrix: Hybrid Representation for Analysing Social Networks
2007-05-05 Edges and Switches, Tunnels and Bridges -- drawing nonplanar graphs readably.
Multiresolution Approximation of Polygonal Curves in Linear Complexity
2007-05-02 The Parameter-Less Self-Organizing Map -- latest neural network tweak.
2007-04-29 McRT-STM: A High Performance Software Transactional Memory System for a Multi-Core Runtime
Bratin Saha, Ali-Reza Adl-Tubatabai, Richard L Hudson, Chi Cao Minh, (all Intel) Benjamin Hertzberg (Stanford)
2006, 11p (PPoPP'06)
Compiler and Runtime Support for Efficient Software Transactional MemoryAli-Reza Adl-Tabatabai, Brian T Lewis, Vijay Menon, Brian R Murphy, Bratin Saha, Tatiana Shpeisman (all Intel)
2006, 12p (PLDI'06)
2007-04-19 Bounded Pushdown dimension vs Lempel Ziv information density: "we construct a sequence that LZ fails to compress signicantly, but that is compressed by at least a factor 2 by a BPD compressor."
2007-04-15 Nyquist, A Sound Synthesis and Composition Language -- yet another cool Berkeley-licensed software package out of CMU, this one based on XLISP driving C, much like Skandha5. I'd love to translate this into Mythryl...
2007-04-12 Bandit Algorithms for Tree Search: Pierre-Arnaud Coquelin (CMAP), Rmi Munos (INRIA Futurs) with applications to Go :)
2007-04-04"Supervised Learning of Semantic Classes for Image Annotation and Retrieval", G Carneiro, AB Chan, PJ Moreno, N Vasconcelos. (Appears not to be available free online as yet.) 2007-04-02 On-line Viterbi Algorithm and Its Relationship to Random Walks -- cuts space from O(m*n) to \Theta(mlogn), allowing use on DNA & continuous data.
2007-03-30 Computer Science and Game Theory: A Brief Survey
2007-03-28 Structure induction by lossless graph compression
2007-03-26 Self-adaptive Gossip Policies for Distributed Population-based Algorithms
2007-03-24 Clustering and Sharing Incentives in BitTorrent Systems
2007-03-21 Copula Component Analysis, a proposed refinement of Independent Component Analysis.
2007-03-19 Cultural Route to the emergence of linguistic categories
2007-02-27 An Optimal Linear Time Algorithm for Quasi-Monotonic Segmentation
Linking Microscopic and Macroscopic Models for Evolution: Markov Chain Network Training and Conservation Law Approximations
Succinct Sampling on Streams
A Landscape Analysis of Constraint Satisfaction Problems
2007-02-24 Exploiting social networks dynamics for P2P resource organisation
Efficient Searching and Retrieval of Documents in PROSA
2007-02-18 What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating Point Arithmetic (1991) reccommended by Xavier Leroy
2007-02-15 Social Behaviours Applied to P2P Systems: An efficient Algorithm for Resource Organisation "...smoothly evolves to a small--world graph, where queries for resources are efficiently and effectively routed."
A kernel method for canonical correlation analysis Trying for the best of classical linear and modern SVM approaches.
2007-01-30 Ontology from Local Hierarchical Structure in Text
2007-01-24 Principal Type Schemes for Modular ProgramDerek Dreyer + Matthias Blume 2007 16p
2007-01-23 Universal Algorithmic Intelligence: A mathematical top->down approach
A complete set of rotationally and translationally invariant features for images
Complex networks and human language
Time and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Statistical Cryptography using a Fisher-Schrdinger Model
2007-01-10 Cooperative Optimization for Energy Minimization: A Case Study of Stereo Matching
2007-01-09 Recursion Schemes as Abstract Interfaces Daniel C Wang, Tom Murphy circa 2003
2007-01-08 Compression-based methods for nonparametric density estimation, on-line prediction, regression and classification for time series
2007-01-08 Bootstrap for neural model selection
2006-12-30 A type and effect system for atomicity Cormac Flanagan + Shaz Qadeer sigplan 2003. ConcurrentJava. This looks like a practical alternative to software transactional memory which moves the work from runtime to compiletime.
Type and Effect Systems Flemming Nielson + Hanne Riis Nielson 1999
2006-12-27 Stratification in P2P Networks - Application to BitTorrent
2006-12-24 The Missing Link -- Dynamic Components for ML Andreas Rossberg 2006: This is what Alice does. Sounds good!
2006-12-19 Failure Resilient Distributed Commit for Web Services Atomic Transactions
An asynchronous, decentralised commitment protocol for semantic optimistic replication
Goedel Machines: Self-Referential Universal Problem Solvers Making Provably Optimal Self-Improvements
2006-12-15 OO Programming styles in ML Bernard Berthomieu LAAS Report #2000111, March 2000 (148p). (Found on the excellent MLton references page
An Extension of ML with First-Class Abstract Types This is the paper on adding abstract types to ML which is referenced by the above paper. NB: No syntax changes required(!)
Dynamics in ML Xavier Leroy &al also cited by above OOP paper.
2006-12-11 OLPC Human Interface Guidelines -- "Makes MacOS look like what it is -- boring and unoriginal" according to the slashdot reviewer.
2006-12-04 About the Lifespan of Peer to Peer Networks -- another Rudi Calibrasi paper!
2006-12-04 Michaels Tcl/Tk Extensions (interesting because stuff that plugs into Tcl/Tk will work nicely with Mythryl's tk7).
TkOGL, OpenGL-in-Tk solution favored by Michael above.
tclogl claims to be an improvement on TkOGL
tcl3d brings together the above plus many similar extensions.
RELAX NJ XML specs with a fraction of the verbosity. ISO standard.
2006-11-29The INRIA Reactive Programming page has a bunch of good stuff. In particular, the SugarCubes project described here was the basis for the SML/NJ reactive programming library (for which Tim Bourke has some comments and patches). (Note that SugarCubes has been superceded by the apparently much more efficient Junior project -- if I start using the SML/NJ reactive library stuff, I should look at updating it to Junior's algorithm.) The award-winning Icobj graphic-programming stuff also looks worth study.
2006-11-28 Scale-Free Overlay Topologies with Hard Cutoffs for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
Genetic Programming for Kernel-based Learning with Co-evolving Subsets Selection
Neural Computation with Rings of Quasiperiodic Oscillators
Why the Maxwellian Distribution is the Attractive Fixed Point of the Boltzmann Equation
BOSAM: A topology visualisation tool for large-scale complex networks
2006-11-23 Channel Coding: The Road to Channel Capacity
Very Sparse Stable Random Projections, Estimators and Tail Bounds for Stable Random Projections
A higher-order active contour model of a `gas of circles' and its application to tree crown extraction
Discovering Network Topology in the Presence of Byzantine Faults
Heap Reference Analysis Using Access Graphs
2006-11-14 Linear-Time Pointer-Machine Algorithms for Path-Evaluation Problems on Trees and Graphs "Our algorithms compute nearest common ancestors off-line, verify and construct minimum spanning trees, do interval analysis on a flowgraph, find the dominators of a flowgraph, and build the component tree of a weighted tree."
Multivariate Integral Perturbation Techniques - I (Theory)Brief comments on potential applications in finance are given, including options, models for credit risk and derivatives, and correlation sensitivities.
Advances in Self Organising Maps ... "the most popular artificial neural algorithm for use in unsupervised learning..."
On the Solution-Space Geometry of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems "our results establish rigorously one of the two main hypotheses underlying Survey Propagation, a heuristic introduced by physicists in recent years that appears to perform extraordinarily well on random constraint satisfaction problems.
How to Authenticate and Encrypt
2006-11-11 Adaptive Software Transactional Memory VJ Marathe, WN Scherer III, ML Scott 2005 15p
Software Transactional Memory for Dynamic-Sized Data Structures Hirlihy, Moir, Luchangco, Scherer 2003 10p This implements DSTM described in ASTM paper above.
Concurrent Programming Without Locks K Fraser, T Harris 2004 48p This implements the OSTM described in ASTM paper above. Source code is here
Composable memory transactions Tim Harris, Simon Marlow, SIMON PEYTON JONES, and Maurice Herlihy. ACM Conference on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming 2005 (PPoPP'05). -- the Haskell transaction system implementation.
2006-11-09 Lambda Types on the Lambda Calculus with Abbreviations this looks like a beautiful piece of work which simplifies typed lambda calculus by increasing the symmetry between term- and type-level functions and expressions.
2006-11-09 On Conditional Branches in Optimal Decision Trees -- compiling switch statements taking into account processors with predictive branching &tc.
2006-11-08 Efficient, Dynamic Indexing and Aggregation of Moving Objects
Nonextensive Pythagoras' Theorem
2006-11-03Jerry pointed out: Web 3.0 and the Widgetized Web -- webcrawling without ever leaving Google thanks to the various optional widgets one can add to a start page there. 2006-11-02 Efficient constraint propagation engines
Hedgin predictions in machine learning
2006-10-31 A Review of Bayesian Restoration of Digital Images Employing Markov Chain Monte Carlo
2006-10-30 A Taxonomy of Peer-to-Peer Based Complex Queries: a Grid perspective
ECA-RuleML: An Approach combining ECA Rules with temporal interval-based KR Event/Action Logics and Transactional Update Logics
Information filtering via Iterative Refinement
Low-complexity modular policies: learning to play Pac-Man and a new framework beyond MDPs
Nonlinear Estimators and Tail Bounds for Dimension Reduction in $l_1$ Using Cauchy Random Projections
2006-10-25 Metric learning pairwise kernel for graph inference
2006-10-20 Inference in Binary Pair-wise Markov Random Fields through Self-Avoiding Walks
2006-10-16 Vector field visualization with streamlines
An Application of the Mobile Transient Internet Architecture to IP Mobility and Inter-Operability
A Mobile Transient Internet Architecture
2006-10-11 sml_tk: Functional Programming for Graphical User Interfaces
2006-10-11 CR-precis: A deterministic summary structure for update data streams
2006-10-11 Towards a Bayesian framework for option pricing
2006-10-11 Streaming Max-Min Filter Using No More than 3 Comparisons per Element
2006-10-10(from Stephen Weeks:) Adding Threads to Standard ML
A Distributed Concurrent Implementation of Standard ML
Procs and locks: a portable multiprocessing platform for Standard ML of New Jersey.
2006-10-09 A kernel for time series based on global alignments
2006-10-04 ABCD: Eliminating Array-Bounds Checks on Demand Bodik, Gupta Sarkar
2006-10-02 Conditional Expressions for Blind Deconvolution: Multi-point form "The CE can detect multiple blur all at once. We illustrate the multiple blur-detection by using a test image.
Simple method to eliminate blur based on Lane and Bates algorithm "A simple search method for finding a blur convolved in a given image is presented. The method can be easily extended to a large blur. The method has been experimentally tested with a model blurred image."
2006-09-29 Tina's Randum Number Generator Library, apparently very well-analysed, well-founded, distributable LFSR based pseudo-random number generator library. (
2006-09-28 Efficient Open World Reasoning for Planning
2006-09-25 Support Vector Machine Tutorial by UMD's Christopher J.C. Burges.
Motion Primitives for Robotic Flight Control
2006-09-21 Approximating Rate-Distortion Graphs of Individual Data: Experiments in Lossy Compressino and Denoising
2006-09-06 Anonymous Authentication Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Networks including a distributed reputation algorithm.
2006-09-01 The Tree Inclusion Problem: In Linear Space and Faster
2006-08-30 TreeP: A Tree-Based P2P Network Architecture
2006-08-01 An Introduction to the DSm Theory for the Combination of Paradoxical, Uncertain, and Imprecise Sources of Information
2006-07-31 Hidden Markov Process: ...
Escape Analysis by Abstract Interpretation
Topological Grammers for Data Approximation
Leading strategies in competitive online prediction online regression -- USEFUL FOR STOCK TRADING?
2006-07-28 Expressing Implicit Semantic Relations without supervision
Security Policies as Membranes in Systems for Global Computing
2006-07-17 Cepstral speach-to-text is proprietary, but might be a good indication of the state of the art, and benchmark comparison for open source equivalents.
2006-07-09 Punch "LSA" (Latent Semantic Analysis) into
Look up Princeton musician Dmitri Tymoczko's 2006-Jul-07 music theory article in Science -- first one they have ever published.
2006-06-05 Getting started with Wacom tablets in Linux
2006-06-01 A parent-centered radial layout algorithm for interactive graph visualization and animation
General Compact Labeling Schemes for Dynamic Trees with applications to efficient distributed computation.
2006-05-29 Classification of Ordinal Data with applications to support vector machines and neural networks.
2006-05-23 A direct formulation for sparse PCA using semidefinite programming -- sounds somewhat interesting in itself, but mainly, looks like a good pointer into the literature on principal component analysis.
Distributed Selfish Load Balancing -- sounds potentially very useful!
2006-05-14 What's the secret sauce in Ruby on Rails: Finally, a thoughtful, knowledgable, useful, balanced third-party review of what's right about Ruby on Rails. E.g., relative to similar frameworks, it sacrifices flexibility for conciseness, substituting conventions for vast configuration files. I like the sound of that. :)
2006-05-11 Strong Atomicity for Java Without Virtual-Machine Support 2006 from the UW WASP project 2006. Efficient compile-time optimization of multiprocessed transactions -- LOOKS WORTH CAREFUL STUDY.
Continuations, proofs and tests -- types for CPS (continuation-passing-style) code translation.
A Formal Measure of Machine Intelligence
2006-05-04 On the Foundations of Universal Sequence Prediction"
2006-04-23 An O(n**2.75) algorithm for online topological ordering. Friedrich 2006-Apr-20 Good for interactive pointer loop detection and such. Also has a good review of other topological sort algorithms.
2006-04-16 Program Verification for Optimized Byte Copy Edoardo S Biagioni 1994 19p CMU-CS-94-172 (The Hello OS prof.)
Sequence Types for Functional Languages Edoardo S Biagioni 27p 1995 CMU-CS-95-180. (The Hello OS prof)
Biologically Inspired Hierarchical Model for Feature Extraction and LocalizationLiang Wu, 4p, 2006 Apr
2006-04-10 An O(n^3)-Time Algorithm for Tree Edit Distance
Music Theory .net
The FLux OSKit: A Substrate for Kernel and Language Research.
Might be an architecture template to base an ML OS upon? Not in ML, but they implement SML on the bare metal. :) 2006-03-31 A Portable, Unobtrusive Garbage Collection for Multiprocessor Systems Damien Doligez POPL 1994 14p
(I believe this is the basis of the Ocaml garbage collector.)
2006-03-24 Topological Grammars for Data Approximation Gorban Sumner Zinovyev
Type Inference with Rank 1 Polymorphism for Type-Directed Compilation of ML Atsushi Ohori + Nobuaki Yoshida 1999 12p
(The SML# folx.) Claims to relax the value restriction and eliminate the exponential-time typechecking cases while generalizing the type system -- sounds cool!
2006-03-21 Peer-to-peer communication across network translators "This paper documents and analyzes one of the simplest but most robust and practical NAT traversal techniques, commonly known as "hole punching." Essential reading! See also:
The hole trick: How Skype &Co get around firewalls
Packrat Parsing: "Simple, powerful, lazy, linear time."
Concensus Propagation -- basic distributed computing.
Yet another efficient unification algorithm More essential reading.
2006-03-05 Better networking with SCTP. Supposedly a superior replacement for TCP, already in the Linux 2.6 kernel.
Solution of the crystallographic phase problem by iterated projections V. Elser 2003 -- presents the general "difference map" algorithm which also solves Sudoku puzzles and such according to the ScienceDaily writeup
2006-02-21 Implementing Type Classes Peterson + Jones 1993 10p
"This paper is meant to serve as a practical guid for the implementation of type classes."
2006-02-15 How to Beat the Adaptive Multi-Armed Bandit Dani, Hayes 2006-02-14
Emergence Explained Abbot 2006-02-12
Multilevel Threshholding for Image Segmentation through a Fast Statistical Recursive Algorithm Arora Acharya Verma Panigrahi 2006-02-12
2006-02-12 The Fusion Machine Gardner Laneve Wischik 2002-03-27 18p "There have been only two distributed [pi-calculus type] implementations": Facile and JoCaml.
The Fusion Calsulus: Expressiveness and Symmetry in Mobile Processes Parrow + Victor Dec 5 1997 UUppsala 28p -- this appears to be the original fusion calculus paper.
A Calculus of Mobile Agents Fornet Gonthier Levy Maranget Remy (INRIA) 1996 16p The original "distributed join calculus" paper.
The reflexive CHAM and the join-calculus Fournet Gonthier (INRIA) 1995-Oct 32p -- The original "join calculus" paper.
The Chemical Abstract Machine Berry + Boudol (INRIA) 1992 13p
Pict: A Programming Language Based on the Pi-Calculus Pierce + Turner (Indiana U) 1997-03-19 26p
No Assembly Required: Compiling Standard ML to C Tarditi + Lee & Acharya (CMU) 1992 17p -- in SML/NJ with 50% speed penalty: "sml2c".
Dependent types with subtyping and late-bound overloading Castagna + Chen 1998-06-23 76p -- looks like a good overview/tutorial too
2006-02-07 Explaining Constraint Programming
Information Theory and Thermodynamics
2006-01-31 Understanding and Evolving the ML Module System Derek Dreyer (thesis, Harper, Crary, Lee, MacQueen) 2005 May 262p
TIL: A type-directed optimizing compiler for ML, Tarditi, Morriset, Cheng, Stone, Harper, Lee 1996, 25p
2006-01-30 A Separate Compilation Extension to Standard ML 2006 58p
2006-01-28 Sound and Complete Elimination of Singleton Kinds Karl Crary 2000 25p
"a translation from a language with singleton kinds to one without ... useful for type-preserving compilers... by normalizing type equivalnet derivations using Stone and Harper's type equivalent decision procedure..."
Perl Golf book -- be nice to analyse what techniques are most often used, with possible application to ML.
2006-01-26 Nonequilibrium Thermodynaimcs of Wealth Condensation
2006-01-25 Artificial Sequences and Complexity Measures
Extracting in an automatic and agnostic way, information from a generic string of characters. ... use data compression techniques to define a measure of remoteness and distances between pairs of sequences... applies to any kind of corporate independently of the type of coding behind them ... results for language recognition, authoriship attribution ...
Fast Lexically Constrained Virterbi Algorithm (FLCVA): Simultaneous Optimization of Speed and Memory"
Sharing intermediate results between separate Hidden Markov Models HMM. Simultaneous computation of the a posteriori probabilities of all the words in the lexicon.
2006-01-24 Topology of covert conflict Nagarja 2006 13p Attacking and defending peer-to-peer networks
Formal Verification of Dead Code Elimination in Isabelle/HOL Blech Gesellensetter Glesner 2005 10p
Includes the result that dead code elimination, normally cubic, is only quadradic on code in SSA form.
Dependent types ensure partial correctness of theorem provers Appel + Felty 2004 17p
Automation for Interactive Proof: First PrototypeMeng + Quigley, Paulson UCambridge 2005 26p. (NB: last author is Isabelle's creator.)
Optimizing Code Generation from SSA Form: A Comparison Between Two Formal Correctness Proofs in Isabelle/HOL"Blech + Glesner + Leitner Mulling, U Karlsruhe 2005 18p (use Konqueror not Mozilla)
2006-01-22 Proofs, Programs and Executable Specifications in Higher Order Logic thesis of Stefan Berghofer 2003 143p -- based on Isabelle and SML/NJ. (Try xpfd if gv crashes on the .pdf)
Isabelle/HOL tutorial -- Nipkow + Paulson + Wenzel, 2005 235p(!)
Executing Verified Compiler Specification Okuma + Minamide 17p 2003
Found above after poking around a bit for the state of the art in compiling natural semantics definitions. Uses Isabelle/HOL to autogenerate SML/NJ code. Scheme-like source language compiled to Java bytecodes -- clearly a proof-of-principle level of achievement.
2006-01-17 Singleton Kinds and Singleton Types Christopher Stone 2000 174p (Thesis)
2005-12-31 Wobbly types: type inference for generalized algebraic data types Peyton Jones + Washburn + Weirich 2004 POPL 15p: "Generalized algebraic data types (GADTs), sometimes know as guarded recursive datatypes" or "first-class phantom types", are a simple but powerful generalization of the data types of Haskell and ML..."
Compare to: Programming with Static Invariants in OmegaLinger + Sheard 2004 18p, which (e.g.) shows that a binomial heap implementation can be proved largely correct by the SML/Haskell typechecker using such techniques.
(Also among Sheard's recent papers is Languages of the Future OOPSLA 2004 14p -- sounds like it obsoletes MetaML.)
First-Class Phantom Types, Cheney and Hinze, 32p circa 2004. They credit the phantom types idea to Domain Specific Embedded CompilersLeijen and Meijer 1999 14p.
2005-12-30 A Type-Theoretic Interpretation of Standard ML, Robert Harper and Christopher Stone, 1999 29p.
and its companion tech report (1997, 78 pages) which appears to obsolete the previous year's A Type-Theoretic Account of Standard ML 1996 (Version 2) Harper + Chone Sep 10, 1996 82p. In updated form, this looks poised to become the standard semantics for successor ML, "sML".
Also worth checking out are recent papers (including 2002 thesis) by Stone and Harper papers such as (on callcc) Typing First-Class Continuations in ML (Harper Duba MacQueen 1993 15p)
(not to mention Andrew W Appel) such as Implementing the TILT internal language 2000 and A type system for higher-order modules Dreyer+Crary+Harper 2004 65p.
Bidirectional Type Checking 2005 9p looks at first blush at least to be a breakthrough in typed intermediate languages. Peyton Jones comments "Bidirectional type inference is one powerful tool" in his wobbly types paper.
Also worth a peek: Twelf User's Guide V1.4 2002 98p
"The Wizard of TILT" Tom Murphy 2002 22p CMU-CS-02-120 senior thesis w Harper + Crary mentions Wadler's "views" for pattern-matching ADTs. Pattern Matching and Abstract Data Types Tom Murphy VII 2002 36p slideset gives more detail, gives Views: A Way For Pattern Matching To Cohabit With Data Abstraction Wadler 1986 18p (which has a nice overview of "join lists", which support linear time appends) as the reference, then gives as an improvement Active Patterns ( A New Look at Pattern Matching in Abstract Data Types Pedro, Pena, Nunez 1996 12p and a without-language-extensions (but with-performance-hit) approach "Programming with Recursion Schemes" Wang + Murphy 2002.
Existential types are introduced in Abstract Types Have Existential Type Mitchell + Plotkin 1988 33p

Linear Types can change the world!Philip Wadler 1990 21p
A Prettier Printer Philip Wadler 22p, 1997 revised 1998 an improvement on Hugh's prettyprinter. Try Konqueror if gv won't render it.
Wadler's homepage

2005-12-14 IPP2P, filter used to kill/restrict "peer-to-peer" traffic. Should study it before designing any new peer-to-peer protocol, to make sure we can evade ipp2p abuse.
2005-10-30 Compiling with Proofs, George Ciprian Necula under Robert Harper &tc 1998 CMU Thesis 277p
2005-10-21 Solipsis, a shared virtual world in python posted by JCLawrence to mud-dev, download page here. Built on xw-python, twisted, and the python imaging library PIL.
WordseyeOn Tuesday, Bob Coyne, one of the developers of Symbolics' S-Paint system, will be speaking at the next meeting of Lisp NYC about his new project, WordsEye [via Jim Thompson].

WordsEye allows untrained users to spontaneously and interactively create 3D scenes by simply describing them. By using natural language, ordinary users can quickly create 3D scenes without having to learn special software, acquire artistic skills, or even touch a desktop window-oriented interface. Creating graphics with natural language gives a new sense of power to words and suggests applications in education and creative play as well as the creation of visual art itself. WordsEye relies on a large database of 3D models and images to depict objects and surface textures. WordsEye is written in Common Lisp and runs on Linux
(Posted to mud-dev by JCLawrence)
2005-10-17J Furuse'sG'Caml stuff, in particularGeneric polymorphism in ML. If the INRIA parentage isn't recommendation enough, Stephen Weeks also sounded very impressed on the MLton list.
2005-10-04 NILFS, a linux log-structured filesystem released by NTT, supporting access to past states of the filesystem.
2005-10-03 hOp/House -- Haskell User's Operating System and Environment.
Design and Implementation of an Operating System in Standard ML 1999-09 Fu (UHawaii MS Thesis) 46p describes the Hello operating system kernel. A shorter version is here and the source code here.
2005-09-01 Shimon Edelman, David Horn, Eytan Ruppin, Zach Solan, "Unsupervised Learning of Natural Languages", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol 102 No 33, introducing their ADIOS (Automatic Distillation of Structure) method.
Zach Solan's thesis and related work may be found here). This is the "crazy israeli" paper -- my favorite paper of the last decade.
2005-08-31 Jon Smirl's 2005-08-31 The State of Linux graphics -- an extremely good summary with lots of context, links to further reading, and recommendations.
2005-06-22 Tim Sheard's stuff on Omega, equality qualified types and such -- some are generalizations of his MetaML.
2005-06-14"Scout: A Hardware-Accellerated System for Quantitatively Driven Visualization and Analysis", McCormick, Inman, Ahrens, Hansen & Roth, 2004 IEEE" -- using GPUs to attain 12X speedup over CPU.
2005-05-10 Dual Photography -- using Helmholtz duality to generate images of a scene from the light source's point of view (a video projector)...!
2005-04-20 Unix System Programming with Standard ML Including a webserver!! Version 0.1 Mar 2002 -- may be mostly vaporware, not sure.
2005-04-17 Standard ML# of Kansai: SML# extends SML with polymorphic field selection and polymorphic non-destructive field update operation. Furthermore, polymorphic field accesses are always complied into efficient index operations. (For a formal description of SML#, see my paper "A Compilation Method for ML-style Polymorphic Record Calculi", POPL 1992 (its dvi file can be found in this directory.) I hope that the extensions embodied in SML# (or something like them) be integrated in the standard of future Standard ML.
SYNTAX OF SML#. It is the same as Standard ML except:
  1. Flexible record patters (and the derived form of #label) are now first-class patterns, and can therefore used without type constraints, as explained above.
  2. The expression constructor of the form
            #> exp => {lab1=exp1,---,labn=expn}
    is added. (The sequence #> is now a reserved word and cannot be used as an identifier.)
  3. A type variable can be constrained with a record kind by the syntax:
            'a # {label_1:type_1,---,label_n:type_n,....}
    The trailing "..." is optional.
2005-04-12 Fusions: "Bjorn Victor and Joachim Parrow invented the fusion calculus in 1996-1998. Their inspiration was two-fold: to simplify and make symmetric the pi calculus, and to model concurrent constraint programming. Meanwhile, independently, Yuxi Fu invented the chi calculus, essentially the same as the fusion calculus." Other keywords mentioned: equators and solos calculus.
Selected Bibliography on Mobile Processes -- excellent review and reading list updated through Feb 1998. The sections are:
  1. General Ideas of Mobility
  2. Basics of Mobile Processes
  3. Encoding of Various Computational Structures
  4. Asynchronous Pi-calculus
  5. Expressiveness in pi-calculi
  6. Types for Mobile Processes
  7. Programming Languages based on Mobile Processes
  8. Other Topics
2005-03-13 Distinctive Image Features from Scale Invariant Keypoints -- realtime feature-matching, used in his SIFT Keypoint Detector and for Object recognition and generating panoramas and 3D scene reconstruction from video
2005-03-02 Debian Cluster Components -- we'll be clustering sooner or later, plus their selection of (e.g.) Shorewall is a strong third-party recommendation.
2005-02-23 Kevin Knight's home page -- mainly I want to read up on the machine translation by automated learning from matched text corpi stuff.
2005-02-19: Protein Interaction Databases
2005-02-16: GNU TeXmacs, which is available as a standard Debian package.
2005-02-15: Paje "a graphical tool that displays traces produced during the execution of multithreaded programs."
2005-02-05: Glitz -- 2D widget type stuff built on OpenGL for hardware accelleration!
2005-01-29: Automatic Meaning Discovery Using Google -- another Rudi Cilibrasi gem!
2005-01-22: Open 3D Visualization Toolkit from the Science Museum of Minnesota.
2005-01-21: Ruby on Rails, some sort of website development package.
2004-12-26: "JAVELIN: A Flexible, Planner-Based Architecture for Question Answering" -- CMU goes beyond LCC and Piquant.
"Retrieving Definitions from Scientific Text in the Salmon Fish Domain by Lexical Pattern Matching" BS thesis at ULimerick Jan 2004 -- NB that Chapter 2 is a valuable literature review: Chapter 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Appendices
2004-12-01: mGTK: An SML binding of Gtk+, Larsen & Niss, DIKU, 6p freenix2004 (LGPL source on sourceforge.)
SML-Gtk: Gtk+ bindings for SML/NJ 2003 Allen Leung (he says he also has bindings for OpenGL, ncurses and other, but the links are dead :(
Nonparametric inference for ergodic, stationary time series, Morvai, Yakowitz and Gyorfi Ann Statist 1996 9p
2004-11-02: ProofPower, a GPL "suite of tools supporting specification and proof in Higher Order Logic (HOL) and in the Z notation."
2004-10-27: Tiny C Compiler -- "C Scripting Everywhere Small! Fast! Unlimited! Safe!"
2004-10-16: Inkulator9000: Comic-style "drawings" from 3D meshes. C++/Windows, but GPL open source on SourceForge.
2004-10-12: Croquet, a Squeak+OpenGL-based project oriented towards shared telepresence and collaboration of large numbers of people -- currently mostly vaporware.
WorldForge an (overly?) ambitious open-source MMPORG game engine effort. Says no playable games generated yet as of 2004-10. Looks worth checking back from time to time.
3D Outside The Box shareware app, I mostly want to check out the excellent linklist at some point.
WizzyTeX "is an emacs minor mode for incrementally viewing LaTeX documents that you are editing."
advi: "Active-DVI is a presenter and previewer for texts or slides written in LaTeX, hence the presentation tool of choice for the discriminating hacker."
GODIVA tool for generating GODI (ocaml) packages.
Gnome Human Interface Guidelines 2.0
Correctness proof for a full copying gc(!)
Chris Osaki's practical examples of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-order functions. Also see here. Stats on use of higher-order functions arehere

Graphviz and particularly its dot tool recommended on caml list for directed graph presentation. POMAP is an example of using it from Ocaml. Tulip was also mentioned. And later AGD ("built on top of LEDA").

Tom Lord's arch. I've always detested CVS. Tom sounds like he has his head screwed on straight. Worth investigating. Ditto David Roundy's "Theory of Patches"-based Haskell-implemented darcs

NASA's World Wind planetary viewer and 3D display engine: "World Wind allows any user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and SRTM elevation data to experience Earth in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there."
Nebula2I 3D C++ game engine with MIT-style license.
Irrlicht 3D C++ game engine with BSD-style license -- supposedly impressive and with big user community.
GlSurf: ocaml app displaying surfaces from implicit specs via OpenGL. -- sandboxing ocaml.
PPMd 64-bit bugs
distcc: a fast, free distributed C/C++ compiler
Variational Shape Approximation -- fast, mathematically sound 3D mesh simplification.
Independent Component Analysis of EEG data in realtime
GPUs as CPUs at UW CSci
Regular Expressions in Haskell
RMS, the (Haskell) Robust Mail Store
Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity by Larry Lessig
Sphinx, CMU open-source high-quality speech recognition
Fault Tolerant Shell (2004-03-15)
PiceSpy Social Network Bot: Inferring and Visualizing Social Networks on IRC
Mnemonics -- figure alphabet
How to Memorize&tc
PARC's Obje Software Architecture
Anti-Spam Solutions and Security, Part 1 and Part 2
The Spam-Filtering Accuracy Plateau at 99.9% Accuracy and How to Get Past It Dobly spam filter.
Deep Inside KDE 3.2
Mark Newman's slick percolation algorithm for analysing social networks.
Converting an existing development system to the 2.6 kernel
Migrating to Linux kernel 2.6 -- Part 2: Migrating device drivers to Linux kernel 2.6
CD-Writing HOWTO
NILO, the GNU network boot loader.
NdisWrapper to run Windows Centrino drivers under Linux -- or pay $20 for the Linuxant solution
5,000,000 hi-res WW II RAF aerial photos
Genius and Autism
One Day Glass
md5 disk tuning
Office Display Cabinet
Debian AMD64 page
AMD64 fixes for 2.6.0
State of linux on AMD64
Econ stats
bacterial evolution
Verse Virtual Collaboration Server
Loqairou the 3D Sketchpad
"Good-Turing estimator and Alon Orlitsky's improvements
Hacker's Diet
low back exercises and Taking Care of Your Back, from the American Phystical Therapy Association
Real-Time Soft Shadows Project
WINW and BadBlue
Mayo clinic on exercise
Open Source Desktop Technology Road Map
Intel's open-sourcePNL, "provides, for the first time in science, a formal way of describing causality"

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I recommend searching it for a keyword of interest, if looking for something specific. Also fun: switchboard white-pages, USWest yellow pages, the search page, myfreeemailsearch, See also Net Indices below.

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Net Indices

Yahoo, with an excellent daily What's New.
Alta Vista: Spectacular new (95Dec) web index -- just try to find something nontrivial not listed in it!
AOL (nee UW) WebCrawler. (See also the metacrawler.)
Lycos: Full Home Page (CMU search engine). See also here.
The InfoSeek search engine, which found more sea otters for me, but I don't like the display format as much.
The new Architext search engine found a great set of URLs for my "Muq" query -- almost instantly. This one looks worth keeping an eye on. See also the Netscape catalog of Web search engines and the University of Geneva search engine catalogue.
Cern WWWeb Subject Catalogue. (This is great!)
Cern WWWeb catalogue of non-WWWeb net resources..
SIFT -- emails you when stuff that interests you appears on netnews or in online computer science techreports!
Spider's Web: An amiable index of 1500 links plus introductory materials.
Guide to Cyberspace 6.1: Contents.
Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide.
Scientific Visualization bibliography (annotated).
Virtual Tourist II, a geographic net index.
EINet Galaxy.
Global Network Navigator.
SUSI II Mega Internet search WWW, an index of indices.
harvey's Cyberspace Jump Station:
SIKS of Unified Computer Science Tech Report Index -- Whee!! Searchable!
UCDavis list of Computer Science Research Resources (Tech Reports &tc).
National CS Tech Report library project, hosted at Cornell.
UW CS&E has Tech Reports and Colloquia.
"Harvest" CSci Tech Report searchable index. Automated.
HCI Bibliography: 10,900 abstracted Human-Computer Interaction refs.
IBM Research CyberJournal: Thousands of tech reports online!
IEEE Times Best Engineering sites.
Central Source Yellow Pages: 10,000,000 business phone numbers.
Switchboard: 90,000,000 personal names, phonenumbers and addresses.
Online newspapers index.

What's New?

Stuff I've added recently, in most-recent-first order. This is so my regular visitors don't have to scan the complete hotlist to find what new baubles I've brought home recently grin.
Latest Mythryl docs
Joel On Software -- a voice from the trenches.

Best of the Web

My personal picks for most outstanding web pages:

Best nerdic humor page.

Most stunning computer graphics: 3-D strange attractors, quaternion fractals and chaotic kin. A definite "must see"!

Most stunning photographs: Chinese Scenery.

Best dolphin page.

Most important single Web site: International PGP Page, defending civil rights in the electronic age.

Best research collection: The Silk Road virtual collection, with thousands of maps, paintings, photos &tc &tc.

Best charity page: The Hunger Site: Every click feeds someone, somewhere.

Best Popular Mathematics Page: The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, covering Greek math through General Relativity with great biographical material.

Best online daily news: Electronic Telegraph(UK): Not just the usual wire feed, but good stuff with lots of hotlinks.

Best Weather Service: Intellicast, "Your online guide to weather, ski and ocean conditions,", including a Seattle page.

Most thought-provoking: Anders Main Page, my personal pick for overall best Web page. Check out the transhuman page in particular. I still don't believe in traversable wormholes, but this is good stuff to get the mental gears turning!
First runner-up: The Telson Spur, A Way Station for Snark Hunters, with oodles of good science fiction quotes and science links.

Most intriguing science site: Astronomy picture of the day. Consistently smashing!
See also: Snow Crystals.

Best voice of reason keeping tabs on the psychos: Fascist New World Order page.

Best search engine: Alta Vista. I used to like the WebCrawler and Lycos, but Alta Vista is in an entirely different class. DEC has thrown a dozen people and CPUS at the problem and the result is simply amazing.

Best browsable index: Yahoo. I was reading their What's New daily for awhile.

Best under construction sign. (Originally found on CubaWeb.)

Best documentary/photo essay: Bosnia: Uncertain paths to peace.

Favorite Astropics

Some of my personal favorites from Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day:
Craters, Shuttle, NGC7742, Uranus, Infrared Hubble Deep Field, M27, Leonids, Dust, NGC7635, NGC7635, NGC3132, Saturn Catseye, Deep Field, Sol, NGC253, RCW38, NGC1818, M57!, M6, Terra, Galactic Center, Oberon, Milky Way, ISS!, NGC1316, M87, Spacewalk, 1987A!, NGC1850, Luna!, Chamaeleon, Butterfly, Mars, Hale-Bopp, M10, NGC2997, VLT, Miranda, Ganymede, Mars!, Reflection Nebula, Io's Shadow, Luna, NGC4945, Hodge 301, Bear Claw, NGC206!, NGC4604!, Giants, Keyhole!, Wide Orion, Orion, Horsehead, Laguna, SanFran+SCruz, Warped Spiral, Polar Ring, Ara, Eagle's Eggs, Barred Spiral, Birth/Death, Triffid Pillars!!, Cygnus Loop, Double Bubble, UV Sun, Lagoon Twist, Milky Way


Internet Access Providers (ISPs) in Mexico -- most promising at moment appears to be cabonet. is one Dutch ISP recommended by a local. EuroNet is another, and caters to anglophones. Uses Suns. is another, BSDI based, also catering to anglophones. Same user describes as "a heap of techie nerds who have no interest in service whatsoever" -- sound like my kind of folk. :) Branch of Lots of Linux boxes in their domain, but probably dial-in boxes belonging to users? runs RedHat Linux! And caters to anglophones!! :) Ton del Kleer ( reports that is a Debian Linux based ISP.
Elkhorn Slough Foundation, a group including our neighbor Mark Silberstein, maintaining a wetland just south of us on Monterey Bay.
The intel wwweb and ftp sites, including info on their P6 processor and a Design page featuring stuff like their VTUNE performance monitoring tool. See also the AMD and Cyrix x86 clone chip producers.
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.
Adelaide, The University of.
Institute for Policy Studies with (e.g.) Top 200: The Rise of Corproate Global Power.
Bell Labs.
Health Links at the UW
The Daily, the UW campus rag.
Biological Structure and the Digital Anatomist program, including Bharath's brainmapper page.
The Brain Project!
An Automated Linear Registration Package for Stereotaxic Transformation of MRI data.
Washington Dept of Transportation.
Technology Reinvestment Project. Has pointers to DOD, DOT, DOE, NASA, NSF, White House...
Nasa's Technology Directions for the 21st Century page.
MIPS Technologies, Inc.
The Planetary Society.
United Nations.
IEEE (including an emerging technologies page), the IEEE Computer Society, with journal ab- and ex-tracts., and a Standards Organizations page.
Andrew II at CMU.
Center for Neural Basis of Cognition.
UTexas/Austin libraries.
Penn State U.
JPL: NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.
JPL Radar Imaging Lab.
JPL Mars Exploration.
Scripps Research.
Canadian Society for Computational Studies in Intelligence.
CPSR: Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility.
LBL (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) Particle Group.
National Center for Genome Resources.
Library of Congress. with Thomas guide to legislative information, and American Memory,, "Historical collections for the National Digital Library".
NCSA, with a cool streaming video clip archive.
IGUANA: Independent Group of Unix-Alikes and Network Activists.'s home archive.
University of Chicago.
SGI. They say their 100MHz R4300i consumer risc chip will be $35ea. They also have OpenGL and GLUT pages. Their Indigo2 "Impact" packs a gigaflop graphics pipeline in a desktop box, complete with hardware texturemapping.
NIST VR testbed site.
Health Sciences Center for Educational Resources -- make CDROMs &tc.
Sante Fe Institute.
Sun, including their SunSolve Online support service. .
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web.
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server.
NASA Ames Intelligent Mechanisms Group -- Dante Robet &tc.
Byrd Polar Research Home Page -- pics of Antartica, other good stuff.
University of Bristol.
The Well -- Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link.
Johnson Space Centre Virtual Reality Lab.
SpacePort Canada, commercial polar launch site.
CeVis, Center for Complex Systems and Visualisation at University of Bremen, Germany. Doing medical imaging software for SGIs, including ACR-NEMA file support, which latter code is available as part of the ACRViewer for the NeXT.
Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory, lots of code, mpegs...
Eurographics: European Association for Computer Graphics.
X Consortium.
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including embassy of Japan in Canada.
NSF/ARPA Science and Technology Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization.
University of Utah - Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization.
CNRI (Corporation for National Research Initiatives), with IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) stuff.
Sunrise at Los Alamos: "prototype uses of the coming NII: National Information Infrastructure."
The World Bank.
Ariadne: Greek national academic and research computer network.
InterNIC directory and database services.
University of Victoria at Wellington NZ CSci homepage.
LPF (League for Programming Freedom), GNU/FSF's political wing.
EIT: Enterprise Integration Technologies, whose net software releases include slideshow, mmphone, Shared Mosaic, XShare, wwwwais... and whose ongoing projects include AIMS (flexible manufacturing) ... technologies include Secure HTTP and employees include Niels Mayer, who is currently working on their WWWeasel wysiwyg HTML/multimedia system.
3space, "pioneering interactive graphics and VR".
Microspace Communications, "world's largest satellite broadcast data network".
US Robotics, longtime modem leader.
McConnell Brain Imaging Centre with neat brain MRI animatios &tc.
Kurzweil Music Systems.
Khoral Research, maintainer of Khoros.
UNC: CSci Dept, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.
WTC: Washington Technology Center, including HITL, Human Interface Technology Lab.
West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation.
NASA Software Independent Verification and Validation Facility, Fairmont, West Virginia.
US Inspector General.
PCWG: Personal Conferencing WorkGroup, standards for PC conferencing. Looks like an anti-Microsoft lineup.
Stanford Computer Forum (industry/research liason).
Yuma Desalting Plant, world's largest reverse-osmosis desalinator.
The World Wide Cemetery.
International Workers of the World (IWW) -- the Wobblies, with lots of good links to other progressive stuff.
In Defense of Marxism is a good change of analytical pace.
Democratic Socialists of America.
ATM Forum.
Boston University Medical Center, wwweb page maintained by my friend Dan Winder (
MIT Media Lab.
id Software, purveyors of DOOM, with screenshots of their Quake release. Their QuakeC release is available for download here.
Division, a major VR company spun off from Inmos.
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.
Taxpayer Assets Project, a Ralph Nader project.
Consumer Project on Technology, a Ralph Nader project.
3com., longtime Seattle BBS/Unix-site/Internet-port offering very competitive pricing.
Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) with an Alerts page sounding the tocsin on the latest attacks on worldnet...
Neural Networks Council.
NeuroCOLT: European Community ESPRIT Working Group in Neural and Computational Learning Theory, with some interesting technical reports.
IRStax-help page.
Germany: official home page.
New York Public Library.
CubaWeb: Cuba homepage.
ACM, with lotsa goodies including classics like Ken Thompson's ACM Turing Award talk and sigapl with a pointer to the J Software home page and the U Waterloo J archive with the (official JSoft Inc) J FAQ, Lamm's (independent) J Programming FAQ the (independent) APL FAQ, Ames' J For Idiots, and Davies' Introduction to J, and What Is J? introduction. For a stunning sample program, see ISI's ICFP '98 Functional Programming Contest entry.
Cilk, winner of above programming contest. I like it a lot.
CSPR, with a collection of rants on computer crime and such.
Australian Federal Department of Communications and the Arts, including the Communications Futures Project, a penetrating study of projected telecommunications trends in Australia over the next ten years.
National Library of Australia, with a good Government Policy and the Information Superhighway"> section.
Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) for parallel computing (at Tech Reportssection and SCCS-736 Basic Issues and Current Status of Parallel Computing---1995 section.
US HPCC (High Performance Computing and Communications)homepage.
West Edmonton Mall in Canada, complete with Dolphin Lagoon.
Washington Software Association, listing HTML, marketing and financial resources.
Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics<\a>, doing stuff in medical visualization, telepresence &tc.
Cannes Film Festival.
Salt Spring Island.
Internet Society, with lots of nice stuff including a history of the ISOC (Internet Society) and IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force -- a heart of Internet). Internet top-level domain country codes.
Domain Name Buyer's Guide. is Network Solution's belated attempt to offer value to their customers, in the face of sudden competition. Ah, monopoly, wherefore wert thou?
World Solar Challenge page, with a nice bit on Paul MacCready's amazing Solar Challenger airplane., first Web site in Bangladesh (96Jun12).
American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU).
Millenium Institute with State of the World indicators, and an economy simulation program, Threshold 21.
International Monetary Fund, with pointers to economic statistics on various countries.
National Fraud Information Center, who are willing to investigate and act on email pyramid schemes, credit card fraud attempts &tc.


Paul Graham

John Walker

HTML and kin

Beginner's Guide to HTML.
Interface Hall of Shame, a collection of how-not-to examples.
A Technical Introduction to XML, a much more practical introduction than the official specs for XML, XLL, and XLL, and XSL.
Help on composing good HTML documents.
@LearnSkills tutorials on HTML, forms, clickable images &tc.
Official HTML specification.
Dan Connolly's HTML design notebook.(One of the originators.)
HTML 3.0 spec (95Apr internet draft standard)
SGML tutorial.
HTTP-NG: Why HTTP is so slow, progress on fixing it. See also the current HTTP spec.
Netscape release notes. See also the excellent UFAQ: Netscape Unofficial FAQ.
HENSA, UK's Higher Education National Software Archives: Mirrors Netscape site, has netlib, netstat, freebsd...

The Cyberview 3D Document Generator Paul Burchard/The Geometry Center, Minneapolis, MN, US: The Cyberview 3D Document Generator is a new WWW server add-on that makes it easy to create HTML documents with inline, rotatable, hyperlinked 3D images (3D imagemaps). These 3D pages are created using ordinary HTML (together with one special IMG3D tag to inline the 3D data), and can be viewed with any HTML 2.0-compatible Web browser. Binaries for selected server platforms are freely available from The Geometry Center.

Icons, the Stanford collection. a perl script to legitimize old HTML files into SGML-abiding HTML.
Filters to and from html. Also editors, including Phoenix for X.
Pushpull.html: Periodically updated HTML docs, driven from server or client end.
Docfinder, NCSA perl/freeWAIS package to heavily index an html document set and allow online searching of the resulting db.
Making transparent .gifs.
Online gif transparencies while you wait.
MIME Test Page: Test your external viewers. One of everything.
NCSA Mosaic and QuickTime, "A How To Guide", from the Yahoo Computers: Multimedia: Video: Technical Information page.
Mail to web filters.
HTML Writer's Guild.
Writing secure CGI scripts. (Note that the list of unsafe chars given to remove is incomplete: One must also remove newlines!)

Telnet RFCs

(I've given two links per RFC: If one is lagging, try the other.)

RFC854: Telnet Protocol.
RFC855: Telnet option specifications. 1983 May; .
RFC856: Telnet binary transmission. 1983 May; .
RFC857: Telnet echo option. 1983 May; .
RFC858: Telnet Suppress Go Ahead option. 1983 May; .
RFC859: Telnet status option. 1983 May; .
RFC860: Telnet timing mark option. 1983 May; .
RFC861: Telnet extended options: List option. 1983 May; .
RFC885: Telnet end of record option. 1983 December; .
RFC927: TACACS user identification Telnet option. 1984 December;.
RFC933: Output marking Telnet option. 1985 January;.
RFC946: Telnet terminal location number option. 1985 May;.
RFC1041: Telnet 3270 regime option. 1988 January;.
RFC1043: Telnet Data Entry Terminal option: DODIIS implementation. 1988 February;.
RFC1053: Telnet X 3 PAD option. 1988 April;.
RFC1073: Telnet window size option. 1988 Octr.
RFC1079: Telnet terminal speed option. 1988 December.
RFC1080: Telnet remote flow control option. 1988 November;.
RFC1091: Telnet Terminal Type option. 1989 Feb.
RFC1096: Telnet X display location option. 1989 March.
RFC1097: Telnet subliminal-message option. 1989 Apr; .
RFC1116: Telnet Linemode Option. 1989 Aug; .
RFC1143: Q method of implementing Telnet option negotiation. 1990 February; .
RFC1184: Telnet Linemode option. 1990 October.
RFC1372: Telnet Remote Flow Control Option. 1992Oct.
RFC1408: Telnet Environment Option 1993 Jan.
RFC1409: Telnet Authentication 1993 Jan.
RFC1411: Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4. 1993 Jan.
RFC1412: Telnet Authentication: SPX. 1993 January;.
RFC1416: Telnet Authentication Option. 1993 February. (See also the draft telnet encryption/authentication standard.)
RFC1571: Telnet Environment Option Interoperability Issues at
RFC1572: Telnet Environment Option at

Other RFCs has a wide-ranging and up-to-date set of RFCs &tc indexed.

A good general RFC index is available at graphcomp, another is at ohio-state, a simpler (but often more up to date?) index here.
(I've given two links per RFC: If one is lagging, try the other.)

RFC602: "The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care".
RFC706: On the Junk Mail Problem.
RFC789: Vulnerabilities of Network Control Protocols: An Example.
RFC791: IP (Internet Protocol).
RFC792: ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol).
RFC793: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).
RFC821: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
RFC822: Internet Text Message Format Standard.
RFC864: Character Generator Protocol.
RFC913: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
RFC959: FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
RFC968: 'Twas the Night Before Start-up'.
RFC977: NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol).
RFC1013: X Window System Protocol v 11.
RFC1014: XDR (Xternal Data Representation).
RFC1019: Representation of equations.
RFC1045: VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction Protocol, a 1988 reliable datagram proposal.
RFC1057: RPC (Remote Procedure Call).
RFC1112: Multicasting.
RFC1118: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet.
RFC1121: Act One - The Poems.
RFC1149: CPIP: Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol.
RFC1180: TCP/IP Tutorial.
RFC1217: Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR).
RFC1281: Guidelines for secure operation of the Internet.
RFC1288: Finger.
RFC1296: Internet Growth 1981-91.
RFC1305: NTP (Network Time Protocol).
RFC1321: "The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm.
RFC1393: Traceroute.
RFC1421: Mail Encryption and Authentication.
RFC1422: Mail: Certificate-Based Key Management.
RFC1423: Mail: Algorithms, Modes, and Identifiers.
RFC1424: Mail: Key Certification and Related Services.
RFC1436: Gopher Protocol.
RFC1459: Internet Relay Chat.
RFC1480: The US Domain.
RFC1510: Kerberos.
Telnet RFCs.
RFC 1521: Mime Pt I.
RFC 1522: Mime Pt II.
RFC 1563: Mime text/enriched content type.
RFC 1661: PPP (Point to Point Protocol).
RFC 1713: DNS Debugging Tools.
RFC 1737: Uniform Resource Names.
RFC 1738: Uniform Resource Locators.
RFC1750: Randomness Recommendations for Security.
RFC1752: The Recommendation for the IP Next Generation Protocol.
RFC1769: SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).
RFC1780: Internet Official Protocol Standards.
RFC1790: Sun/Internet XDR/RPC agreement.
RFC1798: Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
RFC1805: Location-Independent Data/Software Integrity Protocol.
RFC1806: Communicating Presentation Information in Internet Messages: The Content-Disposition Header.
RFC1807: A Format for Bibliographic Records.
RFC1808: Relative Uniform Resource Locators.
RFC1809: Using the Flow Label Field in IPv6.
RFC1810: Report on MD5 Performance.
RFC1812: Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers.
RFC1813: NFS Version 3 Protocol.
RFC1814: Unique Addresses are Good.
RFC1815: Character Sets ISO-10646 and ISO-10646-J-1.
RFC1816: U.S. Government Internet Domain Names.
RFC1818: Best Current Practices.
RFC1819: Internet Stream Protocol Version 2 (ST2) Protocol Specification - Version ST2+.
RFC1824: The Exponential Security System TESS: An Identity-Based Cryptographic Protocol for Authenticated Key-Exchange (E.I.S.S.-Report 1995/4).
RFC1825: Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol.
RFC1826: IP Authentication Header.
RFC1827: IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP).
RFC1828: IP Authentication using Keyed MD5.
RFC1829: The ESP DES-CBC Transform.
RFC1830: SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages.
RFC1831: RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2.
RFC1832: XDR: External Data Representation Standard.
RFC1833: Binding Protocols for ONC RPC Version 2.
RFC1844: Multimedia E-mail (MIME) User Agent checklist.
RFC1846: SMTP 521 reply code.
RFC1847: Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted.
RFC1848: MIME Object Security Services.
RFC1851: The ESP Triple DES-CBC Transform.
RFC1852: IP Authentication using Keyed SHA.
RFC1853: IP in IP tunnelling.
RFC1950: ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification version 3.3.
RFC2068: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1.
RFC2069: An Extension to HTTP : Digest Access Authentication.
RFC2083: PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Specification.
RFC2144: The CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm (also here). See also Constructing Symmetric Ciphers using the CAST Design Procedure and CAST Encryption Algorithm Related Publications.
RFC2151: A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools and Utilities.
RFC2152: UTF-7 A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode.
RFC2154: OSPF with Digital Signatures.
RFC2181: Clarifications to the DNS Specification.
RFC2182: Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers.
RFC2195: IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension for Simple Challenge/Response.
RFC2196: Site Security Handbook.
RFC2202: Test Cases for HMAC-MD5 and HMAC-SHA-1.
RFC2222: Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL).
RFC2223: Instructions to RFC Authors.
RFC2228: FTP Security Extensions.
RFC2244: ACAP -- Application Configuration Access Protocol -- possibly useful for presence also?
RFC2289: A One-Time Password System -- S/Key, with 2048-word English integer encodings?
RFC2324: Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0).
RFC index at
RFC collection at

See also Ohio State RFC Search Page and and , and the Internic internet-drafts archive at internic, and Current Internet-Drafts at IETF.

Mail Standards at Internet Mail Consortium.
News Standards at Internet Mail Consortium.
Architectural Considerations for Mobile Mesh Networking.

Technical Reference

2006-11-05: PunchScan -- simple cryptographically secure voting system.
Smalltalk-72 manual
2005-09-15: caswell $300 aluminum anodizing kit with very practical-sounding directions. Also touches on titanium oxidizing.
Mr Titanium Presents: How to build an anodizer for chump change. He sells $100 kits. :)
Nice tutorial on making an anodized-titanium liner-lock folding knife at home.
2005-05-10: mokume gane metal laminates for wedding rings and such -- beautiful!
2005-03-25: Homebrew xenon strobe light schemantics + instructions.
2005-02-24: DNSreport, a handy site for checking your dns zonefiles.
2004-10-21:Online futures markets:
Iowa Electronics Markets
Hollywood Stock Exchange
Metal Working (and Related) Web Sites
Democratic Election Methods, which might be useful for distributed software, or even for distributed software teams. National Election Studies, massive scholarly raw database for decades of US elections., debunking PR statements from all two state-authorized political parties in the US.
Cooking for Engineers -- great!
Calgary Corpus, the academic world's benchmark text compression corpus.
US Radio Spectrum allocation
BitScope -- open-design PIC-driven PC-based digital oscilliscope and logic analyser available as parts, kit or assembled, with free software for Windows and Linux.
Periodic Table
Scanning Tunnerlling Microscope Construction Kit
Fermat's Last Theorem (proof)
Build a useful X-ray machine at home for $20!.
Anti-spam advice at Also relaying.
CVS docs.
Steel FAQ.
A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers.
Plan 9 docs, including the Acme interface.
RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens), with a whois db and similar fun stuff.
ARIN, American Registry for Internet Numbers, with another whois db, library &tc.
Netcraft -- find out what sever software a given website is running, survey of what webservers are leading &tc.
End-to-End Arguments in System Design -- this has been called the most important single paper in the history of computer networking.
C++ tutorial.
Arimetic Encoding tutorial with source code.
Paleomap Project showing Earth in various eras, including Pangea Ultima.
Zip and Lempel meet Markov.
Namesys/ReiserFS, a filesystem based on balanced trees and efficient handling of small files, which allegedly outbenchmarks extfs across the board. Worth further study.
Netscape Plug-in Page (independent).
Tesseral Addressing. See also Raster Storage, Quadtrees and Scan Orders, Splitting Methods, Spatial Data Handling: a Review of Commercially Available Options. Source code for one implementation available at Dr Dobbs.
Midi Database, links to 200,000 MIDI files.
Standard MIDI Files on the Net.
LZO, very fast GPL de/compression library.
Gregor Kiczales's Aspect Oriented Programming: home page, position paper, seminal paper. Gregor also has a nice paper on Efficient Method Dispatch in PCL.
Ascii Chart.
Federal Reserve Board Statistical Releases, including its Survey of Consumer Finances, which LBO calls "One of the wonders of modern social science".
Luxembourg Income Study, international income and poverty data adjusted for comparability.
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies.
ICQ protocol and clone effort.
area code lookup.
Rutgers Libraries Economic Resources, excellent resource list.
Gamasutra on Simple Intersection Tests For Games.
Physically Based Modeling: Principles and Practice(Online Siggraph '97 Course notes)
Rigid Body Dynamics for games.
DynaMo: Dynamic Motion Library.
efg's Computer Lab Reference Library: Simulation and Modeling.
Generating Random Fractal Terrain at GameProgrammer.
Fractal Landscapes.
Terrain Generation and Rendering.
Kanga.Nu Library/Physics with collision detection, moments, convex hull, liquid surfaces. Also, a page of related C source code.
TR-91-16Martin, Andrew K. ``A Simple Primal Algorithm for Intersecting 3-Polyhedra in Linear Time.'' Geez, I'd never have guessed it was possible in linear time!
Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? The US Naval Observatory Time Service Department does! TrueTime sells commercial time signal recievers and cards for computers (among other things); The NTP distribution also includes info on building a homebrew computer time standard receiver driven by the Canadian CHU station (whose signal is easier to decode than US ones). has a great collection of review of Recommended User Interface Books.
Neuro-cel, Neuro-sys and Neuro-dev: Major preprint/article/database archives. See here for a discussion.
Free Database List of freely distributable database programs.
Spatial Datastructures, a comprehensive but sketchy overview.
OBBT, fast free C++ collision detection package from Chapel Hill.
CS-267 Operating Systems I Electronic Handouts include an overview of Two-Phase Commit Protocol. The CMU Software Technology Review also includes a discussion of Two Phase Commits. (Not to mention of such good stuff as Rule-Based Intrusion detection.) X/Open is developing a standard for two-phase commit, but I can't find the specs online yet (98Apr21). They do note here that two-phase commits are much better avoided than implemented most of the time, due to the performance &tc costs -- asynchronous replication usually suffices. The also have an Online POSIX specification, or a close approximation thereof.
Technical Report IDSIA-07-98: A Fast, Compact Approximation of the Exponential Function Nicol N. Schraudolph.
Wotsit, UK repository of file format documentation.
National Institutes of Health, now featuring free public access to all of MEDLINE(!)
TIGR, with megabytes of gene sequence data for everything from microbes to homo sap sap. (!)
Favorite Mathematical Constants.
The ELF file format is available from
The GNU docs online at
The GNU docs (and others) online at
HITL Knowledge BASE: General WWWeb indexing plus much bibliographic material, centering on VR stuff. See also the HITL Projects page.
CERN WWWeb index of computing indices and bibliographies.
VRML 2.0 (Virtual Reality Modelling Language). See also the VRML Review Board and the VRML Repository which includes 3D Object libraries, Sound Libraries and Texture Libraries. (San Diego Supercomputing Center) See also the Tecate Visualization System, and their Virtual Reality Behavior System (VRBS) from the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Other stuff on includes the The Colossus Rebuild Project.
MCP: Moo Client Protocol.
SGI "Keystone" open software environment initiative.
National Human Brain Project at scripps.
National Space Science Data Center.
FAQ on image file formats, other good stuff.
Medical volume visualization FAQ., which has a number of dxf documents. Sound files are one directory over.
Intermud protocol proposals: Mail, nameserver, mudlist...
NCSA Mosaic Common Client Interface (CCI 1.0).
HyperMUD: Multi User Multi Modal Dialogue Systems.
MOOs and WWW, cern page.
MOO-WWW Research Directory: Lots of fun, including Pavel Curtiss' . See also the AstroVR Online Help.
Educational Technology (MUD) subpage at the University of Geneva School of Psychology and Education Teaching and Research Unit, with many good crosslinks.
W3 developments: "Sort of sign-up sheet for W3-related developments."
Georgia Tech techreports &tc.
Object Management Group archive for on CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and such -- the Unix answer to Microsoft OLE? CORBA docs are apparently available only for cash, but see the Fresco docs, which explain a fair amount.
// oldish CORBA docs.
Corba 1.2 spec (local postscript copy fetched from above).
A general introduction to CORBA.
A CORBA tutorial.
Computing at the WWWeb Virtual Library. Bibliographies with hundreds of thousands of entries &tc.
Manpages for five different unices.
Computer Graphics via the WWWeb Virtual Library.
Computer Graphics, neat index of sites with thumbnail images.
Graphics file formats, including 150 image file formats, 35 3-D file formats, seven VR file formats, 15 movie file formats.
DICOM 3.0 (ACR/NEMA) standard.
MPEG FAQ and ftp site (italy) or another in Germany.
HDF FAQ. Hierarchical Data Format is the NCSA 2D and 3D raster data file format. Supported by them, some commercial packages, and some 3rd party packages.
Fractal image compression, Yuval Fisher at UCSD.
Fractal image compression, with source, from University of Milan CS Dept.
Digital terrain models, Univ Milan CS Dept. Fractal interpolation, visualization...
CMU Programming Language Research page.
Persistent Programming Group at St Andrews, including Napier88, their language.
Self, the prototype based language from Stanford.
Programming languages via the WWWeb Virtual Library: Haskell, elisp, python, tcl/tk...
Pexlib extensions to X11R6, with C binding.
CERT ftp 'tech_tips' directory, including security_info, anonymous_ftp, and packet_filtering.
CERT advisories at Purdue.
BSDI unix manpages.
Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems: Building Blocks for Iterative Methods.
Internet draft standards, US West coast.
Hawkeye on nonblocking socket connects in unix.
Volvo stuff on the WWWeb.
Toyota Land Cruisers on the WWWeb.
Land Rover on the WWWeb.
GPS: Global Positioning System overview at Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin.
CommonLisp the Language 2nd Ed, at UW. Also available at CMU. See also the Meta Object Protocol.
dpANS3, aka draft 15.17 -- 1500 pages of TeX/dvi. Also see my html/postscript version.
clos-mop-spec: Common Lisp Object System Meta Object Protocol Specification.

"Resources in Interaction Design is a comprehensive listing of useful information for designers involved in the development of GUIs, information kiosks, CD-ROMs, CD-Is, Interactive TV, consumer electronic products and games. The listings are very much practice oriented and covers user interface design tools, conferences and trade shows, design schools, professional publications, useful net sources and user interface job announcements."

Hierarchical Segmentation Satisfying Constraints, promising paper Greg Heil pointed out to me.
National Imagery Transmission Format Standards board. Military implementations of JPEG and such.
Kerberos FAQ at OpenVision. Bibliography includes a good ATT critique.
Draft C++ standard.
Modula-3 docs in HTML, courtesy of DEC.
PixelPlanes (now "PixelFlow") project at unc, incl "Programmable Shading".
"The Graphics Page!" -- raytracing hotlist: software, docs, pics...
The Renderman Web Page.
RenderMan Repository.
POV-ray (Persistence Of Vision) homepage. An online manual is here POVbjects is archive of 3D programs, models and other resources.
Creative GPU Uses
Comp.Answers/Graphics FAQ at, including lots of intersection and raytracing pointers.
Hercules Monitor Database: Scan rates &tc for 100s of SVGA tubes. with good monitor spec db.
Motif/X: Links to lots of Motif and X stuff on the Web.
BSP Trees FAQ.
Motif/X: Links to lots of Motif and X stuff on the Web.
BSP Trees FAQ.
TCP/IP Resources, a nice link gallery from collection from fatcow's collection. (Thankyou Katie Holton for pointing out this link!)
CLX manual online locally, as HTML index to postscript. The official source is, but you may have more luck getting through to mirror site
Motif/X: Links to lots of Motif and X stuff on the Web.
BSP Trees FAQ.
Introduction to the Internet Protocols, Steven E. Newton's introduction to TCP/IP.
CLX manual online locally, as HTML index to postscript. The official source is, but you may have more luck getting through to mirror site
Relaxed Balance Home Page, research on less synchronous updating of balanced trees, including b-trees and avl trees.
Introduction to the Internet Protocols, Steven E. Newton's introduction to TCP/IP.
CLX manual online locally, as HTML index to postscript. The official source is, but you may have more luck getting through to mirror site
UW CAC Unix security checklist.
Unicode specs at The official unicode site is
Computers, History at yahoo, including a nice Multics page. LLNL's Wavelet page, incl pointer to Yale Mathematics page of wavelet code and papers.
Natural Language Processing page at Yahoo.
Animal genome databases.
The Speaker Building Page formulas, software, tutorials &tc on building amplifiers and speakers.
NSFNET Transition/ New NSF Architecture, including Internet/NSFnet backbone traffic statistics. See also Internet Growth Graphs by MIDS.
comp.speech FAQ, including software, hardware, speech processing, speech synthesis, and speech recognition, such as Myers' Hidden Markov Model software, copyleft C++ code, the rsynth speech-synthesis package (available from , and AT&T Voices.
Lockpicking Guide, disowned by the MIT Hackers.
Rensselaer's List of Chemical Databases.
"Network-BasedElectronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography".
Introduction to Videoconferencing and the MBONE.
Computer and Communication Standards Documentation Wow! Pointers to standards from dozens of organizations from ACM through W3 Communications, ANSI through X.400!

Security stuff:
Cert Advisories.
SunOs Public Patches.
HPUX Patches & Support.
Unix System Security Checklist "This is a GOOD one!"
Satan program.
Nipple survey results.
FDA, including consumer advice on nutrition.
Prospero protocol V5, including ARDP (Asynchronous Reliable Delivery Protocol).
Spec Table: Big collection of computer benchmark results.
Revised Code of Washington: State of Washington laws., with instructions on getting your own internet domain name.
X window access controls writeup by the UW's Dave Dittrich.
The XFree86-benchmarks Survey (xstones).
Video Card FAQ, with nice opinionated reviews.
Intel Secrets: Undocumented opcodes &tc.
System Optimization with PC chipset info, BIOS manuals, overclocking info...
Wim Sweldens has some nice papers on Kraig's Fountain of Wisdom.
Metric system, including "peta" and "exa".
Neuropsychology Central. -Brain Imaging- tutorials &tc, with a pointer to Ray Ballinger's Introduction to MRI.
Perl FAQ at ohio-state. See also Perl FAQ and Perl Docs at, Dylan Reference Manual.
UCSC (UC Santa Cruz) Perceptual Science Laboratory, with a nice facial animation section. Jack is a commercial articulation animation system (including facial animation?) from the UPenn Computer and Information Science Dept.
. HITLab Human Modelling page. Another human animation resource is VLNet (Virtual Life).
Physics FAQ.
Mosaic X Resources.
Tree of Live: "A distributed Internet project containing nformation about phylogeny and biodiversity".
PNG -- Portable Network Graphics, the probable replacement for .gif files.
Association of Lisp Users, with various lisp faq's &tc.
ODE User's Guide.
Eigenfaces at MIT (reference Kevin gave me). See also .
National Standards Systems Network (NSSN), central repository for ANSI and other standards.
Are We Cruising a Hypothesis Space?, a very intriguing sketch of Information Geometry.

Quantum Computing

The Stanford-Berkeley-MIT-IBM Quantum Computation Research Project.
Oxford Quantum Computation Group has a A short introduction to quantum computation with a sidebar on Factoring on quantum computers, and also the Oxford Archive which includes an online copy of "Shor's Quantum Algorithm for Factorising Numbers".
Quantum Computation mailng list.
U Montreal Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing.
UCLA Quantum Information Page.
Quantum information and Quantum computation at IBM.
SURPRISE (Surveys and Presentations in Information Systems Engineering) for May-June 1997 has a nice quantum computing section.
Algorithms in Quantum Information Processing BRICS '98.
Physics Today Quantum Computing Links has a number of online papers.
US Army Redstone Arsenal Quantum Computing and Cryptography page.

Artificial Intelligence

Hutter Prize for compressing data.
The Plan to Singularity, Coding a Transhuman AI 2.0a.
AAAI: American Association for Artificial Intelligence.
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.
Artificial Intelligence Research Group and its publications.
Soar source code.
Improved Heterogeneous Distance Functions.
CMU Link Grammar, a practical-sounding robust parser for English text.
Computational Methods for Intelligent Information Access including a section on Latent Semantic Analysis/Indexing.

Space Development

I'm interested in three critical technologies: biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and space development. Of the three, biotechnology is going great guns, artificial intelligence is waiting for better hardware, and I'd thought space development was dead in the water until I discovered:

SpaceDev, a public corporation devoted to exploring (and then developling) the asteroids.

Space Studies Institute, Gerard K O'Neill's space colonies outfit, has done a lot of great work both popularizing the concept and also developing the technology.

Better Living

Textile experts at Cornell University tell How To Remove 250 Stains From Clothes And Textiles
Repetitive Strain Injury: Using keyboards without getting crippled.
Typing Injury FAQ, including keyboard alternatives.
Coalition for Positive Sexuality, with their Just Say Yes page.
Dr Ruth's SexNet.
SawStop -- stops a table-saw in 5 milliseconds upon encountering a finger.
Memory improvement.
Medinet runs a background check on your doctor for $15.
BAT chord keyboards.
ErgoWEB: Ergonomics pages..
Aura from Poetic Technologies -- the ultimate ergonomic chair and workstation? :)
Chord keyboards.
VI Powered page, logo and resources.

General Reference

Japanese questions and answers

Sarasota Country Florida Property Appraiser, with online searches and Travis Country, Texas searchable tax assessor records
ditto for boston, dc and Long Island -- with pictures.

Learning Japanese

LASIK surgeon track records.

Quotation Home Page -- I especially like the -- href=""> Proverbial Wisdom section. "Vulnerant omnia, ultima necat." (You'll have to look!)
Get Home Prices
Physicist Sornette predicts stock anti/bubble evolution using log-periodic fits.
Mortgage rates -- shop for the best rates via FSA!
Free Trip -- fantastic cartrip planner! See also MapQuest.
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, a wonderful popular resource covering Greek math through general relativity.
The Net Advance of Physics: Review Articles and Tutorials in an Encyclopaedic Format.
Superstrings! Links.
M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings.
CarWizard, with online pics and prices for most new models.
Family Search genealogy website with 400,000,000 names, provided by the Mormon church.
WordBot turns your browsers into a multi-language dictionary with definitions for any world available at a keystroke.
Directory of Mark Twain's maxims, quotations, and various opinions, nicely sorted by topic.
German dictionary.
Roget's theosaurus.
TheWord Detective.
Nine Planets.
CIA: World Maps &tc from the top terrorists.
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 54.03N 5.64W (34.1X)
How Far Is It? -- computes distance between two given locations.
The Roman Forum: Through the Ages.
UW Libraries.
Atlas of Canadian Communities.
Netnews FAQs.
History of Computing.
Ancient World web at
Classical texts at the UW (TeX format).
Classic Greek art, archeology & literature at Tufts.
Classics online at U Michigan.
Classics online at Oxford.
Oxford Text Archive.
The classics online: Homer, Herodotus, Aristophanes...
Classics: Ancient Greece and Rome, net resource index.
Project Gutenberg.
Mutopia, with free musical scores.
Online Book Initiative.
CMU online books, including a banned books online section.
Athena: Authors and Texts, an index of classic online books &tc.
Collected works of Aristotle at Houston Community College System's library.
Familiar Quotations, 1901 ed.
Graphion's Online Type Museum: Typography biographies and essays.
The Geology of Orcas Island, Washington, from the yahoo Regional Information: States: Washington page.
"The ancient city of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains..."
Virtual Museum of Computing.
The Otter.
A Chronology of United States Historical Documents at The University of Oklahoma Law Center, from The Iroquois Constitution (reputed source of the US Constitution) through M.L. King'S "I have a dream" speech.
Blind Links, resources for the blind, including The Archimedes Project, the Equal Access to Software and Information page, the Australian Royal Society Interface for Blind Users, and the Design of HTML (Mosaic) Pages to Increase Their Accessibility to Users With Disabilities page.
Warren Bloomer's (excellent!) Machine Learning page.

Locksley Hall by Tennyson (ca 1842):

For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be;
Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails,
Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales;
Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain'd a ghastly dew
From the nations' airy navies grappling in the central blue;
Salary calculator: Figures in cost-of-living for different areas.
Yahoo maps -- type in any US street address and get a map!
Rig Veda page in Australia. There's also a Rig Veda page at Washington State University.
Nationwide US Job Bank run by US Dept Labor.
US Federal Election Commission, with raw candidate disclosure info, indexed more nicely by Tom Raymond, Mother Jones, and the Center for Responsive Politics.

Realtime Information

Rate Exchange with bandwidth market quotes.
InfoBeat, mailing requested categories of news to you in daily updates.
Intellicast, "Your online guide to weather, ski and ocean conditions,", including a Seattle page.
Weather Info courtesy of UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept.
USG Current Weather Maps/Movies.
NOAA Weather page.
Seattle Traffic.
U/Seattle: Upcoming entertainment.
Antarctic Ozone Soundings at Neumayer.
The Nando Times: Online newspaper.
The Electronic Telegraph.
Seattle Gay News Weekly.
The Sailing Source: "The weekly web sailing magazine!"
Iceland Review: Daily news from Iceland, and MORE :).
The Alternative Media Project (Noam Chomsky & The Web.
The Chess Connection WWW Magazine.
"NetWatch - NetWatch is bi-weekly Internet Magazine [...]".
"the realtime United States Microgravity Lab 2 web pages".
Jerusalem Post Internet Edition.
Current Seattle Movies.

Friends, Loves and Relatives

My sortaDaddy, and his flame on the Communications Decency Act.
Steve, my sortabrother, Cyndy, my eldest sortasister, and my sortafamily's House of Chaos Central page.

OJ aka OliverJones aka David Moore.
Irielle(!) and Anton.
Jerry, my biobrother, with an paper on the political science of the Internet.
Laura Holmbeck.
Hawkeye, maintainer of tinyFugue.
Michael Snoswell, another creative-genius type friend, who is among other things author of CyberTerm, "VR for the rest of us" (WAVE).
Jingoro, aka Jim Lick.
Krissy, my first netfriend!
(See also my glia menagerie of friends.)
Whitefire, whose art has been improving by leaps and bounds!
Theresa Smith.
Ami Varsanyi.
Sandy, my flipside!
Codrus!. See also here.
Charles Owen.
Alvis Harding, Jr.
Wyatt Miler, innovative Mu* hacker.
Torin (Darren Stalder): Seattle Linux/Perl/&tc hacker., home of Jon Singer (another omniscient:).
Ernie Kent.
Jack Dietz, aka "Dietz" :).

Virtual Communities

Erasmatazz Library, with some great essays on world design &tc, including volumes of the Journal of Computer Game design.
The MUDdex, with some good history. See also, which includes lists of mudserver types and known muds.
Snowfox, with pointers to lots of Furry communities &tc.
See also the Hypertext Guide to FurryMUCK, including a good list of Furry home pages.
"Cityspace, a virtual city environment built collaboratively by kids across the internet.
Pt MOOt: Anatomy of a short-lived experimental community.
Amberyl's Automated MUSH List.
MUSH Server Reference Page, including MUSH-realted mailing lists.
Fantasia images... home page.
GNA virtual campus, currently including four MOOs.
Virtual spaces: Muds with gopher servers, MUD FAQs...
WebWorld, a 3-D virtual world you can explore or add to.
"There's stuff for generating villages, taverns, cities, caverns, dungeons, mazes, worlds (terra-like only), isles, random bits of terrain, solar systems, galaxy sectors but no source code for any of it (apart from the one for solar systems but that's Accrete and doesn't count)."
Doran's Mudlist in Finland also available in England.
Inter Actions, new directions in performance art.
CyberTerm, VR using only PCs and modems.
Chaco supplies a client aimed at text and multimedia muds. Together with IBM and Velocity Inc, Chaco is proposing a Universal Avatar standard.
CyberSight, a chat/hotlist/etc site.
Citadel-list, archives for the mailing list for Unix Citadel developers.
The furrymuck home page., with lots of Pavel Curtis' stuff, plus some historical MUD stuff. No mention of Pavel's "Jupiter" or "Fabric" projects, that I can see, though.
Diversity University is at 8888.
Textuality In Cyberspace:Muds and written experience. (Found in Sociology of Cyberspace 391.)
Worlds Chat, Windows/Internet based attempt at networked interactive 3D VR. Binary-only client and no server distribution, looks like.
Internet Cafes.
htMUD, a simple perl/cgi hypertext mud by Nicholas Shectman.
KidLink, "a grassroots project aiming at getting as many children in the age group 10 -15 as possible involved in a GLOBAL dialog.
Prototype GreenSpace User's Guide.
The River,, a user-owned spinoff of the WELL.
The Citadel Home Page and Citadel Software by OS. See also History of Haven BBS.
DragonSpires, a graphic mud.
Project Xanadu, Ted Nelson's WorldWideWeb pre-invention effort from 1960 on. Also see this article.
Bog People, Muddy Places, an excellent U Texas collection of mud resources.
Immersive Systems, peddling Meme, sort of a toy version of Muq, for $500. :)
Momoko, "An Open Source Modular, Extensible, Multi-User Environment" similar in spirit to Muq but done in Java. 140K as of 1999/Nov06
The Palace, from Time Warner, which they're pushing as the ultimate distributed internet chat system.
CRASH: "Computers, Robotics, Artists Society of Houston": Live-minds bunch of zanies doing neat netstuff. in Oregon is run by Jason Downs and distributes TeenyMUD among other things.
Heaven's Door.
Moose Crossing, "a MUD for kids designed to help kids 9-13 learn reading, writing, and computer programming."
VR from Disney. (Wow!) with WorldChat and AlphaWorld, interesting graphics mud prototypes.
BigBook, a Yellow Pages service including a 3D overview of selected cities.
Some Thoughts on Behavior in VR Systems, and Distributed Virtual Reality -- An Overview are reasonably good informal think-pieces by Bernie Roehl, author of REND386 and lots of other things.
CyberCity 96, another interesting VR effort by Fujitsu, which has been doing quite a few such, starting with acquiring Habitat from Lucasfilm and including the Greenspace Project with HITLab.
eRoom from Instinctive is an impressive-sounding commercial offering.
Electric Communities also has their hat in the commercial-community ring, based on a realistic looking set of Java extensions...

Net Data Archives

WebMuseum netword -- a fantastic and growing resource, whether you're looking for medieval illuminated manuscripts or famous paintings or...
Milton Greene Archive with photos of various celebrities.
3-D Graphics FTP archives.
Mpegs of various animations.
UK VR SIG, with the UK VR-SIG 3D Object Archive (also available via ftp) including VRML models and browsers.

Excellent Icon access page.
Daniel's Icon Archive.
Nurse's Tile Archive -- Skeletal wwwallpaper!
OTIS Home Page: Tons of art images.
NOAA AVHRR Pathfinder Satellite stuff: Mpegs of seasonal changes &tc.
EOS Volcanology, including good index of other satellite archives.
Regular polyhedra from netlib.
Virtual Medical Center, indexing much medical imaging, movies, software...
Animania, NY School of Arts animation mpegs.
Primes, largest known, and related info.
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins.
Internet connectivity from UWisc: Maps of countries accessable via internet, email &tc.
Historical Maps online a umn.
Fortune 500 searchable db online.
Avalon/Chinalake 3D Library... ("the famed repository for hundreds of public-domain models and textures." -- J Goodman) started by Francisco X. DeJesus ( and currently located at 2000Dec15: Preceding links seem dead but check POVbjects archive of 3D programs, models and other resources.
"Reflectually", a privage German 3-D object/texture archive., including a mirror of avalon/chinalake.
Sunni page, links including HyperQur'aan Project and various translations, including English.
Natural Resources Research Information Pages at Virginia Tech dept of forestry.
Statistics Canada.
Statistics New Zealand.
US Bureau of Census.
New Zealand Treasury.
The Art Bin, Swedish smorgasbord including online stuff by Geoffrey Chaucer, Ambrose Bierce, William Butler Yeats, HG Wells, John Stuart Mills, Adam Smith, Henry David Thoreau, Francis Bacon, David Hume...
Classical_Music/Reviews at Yahoo.
CelticNet, including Scottish clan directory, history of tartan...
Ascii art.
Neil Sloan has an online collection of known integer sequences: Mail "lookup 1 1 2 3 5" to to look up a sequence in it. Solar system stuff in VRML.
"Super, Natural British Columbia", including hierarchy of maps, scenic Window screen savers...
Textures, clipart and images at ImageSys.
"Pretty Pictures", an amazing trove of astronomical image sites.
April the Otter, mpeg from the CNN video vault.
As We May Think, Vannevar Bush's classic postwar article.
Three reconstructed Purkenje Cell neurons.
Medieval prices.
History of Rome.
Politics, by Aristotle.
National Research Council of Canada has some nice 3D scans of humans and 3D VRML texture-mapped vases and such. They seem more interested in selling than giving their data, however. Constructed Languages page.
Digital Humans, selling Visible Human CD-ROM for $19.95.
Engineering Animations does a variety of neat stuff, including reconstructions based on the Visible Human dataset.
Beyond RISC - The Post-RISC CPU Draft paper.
Official Internet Timeline.
Internet Domain Survey.
GVU WWW User Surveys.
Resources for economists on the Internet: A good index of economic, financial &tc statistics and data on the wwweb.
White House Briefing Room, with links to various Federal statistics.
US Science + Engineering Indicators 1996. "This fat volume is the prime source of basic data about the whole system, from the education of students to society's gain from R&D investment. It should be studied, thought about, and acted upon." -- Robert M. Solow, winner of the 1987 Nobel prize in economic science.
3D Starmaps, a delightful page by a fellow SF nut :)
SPIRO architecture slide library: 15,000 indexed images.
FMSO: US Foriegn Military Studies Office.
NIH page with Human Genome Map.
Albatross photos!

(More code sources are also in specific sections such as Linux or Crypo.)

Computer Vision Software, an excellent linkset at CMU.
Freeware Central.

Net Code Sources, with netscape navigator source code posted, along with source source docs.
Computers and Software, a good index of freebiew Windows downloads.
3D Graphic Engines (old US version here).
A very rich set of Graphics Links., a fairly large FTP archive with clipart, code &tc., the central GNU ftp archive.
XEmacs., a major ftp archive. Also available via WWWeb., a major ftp archive.
The Programmers Corner Archive with oodles of organized source code., a major TeX archive., another major TeX archive.
MetaIndex of Solaris Resources at, with Solaris binaries for emacs &tc., another major TeX archive.
gd 1.2: On-the-fly .gif creation for html by Thomas Boutell. Gd has a perl wrapper by Lincoln Stein.
Perl archive at U Minnesota.
ADL "The World's Best Automated Test Generator" (free, support for C and Java).
Net browsers, movie viewers &tc.
WIT, an www Internet archive mirroring wuarchive.
Internet Goodies: Software listing intended for sysadmins.
uC++, a free g++ based multithreaded (?) compiler.
Volren, a volume renderer for SGI Onyx.
SGI OpenGL examples, conversion aids from GL &tc.
XForms, "Forms"-based XLib based GUI toolkit, incl SGI binaries.
Jpeg utilities.
Neil's Mayer's Winterp X widget+xlisp package.
Meme, something vaguely like Muq but $2500/copy.
WWWeb developer stuff, including using Mosaic as a DB frontend.
muck2html converter by, and LawriesMUD, a muck accessable via it.
Ygl, a freebie (partial?) GL implementation with source.
Image Star, a public domain image processing library by Simon A.J. Winder ftp-able as, designed to work with PBM.
The Jeneric muf library by Bryan Feir.
Muq, my Mother Of All Mudservers, supporting most of CommonLisp, multiple languages, software virtual memory, garbage collection, pre-emptive multi-tasking with pipes, locks and job control, peak bytecode issue rates in excess of 1 MIPS, X windows, "mechanism not policy" kernel implementation, and the kitchen sink. (Sorry, but transparent networking, VRML/OpenGL graphics, MIME support, and dancing creatures of your favorite species and gender won't be available until next year grin.)
Absolute Reality is a souped-up MOO server by Pat 'wu' Moss,
StormMIST, "stands for Multi-user Interactive Stimulated Thought, and will in the near future provide a 3 dimensional interface, which will update itself automagicly."
httpd_1.3 is the http server I've been using. I'm told much of the world is switching to Apache, an independent guaranteed publicly-available effort that started with the httpd1.3 source. For a comprehensive comparison of WWW servers, see here.
Unix MPEG-I compressor., nice graphics archive including NetPBM and mpeg_encode-1.2 source. Mpeg_encode 1.3 is also available from berkeley., a place I prefer for NetPBM and gspreview.
A trove of html translators, including texi2html.
Another trove of converters, including c2html.
Canonical archive for texi2html by
LaTeXinfo: like texinfo, but with LaTeX as the canonical form.
Tcl/Tk Resources.
Tcl Manual Pages.
"Why You Should Not Use Tcl.".
Python programming language. See also this Python resource list, including the Vaults of Parnassus and Guido's Python for Beginner's page.
daVinci: Definitive automatic graph layout program+bibliography. Soon to be changing its name for legal reasons: See here

NPSNET: Copyleftish Navy distributed VR for SGI machines.
GeomView, a very nice copyleft 3-D visualization package for SGI/X/Mac. Let them know if you're using it, so they can keep getting Federal funds to work on it. :)
The 'radio' program for transmitting audio broadcasts among SGI, Sun &tc machines. Includes the "playulaw" program usable by Netscape.
xfig at draw in X with postscript output supported. You'll want to get transfig, the output converter, also.
ImageMagic at Sounds like a free X Photoshop :).
LASSPTools, freebie visualization and numerical tools for unix.
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info, a (GREAT!) ncsu index.
Xmgf, at 3-D image viewing.
ColdX, a ColdMud server maintainance effort. They're proposing VEIL as a mud client-server protocol.
RosettaMan, an improved standalone manpage formatter from Berkeley.
VolPak, a nice volume rendering package from Stanford. Also vprender, a Tcl/Tk based application built on it.
Mesa, a free OpenGL-compatable graphics library by There's also a Mesa Voodoo driver page and a 3Dfx Glide Porting page with an xfree86 server for Banshee. See also the XFree86 3D Status Report. And now an Nvidia software drivers page which includes Linux drivers.
Shase virtual shareware library at Oakland.
Ray Tracing, good index of packages, image collections, FAQ...
Nice fractal flames: Copyleft code and sample images.
The BRL-CAD Package, a solid modeling and ray tracing system.
Simulated animated muscles.
"dyncomp: An efficient dynamics compiler for 2D articulated figures using a recursive Newton-Euler formulation with symbolic simplification. It produces 'C' code."
Radiance, a free radiosity rendering suite. Sounds like the standard. Mailing Lists
Green-card, "A Haskell Foriegn Function Interface preprocessor" (i.e., C library importer)
Haggis "a basic framework for writing graphical user interfaces" in Haskell
Happy, the parser generator system for Haskell
HDirect, an IDL compiler for Haskell
nofib Haskell benchmark suite
O'Hugs, the O'Haskell interpreter
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler Commentary, a hacker's tour of the ghc compiler.
Eager Haskell
Variations of Haskell, an excellent list of closely related languages.
HUGS, the standard Haskell interpreter with mailing list here
Timber, a real-time adaptation of O'Haskell with addition of clean records.
Haskell Wiki
Regular Expressions in Haskell
gtk+hs: "A GTK+ Binding for Haskell". Also see gtk2hs "a rewrite of gtk+hs with a couple of improvements"
HOpenGL: An OpenGL/GLUT binding for Haskell.
RMS "the Robust Mail Store", written in Haskell
Goffin: Distributed Haskell Library
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler from the Glasgow Functional Programming Group, is one of the highest-quality available compilers for Haskell, the 'standard' functional language (and in my opinion probably the most advanced and promising programming language available today), with source (and binaries for Alpha, HP, Linux, Iris and SGI, SunOS and Solaris) available from the UK, Sweden, and the US. See here for Haskell Report version 1.3 and here for the Yale fp/haskell page.
Happy is a parser generator for Haskell.
Gofer, the Haskell interpreter.
GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), including Linux binaries.
Yale Haskell Project and related stuff.
Draft Haskell 1.3 Report from England via ftp. (Also the libraries.) Available in NA from Yale.
John Launchbury, with some nice FP papers, including one on Lazy Imperative Programming in Haskell.
Pan is a Haskell-based functional language for image synthesis by Conal Elliott, Sigbjxrn Finne and Oege de Moor at Microsoft Research's Graphics Group.
Jim Blinn Home Page.
Mercury, an interesting speed-oriented compiled Prolog variant claiming twice the speed of the next fastest Prolog implementation. Visual2/Visual3/pV3 visualisation software, including SGI version.
Where to get unix ZIP.
Medical imaging: Index of 65 programs, packages and libraries.
NCSA toolkit for volume rendering and visualization.
VolVis from SUNY, volume visualization library. Supports SGI.
Manchester Scene Description Language, complete with code.
Manchester NURBS library, complete with C code.
Blue Moon Rendering Tools, binary-only shareware Renderman software. SGI is a supported platform.
Self, the prototype based language from Stanford. Manual and implementation.
SUIF parallel+optimizing compiler toolkit from Stanford.
Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL: Oodles of math code.
Free C numerical computing code from netlib, a nice index. Nurbs, wavelets, matrices, good portable random, matlab lookalike, simulated annealing...
PVM3: Parallel Virtual Machine. Good, practical distributed computing library for C and Fortran under Unix.
Fresco, an X consortioum "object-oriented application programming interface (API) for graphical user interfaces, covering functionality in Xlib and Xt, and adding structured graphics and application embedding."
DataView, 3-D fluid dynamics visualization for SGI or X.
Dennis's index of CSci theory related software.
GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software at NIST.
sdbm.shar.Z, a nice ndbm clone, at
tcp_wrappers at
"SGI/Template Graphics VRML viewer". See also SGI WebSpace VRML browser, the i3D VRML browser from CERN (originally from Italy), and the sdsc list of vrml browsers.
Courtney, a CIAC package for detecting SATAN attacks &tc.
Gnuplot, at, official North American archive.
CLRMosaic - An FTP-able, extended version of NCSA Mosaic for X integrating interactive 3D model, mapping, and hypermodel support. (for SGI hardware).

NCSA DTM (Data Transfer Mechanism) "is a message-passing library. It is designed to simplify the task of interprocess communication and to facilitate the creation of sophisticated distributed applications in a heterogeneous computing environment. To accomplish this, DTM provides a method of interconnecting applications at run-time and reliable message-passing complete with synchronization and transparent data conversion. DTM has been optimized for large messages (100 Kbytes and up), but is also efficient for smaller messages. DTM is available on most platforms that support Berkeley sockets library, including Cray Systems, CONVEX, TMC CM-2 and CM-5, most UNIX-based workstations, Macintoshes, and MS-DOS machines."

asWedit "an easy to use HTML 3 text editor for X Window System and Motif. In addition to standard text editing features it offers a context-sensitive HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML) mode for editing files used on the World Wide Web (WWW)."

xdvik via ftp, cited by GNU autoconfig author (David J. MacKenzie) as an example of X window autoconfiguration.
djgpp: DJ Delories' port of gcc to dos. A standard, and a good one. One reason I gave up writing a 386 C compiler.
SGI ftp sites.
Proxima, comp.answers/graphics/algorithms-recommended 3D collision-detection code in C++.
WebLib: Perl+C support for WWWeb interfaces to mixed doc dbs.
perlWWW, an index of Perl-based WWWeb libraries.
ImageEngineis a multi-user, objected-oriented, client-server database system for the storage, retrieval, integration and sharing of a wide range of medical images." -- U Pitts, NLM funded.
ohio-state elisp archive -- this is the central Emacs lisp archive. (If it is busy, here is a mirror.) Also fun is hm-html mode.
xanim, the Quicktime (&tc) viewer for unix, with source.
Hylafax, a top-quality copyleft FAX package for unix by Sam Leffler, author of libTIFF and much, much more :).
BIND, Berkeley Internet Name Domain, from the Internet Software Consortium, including a FAQ.
ACM SIGMOD Index of publicly available database software(!!)
ML: Free x-based IMAP mailer with some mosaic/netscape support.
CU-SeeMe overview at Cornell (originator). See also CU-SeeMe overview at NCSU, indstate CU-SeeMe overview and FAQ, and NASA TV.
WAFE, a tcl/athena widget X inteface toolkit, by one of my favorite hacking gurus. His latest great hack is Cineast, an extensible WWWeb browser.
CMU CommonLisp implementation.

"Jon's WWW server include access counter": Hack to publish text count of accesses to your HTML page. If you like graphic counts, he recommends Eugene E. Devereaux's counters. See also Access Counts on yahoo's Computers: World Wide Web: Programming page, and Counter 3.2.

UW FTP archive, including dial-ip software for UW PPP lines.

EPA 'dbf' utilities -- translating data between dBASE dbf, ASCII, and ARC/INFO formats.

GMT is a free, public-domain collection of ~50 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and produce Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots through contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views in black and white, gray tone, hachure patterns, and 24-bit color. GMT supports 20 common map projections plus linear, log, and power scaling. INCLUDES 57MByte COASTLINE DB.

pthreads at MIT: Copyleft, relatively portable parallel threads package for unix based on POSIX1003.4a Draft 8, with online docs here and canonical archives here and here.

Phantom "is a new interpreted language designed to address some of the problems presented by large-scale, interactive, distributed applications such as distributed conferencing systems, multi-player games, and collaborative work tools," with homepage here.

Obliq " is a lexically-scoped untyped interpreted language that supports distributed object-oriented computation. An Obliq computation may involve multiple threads of control within an address space, multiple address spaces on a machine, heterogeneous machines over a local network, and multiple networks over the Internet. Obliq objects have state and are local to a site. Obliq computations can roam over the network, while maintaining network connections."

3-D Reconstruction page at NASA Ames Biocomputation Center.

Info-Mac HyperArchive Root.
The Ghostscript (a postscript clone) home page. Curiously, doesn't seem to be tracking recent releases.
dbCGI, "An embedded SQL toolkit for connecting databases to the World Wide Web"., with lots of good stuff including tools/unix/netmon/netman/sgi network monitoring tools etherman, geotraceman, interman and packetman.

mSQL, written by miniManual, a canonical FTP archive, and a mailing list:, a UW-recommended source for Eric Allman's BSD sendmail 8.7.1 which "works great on our SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, and Linux platforms".

NetSound is an MIT Media Lab project using CSound, a PD standard+software for synthesizing music, and MIDI.

Multi-resolution Java curve editing, courtesy of Greg Heil.

Fuzzball, the mudserver for FurryMuck maintained by Garth Minnette ( Foxen, Revar) is available from and
Free translators into VRML format at, starting from alias, 3dstudio, wavefront, softimage, iges, dxf. See also the SGI translators.
Free Widget Foundation home page.
Hurd (GNU unix kernel) home page.
GIMP, General Image Manipulation Package for Linux &tc.
LessTif homepage: LessTif is a copyleft clone of Motif.
Garnet, the Cadillac of Lisp user interface toolkits.
RTIME, a 3D world kit based on the quarter-billion dollar SIMNET/DIS military effort.
BrainMap effort.
MOMspider, a promising-looking Perl package for detecting obsoleted links &tc on your web site.
Image Processing & Assorted Graphics Source Code and Links including marching cubes algorithm descriptions and source code links.
Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, for doing backups.


There's crypto/authentication stuff all over here, of course -- see in particular Other RFCs. The Crypto/Authentication section is for stuff that didn't fit better elsewhere. The Java JDK now includes MD5, SHA and DSA; PGP of course is a popular free crypto/authentication package. Rumor says the RSA patents expire shortly?

The RSA FAQ is an excellent overview. RSA Labs also publishes CryptoBytes, a nice newsletter of relevant developments.

International Cryptography page -- looks very comprehensive.

Crypto Resources page.

Cryptome carries daily crypto newslinks.

Sources for Spooks has pointers to code sources including RIPEMD-160, DES and Blowfish.

cryptlib includes source code for "DES, triple DES, IDEA, MDC/SHS, RC2, RC4, RC5, SAFER, SAFER-SK, Blowfish, and Blowfish-SK conventional encryption, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD-160 and SHA hash algorithms, and Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and RSA public-key encryption." with home page here in NZ.

Wei Dai's Crypto++ 2.2 Page has C++ source for damn near everything cryptographic: symmetric block ciphers: IDEA, DES, DES-EDE, RC5, Blowfish, Diamond2, TEA, SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, CAST-128, Square generic cipher modes: CBC, CFB, OFB, counter mode stream ciphers: SEAL, WAKE, Sapphire, BlumBlumShub public key cryptography: RSA, DSA, ElGamal, Diffie-Hellman, BlumGoldwasser, Rabin, LUC, LUCDIF, LUCELG, Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems padding schemes for public-key systems: PKCS1, OAEP, PSSR one-way hash functions: SHA, MD5, HAVAL, RIPE-MD160, Tiger message authentication codes: MD5-MAC, HMAC, XOR-MAC hash functions as ciphers: Luby-Rackoff, MDC pseudo random number generators (PRNG): ANSI X9.17 appendix C, PGP's RandPool Shamir's secret sharing and Rabin's information dispersal scheme DEFLATE (gzip compatible) compression/decompression fast multi-precision integer operations prime number testing and generation various miscellaneous modules such as base 64 coding and 32-bit CRC A high level interface for most of the above, using a filter/pipeline metaphor benchmarks and validation testing

The Cryptographic Software page has lots of good stuff including an excellent Cryptographic Libraries section with libdes, alodes, SSLeay, Crypto++, CryptoLib, Wincrdll, CryptLib, RSAREF, &tc &tc &tc.

cryptolib source at stanford.

The Crypto-Log is a very comprehensive index including a big list of source code (&tc) archives including Mike Johnson's massive code archive.

Ron Rivest's excellent Cryptography and Security page, which includes an excellent Software archives section.

JCrypt 0.1 is one of the few Java crypto offerings at present. MD5, DES, RSA, Diffie-Hellman. See also Jef Poskanzer's free Java code, including some nice crypto stuff: IDEA, SHA-1, DES, Blowfish, and of course Rot13. See also the big, free Cryptix-Java suite (MD5, SHA, Blowfish, IDEA...) from Systemics, and its excellent list of More Java Crypto. The leading commercial Java crypto offering seems at the moment to be J/Crypto.

home page of IEEE P1363: Standard for Public-Key Cryptography also has lots of pointers to recent work and proposals, including SRP: Secure Remote Password.

Public-Key Infrastructure Standards at NIST.

PKIX drafts at internic.

International PGP Home Page. See also MIT PGP Distribution site.

PGP Attack FAQ.

IDEA HomePage.

Diffie Hellman is a very pretty, well established way of establishing a shared secret between two parties separated by an untrusted channel:, JavaDoc for one grad student's implementation: .

SKIP(Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols is a pretty key-management system based on Diffie-Hellman.

Enhanced Diffie Hellman with X.509 Certificates.

A Secure Talk Client, Final Report has a good overview of available algorithms in appendix G. Includes C source, including for IDEA.(?)

Another survey of Strong Cryptographic Algorithms.

The Shortcomings of X.509 Certificates.

Public Key Infrastructures and related topics (SSL X.509 X.500 &tc).

Public-Key Infrastructure, Internet Drafts.

FIPS180 contains a spec for the SHA-1 Secure Hash Algorithm.

Code for RIPEMD, an alternative to SHA-1, was published in Dr Dobs, Jan 1997, code is online as the rmd160 package.

SSLeay contains C source for lots of crypto stuff.

SSL 3.0 IETF draft document..

The ESP CAST128-CBC Algorithm is a fast symmetric encryption algorithm free of patent restrictions, proposed as an internet draft standard. A free C implementation by Peter Gutmann is available for use with his cryptlib

Pate Williams's page has lots of good crypto/bignum/prime related C code posted, with pointers to specialist-level books.


Death of peer-to-peer?

Pascal Brisset's Linux kernel source code development 3D animations, source code and related links.

Ultimate Linux Machine spec by ers, Darryl Straus and Rick Moen

History of Unix page with big family tree and lots of good links.

Scientific Applications on Linux: Thousands of apps neatly indexed!

Linux in Business -- Case Studies.

IBM Developerworks on setting upjournalling and ReiserFS on linux 2.4, plus tmpfs and other good stuff.

i-opener faq.

As of 2000Jul or so at least, free FrameMaker beta releases for Linux were downloadable from Adobe.

Munitions "a mega-archive of cryptographic software for the linux operating system."

Open Inventor has been released by SGI underl LGPL and ported to Linux! here.

Linux Distribution Db -- search for the one that meets your needs.

KDE Linux Packaging Project.

The C10K problem by Dan Kegel has a good discussion of asynchronous I/O techniques under Linux. The KAIO FAQ describes an SGI (?) implementation of AIO in the Linux kernel.

NSA Security-Enhanced Linux(SELinux/SE-Linux).

Index of Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or Understanding the Linux Kernel..

Sunsite Linux C development tools, including ccmalloc-0.2.3.tar.gz An easy to use memory profiling and malloc debugger and the similar mpr-2.2.tar.gz package and lots more goodies.

Linux firewall configuration tool, by author of Linux Firewalls.

Pocket Linux.

US Linux User's Groups, including two near me, the Santa Cruz Linux User Group and the Silicon Valley Linux User Group.

The CVS Book, free online or available as treeware with bonus chapters.

Creative Labs Linux Soundblaster Support page.

Linux MIDI+Sound pages.

Open Sound System, a commercial implementatiuon of OSS, the evolving open (?) sound standard for Linux, BSD &tc.

Raid-1,4,5 for Linux! Beta kernel support for distributing data across multiple disks so that no single disk dying costs you data.

WINE(Windows on Unix emulator).

Linux filesystem defragger.

GVD homepage. The GNU Visual Debugger is an alternative to DDD, written for Linux in Ada.

Crystal Space is a LGPL C++ 3D game engine running on Linux and Windows, on top of Glide, OpenGL and others. Scripting, reflections, everything good.

Linux Applications and Utilities (also here). Also see the Linux Mall.

MultiGIF, a cross-platform utilty for creating animated GIF images.

Davide's Linux Resources, with lots of good security stuff.

Linux Applications and Utilities Page, a nicely organized index.

Linux Network Monitor.

PcDen, with some of nice Linux links.

Linux Machine, an excellent index of Linux docs and resources.
Linux applications, another good index.
Bill Adams' Linux Compatible Software is yet another good list.
Linux on IBM 770x Thinkpad.
Linux International specializes in promoting Linux via outreach and fundraising.
GGI is an exceedingly cool-sounding project to put a new low-level API between apps and the video hardware -- safe, fast app access to video ram! :) :) ;) Plus lots more good cleanup/abstraction.
Enlightenment, an exceedingly cool-looking X window manager. See also here.
Inti is a RedHat developed GUI toolkit build on GTK+ (the GTK C library) as a simpler alternative to Gtk--.

Linux Information at SSC - Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc in Seattle, publisher of the excellent Linux Journal. They also have a nice Linux distributions compared table.

Here's an excellent Debian Links page.

Debian Linux (the version I run), which has canonical ftp archive here and primary ftp backup sites include and tsx. For a positive review, see the databus's Debian GNU/Linux: The User-Community Developed Distribution of Linux. Debian mirror-2.8-5 at
The story of the PING program, by its author.
iConnect sells Debian Linux CDROMs for $30, updated daily.)
OSF Linux: Linux on top of Mach for Intel and PowerMac platforms. See also the Apple page and the Linux/MIPS FAQ. Linux. Linux.
Linux ftp archive at (also available in HTML); See also (with HOWTOs) and the canonical archive See also the Linux Publicity Project.
Linux-FT (ELF version) at "Lasermoon, the Unix freeware specialists", Linux International, Seattle/PugetSound Linux User's Group, Linux Journal (with HOWTOs) , Linux Installation and Getting Started online (and printed) book, and the LinuxNET developer's mailing list archives. For commercial Linux support including WordPerfect for Linux &tc, see Caldera. For Java on Linux, see the Java-HOWTO.
Linux for Hams, a Linux distribution with packet radio stuff &tc.
Due to US export restrictions, Linux SSH (Secure Socket Handler, I think) is distributed from Europe, here and here. "ssh - a replacement for rlogin, rsh, rcp, and rdist Ssh (Secure Shell) is a program to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to move files from one machine to another. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over insecure channels. It is intended as a replacement for rlogin, rsh, rcp, and rdist." More on mastering the secure shell" is a SunWorld article on installing and configuring ssh. Getting started with SSH appears to be the "official" user tutorial. Purdue SSH Links list, including the "Official" SSH Homepage . Also has a lot of cracker-oriented links. NiftySSH is a free SSH for the Max.

Vortex Linux drivers for 3c595 cards, from the Beowulf Project, a nasa 16-processor Linux cluster workstation. [LATER: These are now standard with recent Linux kernels.]
Xfree86 is the free X Window System release for PC boxes: The home page is mirrored at:,,,,, and
RedHat security update RPMs and installation instructions.
FreeBSD, another free Unix.
Compaq test-drive -- free developer software evaluation shell accounts on 64-bit Alpha Debian (&tc) systems.
Beta RealPlayer for Linux.

Linux Hardware Reviews

Duke Of Url.

Unix Security

Nagios "is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do."

Info on securing Linux, especially securiting Red Hat:
Info on blocking email relays: href="
TCP Wrappers home site. (Note that is no longer maintained and has been compromised.)
Tripwire home site.
ssh home site
sudo home site.
crack/a> home site.
tamuk/a> (Texas A&M University security package, including TIGER diagnostic scripts) home site.
swatch syslog filter/report tool.
npasswd tool.
And for something completely different: Linux Loving Sluts.

GNU/Unix ports to Windows NT

GNU Emacs on Windows NT and Windows 95, an excellent port by the UW's Geoff Voelker.
A free ssh implementation for Windows is reportedly available courtesy of the Cygwin project (GNU-4-Window) at, with lots of good binaries for Windows, including Perl/tk.
cyGNUs (ftp here) has lots of relevant stuff, especially the GNU-Win32 Projectpage and associated ftp site.
MI/X, "a professional, free, x server for Windows and Mac".
Virtual Network Computing: View unix or windows desktops from any remote Windows or Unix host, detach and re-attach sessions -- Whee! Free and GPL. Just might be exactly what I've been looking for, for Muq...
Unix to NT Resource Center.
The New England NT Users Group.
ActiveState (nee' ActiveWare), best Windows port of Perl.
Also of possible interest:, SOCKS 5 home page, which includes RFC1928, the SOCKS 5 REF.


Roasted Java News.
Brad Appleton's Java Links (excellent!)
Java packages for Red Hat Linux (Hungary).
Linux Java at, including recommended RedHat versions.
SW-Tech/Java a good set of links and discussions.
IBM's AlphaWorks has lots of fun, free Java tools available, including the RDF for XML data parse/search/manipulate technology, XML for Java, the Jikes Java compiler, and the Jinsight profiler.
The Code Book "We have a great problem / solution ratio. 91% of all problems posted to this web-site get solved!"
Jasmin, an assembler for the Java Virtual Machine.
Kimera Project at UW, which caught lots of security holes in commercial JVMs and is developing a more secure alternative.
Mocha, the original Java decompiler. See also the DeJaVu and WingDig decompilers.
Jacob, a class and package browser for Java. It uses Gnu Emacs for displaying and editing the source files of your project classes.
PJama, (Persistent Java) persistent heaps for Java.
JESS, Java Expert System Shell, a CLIPS clone for Javafolk.
JOS, an (over?)ambitious copyleft Java OS just starting development (98Jan).
IFC Developer Central.
JOLT is the umbrella effort to develop a freely redistributable Java software suite, with components including Kaffe, a copyleft Java Virtual Machine implementation with bytecode interpreter and Just-In-Time compiler, guavac, a Java compiler, and possibly BISS, a copyleft AWT that works with Kaffe and Kream, an implementation of the non-AWT libraries.
SAWT, Simple AWT is an X-based AWT implementation effort, ftp archive here.
The Hungry Programmers offer Japhar, another free JVM. Toba is a U Arizona Java-to-C compiler.
SubArctic is a powerful Java GUI toolkit built on a decade of research at Georgia Tech, available with full source.
OptimizeIt, commercial Java development product.
Reliable Software Technology has various commercial test-coverage &tc tools available, and also hosts the Hostile Applets page.
SunTest has Java test tools including JavaStar.
Software QA/Test Resource Center has various stuff including a Java section.
Telnet applet, complete with source.
Jef Pokanzer's free Java code, including some nice crypto stuff.
BrainWave, a commercial Java neural network simulator.
Java Resources at SGI, including a thought-provoking fractal landscape generator.
Koala GUI toolkit.
CAL Container and Algorithm Library.
Pizza, free compiler for a superset of Java, featuring Parametric polymorphism, first-class functions and class cases and patternmatching -- Haskell for the Java world? :)
Java Linux at blackdown, an excellent resource.
IBM's alphaWorks' Linux JDK. Open Group Research Group's Java for Linux Port (noncommercial use). They also have various compilers and tools for Java in development or testing.
Focus On Java (including the 3D spec)
Ding! JavaDocs
Java API Overview @ javasoft
JDK 1.1.2 Documentation (local)
Java Platform 1.1.1 Core API Package Index
DevEdge Online - Netscape Directory SDK
Java Networking FAQ
LDAP and X.500 Protocol Web Resources
LDAP, kinetoscope.ldap & kinetoscope.asn
Netscape DevEdge - IFC
IFC Frequently Asked Questions
Object Serialization Specification
ObjectSpace, Inc. JGL, the Generic Collection Library for Java?
Packages -- basic java class docs
Remote Method Invocation Specification
Aaron's Free Warped Java Page(tm)
Microline View Toolkit Programming Manual

HotJava specs &tc (official). I get faster response from WebRunner, however -- I find the programmer docs particularly useful. See also the digital focus Java Developer page, especially the How Do I? subpage. For Java demos, see
CAB files, Microsoft's subverion of JAR archives.

On-line magazines:
Java Developer's Journal
JavaBeans Advisor

Web Sites: Java Financial Objects Exchange
The Java Oasis
Cup o' Joe
Geocities Java Zone
Gamelan, The official Java Repository
Sun Java Developer Connection
ditto (?)

"Java Tools!!!" - IDE's at a glance, Available Tools, etc...
The Java Repository
Microsoft's Java Center
Java Applet Rating Service(JARS)
Java News
Que's Java Resource Center

The Java Programming Language Ken Arnold, Gosling (Addison-Wesley)
The Java Application Programming Interface, Volume I, II Gosling, Yellin, Java Team (Addison-Wesley)
Java Networking and AWT SuperBible Maso, Srinivasan, Nagaratnam (Waite Group)
Core Java Cornell, Horstmann (SunSoft Press)
Graphic Java: Mastering the AWT Geary, McClellan (SunSoft Press)
The Java Class Libraries, An Annotated Reference Chan, Lee (Addison-Wesley)

Online Books: Special Edition Using Java, 2nd Edition
Java Quick Reference


Mailing lists:
How to Subscribe:
Send mail to
subscribe advanced-java

Sun's Mailing Lists:

An introduction to programming Java Applets (MindQ)
Java Programming & Core Class Libraries (MindQ)

GNUish Java efforts underway include the guavac bytecode compiler and the GROW Java to Scheme translator. (Is this the same as the Kawa Scheme-to-Java-bytecode compiler?) See also Jaja, another Scheme written in java, and SILK, "Scheme in 50KB in Java".
Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine.
Cygnus is building A Gcc-based Java Implementation for good native performance.


JavaBeans - Component APIs for Java Java Component Depot, a sun index of commercially developed JavaBeans.

Beans/Components Catalog (link to JavaBeans->General for lists of Beans and tools)

Beans/Components Tools List (link to JavaBeans->General for lists of Beans and tools)

Examples of companies with Tools and/or Beans: BulletProof Corporation's JDesignerPro 2.1; Corda Technologies, Inc.
HotObject Inc.
Imperial Software Technology's Visaj Infospace, Inc SpaceSQL
KonaSoft's KonaSoft Packajar 1.1 KL Group Inc
Lighthouse Design's JavaPlan NetDynamic's NetDynamic 4.0 (was JRad Technologies' j.rad) NetFactory, Inc.
NovaLink USA Corporation
ObjectSoft's BrewMaster s1.10 Objectshare, a division of ParcPlace
OMNIS Software's OMNIS Studio v. 1.0 Penumbra's Super Mojo Quadbase Systems Inc
Rogue Wave Software, Inc
SFS Software's Iavadraw SunSoft's Java Studio Taligent, Inc.
The Connection Factory Unify's Vision Visix Software's Vibe Visual Engineering, Inc.
Visual Numerics, Inc.
Visualize, Inc.
Webvibe Corporation


Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors.
Jumbo, Java classes for XML presentation.
Lark, XML processor as 10 Java classes.
LT XML, unix filters for XML doc processing -- sggrep &tc.
MSXML, Microsoft XML parser written in Java.
NXP, Norbert's XML Parser, full free Java XML parser.
. RI.XMLSean Russell's UOregon Java XML parser.
TclXML, XML parsing from Tcl.
XDK C++ and Java XML developer's kits including parsers.
XMLLINK, Java programs for parsing and processing HTML documents.
XMLVIEW, XML viewer applet.
JADE, free DSSSL and XS (soon?) SGML/XML/HTTP program from James Clark, technical lead on the XML Editorial Review Board.
Extensible Markup Language Versions 1.0 Part I: Syntax, the definitive W3C standard.

Perl/WWW, a good jumping-off place for things Perl which includes a brief cool modules list plus a full CPAN modules list, a good Documentation page and lots more goodies.
"Take Ten Minutes to Learn PERL".
Yahoo Perl Page.
WWW Developer Tools (NASA).
WW Developer Tools (jhu).


Sun product documentation including online manuals on packaging etc. (was Unc) archive of free solaris software.

Online Periodicals

(See the E-zine list or the E-text Archives for much more extensive listings.)
Alternate View by John Cramer -- science fact articles for Analog.
Web Review"VR for the People".
The Progressive Review.
Mother Jones.
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, including a Dec95 issue on Electronic Commerce.
See also Trinity College Dublin Computer Science Department Networks & Telecommunications Research Group's page on Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash.
Duif's Hot Chess News.
Neural Computing Surveys, "A refereed electronic journal published on the World Wide Web".


the wars for viet nam: 1945-1975.
Abuse of the Executive Order in America: The US has officially been in an extraordinary state of emergency suspending normal legal safeguards since 1933. The US President is today empowered among (many!) other things to unilaterally take over all modes of transportation, the communication media, all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals, all food resources and farms, all health, education and welfare functions, to relocate communities, to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision, and to operate a national registration of all persons. Reassured? Here's a discussion of the twelve current US states of emergency.
East Timor, site of continuing US-backed genocide, with about 1/3 the population slaughtered so far, focus of 1996 Nobel Peace Prize. Send blank email to for more info on mailing lists &tc.
Phillipine-American War, 1899.
Shell on Earth: Ogoni struggle in Nigeria.
HateWatch tracks the delightful human habit of dividing up into "us" vs "them" and then having a jolly little spot of violence.
The War Machine. Landmines cost $3-$30 to lay, $1000 to remove. 100,000,000 are in place, with another 100,000,000 stockpiled...
Red Light, Green Light: The Global Trafficking Of Women.
Children Victimized by Asian Brothels.
International Sexual Slavery.
Bosnia: Uncertain paths to peace.
Chechen war. See also here and here.

This is less an outrage than just self-destructive stupidity: A statistical overview of software patents., a follow-on to , both part of the EFF Intellectual Property page.
O'Reilly associates exposes some Microsoft lies: Gates is charging hundreds of dollars more for Windows NT Server than Workstation, which differ only in two internal switch settings. Anything to rip off the public, apparently!


Tamil Eelam (LTTE, Liberation Tamil Tiger) homepage, separatists fighting for autonomy in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Contagious Mental Diseases

This section is dedicated to memory all the untold millions killed by contagious mental diseases.

I mourn the hundreds slaughtered by Moses immediately after being told "Thou Shalt Not Kill." (Are they the first such victims known to history, if history it be?)

I mourn the thousands slaughtered indiscriminately in the Temple by the Crusaders, "until the blood ran high as a horse's bridle."

I mourn the millions slaughtered in Europe during the Dark Ages for the hideous crime of being perhaps non-Christian.

I mourn the thousands of children dead after being sent to walk through minefields on the promise of a shortcut to "heaven".

I mourn the dozens who died at Heaven's Gate.

I mourn the handful who died at Salem.

I mourn those who died alone, victims of cult-crazed bombers and assassins.

I mourn them all.

I mourn not only the dead, but those otherwise caught as "collateral damage" in these mad maelstroms:

I mourn the thousands of children lost to the Children's Crusade.

I mourn the needless obsessive compulsives wasting their lives in fruitless rituals.

Not least, I mourn the billions of minds stunted for life by ruthless childhood indoctrination, and the guarantees of future deaths, hatreds, obsessions and insanities they carry within them.

AFF Cultic Studies keeps track of some of the most dangerous, offers treatment advice for friends of victims, and conducts education and research.
The Cult Awareness Network has been driven into bankruptcy by 50 Scientologist lawsuits over a four year period.
Christian Hall of Shame.
The Reading of the Riddle, Neo-Tech Home Page, PRIVACY JURISPRUDENCE AND THE APARTHEID OF THE CLOSET, 1946-1961 and Northwesten University Korea University are four of the five hits Alta Vista returns for the query "contagious mental disease" (the fifth is a dead link); Alta Vista returns no hits whatever to "contagious mental diseases". Appears to be a quite amazingly effective suppression of a problem affecting billions of people and responsible for untold millions of of pointless deaths.


Claude Shannon invented information theory, the base for much of modern computing and hence of the modern economy. I suspect much of biology and artificial intelligence will eventually been seen as based on it. Lucent (nee Bell Labs) established an Information Theory page to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of his seminal paper; It also includes a biographical sketch.
Necessary Illusions, A Noam Chomsky Page.
Susan Stepney.
"People On The Net" index.
The indefatigable Eric S Raymond.
Ted Nelson's last book is THE FUTURE OF INFORMATION: Ideas, Connections, and the Gods of Electronic Literature.
Tomas Kindahl, bright, interesting guy with a good take on AI.
Marcus J Ranum.
Tom Almy, author of xlisp-plus. Also relevant: xlisp-stat or Niel's Meyer's Winterp or Dave Betz's Xlisp 3.0.
Books and Articles. by William H Calvin.
Alex Stewart - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
Paul Danset has lots of good pointers in his homepage.