Jeff Prothero

Howdy! For most of this decade, I was bosun tight and midshipmite and crew of the captain's gig at the Biological Structure Dept's graphics lab at the University of Washington, which does things like The Digital Anatomist. Now I'm at Activerse, the people browser people.

Here's a screen dump of one of my Biostr programs (Morpho, running under Skandha4, my programmable 3-D visualization toolkit) being used to trace outlines of the male NLM Visible Human Project subject, a guy killed by Texas. I think I'll have a T-bone steak for dinner, yupyup.

Here's another screen dump of one of my Biostr programs (Xmri, also running under Skandha4), this time illustrating visualization of a 3-D dataset by displaying orthogonal slices through the data. The data happens to be an MRI scan of my brain, so you may consider the image to be a self-portrait. Don't you think MRI scans display more of the real person than just a traditional photo of the skin? grin

Here's a screen dump of xmri configured to do mapping of language sites, with an intra-operative photo at top and an MRI-derived computer reconstruction at bottom.

(Both the above look better at 1280x1024 pixels and in 24-bit color.)

If you can display QuickTime animations, here is a short (1Meg) zoom through a human (not mine) brainstem, generated by another of my programs (Skandha3).

I have a hotlist of hundreds of interesting URLs, and maintain a set of WWWeb docs on software at the Biostr graphics lab.

In my copious spare time, I'm writing Muq, merely the most advanced multiuser network server toolkit in human history.

Now and then, I recieve Utterly Mysterious Email.

2005-Aug-22: Set up a superstition pagelet.

2005-Aug-22: Posted a Hacker's Code page. (Although individual parts have previously been leaked, this is the first time the entire ancient creed has been made available to the general public.)

2005-Feb-16: Set up a Comprehensible Computing pageset.

2005-Feb-14: Added my Advice To A Young Geek page.

2005-Jan-20: Added a ML page.

2004-Apr-29: Added a File compression via Partial Pattern Matching page, with my pzip source code

2002-Aug-03: Added a Brigadoon Day page, just because there doesn't seem to be one, and having one is critical to civilization in the Universe.

2002-Aug-02: The above is about five years out of date, but I'm a packrat and history buff so what the hell -- I'll leave it up. I'm now living in Austin, telecommuting to Cisco in San Jose, and for fun over the last couple of months I have been (among other things) fiddling a bit with raytracing.

2007-Dec-24: I've decided to drag the software industry kicking and screaming into the third millenium, so I've developed a language Mythryl to replace Java and C++, which are now well past pull date, being based on 1972 software technology. Preliminary docs are up here.

2008-01-25: with Mythryl going well, looking around for applications for it, so I picked up three Philips SPC 900 NC webcams.

2008-05-12: Set up a page for my Vision Apps

2008-06-13: Posted my two bit's worth on information unit nomenclature.

2008-09-13: Posted robot makings.

2008-12-21:Posted my PCB Milling Gerber to G-code converter

2009-03-03: Populated my Mythryl programming language website.

2012-02-04: Added a Radio-controlled flight for beginners page.

2012-06-01: Added The Five Most Expensive Idiocies In Human History.

2012-10-05: Moved to Santa Cruz by Lighthouse Point. Added some Gcc Debugging Hints.