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Me, Myself, and I!

Living in reality only takes you so far in life. If you really want to find yourself, you have to let go of names and physical statistics. Move on to the ethereal! In this world of flashy graphics and nifty tunez, the people you meet can be anyone you want them to be, and are seldom who you think they are.

Right now about all I'm known for is a modification of the FuzzBall TinyMuck server called GlowMuck. I've burrowed away in my little rat lair to tinker and dabble in spiffy things, but have yet to find anything interesting to show off. Java has come and gone, 3d worldkit technologies are fighting for supremacy, who knows who will be the victor now. I vote to sit and wait and hop on the bandwagon of the best offering that is cheapest and most portable.

If you want to know more about me, you're going to have to send me an e-mail. And yes, the rats are just for show, someone very sweet drew them for me!

A friend recently showed me YAPT (yet another personality test).

pakrat @ pakrat . org

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