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Cynbe Ru Taren, Firefly

Cynbe has been one of the few net friends I've managed to keep semi-decent contact with over my few years on the net, most known as the father of Time Traveller and Qwest mucks, the latter of which was my first real experience at net virtual life. His current net hobby is a beautiful piece of work known as Muq, which may one day be the standard on which all heavy-duty internet information servers are based.

Angel, WhiteDove, Lyla

Angel has been one of my most caring netfriends, always there when I need someone to talk to. She maintains a muck, Heaven's Door, for old retired muckfolk to sit back, relax, and not have to worry about wizards demanding work for mucker bits.


Nightmare is a good mucker friend from QWest and other mucks, known for a little dabbling here and there and lots of server tinkering. He shows an interest in Cynbe's Muq project, one of us groupie types. :) He dares torture servers like fuzzball and Muq on an HP Unix system, which is probably the hardest platform to get servers to compile on. So he makes a good bug sniffer too. He likes psyching you out with his nifty moving compass, but it only works on Unix Netscapes.

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