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Legacy 9999

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Welcome weary netizen! After your long toilsome searching you have finally discovered a place you can feel good about calling home. Kick off your boots, sit down by the fire and relax for a while.

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The general theme of Legacy is about medieval times. There are a several other areas hidden about throughout the realms, if you can find them. Magic and mysticism abound everywhere. We do our best to cater to chatters, role players, and soon hopefully puzzle solving mudders too.

The virtual reality behind all the magic is a customized Fuzzball TinyMuck server with many enhancements. Free building, mushlike MPI code, muf programs are all available if you ask nicely.

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To get a character, connect at the address below and type 'help' to see the connection help screen. Follow the hints and use the 'request' command to choose your character name and enter your email address and real life name. When the information is accepted you will be put on a list to have an account created and have the password emailed to you in no more than a day, but for most sites it is mailed instantly.

If you would like to explore, you can also log in on one of our noble guests. Just type 'connect guest' at the login screen. Guests are limited to the central town and most non-exploring commands are disabled for them. But it should give you enough of a clue if Legacy is right for you!

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